SPAtopia London Argan Oil Range – Reviewed.

I was contacted a while back and asked if I would like to try an Argan Oil body care range launched in Sainsbury's. SPAtopia's Argan Oil body range.

Helping transport you to a Moroccan Hammam the new range from SPAtopia is infused with Argan Oil, Lemon, Patchouli and Petitgrain helping deliver an intense scent alongside its wondrous hydrating properties. Argon Oil contains high levels of vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids which when found together deliver intense hydration, restore elasticity, soothe inflammation and promote cell renewal.

All Argon Oil used in SPAtopia's range is sourced responsibly and helps to support sustainable-redevelopment in Argon-growing regions of Morocco

The range consists of 5 different products;
Body Wash – £3.49 for 250ml
Body Oil – £6.99 for 100ml
Body Scrub – £4.49 for 200ml
Body Butter – £5.49 for 200ml
Bath Relaxer – £3.99 for 300ml
SPAtopia London Argan Oil Range Body Wash and Body Oil I was sent two products from the range to try; the body wash and body oil, it was with slight trepidation I started using these, after the effect a certain Argon Oil shampoo had, had on my hair I wasn't quite sure what to expect – would it treat my skin better than my hair?

The smell of both of them is lovely, I got many a complement from my Mum after coming out the shower of ‘ohh what have you be using it smells lovely'. (I honestly think she is going to disappointed when I can wash at home again, as she wont have access to steal all my washes.)

The body wash is quite runny I had to make sure I didn't open it facing downwards as it would just run away, but that's more my fault than anything *Sarah's bad habit number 4865*.

The wash is really easy to lather and smells amazing as you wash yourself down, and then once your ready it washes off like a dream, leaving your skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturised and ready to start the day. In some ways it's very relaxing and in others invigorating.

The body oil asks for you to apply onto dry skin, I have to admit I've been using after showering onto as dried as possible skin and it seems to have been working like a dream, the cap has a funnel in it so it runs out slower than being completely open. A little really does go a long way with this oil, I found a little patch in the palm of my hand would comfortably cover all of one arm. The oil left a light fragrance on your body which would waft around you for a while to come, which I found delightful to be presented with once in a while, your skin was felling moisturised and hydrated for hours.

I really enjoyed using both of these products as with such a fantastic price I shall be definitely searching out more of the range to try.

You can get your hands on SPAtopia's Argan Oil Range instore or online with Sainburys.

*I was provided the body oil and wash free of charge for the purpose of this review, this however does not effect my opinions.

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  1. Grace

    Hey Sarah-Louise
    I love love love argan oil, its wonderful! These products look really interesting! I will certainly be trying the body wash – it sounds awesome 🙂 Great prices too! I hope my local Sainsbury’s has them! Do you know if they contain parabens however?
    Thanks again, Grace xx

  2. Sarah Bailey

    Hey Grace,

    How are you today hun? They are lovely :). I’ve had a look at the ingredients and I can’t see any parabens in their, Sainsbury’s online have a list of ingredients if you want a look yourself, I will pop an email off to the PR as well and see if they can tell me for certain either way.
    Sarah x

  3. Jane Mse English

    I trialled Argon Oil for a company about three years ago was sad when the sample had run out as it really was lovely & it worked! Sadly you never find out who you are trialling for else I would definitely be buying there product.

  4. Sarah Bailey

    Oh no how annoying 🙁 – that would drive me mad finding fantastic products yet never getting to know who they were made by. Hopefully you one day maybe come across it by accident again 🙂 xx

  5. Maya Russell

    Thanks for the review. Never tried it but so reasonably priced. Love the packaging too.

  6. Sarah Bailey

    It’s lovely isn’t it 🙂 xx

  7. Sarah Bailey

    The lovely PR lady says she’s almost positive they don’t but will check with the manufacturer 🙂 xx

  8. Sarah Bailey

    Hey Grace,

    Last time I promise 🙂 The whole range is definitely parabens free!

  9. Grace

    Hi Sarah, I have just seen these replies now. So sorry for that, thank you so much for taking the time to check and asking the PR too! I really appreciate it xx

  10. Sarah Bailey

    Aww no worries at all – I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 Xx

  11. Gayathrie Mendis

    Hi, I was in London a few months ago and bought a bottle of SPAtopia Argan body oil from a Sainsbury store. I live in Melbourne, Australia and am unable to get this brand here. I do really love the product and would like to find out a way of getting some. Thanks

  12. Hayley Wells

    This sounds like magical stuff! I’ve seen it around and now I think it’s time to try it for myself :o)

  13. Yvonne Blagden

    Bought the Oil, Body Wash and Body Butter before Chrismas 2012 from Sainsburys, Norwich, but now all at their end. Fabulous stuff and wish to replace, but from where? Sainsburys don’t appear to be stocking it any longer. Help!

  14. nita

    hi sarah i try to fine this body butter cream can’t find. please help me i leave in leicester

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It should still be available at Sainsbury Nationwide – I’ve check online at the Sainbury site and they definitely still stock Spatopia so it could be that locally it out of stock 🙂

  15. Tania Woods

    I borrowed my sisters body scrub whilst visiting. It is heaven. The scrub bits are small, fine and not rough. And while I felt thoroughly exfoliated I didn’t feel scourged. When dried, my skin felt beautifully smooth and pleasantly soft. I have used the oil as well and would like to say that unlike many other oils, I have never felt tacky after using it, as it soaks right in. Next item to try is the body butter…..

  16. Tanya Pascual

    Hello I have just seen these products in our local Sainsbury’s and I am trying to find out if they test on animals or not. I can’t seem to find any information on the sainsbury’s website. Is there a contact phone or email where I can write and ask ?
    many thanks

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey


      The person I originally spoke to about the products sadly doesn’t work with them any more I shall try and have an ask around though and see if I can find anything out for you.


      • Tanya Pascual

        Many thanks, much appreciated as I have been searching but found nothing so far, apart from your blog!


  17. frances mckendrick

    Hi I used to buy Spa Topia products from Sainsburys cant find Spa topia anywhere it is so good can you help thanks

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