Planning a Blogging Event

Planning a Blogging Event

One thing I've always fancied but never got around to actually doing is planning a blogging event. Somewhere where people could meet up, get to know other bloggers and perhaps sit and swap information on this wonderful industry. However, it isn't something I've 100% put my time behind and as such, it never got that much further than the initial planning phases so when people say Sarah have you thought about planning a blogging event I say well yes, but..

So I thought it would be an interesting time to put together some ideas, which have crossed my mind in relation to setting up your own blogging event.

Planning a Blogging Event.

Planning a Blogging Event

Who is the Event For?

The first thing you want to do is come up with who the event is for and why. When it comes to blogging there are a number of reasons you might want to set up an event, it could be a conference to help people learn more, a day to network with brands and peers, or just some time spent with other bloggers, who know what the stresses and strains of the life are like. People who perhaps you turn to via an online forum for help and would love to meet face to face.

Where to Hold the Event?

I guess this is perhaps the hurdle I have always fallen at, where can you hold such an event and how much would it cost? I have to admit I have any idea that there are a whole host of conference venues in the UK out there for hire. Though of course it now makes complete sense, after all, business have been holding conferences for so many years, so of course, there are going to be rooms and buildings made for these specific events.

Day, Night or Weekend?

How long are you going to want to hold the event for? Is it going to be during the day, after normal 9-5 work hours (as of course some people also work day jobs as well as blogging). Or perhaps could you look to book a weekend away for you all. If you fancy a blogging weekend away offer a range of places across the country who offer room for up to 40 people.

What Activities will Go On?

Even with the most casual of events you are going to want to plan something. Food, a fun way to get to know each other, topics of conversation, ideas to keep people occupied are all things you need to think through. Whereas more structured events may call for the hiring of speakers, setting up areas for people to display items and more.


Setting up an event will, of course, cost money and you need to work out how you are going to pay for it upfront and then hopefully recoup the cost from the people who attend. However, no one is going to want to spend big bucks if you have nothing to offer. Activities are going to be a big part of drawing people in, along with the location.

Of course, there are so much more to event planning that I have even touched upon in this post, so many more things that whizz through my head when someone asks me if I have thought about it. However, I thought I would put down just a few of the main ideas that cross my mind when someone brings up a blogging event.

What do you see as a main step in planning an event for the blogging world?

This is a collaborative post.


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Planning a Blogging Event

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  1. bev

    Although a lot of work, I think you’d be great at it and have fun!

  2. robin rue

    I’ve planned a few and it’s A LOT of work trying to coordinate everything. But in the end it all always works out.

  3. wendy

    I wouldn’t mind attending one of these events. I’d love to chat with like-minded people with common goals.

  4. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    Events of any kind can require a lot of planning. I’ve been to a few blogging specific events and in the end almost all of them had way too many people for what was being offered.

  5. Amber

    I don’t think I could ever plan a blogging event, but one day I’d like to go to one. Granted, I am an introvert, so I’m not sure.

  6. Candy

    I have never been to one so f these events. If one was close by would love to attend

  7. Farrah Less

    I bet its a lot of work but very fulfilling at the same time. I like the idea of meeting other people who share the same interest likes your . Blogging is such a great tool for meeting and learning new stuff over internet.

  8. Melissa Chapman

    I have put on events but not lately and it takes a lot of planning and preparation. I will use your ideas when I do another blogging venue.

  9. chubskulit rose

    These are great points. I have never hosted a blogging event nor attended one. I agree, you have to have something to offer if it would cost money.

  10. Daisi

    I am new to blogging and so have not attended many blogging events. Planning a blogging event sounds like a lot of work – but I am sure it’s all fun and laughs at the meet and greet.

  11. Jenn@Engineermommy

    This is a nice idea. I haven’t set one of these up but it’s definitely good to keep in mind.

  12. Emma Copland

    I think a range of things to do for different personality types would be beneficial.

  13. Emily

    I have never been to any local blogging events, but have wanted to. I can only imagine how much work goes into it, but the results of meeting others like minded to you and your business would be worth the work.

  14. Tasheena Nicole Johnson

    These are wonderful tips! I would love to plan a blogger event. They’re so much fun!

  15. Ann Snook-Moreau

    I’ve never been to nor planned a blogging event, but I’d love to go to one! I think a big draw would be something specific to the city where it’s being held like a tour of local foods or sights.

  16. Samuel frodo

    I really love the idea of a blogging event, although I have never attended one. Planing and executing it such sounds like a lot of work. You have offered really great insight on it though.

  17. Kelly

    Wouldn’t it just be amazing to meet you all after years of sharing our souls with each other? Would be difficult I guess as we are all so far spread across the UK though.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It really would be – I always think what “if” I quite like the idea of hiring say a house and just having a bit of a lazy meet up with people we could have our space and join together when we wanted, explore the area etc..

  18. Lisa

    These seem like good tips for planning a blogging event. I imagine it would be hard to try and appeal to a large group of bloggers.

  19. Laura

    Planning a blogger event sounds really fun! Would love to do it one day!

  20. Terri Steffes

    I have been to several local events, but I would love to go to a nation wide one some time. I am saving my pennies!

  21. ricci

    I hav ebeen to many blogging events but it’s cool to see what goes on “behind the scenes”!! I would love to plan a blogging event one day!!

  22. Carol Cassara

    I’ve never tried planning a blogger event before and I definitely don’t know where and how to start. These are great tips on how to arrange that.

  23. Stephanie Pass

    I think this would be fun to get to know local bloggers. I need to keep this in mind.

  24. Rhian Westbury

    I’ve not really been to a lot of blogging events but I think it’s such a nice idea to meet up with people in similar fields as you x

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Most definitely I would love to meet up with more bloggers one day but they would have to be understanding I can’t go skipping around haha!

  25. Gloria Bell

    I have never hosted a blogging event nor attended one. I would love to plan a blogging event one day!! These are such great tips on how to arrange that

  26. Margaret Gallagher

    So much more to it than meets the eye –
    Interesting read

  27. Fritha Quinn

    I have so much respect for people that organise these! some great tips, I think I would find it so stressful though! x

  28. Peter

    So, the planning of any large event is like planning your wedding without the dress, tuxedos and flowers. A ton of work for in the end hopefully, an incredible outcome and a lifelong memory. I commend you for planning an event.

  29. Jessica Taylor

    These are great tips. I have always wanted to put something like this together but never knew where to begin!

  30. Charli Bruce

    I’ve always wanted to plan a blogging event but I just really don’t have the time to be able to do so x

  31. Tanya

    I would love to plan events, including blogger ones, but it definitely isn’t something to go into lightly. I’m currently trying to work on a savings plan to get some money behind me to put one together

  32. Kiwi

    Great tips. I havent planned a blogger event in years because of traveling but I am inspired to host one in the future.

  33. Alison Rost

    I wouldn’t mind arranging a blogging event especially if it’s all about meeting fellow bloggers in my area. I think this is a fun idea that bloggers should consider doing. I mean, why not, right? Most bloggers go to events most of the time, after all!

  34. Rosey

    There really are so many things to consider. The one thing I always wonder is will a lot of people show up to make it worth while! Anxiety at its finest. 😉

  35. Nicol Wong (@yuk_lui)

    if I was to plan and hold a blogging event, i’d be constantly thinking whether it’s good enough, is it organised, is it going to plan etc. usually, all of the organising stress tends to be worth it in the end.

  36. Dana Peller

    Deciding on the types of activities that will take place during the event is key. As for payment, it really depends on whether or not it’s a learning event or gathering some friends.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I think for a gathering of friends you could still take payment. It just depends on exactly what your doing, if your meeting at a local coffee shop, no way but if you hire a location for the event and everyone is agreement splitting the cost is only right.

  37. Nita Okoye

    I have had a blogging event but it was last year, I had a blog party and wow! It was a lot to handle!

  38. Jessica

    I have thought of planning a blogging event severally, but I never knew how or where to start. This post has given me a clue. Thanks a lot Sarah for sharing these great ideas.

  39. Meagan Badore

    I don’t think I would have them time or patience to plan an event. It is something I would love to attend though.

  40. Kate Andrews

    I’m in the process of planning my first blogging event but I am still in the beginning stages. Thanks for this break down. It’s always helpful to have a list!

  41. CJ

    I have never organised a blogging event before. But I have helped organise a conference before. It is a lot of work and I hope you have recruited some people to help. But they are a lot of fun and worth it.

  42. Blair Villanueva

    Planning a blogging event is not an ABC task, but when do it right it is rewarding. Hope I could organize my own this year!

  43. Dani

    I would love to be able to do this or even attend one! I didn’t know this was a thing. I’ll have to look into any in my area. Super helpful, thanks so much for sharing!!

  44. Nazrin

    I have never been to a blogging event so cant comment on what to expect from one! This is the year I have promised to network with other bloggers & get more involved with the blogosphere so heres to hoping I’ll get an invite to an event this year!

  45. WhatLauraLoves

    There’s so much work that goes into planning blogging events but they’re so worth it in the end! xxx

  46. Hannah Marie

    Although it looks like a lot of work to be done, I think it will still turn out fun and exciting!

  47. Cecilia Keinapel

    This is a really good and helpful post for those who needs help with their blog events! I have always wanted to host one for my Brand And Beauty writers, subscribers and readers to be able to meet my followers! Thank you for sharing I will keep this in mind for future event planning 🙂

  48. David Allen Elliott

    I can imagine there would be a lot of logistics when it came to planning such an event. It does sound like it would be fun and rewarding in the end though. To connect to other bloggers locally is such a good thing.

  49. Princess Quinn

    I don’t think it is easy to set up a blogging event. You must know the pros and cons I guess. I wish you the best of luck.

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