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Special Christmas Gifts for Her that Won’t Collect Dust

It’s that time again.

The time of premature Christmas carolling in shopping aisles. The time of serious food overindulgence. And the time of last-minute Christmas gift stress.

When it comes to finding useful gifts for that special woman in your life, we could all use a little help.

There’s really nothing worse than splurging on what you thought was ‘the perfect gift’, only to discover it’s been sitting in her cupboard since the day you gave it to her.

And it hasn’t even been properly opened.

Because girls really do just want to have fun, I’ve put together a nifty gifting guide, as well as a list of memorable gifts she’ll actually use and appreciate.

These special Christmas gifts won’t even make it to her cupboard, never mind have the chance to collect dust!

Determining the Right Gift

Before I even get into my awesome gift ideas, let’s start with the basics.

First, no person is the same. You’ve got to really consider what someone would actually appreciate. So think about the different aspects and qualities your gift recipient has.

Is she a gym bunny? Does she like outdoors? Is she a super geek? Or will she fake sickness at work just to be at that incredible sale at the mall?

To keep away from generic material gifts that she’ll never use, here are a few simple points to ponder:

  1. Make a list of her interests

This may sound obvious, but with last minute Christmas shopping, it can often be overlooked. Take some time to jot down a few the things you know she loves.

This will lead you in the right direction for the perfect present.

  1. Consider Past Gifts

As the saying goes, only fools repeat the same things over and over, expecting to obtain different results. Think back to some of the previous gifts you’ve given her.

If you’ve never seen her make use of a gift, you can scratch anything similar off your list of ideas.

  1. Set a Budget

While this one is more for you than for her, it’s still an important part of the gift buying process. Setting a budget will help you eliminate anything you know you can’t afford.

There’s no point in finding that ultimate perfect gift, only to have your dreams crushed by the price tag.

Now that you’ve got a sense of what you’re looking for, here a few of my personal favourite Christmas gift ideas for her.

Spa Goodies

A Spa Day

A trip to the spa is something that’s always appreciated. If she’s someone who likes to keep her nails on fleek, this thoughtful gift is the perfect opportunity to get those paws looking fabulous.

Even if she isn’t a pampered princess, a spa experience will help her relax. A soothing aromatherapy massage will take out any knots she’s built up over the holiday season.

After all, she’s probably had to deal with stressful Christmas gift shopping too.

A Group of people with volunteer on their tops

A Donation to Charity

Many of us don’t have the time to give back to the community like we wish we could. Making a donation on behalf of your favourite lady is a really thoughtful gift that will never collect dust.

If possible, do some stalking to find a charity that resonates with her. Now that’s a Christmas gift that’s bound to tug on her heartstrings.

A Masterclass

It’s never too late to learn something new.

The gift that really does keep on giving, indulge her in an interactive masterclass where she can develop a new skill she never even knew she had.

Learning a new thing can give you a bit of stress initially, but makes you happier in the long run, according to this study.

For the devout wine lover, a wine tasting masterclass is the perfect blend of fun and information. For the dabbling photographer, a private street photography class is the perfect focus.

And for the budding chef, an interactive cooking class is the key ingredient to a thoughtful Christmas gift.

A Personalised Playlist

If you’ve known her for long enough, you’ll know what she likes and dislikes in the music department.

Because CD’s cause clutter (and are so 10 years ago), put together a Spotify playlist just for her. Not only is this gift ridiculously thoughtful, but it’s also pretty inexpensive too.

A win-win for everyone!

A Netflix Subscription

Who doesn’t love a good “Netflix and chill” session? I sure do.

If for some bizarre reason she hasn’t yet committed to the beauty of a Netflix subscription, this is the perfect gift for her.

In celebration of her new binging habits, you can invite yourself over for popcorn and endless RuPaul’s Drag Race reruns.

A Herb Garden

Flowers are beautiful and all, but they last a few weeks, max.

To liven up her home with beautiful foliage, treat her to a lush garden of herbs she can tend to.

Whether she has a garden, a balcony or only a windowsill, there’s always a right-sized herb garden for her home.

With a little bit of green fingers lovin’ from her, she’ll be producing fresh herbs bursting with flavour in no time!

Perhaps she can use them in a recipe after that epic cooking class gift you got her last Christmas.

People Sky diving

An Adventure

We all need a little adventure in our lives. Unfortunately, life has a tendency to get in the way of our exploratory nature.

Indulge her in an unforgettable getaway to an exciting location.

The ultimate Christmas gift for any outdoorsy woman, treat her to a camping adventure in the great outdoors.

She’ll cherish the wonderful days in nature so much more than any material possession.

For the adrenaline junkie, the list is endless. Bungee jumping, skydiving, a helicopter lesson, clay pigeon shooting.

With so many unforgettable memories to make, this is one Christmas present she will remember for years to come.

Nail that Gift Buying

There are lots of conventional and uninteresting gifts for her out there, but it’s Christmas time. And Christmas is all about making memories.

Ditch the cliche scented candle or the piece of clothing she’s just going to return. It’s time to think outside the gift box and buy her a present she’ll remember for a lifetime.

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