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LeeshCraft London Candles: Review

Sorry for the silent week so far, I'm struggling with appointments appearing daily and just draining everything.

Anyway, I am back just in time for competition Wednesday! At least for now.

Today I am all about the lovely LeeshCraft London. A collection of luxury crackling scented candles, which are both vegan and cruelty-free.

Sourcing their ingredients from only the highest quality reputable makers, who follow the same ethics as LeeshCraft themselves.

Each year they also donate a percentage of their profits to an animal charity or shelter in the UK. You can even vote on which one you think they should donate to this year over on the website.

LeeshCraft London Candles Woodland Mist Rituals Collection Picture of the box.

Tell Me More about LeeshCraft!

Founded by Leesh, each candle is designed and crafted to help you relax and unwind, reconnect or re-energise.

Leesh has designed a number of different collections which are said to help you from anything from your morning meditation to manifesting your dreams. Each of these takes its ideas from celestial energy, astrology or natural botanicals.

It is worth mentioning as I just realised I haven't yet! Each candle is made of soy and has a wooden wick, making this a candle which crosses all senses.

LeeshCraft London Candles Woodland Mist Rituals Collection Picture of the candle.

Tell Me More about the Candles!

So you want to buy a candle?

Well, you are going to be spoilt for choice at LeeshCraft London as they offering everything from travel candles to gift sets.

Even Christmas is catered for with a range of scents including gingerbread, snowfall, Christmas spice and more.

Most of the collection is made both in normal (approx 45 hours burn time) and travel size (20 hours burn time) and gift sets are available in both sizes as well.

LeeshCraft London Candles Woodland Mist Rituals Collection Picture of the Candle laying on its side.

Ritual Collection.

One popular collection from LeeshCraft London which is really making magic is the Ritual Collection.

Inspired by Leesh's travels around the world. These are made to enhance different aspects of your life, such as bringing in love, healing and protection.

You will absolutely adore the scents included in this collection, which features favourites such as lavender, rose and sandalwood. while introducing perhaps newer ones with nightbloom and tulsi.

LeeshCraft London Candles Woodland Mist Rituals Collection Picture of the candle standing up.

Woodland Mist.

Leesh kindly sent me Woodland Mist from the Ritual Collection.

This soy woodwick candle includes a mix of pine needles, cedarwood and patchouli to bring about a fragrance that is reminiscent of a woodland walk after a fresh rainfall.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Breath in those hibiscus notes and moss, with their beautiful scents all, tossed up into the air thanks to the recent rain.

Due to its deep earthy aroma, this candle is perfect for helping balance and re-align yourself with the world.

The candle arrives beautiful packaged, an inner box with the candles details carefully encased in a mix of paper strips.

As soon as you open the wrapping you are greeted by the scent of the candle, an aroma that once lit will fill your room and relax you.

I've yet to finish burning my candle yet, but so far I have absolutely loved the scent of woodland mist, the quiet cracking from the wick adds an extra dimension to the candle and one which I will definitely share with others as I can.

Personally, I am really impressed with my LeeshCraft London candle and want to try out more. I am pretty sure I will be adding some to my Christmas list and keeping my fingers tightly crossed Santa might bring home that wish.

LeeshCraft London Candles Woodland Mist Rituals Collection Picture of the candle alight.

Win a LeeshCraft Candle.

Leesh has kindly offered up the chance for a lucky reader to win their own taste of LeeshCraft Candles by winning a candle of their own!

To be in with a chance to win, just head over to the LeeshCraft London website and using 8 words or more let me know:
Which candle would you love to turn up if you were the lucky winner and where in your home would you place it?

Please note your prize is not guaranteed to arrive before Christmas as this competition ends on the 19th December.

Win a LeeshCraft London Candle

Good Luck!

I received the products mentioned in this post free of charge, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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    I would place the apple & cinnamon candle on my fireplace so the whole living room smells like fresh apple pies!

  2. Tracy Nixon

    I’d love a Christmas Spice candle to light in our living room over Christmas!

  3. iain maciver

    I would like a Christmas candle ,a fantastic range

  4. pete c

    I`d like their standard Woodland Mist candle, to be placed on my sideboard in the lounge

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    The Christmas candle – a delight for our living room through the festive season

  6. kelly wheelhouse

    I would love the Tranquility Travel candle to help me chill out 🙂
    I’d put it in my living room on my sideboard

  7. Solange

    I’d like the Christmas Spice candle to put in the living room and make it smell lovely.

  8. Susan B

    I would go for the rose as it reminds me of my mother’s garden.

  9. Ashleigh Allan

    I would definitely love the Christmas candle best

  10. lesley renshaw

    Tulsi – I could do with extra luck and happiness in my life x

  11. Ellen Stafford

    I would love the apple cinnamon one. They all sound fantastic!

  12. Karen Barrett

    Namaste looks fab, perfect for the bathroom, thanks

  13. Cheron

    I would love the Tranquility Travel candle to help me calm down after a hectic day with my class of 5 year olds. I would have it on my dresser.

  14. andrea tinkler

    Apple and cinnamon is a favourite of mine. makes the house smell all festive

  15. Jackie Allum

    I hadn’t heard about these until this review. I think the mindfulness collection is lovely. They’d be something that I’d buy as a gift for my therapist for when she does sessions at the meditation rooms near me. I do like the look of the seasonal ones so for me right now, I think the gingerbread fragrance as we’re in the build-up to Christmas and we’d put it in the living room. But I’ve bookmarked the site as my sister in law is a nightmare to buy for and with her love of candles I think this could be a new place to explore.

  16. Sophie Roberts

    Definitely the Christmas Spice candle, I’d love to put it in my bedroom!

  17. melanie stirling

    I would like the Snowfall candle, I would burn it in the living room.

  18. Frankie Bridger

    snowfall candle sounds so relaxing and refreshing

  19. Carole Nott

    I like the sound of the Apple Cinnamon – this would be so nice in my lounge

  20. Serena La Pietra

    Apple Cinnamon as cinnamon is my favourite all time scent, for that reason I would have it in my front room where I spend most of my time.

  21. Ursula Hunt

    I would like Snowfall and place it in the hall to scent the whole house

  22. Deborah Walker

    Christmas spice in my son’s bedroom

  23. Sue McCarthy

    I like the sound of the Nirvana candle, love coconut scented products.

  24. Amy simpson

    These look so good,i love candles x

  25. Anonymous

    I love having a candle in the living room when the kids are in bed and I can relax for an hour or two – would love the Christmas spice candle to remind me of years gone by!!

  26. Lucy Grabe-Watson

    Christmas spice and woodland mist look amazing

  27. Lucy

    I would choose either the snowfall or gingerbread and put it in the lounge

  28. Charlotte

    the snowfall candle sounds lovely! id have it pride of place in my living room

  29. Karen Langridge

    Apple Cinnamon as that’s a lovely festive smell I think! x

  30. clair downham

    gingerbread thankyou

  31. Lindsey Stuart

    Lovely selection of candles, I would really like to receive the Nirvana candle, Coconut scents are the best ever.

  32. Jane Willis

    I would like Night Bloom – Jasmine, Sandalwood and Rose are some of my favourite fragrances. I would have it next to my favourite chair, to burn while I’m relaxing with a book in the evenings.

  33. Louise

    As Christmas is just around the festive corner I would pick Apple Cinnamon to fill the house with the smell that Santa is nearly here!

  34. S.Otoole

    The apple and cinnamon they smell lovely

  35. stacey turner

    I would love the namaste candle, and would put it on my fireplace

  36. Andrea Upton

    It was really hard to choose, but I think snowfall sounds like a lovely candle to burn on a cold winters evening

  37. Angela treadway

    Snowfall and i would place it in my living room x

  38. Ashley murray

    I’d love to try the Bleeding Heart candle! Sounds like it smells lovely!

  39. Penny Lane

    Snowfall sounds magical and perfect for the season!

  40. Marion Payne

    These candles look gorgeous love to win one thanks

  41. Marion Payne

    These candles look gorgeous love to win one thanks, Snowfall sounds great

  42. Marion Payne

    Merry Christmas these candles look gorgeous love to win one thanks, Snowfall sounds great

  43. Joo Dee

    the Gingerbread candle sounds divine! would put in the hallway

  44. Priscilla Stubbs

    Snow fall would be my choice as Christmas is getting nearer. I like to place a candle on my hall table, it is very welcoming when I have visitors

  45. frances hopkins

    Nothing nicer to make the living room smells lovely, love the sound of Snowfall

  46. Andrea Fletcher

    The Gingerbread Travel sounds lovely.

  47. Rachel Butterworth

    I would like the Apple Cinnamon scented candle because it’s such a warning scent at this time of year. I would put it in my kitchen.

  48. Laura Wheatley

    zen jumps out at me. i think I would put it on the side of the bath 🙂

  49. Hazel Rea

    Christmas spice would be my choice – adding to the Christmas spirit.

    • Hazel Rea

      Forgot to say I would put it in the lounge as we spend most time in there.

  50. Theresa Wakeley

    Snowfall Travel sounds beautiful to light
    up this festive season

  51. Sheena Batey

    Christmas Spice for the room with the tree in it

  52. Zoe C

    The Snowfall, would put it in my living room and light it in the evenings

  53. Marycarol

    I’d love the snowfall candle for my living room, lovely and Christmassy x

  54. leanne weir

    I would like a Christmas candle, preferably a gingerbread one

  55. claire w

    I would love the smells of nature from the woodland mist candle! So relaxing and grounding, thank you for he chance.

  56. Lauren Mason

    I love the packaging on this candle, I love brining candles during winter

  57. Carrie H

    I’d choose the Zen, have it lit in the sitting room and let the scent waft round the house while I’m running round doing all the Christmas prep.

  58. Tim Alexander

    Woodland Mist sounds very evocative and cosy – would love to try that!

  59. Collette SR

    Woodland Mist candle and I would put it in the living room

  60. Jo McPherson

    I’d like to try the Woodland Mist one, it sounds unusual. I’d put it in my living room

  61. Helen B

    The Woodland Mist sounds nice, I like the scent of pine needles and cedarwood

  62. Janette

    The Apple Cinnamon candle would be lovely in my living room

  63. Helen Grayson

    I’d choose the Apple Cinnamon as I love the smell of apples, I’d put it in the living room above the fire.

  64. kelly glen

    The gingerbread candle would be lovely in the winter in our living room.

  65. Katie B

    Christmas spice please!

  66. angela sandhu

    Christmas spice please

  67. Emma T

    The apple and cinnamon one in my lounge – yummy!

  68. nicola dean

    I would choose Christmas spice and have it in my living room.

  69. Susan Naylor

    It has to be the Christmas spice candle for me please.

  70. Emma

    I would love to try the snowfall candle!

  71. Alison Johnson

    I like the sound of the Bleeding Heart candle & I would place it on my hearth in my living room.

  72. Fiona jk42

    I would love to get the Christmas spice candle, sounds lovely!

  73. Amy Bondoc

    i like the sound of Apple Cinnamon Travel id have it in my bedroom 🙂

  74. Maria Gellar

    The Woodland Mist candle. I’d put it on my coffee table. 😍

  75. Rich Tyler

    Snowfall sounds lovely for our front room, esp for winter / xmas

  76. Anonymous

    I would love to ttry the woodland mist in my bedroom for when I meditate

  77. Nuala R

    I like the sound of the woodland mist sounds perfect for when I meditate in my bedroom

  78. Emma Walton

    I would love the Christmas Spice candle as it has all my favourite scents in it, especially orange. I would place it on my mantelpiece and light it every night.

  79. hannah igoe

    Lavender and I would put in my my bedroom – perfect scent for a good nights sleep!

  80. Natalie Crossan

    The Woodland Mist candle would be perfect especially this time of year 🙂

  81. Keith Hunt

    The Gingerbread Travel candle reminds me of the smell of the huge gingerbread house in disney world florida around the holidays.

  82. Karen R

    I love the sound of the Apple Cinnamon, and we’d put it in the living room, although my daughter would probably steal it for her room, while she studies xx

  83. Helen Tovell

    I would choose Tranquility and place it in our hallway to give scent and tranquility to all the upstairs rooms

  84. Ailsa

    Christmas spice as I love candles and it would fit with the season 🎄🎄

  85. Sarah-Jane Carter

    I would love to burn the gingerbread candle I love everything gingerbread xx

  86. jo liddement

    I would choose Raven and i would give this to my best friend who is a Druid and would appreciate this lovely candle.

  87. Elizabeth Smith

    The Christmas Spice candle sounds lovely and I’d have it in the hallway as a lovely welcome

  88. Maria

    the sandalwood candle in the ritual collection looks good I would put iut in my bedroom

  89. Heather

    In our study/ computer room which is where we spend most of our time.

  90. Emily Smith

    I do love a good scented candle. The Tranquility candle sounds perfect to help with my anxiety and I’d use it in my bedroom to help me relax.

  91. Jenn Gillies

    I don’t care what time of year it is, I would love to have Christmas Spice going in my kitchen all the time.

  92. Michelle Smith

    The gingerbread soy woodwork candle sounds really lovely

  93. Jade Jones

    apple cinnamon in my living room

  94. Nicki Ramsay

    I would have the Christmas Spice candle in the dining room o no Christmas Day

  95. Louise Smith

    I would like Snowfall as I love the smell of pine

  96. Mrs Sarah Roberts

    In my liviningroom to welcome us home to a beautiful smelling home x

  97. Loretta McDonald

    Woodenwick black Tranquility candle #smells divine I have the perfect place for this candle in my bedrooms chill out zone….

  98. Alison MacDonald

    I love the sound of Night Bloom it has two of my favourite scents in it Jasmine and rose xx

  99. Laura Chapman

    Namaste sounds amazing! I love all of the scents in it especially the cedarwood and amber. All of the candles do sound amazing though.
    Laura x


    I would love the Christmas spice candle it sounds lovely and i’d place it in my hallway

  101. Laura Banks

    Christmas Spice candle i would put it in the living room it would be great for xmas

  102. Shelley Jessup

    I think Snowfall would be my favourite scent especially burning in my little quiet room where I have turned it into a woodland winter wonderland for Christmas

  103. Lorna Ledger

    the Apple Cinnamon sounds lovely ,and I would have it in our bedroom for relaxing at night

  104. katrina walsh

    Id love the tranquility candle to put on my hallway table to instantly put me at ease when I return from a tough day at work

  105. Geri Gregg

    I think I would get the sandlewood one and put it in the bedroom or id choose the gingerbread one

  106. Nicki Simpson

    The lavender one sounds lovely, it would go perfect on my new coffee table x

  107. emma franklin

    I would love the Christmas spice candle it would go perfectly on the fireplace in my living room

  108. Sharon Hirst

    Apple cinnamon sounds nice, I would put it in my dining room

  109. Janet Birkin

    The Christmas Spice Candle, to make the living room smell so appealing

  110. claire griffiths

    the christmas spice candle for my dining room

  111. Louise

    I would love to have the rose candle in my bedroom while i am working at my desk

  112. Katrina Adams

    The Christmas Spice candle would go in the dining room to spread some festive cheer.

  113. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    Id love one of the gothic candles! – the bleeding heart one, I’d place in my living room!

  114. Claire Nutman

    Namaste with its citrus tones would be wonderful for those hot bubble baths, so i would place in my bathroom, lovely thanks

  115. Michelle Ferguson

    I would love the Christmas spice candle to make the house feel all Christmassy

  116. Laura Todd

    I would love the Christmas Spice candle for my hall so the aroma would go throughout the whole house beautifully, these look amazing!

  117. Sandra Fortune

    I’d love t he Tranquility Candle to help me relax I’d put it by my fireplace in my living room

  118. Christine Lockley

    I’d love Christmas Spice to light in our living room over Christmas!

  119. Gary Topley

    I would like the Tranquility Candle and would have it in my bedroom. Thankyou for the competition x

  120. kerri copeland

    i would love the tranquility candle

  121. Hekna

    The Apple Cinnamon sounds great for this time of year. I’d pop it on in the lounge.

  122. Kim Neville

    Tranquility Sounds wonderful and would love in our lounge 😁

  123. Robyn Clarke

    Snowfall Travel, I would give it to my sister in law for hosting Christmas.

  124. Claire Woods

    Lavender travel and I’d have it in the bedroom.

  125. Emily Clark

    Right in the windowsill, so everyone can see it!

  126. Louise Heaton

    Woodland Mist sounds like it smells amazing! I’d light it in my bedroom for ultimate nasal pleasure.

  127. zoe brown

    gothic collection the bleeding heart sounds good to me fig pomegranate musk

  128. jacqui rushton

    Love the Snowfall which I would place in my little girl’s bedroom for her

  129. Kate sutton

    Apple and cinnamon as it sounds lovely and is perfect for my hallway

  130. MICHELLE Stewart

    Apple Cinnamon beside my Christmas tree

  131. Rachel White

    I’d choose the apple & cinnamon & I would have it on my dining table

  132. Carol Boffey

    snowfall please

  133. Sheri Darby

    Apple Cinnamon and I would put it in our living room

  134. Joanna Nichol

    Tulsi would be fab please!

  135. DAWN HULL

    The Snowfall candle as it sounds so unusual! I would put it on the fireplace in the living room at home.

  136. Amanda w

    The gingerbread one sounds lovely! I’d have it burning in my dining room to give it the nice smell of baking gingerbread!!!

  137. James Travis

    Christmas Spice candle, be great to have in the living room on Christmas day while watching a festive film

  138. Natasha R-M

    I really like the sound of the Rose candle which also contains geranium and notes of basil and osmosis.

  139. Steph

    Deffo the apple and cinnamon one. You don’t get a more Christmassy smell than that!

  140. Susan Hoggett

    I would get rose, my daughter is getting married next year and she wants some nice scented candles for the room so this would be great!

  141. Emily Hutchinson

    Christmas Spice sounds lovely for this time of year.

  142. Fozia Akhtar

    The gingerbread for my sitting room

  143. Laura Corrall

    Gingerbread! I love the smell of gingerbread. So christmassy I would have it in the alcove in my lounge.

  144. Amanda Gregory

    Apple Cinnamon sounds absolutely amazing so I think I would choose that. Thank you for a lovely giveaway.

  145. Carol Frosdick

    Christmas spice candle so festive

  146. Angela Kelly

    The Christmas spice would be lovely for the entryway, a great smell to welcome guests.

  147. Sarah Parker

    I’d love the the apple & cinnamon in my living room 🙂

  148. laura stewart

    The Christmas candle

  149. James Donovan

    i would like to win the apple & cinnamon candle. I would put it in my kitchen so it would smell like fresh apple pie.

  150. Tammy Neal

    I would place the apple & cinnamon candle

  151. Iris

    I like the look of the apple & cinnamon one and would put it on the mantelpiece in my lounge

  152. Jo Hutchings

    I’d love one of the Rose scented candles and I’d have it in my living room.

  153. Gaynor Vincent

    I love the sound of snowfall travel – and would love a little snow on Christmas day!

  154. D Harris

    Woodland mist sounds lovely. Id place it on my fireplace

  155. KATHY D

    The snowfall candle would be great for over Christmas

  156. Julie Edwards

    Woodland Mist sounds perfect for me. I would love to use this when I have a relaxing bath. Perfect!

  157. Leslie Evans

    The Christmas Candle, in my Lounge to brighten the Room Aspect.


    The snowfall sounds lovely, I would put it on my table in the living room

  159. karen Dixon

    I would love the Zen mindfulness candle for when i’m having a bubble bath and relaxing from the days stresses


    i would love the Ritual Collection – Night Bloom it says sold out at the moment but i’m not surprised as it sounds heavenly – i would put it in my new bathroom it would fit in perfectly with the relaxing atmosphere i have achieved – and matches my spar bath which is black!

  161. niamh sheridan

    I’d love to win the namaste candle! Would just be lovely!

  162. Emma Middleton

    I would love to win the Zen Mindfullness Collection. I find citrus scents really refreshing and would leave it burning in the hall to fill the house with citrus goodness

  163. Matt O'Reilly

    Night bloom would be mine as it would be relaxing and help drift off to sleep.

  164. Charmian Filewood

    apple & cinnamon and at the hall so you get a waft of it as soon as opening the door

  165. Rai

    It would be that woodland mist candle, I adore the smell of cedar and pine. Thanks

  166. Erica Hughes

    Christmas Spice Candle to make the living room smell all Christmassy.

  167. Emma Davison

    Lavender. I think it is a lovely scent and often buy lavender scented candles.

  168. Rachael Obrien

    Definitely woodland mist .. realignment sold it for me xx

  169. Adrian Bold

    I’d like the Christmas Spice candle which would be ideal for the time of year.

  170. janine atkin

    snowfall sounds interesting. id use it in the living room

  171. Kirsteen Mackay

    I would love Namaste and I would place it on my mantlepiece.

  172. Maria P

    Definitely the Christmas candle 🙂

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