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I often get asked to review wall art of different kinds and just before Christmas I had a bit of a brainwave when a request came in from, I asked the lovely William Allen from KernowinFocus to take on the job of being chief reviewer and he kindly agreed. So for today it is over to Will and his review: Banner

I am always looking out for a service to create something special to hang on my wall and the opportunity to test some products from was exciting.

I decided to pick a medium sized canvas and an image printed onto aluminium as I could see both being a great way to show off my photographs.

The packaging arrived and the products were very well protected inside bubble wrap. Just as well as the courier firm looked like they had stood on the box leaving footprints and nice dents in the cardboard.

So what are the products like? Well, they are currently on my wall but there were a few compromises you may like to know, so let's run through it.


For the canvas, I picked a photograph of my son I took in the studio with an old Victorian chair.

Logan sat on chair wearing dungarees and a cap sat on an old Victorian chair.

I was pleased to see that the canvas frame was made of nice clean timber and the corners were neatly folded and stapled on the reverse. However, it is very noticeable that on the dark image the material is pulled tight causing marks down the sides in line with the frame. On lighter canvases, I don’t see this as much, either it’s a side effect of the darkness or the actual framing process. Either way, it does not seem to improve with any amount of effort to remove them.

While we are talking about the darkness/brightness of this image I will add that this is a reprint from the company. The canvas was so dark (unlike the supplied photo) that I had to contact the customer services and ask for it to be fixed. They were brilliant at resolving this but be aware that any communication to their email will take 24 hours to have a reply.

As a photographer, I spend a lot of time and money ensuring that my equipment is calibrated for colour tones, brightness and cropping areas I want. I have noticed that while the colours are vivid on the canvas the colours don't match my original tones.

Having said this I will probably be looking at the small things in far greater detail than most people due to my profession. For most people wanting a cheap option to put an image on the wall it’s a great service and a fab price for the size of the items. I would just suggest that especially if they are for gifts you wont go wrong as long as you bear this in mind.

  • Keep the image light
  • Expect some colour shift may occur
  • Any issues will be resolved but it will take time (the company has good customer service if any issues should occur)


The next product I picked was an image from one of the weddings I photographed last year and rather than print on a canvas an option to print onto metal was curious.

Wedding Photo printed onto Aluminium

It’s amazing to print on metal and I have no idea how they do it. The product feels weighty and solid and arrives with a bright blue film adhered to the image which you have to peel off to reveal your image.

It is very reflective, just getting this image for you without lights, windows or any of the studio reflecting in it took me longer than I ever imaged it could take. It’s worth considering this when placing on a wall, while it looks great it’s not going to be for everyone.

This product needs to have the fixing added at the checkout. Without it, you are going to have a real issue finding a way to hang it on a wall. The wall bracket is metal with a sticky back and comes with 2 rubber feet for the bottom corners.

Wall Fitting for aluminium picture

Yet again with this product the colours have been altered at printing stage to give more bold, vibrant tones. For most this would be fine but I know that my original was edited as a matte styled image so I know the image is nowhere near what I ordered despite looking amazing.

Extra Information

Importantly the website often runs offers that either help or mess up the pricing when you try to apply a coupon code at the checkout. Sometimes I had to wait 24 hours before purchasing as I needed a timer banner to run out at the top of the site so I could apply my coupon code. A bit frustrating if you are on the clock to buy a present for someone and your discount beats the current website offer.

Original Photo vs Printed Version

The website is super easy to add items and step through the stages to pick your product and options. I don't fully understand, but the company is also linked with “Trusted Shops”. After the checkout stage, you can opt to protect your order for free for up to a value of £2500. But understand or not it adds an additional piece of mind especially when using the company for the first time.

At these prices, it’s purely a wonderful service with some really nice products. They are nicely made and feel solid and durable. (Most people wouldn’t notice the difference between the print and the original digital image unless it’s really scrutinised). These products I ordered look fab on my wall for visitors and friends to see.  I know they are not quite as I had intended in colour, contrast and tone but you have to weigh up if you would be personally be bothered by that or not.

You can check out online, where you can view the different types of wall art they offer.

Does sound like a website you could utilise at all?

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  1. robin rue

    My walls are filled with photos of my kids, but I have a lot more space to fill! I think a canvas or two would fit in perfectly in my house 🙂

  2. Alli Rutherford Smith

    I’ve never seen a photo printed on metal before. That’s a great option and one I know I’d love. I’ve had several of my photos printed on canvas and it’s a great option as well. Glad to get the tip about keeping the images light.

  3. Globalmouse (@globalmouse1)

    I love that they listened and were happy to correct the image. I am really intrigued by printing on metal, that’s something I haven’t heard of before and like the idea of!

  4. Bethany

    Oh wow, I might just give this a go, my mums birthdays coming up so a nice family photo would be great, and they look so neatly done and professional.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Well Will is a pro with a camera, when your at family gatherings you have to dodge the camera haha! But it does mean we get amazing pictures of the littlest cousin.

  5. Merkitty

    This sounds like a cool company. I’ve not heard of printing on metal before either, that’s really interesting!

  6. Joan Cajic

    My walls are literally empty, sad I know but I need to figure out what pictures my walls need. I guess it’s because of moving all the time that I do neglect them.

  7. Amber

    I will keep this site in mind for sure! I do need some more photos on the wall. I love how yours turned out.

  8. 3boysandanoldlady

    That aluminum pic would make a nice gift. I love gifting grandparents and loved ones who live far away with quality pics of the kids and My Picture looks like it would be ideal.

  9. Jessica Taylor

    Wow that canvas is such a great quality! I need something to go over the sofa in my living area, so I bet something like that would be perfect!

  10. kage2015

    I have seen this canvas thing become really popular among many of my friends. Really makes the photo come alive.

  11. myrabevlife

    I worked with a couple of canvas companies last year and the quality was impressive. I am loving I will definitely check them out

  12. Sara Welch

    I really love this framing technique. It adds so much to a room.

  13. Kita Bryant

    I really need to have more photos like this. My wedding photos are hung up like this.

  14. mimicutelips

    I love a canvas print, we have a ton of them around my home. They are a great way to capture our family moments. I would totally check them out.

  15. kayleighrosee

    These are so unique and i will defo look into getting one of my own!

  16. rbekhaj

    I’ve been planning on creating a gallery wall in my living room for a while now, so I’ll definitely need to check that website out! I love the idea of putting a picture on metal; I’ve never heard of that before so would definitely be a unique piece to add to my home!

  17. Everyday Made Fresh

    Wow, those look like they are really great quality. What a perfect addition to a gallery wall, or a statement piece.

  18. Helen

    I love finding new wall art companies so will definitely have a look at MyPicture next time I’m buying something. I love both prints you have, especially the aluminium one. It’s good to know they have good customer service and fix any problems too.

  19. Valerie Gray (@valmg)

    I love that people now have easy ways like this to use their own photos to decorate. I’d like to redo a wall in my living room with photos I took.

  20. CurvyGirlThin

    I really like the sound of the metal wall art – I’m moving house soon and want to do a wall of images so this may be a really good idea. The canvas print showing the frame is quite disappointing though. Items like that aren’t cheap so you expect a high quality.

    C x

  21. Corinne and Kirsty

    I think it would be a website i’d use! I don’t have my own flat yet but for sure i would love to have some canvas up on the wall!

  22. Thank You Honey

    We love having our photos framed. Love how the canvas turned out. It really looks good and the quality. Will have to give the canvas a try after seeing how well yours turned out!

  23. Our Family World

    I have photos that I would love to have printed on canvas, but because they are too many, I will have to make time to decide on the “perfect” one. I haven’t seen anything printed on metal so that is also something new to me. I am just thinking how much maintenance it would need to keep it from looking like new.

  24. Ana De-Jesus

    I actually love My Picture UK and used it a lot in the past before blogging as presents for friends and my foster mum! I actually need to order some canvases soon for some friends birthdays and My Picture is the perfect place to order from x

  25. Chubskulit Rose

    Wow, those are gorgeous! I love canvas prints, I am in the process of ordering one for my husband’s birthday.

  26. Erika Ramona

    I always get photos printed on canvas as gifts for friends every year. Never tried to get aluminum prints though, I think it would be worth a try next time.

  27. Angie

    Oh my goodness, that picture of the baby-so cute! These turned out great!

  28. Ruth I.

    Wow! My Picture Wall Art is such a neat company! I have a few photos that would look so good printed out like this!

  29. Hannah Marie

    I’ve noticed that too with canvas art that’s wrapped around wooden frames. It seems no matter what, it’s just part of the finished product! I think it adds character and doesn’t really distract from the real beauty – like your son in the chair!

  30. Chilling with Lucas

    I absolutely adore the picture of the little man on the Victorian chair, gorgeous

  31. Rhian Westbury

    That’s a shame that the colours are slightly different, but you’re right I don’t think most people would pick up on it x

  32. My Dee Dee's Diary

    These are such great quality. Plus you are super talented. My favourite is the one of your son.

  33. Stephanie Parrell

    I love that these will last a long time. I would rather spend a little more on something I love that will last rather than a store bought stylish item.

  34. emmanuel damian

    I think I need this for my life size tennis photos for my walls! It looks great! Will check them out!

  35. Sandy N Vyjay

    These would look fabulous on the walls. A great idea to decorate the wall with memories. The products look really neat too.

  36. TheLondonMum

    I’ve never seen anything printed onto metal so that was really interesting to see. It looks great!

  37. sunshineandkiddos

    I love photo canvases like this, they can add a great amount of character to a picture wall or set up. What’s really cool is it doesn’t have to be a person but rather a thing or an object and it could make the whole room!

  38. Chrissy Faery

    I’ve never heard of this company before, but they sound pretty good! I think it’s so cool that they print on metal too – I’l definitely be checking them out! x

  39. Lavandamichelle.

    I have been looking at canvas prints for a while because I love the idea. I never heard of printing on metal and that is cool. They did a really good job. I am a fan of coupon codes and I can understand getting frustrated when technology doesn’t cooperate, lol.

  40. Alison Rost

    I have had a few photos printed on canvas and I would say that it turned out beautiful. I haven’t heard of printing on metal though. That’s fantastic. I will have to look into that too.

  41. Helen Costello

    Such a good job that the canvas was well protected after the courier treating it like that. Printing on metal sounds a really different cool idea.

  42. angie the freckled rose

    Those pictures came out great! I am so lazy with this step when it comes to pictures and my photography. I give other people pictures on canvas, but then when it comes to me, I forget. I need to get better with this and your post totally makes me want to take the leap. Thanks for the push 🙂

  43. emma white

    oh see I love photos as have hundreds saved to my phone I have just used the same company to have a lot printed out so I can make a wall photo collage

  44. kirstyralph11

    The wall art collections are beautiful. The canvas print is breathe taking and such high quality. The metal print idea is something I’ve never heard of before but it looks amazing and so unique.

  45. Mellissa Williams Luxe Lifestyle & Travel Blogger (@melandjake99)

    Those canvases are fantastic, the pictures come out such good quality on them which isn’t always the case with canvases so I am very impressed

  46. Andrea

    I really like all the canvases, they come out so well and really make a large differene. I am in awe. Love the wall collection in your home, very beautiful.

  47. Dannii

    This is perfect timing as we were just talking about filling our walls with prints. There is just so much choice.

  48. Lauretta at Home and Horizon

    This sounds new to me. Such a shame that there are colour diffences. I hope they’ll make sure that everything’s ready before releasing it to the customer.

  49. Joanna Davis

    I like the idea of printing special memories on canvas. However, I am a photographer as well and I can see the huge difference in colors and contrast on the final product.

  50. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    What stunning photographs, the canvas of your son is adorable. I love the idea of an image printed on to metal too 🙂

  51. Aishwarya Shenolikar

    You have picked such perfect photos for the wall art! Loved how ou have looked into the specifications of it! Amazing!! 🙂

  52. Emma-Louise Dean

    I love canvas prints, especially personalised ones like yours. I’d never thought of printing on metal though! Definitely one to give a try xo

  53. dearmummyblog

    Sounds like a really usable website with great quality print and canvases. We love that the frame corners are so neat too x

  54. secretplussizegoddessblog

    I have had canvas prints before (usually of my children) and have loved them. However, I have never heard of aluminium photographs and I think this has an amazing look, whilst being quite unusual.
    I think I would really love to try one of those ones out, as the thinness of the base really does give it a different vibe. Bit worried about the lighting etc though, as you said. x

  55. Rachel

    Oooh these look really good quality, my mum would love having a big canvas as a present! xo

  56. adstanfield25

    I never knew you could have a photo printed on aluminum; I think it looks great! I’m glad I read this, because I had some photos of my daughter, and a coupon to have them put onto canvas prints, but they would be dark. I’m happy I found out I need to stick with light colors, before spending the money!

  57. Nicol Wong (@yuk_lui)

    I did wonder about the aluminium as its the first time I’ve seen something like it. its not that bad actually!

  58. Amila Wickramarachchi

    Glad to read this detailed review.I like canvas photos on my wall.Seems the photo in canvas is quality enough to print family pictures…

  59. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Printing it on metal? That sounds really interesting. I totally like the photo of your son, it’s very lovely. I will check more about aluminium.

  60. Fatima D Torres

    I’m loving the way the canvas turned out. These baby photos are adorable.

  61. NM (@nmdiariesx)

    The quality of those canvases look as though they’ve been painted by hand them self! You should be really happy with the outcome of these they look AWESOME!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I think it’s the colour differences that Will finds hard, as a photographer colour is a big thing and to see such a difference can be hard to their eyes.

  62. A S,Edinburgh

    Very interesting, and some helpful advice there; thanks a lot.

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