Pandora Silver Luminous Leaves Ring
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Pandora Silver Luminous Leaves Ring: Review

I have to admit I do love Pandora, I think I was in my late teens when I got my first bracelet and charm, but it was a while before I realised they didn't just do charms and accessories for them to be worn on. They actually make some really beautiful pieces of jewellery that can complement the charms they were originally made famous for, or of course can be worn by themselves.

I personally didn't actually own any other jewellery items available from Pandora, bar my bracelet till just a few weeks ago. So I was thrilled when The Jewel Hut treated me to one of their rings.

Pandora Silver Luminous Leaves Ring

I have to admit this is such a pretty ring, it made of a smooth band of sterling silver and features a leaf inspired design. A cultured freshwater pearl sits nestled at the centre, between two leaf shaped Cubic Zirconia pieces.

The one thing I find slightly odd about the buying a Pandora ring process, is the sizing. In fact, they seem to have a size guide all of their own, so I would really suggest popping into a store to get your correct size.

Pandora Silver Luminous Leaves Ring

When it comes to quality, this definitely stands up to the high expectations I hold Pandora too, there are no rough edges, no lose pearls or crystals and it definitely sits comfortably on the finger.

As for design the colours are so simple and the design so delicate, I can imagine it could easily go with anything and be worn day or night, no matter what you happen to be up to.

Pandora Silver Luminous Leaves Ring

Of course there is also the option if you aren't a fan of the small, slim size of this ring that could you use it as a base to stack together similar rings, from the Pandora range. I can just imagine teaming this with some of the other beautiful rings available to make a real statement.

The Pandora Silver Luminous Leaves Ring costs £40 and can be brought from The Jewel Hut now.

What do you think of this ring, could you imagine wearing it?

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  1. Eve Hunt

    This ring simple and elegant. I have recently purchased this beautiful diamond ringto gift my sis on her birthday. All designs are simply awesome.

  2. Kirsty Woods

    So pretty

  3. Laura Corrall

    This is so beautiful. I love the Pandora rings. Mostly because they do quite large sizes. I’m usually an S, some jewellers only go to an R. Pandora whilst they have their own size guide they do lovely rings in my size.

  4. Laura Hartley

    I love Pandora! I’m looking to expand my ring collection but Pandora have so many pretty ones! Have never seen this one before though so will bear this one in mind:)

  5. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    That ring is gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE it.

  6. Paula Schuck

    That ring is absolutely lovely. I love the understated beauty of it.

  7. aimee fauci

    I’ve only worn one ring my entire life and it’s my wedding ring. I am not sure if I have a hard time getting used to wearing rings. I am not sure.

  8. StressedMum

    What a beautiful ring. Rings are my downfall I love them and a good price as well x

  9. Pam

    That is such a pretty ring! I love how simple and delicate it is.

  10. Catherine S

    What a pretty ring and at a great price. I would love to have this ring.

  11. Mellissa Williams

    Such a beautiful ring. It would look great stacked with other rings. I have a Pandora bracelet and would love some jewellery.

  12. Stella

    This is a gorgeous ring. I need to treat myself this Christmas.

  13. Kate Thompson

    Simple and stylish – that’s a pretty ring.

  14. Natasha Mairs

    that is such a gorgeous ring. I hate big piece of jewellery, so this is just perfect

  15. Cathy Glynn

    Love this, it is so delicate and not to cumbersome, definitely something I would wear x

  16. Lois Alter Mark

    That is so simple and so pretty. It looks beautiful on!

  17. ana

    I think it is stunning, I don’t really wear rings but I really want to start getting into them and ones in a neutral hue like this layered would look so classy.

  18. Rachel

    I love that it is so simple yet so pretty all in one and for only £40 it is a bargain x

  19. Charlotte

    What a lovely ring, its my birthday tomorrow….. maybe a me pressie 🙂 x

  20. oana79

    Very beautiful and delicate, Sarah, it would make a beautiful gift!xx

  21. Liz Mays

    That’s really pretty. I’m glad you get a quality ring for such a reasonable price. This could be a really sweet gift!

  22. Andreea Samoila

    It is so simple, but it looks so elegant and beautiful. I love it!

  23. Cass@frugalfamily

    I love the Pandora rings – mine is just a band of silver hearts x

  24. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    This looks amazing, I have never really looked at Pandora for rings before but I am going to have to check them out now as I love this one

  25. Daniella

    This is such a beautiful ring and a very timeless design. I do love the idea of the Pandora stacking rings.

  26. Wendy

    What a beautiful ring. I’m not usually a big jewellery wearer, but I do appreciate how pretty they are and like to admire them! :-0

  27. Stephs Two Girls

    Lovely although possibly a bit delicate for me… great for my daughter though!

  28. Mama to 5 BLessings

    What a beautiful ring! It is a simple style and yet so elegant!

  29. Amber NElson

    That ring is so pretty. I would love to try that on my finger!

  30. whatlauraloves

    This ring is absolutely stunning, I love how dainty it looks and the pearl is beautiful! xxx

  31. Kara

    My daughter has pandora rings and loves that she can stack them

  32. Dogvills

    The ring is simple, but very beautiful. I hope it’s not expensive.

  33. Jaime Oliver

    i love the chunkier ring so would love to see this teamed up with others as I love the look just need it bigger 😉

  34. gaynor rees

    beautiful ring i would love a ring like that

  35. Ickle Pickle

    I love Pandora – and have been looking at their rings lately. This is beautiful – so very pretty. Kaz x

  36. Tess D

    love Pandora too and this ring is lovely

  37. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    I have this exact ring and I love it! I love everything in Pandora.

  38. Heather D. (@GirlGoneMom)

    This is so pretty – I didn’t know Pandora made rings!

  39. Barbara Handley

    This is so pretty and delicate looking. I thought Pandora only did bracelets.

  40. Jen

    I never realised that Pandora did rings. I thought it was only braclets

  41. Zena's Suitcase

    I think that ring is gorgeous. So pretty and delicate. Good hint about the sizing though. Will bear that in mind

  42. ZARA

    Great review!

  43. Victoria Middleton

    Would never really have considered Pandora for a ring, but I will now. That is such a delicate looking ring, simple yet so effective. Pearl is also my birthstone so that ring has an added bonus 😀

  44. Amanda || Growing Up Madison

    I don’t own any Pandora jewelry but this is beautiful. I know someone who would truly appreciate getting this as a gift since they love Pandora so much.


    It’s gorgeous. I feel really silly cos I thought it was a bracelet from the first pics!!

  46. Adam Berger

    That is stunning.

  47. Jeanine

    What a beautiful ring! I love smaller rings like that so this one would be beautiful and perfect for me to have, I am loving it!

  48. Maureen

    I love how dainty it is on your finger. That is such a pretty ring!

  49. Kelly Hutchinson

    What a gorgeous ring! I prefer silver, so this would be a great piece to add to my jewelry box.

  50. Ann Bacciaglia

    I love how small and delicate this ring is! Its hard to find proportionate rings when you’re petite, but i think this one would look great on me!

  51. Sarah Brokenshire

    Oh wow- just fallen in love with this ring! x

  52. ceril Roberts

    Not keen on Pandora beads but love this ring!

  53. Louise Gardener

    I don’t really wear jewellery, but this is lovely & delicate.

  54. Deborah Mackenzie

    Im not a big jewellery fan, but I totally adore this ring.

  55. Pam Francis Gregory

    What a lovely ring. Simple & beautiful.

  56. Heather

    So very delicate and pretty, reminds me of my late Aunt who adored pearls x

  57. Michelle Cheeseman

    This is lovely! Very dainty and pretty : )

  58. Aimee Foster

    That’s a beautiful and elegant ring, I really love Pandora!

  59. Lynsie Lynn

    I love this ring, understated but beautifully elegant! I’m going to put it on my Christmas list and see if Santa leaves it under the tree 🙂

  60. Maria Hackett

    I absolutely adore Pandora and i always get Pandora jewellery from hubby for Christmas. fingers crossed its this ring. so pretty x

  61. Renna

    Omg…. I can’t believe the price!! The ring is gorgeous, I love it.

  62. amy fidler

    This ring is such a simple/elegant design x

  63. Charlotte

    I love Pandora! I have 2 bracelets and lots of charms. Now I ‘need’ this ring. x

  64. Kayleigh-Anne Watkins

    I have never owned a Pandora piece, but this beautiful ring is thinking I should loose my Pandora virginity, I love the style, it’s classy and elegant, I love the charm bracelets they do too, it’s the price that puts me off xxx

  65. Lisa Rios

    This looks absolutely beautiful. Pandora rings are usually gorgeous & it is always hard to select one when you step in for a purchase. Would love it as a Christmas gift from my husband!

  66. Rosey

    I like that the jewels and pearl are nice and tight. People do seem to love Pandora!

  67. Abi - Angel Eden Blog

    I must admit I’ve never really ‘got’ the Pandora bug, I love independent jewellery designers too much but that is a very elegant ring 🙂

  68. Agata

    Such a lovely ring… so gentle and girly… love it how it sparkles

  69. Anna Johnson

    Very pretty! Thanks, I didn’t know about the other products, I only knew about charms and charm bracelets.

  70. Zara Lipstixx

    Oh wow, such a pretty ring. Very simplistic, I like jewellery that’s like that.

  71. Colleen Boudreau

    This ring is so pretty!

  72. Jess @ Catch A Single Thought

    I love the delicate styling of it; I have quite small hands so finding suitable rings which still look pretty is often a challenge. This looks like a great option though.

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