Hozelock Ultra Twist
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Hozelock Ultra Twist: Review

Hozelock Ultra Twist

Living in England means we often have a lot of rain, but when summer comes and we manage to go a few dry days it is a great to be able to know you can keep your garden in tiptop shape without too much hassle and that is where Hozelock come into play.

As a well-known garden tool brand they have, over the years, brought many useful gadgets to us all; one of their newest useful tools that I have recently come across is the Ultra Twist. This ultimate garden watering gadget clips onto your existing hose and works as not only a spray gun but also a sprinkler system.

Hozelock Ultra Twist

This garden gadget includes a soft grip and lock feature which reduces the strain on your hand that can come from holding the trigger down. It also has a number of different options when it comes to selecting water flow, allowing you more control over how much water your garden it getting.

If you are looking to have a lazier day or your grass is looking a little parched then you simply twist the head of the Ultra Lock, placing the head into an upright position and lock it into place. Once again you can control the water flow as to try and not over water an area, but of course it is advisable to move the sprinkler around, to make sure your garden is evenly watered.

Hozelock Ultra Twist

While at first look this seems to be a simple to use watering decive the fun doesn't have to just be about watering the plants, when the warm weather hits, the Ultra Twist makes for a great water game, I personally remember jumping through sprinklers as a child with many fond memories.

The HozeLock Ultra Twist is available to buy from Homebase, B&Q and Leading Garden Centres now and costs £19.99.

Do you think this could be a useful tool for your garden this year?

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    My Dad had ordered one of these online & it arrived this morning. Why? I mean, this is Ireland, for heaven’s sake! We’ll never know but I’ll think of him every time I use it!

  2. Phoebe @ Lou Messugo

    We need to water the garden lots where I live, in the south of France, and have plenty of different hose accessories! Most of them look like this in some variation or other.

  3. Mary Ballard

    That is such a good idea – great review on it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Definitely the best way to water my plants and keep the garden watered and nourished.

  4. lisa prince

    oooh this loks great im looking for new gadgets for my new garden the hubby is currently redesigning but im not sure we having any large grass areas just some planting areas

  5. Jen Walshaw

    What a great gadget. We have a watering system to install this year, so if it rains all summer it is my fault!

  6. mama syder

    This looks fab. I could do with one for my garden x

  7. Kate Williams

    We only have a little garden so not much to water but my kids would adore this!!!

  8. angela hamilton

    see now I want a garden so I can buy that! What a fab tool x

  9. Cass@frugalfamily

    This looks fab – I need an adapter so we can have a hosepipe on our tap because the kids would love to play in this 😉

  10. RachelRealLife

    We have a communal garden which is generally (poorly) maintained by the council but I bet all the kids would love to play with this!

  11. sam fernley

    Sprinklers remind me so much of my childhood and darting in and out of them. I know they’re for the plants but they are good fun too 😉

  12. Louisa

    I need one of these! Our current hose isn’t long enough to reach the end of the garden so we are looking for a new one. I will definitely keep an eye out for them.

  13. Rachel Craig

    Sounds very practical.

  14. ninjacat

    what a cracking gadget for the garden

  15. Kara

    This looks great – i need a new hose connector as mine flies off the tap when you turn it on!

  16. mycupofbeauty

    thanks for sharing, I will definitely get one when I have my own garden



  17. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes

    This is so useful! I hate watering the garden as ours is quite large so this would be perfect for us.

  18. Tracey

    yeah, I can see my kids trying to jump over this and then jumping into it, lol! Great fun for the kids! Sadly, we have only a courtyard garden, with no grass, so have little need for a hose/sprinkler. But I can see this would be a great addition to your gardening tool kit if you had a big lawn. Tx

  19. atosa nikkhah

    Great images -this looks like a really good one for the summer!

  20. Ursula Barzey

    This post remind me that I’ve really got to start tackling the garden. My grass is so overgrown right now. That said, I love these snazzy watering devices. They always make gardening so much fun!

  21. Globalmouse

    We love Hozelock and this looks brilliant – the kids love jumping in and out of the sprinklers so it would be perfect for them as well as the plants!!

  22. Agata @BarkTime

    Oh yes, it is one of must haves for the garden come spring / summer time.
    We actually have to buy a new one this season.

  23. Ickle Pickle

    I could do with one of these – not sure my cats would approve though! Kaz x

  24. Erica Brooks

    What a fantastic gadget. I love that it doubles as a sprinkler. It will make tending to the garden a lot easier.

  25. joanna smith

    Only last week we were trying to fill the paddling pool and i got cramp in my arm/wrist from holding the trigger down. This would have saved my drink (that i launched in the air from my other hand when the cramp came!)

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