Savvy Storage Ideas to Keep your Small Bedroom Tidy

Savvy Storage Ideas to Keep your Small Bedroom Tidy

Keeping a tiny bedroom clutter free can feel like an impossible task. When you’ve tried everything from the KonMari method of decluttering to vacuum packed cloth storage bags underneath the bed, but still can’t keep clutter at bay, it’s no wonder you are suffering sleepless nights.

Clutter in the bedroom has been proven to have a negative impact on mood and self-esteem, and cause feelings of anxiety and disrupted sleep. But with so little space for storage, it’s no wonder your sleeping space is in disarray.

If you’re all out of ideas for turning your pint-sized bedroom into a stylishly organised space, read on for some super savvy storage ideas.

  1. Make use of the space under the bed

When it comes to space in the bedroom, it’s likely your bed is taking up most of it. If you aren’t using the space under your bed for storage space, it’s time you did. Storage beds offer ample space to keep some of your bedroom clutter hidden away out of view. Storage is usually provided for the full length and width of the bed, and is easily opened and closed. It’s the perfect place to keep fresh bed linen or out-of-season clothes.

If you are somewhat of a DIY expert, building a platform bed with extra storage space is another option. You can obtain a tremendous amount of storage space by turning basic cabinets and drawers into a platform on which to place your mattress. Giving your bed, and its footprint, a multi-purpose is the optimum way to gain storage space in a tiny room.

If you have a bedstead with open storage space underneath, make the most of the space by using carefully measured transparent storage boxes that are easy to slide in and out from underneath the bed.

  1. Bespoke furnishings

Bespoke furniture isn’t cheap, but it could be a wise investment if you really want to make the most of limited space. Speak to an experienced furniture designer for advice to maximise the amount of storage a bespoke design can bring. It’s the perfect way to make use of awkward spaces and everything will be tailored to suit your belongings. Fitted wardrobes can help to streamline your bedroom space, or cleverly designed open shelving can at least provide a home for some of the clutter piled in a corner.

  1. Rails, hooks and more hooks

Adding rails to the bottom of wall-mounted shelving creates some ingenious additional hanging space. Clothes, jewellery, and even shoes in shoe bags can be arranged in an orderly fashion and get clutter off of the floor.

Coat hooks on the wall and the back of the bedroom door are also handy ways of creating some extra hanging space. They can even make an interesting wall feature.

Savvy Storage Ideas to Keep your Small Bedroom Tidy

  1. Turn your headboard into drawers

If you’re short of space in the bedroom, you need to get clever with ideas. Opting for a headboard with built in drawers, or bespoke shelving built around your headboard will make full use of the space at the head of your bed.

  1. Divide up your drawers

When space is a premium, drawer dividers can make more of space and keep your belongings highly organised. By breaking drawers into smaller sections, you’ll be more easily be able to find socks, underwear and scarves without digging around. There’ll also be much less chance of things spewing out of your drawers onto the floor. Keeping things tidy in a small room is just as important as creating proper places for things to go.

  1. Mount cubby hole storage cubes

Wall-mounted storage clears clutter from the floor and a clear floor creates the illusion of more space. Place belongings in decorative boxes in the mounted storage cubes to give the room an organised and tidy feel. Wall-mounted storage cubes work well as bedside tables.

  1. Establish zones and scale down furniture

With such a limited footprint, established zones within the bedroom can make it easier to keep on top of building clutter. Use scaled-down furniture, such as a small, slim dressing table to create a morning prep space without using imposing furniture that will take up too much space in the room.

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Kev Cannon

    Some good ideas here – I think we have just too much stuff rather than too little space – first world problems LOL

  2. Stacie

    We have a captain’s bed, and we love it. Even though our room isn’t small, that extra storage is still so great. Plus, they look cool.

  3. Melissa Chapman

    I am an expert on clutter but not so good at getting rid of it. I am lucky space is not a big issue but it is important to have places for everything, so that requires trashing those things that can get everywhere.

  4. Christie

    Our problem is WAY too much stuff! We’ll have to do away with clutter THEN organize! Thanks for these handy tips!

  5. Vera Sweeney

    These are all awesome tips! With the holidays ramping up, we might need to start now, rather than later.

  6. Jenni

    I used to use storage cubes in my last place until we got more space

  7. Mitch

    Managing space is what I do. We are three men living in a NYC apartment and space is limited. One needs to be creative! Thanks for your ideas!

  8. Marcie W.

    I really appreciate these helpful suggestions! My middle child has the smallest room in the house, and unfortunately, she is also the messiest.

  9. Heather

    I adore the charm of our 98-year-old home. But the lack of closet space kills me! I definitely need to talk to someone about bespoke options for us.

  10. Will

    I want a captains bed just like Stacie. If for no other reason than to claim the title for myself! Yep storage is always an issue. De-clutter time!

  11. Pam

    These are great tips for maximizing storage in a small space. Using the under the bed space wisely is key to organizing well.

  12. AnnMarie John

    I love this! I’m going to share this with my daughter since she’s living in an apartment near her college and I’m sure she could use these tips when it comes to keeping her room tidy!

  13. Nina

    I have recently discovered the hack of dividing up my drawers and oh what a difference it has made! It’s given me so much more room and it’s so much easier to find things!

  14. Claudia K

    I need to find more storage space for my bedroom. I love the idea of storage space in the headboard. That is very creative.

  15. Travel Blogger

    Great ideas! I love the headboards with drawers! We have a small room, and it is so hard to keep it tidy. We always have strewn all over because we don’t have a “good” spot for it.

  16. Ali || Veggies by Candlelight

    Great ideas! I utilize under my bed for things that are either seasonal or things I truly have no room for anywhere else! It’s great what underneath the bed can hold!

  17. Melanie

    Some top tips here. Never heard about turning a headboard into draws. We are quite minimalist but do use one box under the bed to keep things extra clutter free x

  18. Sara Welch

    I need to remember these ideas. My room is so cramped.

  19. Sarah

    Wow, I need to write these down! I have been looking for some really helpful storage ideas.

  20. Joanna

    I make the most out of the storage space from underneath my bed. I keep all my travel bags in there and also seasonal items, like wrapping paper and decorations.

  21. Elizabeth

    Great tips, these. We have such a tiny living space that we need to utilise many of these ideas!

  22. Jake Ferrer

    Wow! This looks a great idea! I will surely saved this and share this to my friends.

  23. Rhian Westbury

    I’m hoping to get a new bed next year and I need to make sure that I have good storage underneath as I can get so much in there x

  24. Alessandra Lim

    Awesome idea for extra storage space. I know my sons have flat storage bins that they can slide under the bed. That’s where they keep their documents, and other memorabilia from their sports activities.

  25. Amy

    With my new home, my room is a wee bit smaller. I am finding that it is filling up fast with junk. I just have not had time to organize it well.

  26. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Great ideas. Totally agree with the use of drawers and using the space under the bed if you have one. Having hooks would be nice too.

  27. Carol Cassara

    It’s really nice to have a clean bedroom, it makes me feel more rested and relaxed whenever I need to sleep. I think these are wonderful tips on how to keep a room tidy and organized!

  28. Shannon Gurnee

    I’ve been in a home where I had to do this to make more room for storage in my bedroom. These are some great ideas.

  29. kirsty

    Storage boxes under the bed is the best tip and one that we make full advantage of!

  30. melissa major

    These are all so helpful! I use boxes under the beds and also hooks on my door

  31. Anthea

    I am permanently fighting lack of storage in our house. I’m just revamping one of my twins bedrooms and storage is our top priority.

  32. Kiwi

    When I had my small college apartments I had a tiny room but I always kept storage under my bed. Under bed storage is always a good idea.

  33. Louise

    These are all great ideas, Sarah. I moved out of our family home a few months ago and the bedrooms there were just tiny. The furniture was all built in in the master bedroom as well, so there wasn’t much space for extra storage. I hated it. I did manage to create some extra storage space in the kids rooms though 🙂

    Louise x

  34. Hannah

    I needed this post – I have been really struggling with ideas! I need to get more hooks x

  35. Jazmin Williams

    I really need to sort my bedroom out – it’s tiny and very cluttered! Great tips x

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