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Moon Cats On the dot

One thing I love about winter is the accessories you can get away with wearing, from warm cosy boots, to gloves and scarves. I was recently asked by Moon Cats; a New York based fashion website, if I would like to review one of their scarves. They are a brand that offers all types of scarf from elegant squares, to warm winter oblongs and stylish capes straight from the heart of the fashion district in the big apple.

To add to the surprise, the lovely people at Moon Cats asked me for some ideas on my ‘perfect' scarf, from colourings to type and then send me out what they thought would be the perfect pick from their collection and I have to say, I think they made the perfect choice for me, when it comes to the gorgeous “On The Dot” scarf.

Pulling together perhaps the perfect black and red mix, is this spotty number, which is perfectly on trend for this winter.

Moon Cats On the dot

While it has been made from acrylic, it has the most wonderful soft feel to it, which is just wonderful for snuggling into on a cold English morning and personally I just love the tassel detailing (a winter scarf just isn't right without it I don't think).

The scarf itself is around 72″ in length and 12″ in width making for the perfect wrap around scarf that keeps you warm and toasty, of course how you wrap it, is up to you, as there is some many ways, do you throw it over your shoulders then bring the length to the front? Tie it in a knot?

For me this is the perfect scarf, it adds a bit of colour to a gloomy day and can really go with so many different outfits. The quality is fantastic and it most definitely keeps me warm and cosy on the cold days we have been having of late.

If you fancy treating yourself to the On The Dot scarf they cost $39.95 around £26 and they do of course ship to the UK for a price, while shipping in the US is free! So what are you waiting for; pop over to Moon Cats and have a look around.

What do you think of this scarf, could you see yourself wearing it?

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    great colour.

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    Scarves are one of my favorite accessories! I like this polka dotted one a lot.

  3. Aisha Kristine Chong

    I love polka dots – and this scarf just looks as lovely and I love its color combination too.

  4. Maureen Campaiola

    I love polka dots so that’s a plus. Red is one of my favorite colors, so that’s a plus too. But it doesn’t seem very thick or very well from the picture. I’m hoping I’m wrong because all in all it’s a great combo with the tassel detail.

  5. Lesley

    Red and black polka dots definitely go good together in wintertime. I love this scarf.

  6. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    I would TOTALLY wear this scarf, it’s super cute!!!

  7. Bex Smith

    Oh I love that scarf ….dots and stripes, you know I am not fussy! May have to hint to Steve!

  8. Heather

    I would totally wear that scarf. It is super cute 🙂

  9. Jaime

    I love this! I received 4 scarves for Christmas, and I’ve been on a scarf kick lately.

  10. aimee fauci

    I own one scarf and I love it. It is so fluffy and pretty and does the job when I need it. I wish I could get all fashionable like others and wear scarfs when you don’t really need a scarf.

  11. Marie

    What a pretty scarf/ xox

  12. Liz Mays

    Oh how cute! I would definitely wear this! It would look great with my coat.

  13. Tina Holmes

    Loving the colours, very bold and bright

  14. Jen

    Lovely scarf. I love how vibrant it is we all need a pop of colour in our life’s.
    Jen x

  15. Pam

    That scarf looks so cozy! I love scarves and I am constantly building my collection of them.

  16. coolchillmom

    You can definitively spiffy up several outfits with this beautiful scarf. I like that it looks thin for wear for winter and fall

  17. Jeanine

    I love scarves! This one is super pretty. I could see myself wearing this one for sure!

  18. Marielle Altenor

    I love long scarfs! Not a bit polka dot type of gal but I do love the bright red color!

  19. Amanda Ripsam

    I have a huge scarf collection I make my own scarfs too I make sashy scarfs, and infinity scarfs, I make tshirt scarfs and all other kinds I can create. My daughter loves scarfs so does my step daughter every year I get her a pashmina scarf.

  20. Our Family World

    What a cute little scar, I love the red and black together; they just really bring out the best of one another!

  21. Veronica

    I am not a big scarf wearer, but I am digging this one alot. Love the red

  22. Annie

    I suck at wearing scarves, but I love how they look on others who can style it. So nice & warm 🙂

  23. Pam

    That is really a beautiful scarf. I can see wearing it with blacks and grays and it really making the outfit.

  24. Monica Gilbert

    So cute! It reminds me of a ladybug.

  25. Stephanie Mamo

    I love scarves. I have so many of them it’s unreal. I think I have to buy this one now, it’s like a ladybird and it’s such a nice red.

  26. Rena McDaniel

    I love scarves and this is such a pretty one! It looks like it is so soft and comfortable. I need to get me a few more!

  27. Kate D

    I’m a total scarf obsessive and have so many! There’s a scarf to accessorise any outfit.

  28. Kirsty Woods

    Awesome Scarf, love the dots

  29. Rosey

    I agree that scarf really would do wonders for a gloomy day. I like it too!

  30. Nicole

    I love red. I never thought that I would look okay in spots, but it turns out that I don’t look half bad.

  31. April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

    This scarf is super is super cute! I’ll have to pop on over and check out the other cute scarves!

  32. Chrystal @ Nevermore Lane

    That really is a cute scarf! Winter scarves are a must here in Michigan, I’ve also been wearing pretty scarves to brighten up whatever I am wearing. They are such a wonderful and affordable accessory.

  33. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love the color of this scarf. It looks like it will be soft and warm. I would definitely wear it.

  34. amanda davis

    loving this scarf nice colour

  35. dawn obrien

    yes, I love this scarf and I would add it to my collection in an instant!

  36. Kat Allinson

    I look this scarf!

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