Doctor Are You Sure

Doctor.. Are You Sure?

Both Ash and I suffer from a number of different health issues. Thankfully our new doctors seem to be very on the ball and have picked up on things previous doctors have missed, in fact, I'm going through full diagnostic tests for things that my old doctors had just said, yes I am sure it is this. The plus side of course is I can feel confident in my diagnosis, something which I have to admit I haven't felt due to previous issues for a long time.

However, what can you do if you feel your doctor may have got things wrong?

Ask For a Second Opinion

If you feel you aren't being offered the correct diagnosis you are well within your rights to ask for the opinion of someone else. I often speak about my own issues with mental health and in my early teens when my health hit rock bottom my parents had a number of professionals come in to assess me. My original doctor you see was telling them I was 100% on the mend as I wouldn't be trying to take my own life if I was badly depressed (honestly yes, this came out of a mental health professionals mouth). Of course, the fact I was ending up in hospital meant I had to see their psychiatrist, he was of completely the opposite opinion. So I was sent for a third opinion, as neither of the first two wanted to back down and was in the end admitted to a psychiatric hospital for almost a year.

I think none of us knows how well that stay helped me, though I am pretty sure without it I would have managed my quest to end my life. After all, it was just pure lucky none of my attempts worked. So asking for a second opinion if you aren't completely convinced can be a good thing to do.

Take Notes

This is one I am still awful at, there are so many times when I've been to hospital or the doctors and my parents have asked what did they say, or what were your results and I can't remember. Sometimes you will be charged if you ask for print offs, however making your own notes is free. You just need to remember to take a notepad and pen and use them!

It is also worth using this notepad to make notes to tell your consultant next time you go, from what side effects you have had, to any treatments you may have tried and anything you may think could be of use in the future.

Utilise the Internet

This is one you must do with caution. No turning to Dr Google to self-diagnose, please! However there are websites out there recommended by Doctors which can help you safely learn about issues you may be suffering from.

I personally have found joining Facebook groups of use as well, I may not speak in them much, but sometimes posts will pop up on my timeline and I'll find myself nodding along with the fact that I suffer with that as well. However, you do need to make sure you feel strong and confident in doing this.

It is always worth remembering if the worst happens and you are misdiagnosed or suffer from a form of medical negligence there are people out there who can help you.

Whatever health issue you are going through, please do know you aren't alone and connecting with those going through similar can make things a lot easier.

This is a collaborative post.


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Doctor Are You Sure

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  1. Pam Francis Gregory

    My hubby has found it’s really useful to keep a diary of symptoms etc for when he sees GP, Consultants etc to ensure he talks about everything he needs to.

  2. Rachel

    I am always armed with questions and queries and I never just accept an answer if I actually don’t believe the doctor is right x

  3. Cassie

    We went through so many different doctors and specialists for my daughter over a year period. She was finally diagnosed with Costochondritis after being told it was growing pains or acid reflux etc

  4. Tammy

    Always, always ask questions and in many cases, ask for a second opinion. It has saved lives.

  5. Rhian westbury

    I do think getting a second opinion is so important, for example my friend was told something couldn’t be done on the NHS but a private said of course it could x

  6. Eze Azubike

    Your reminders are good and timely.

  7. Tara Pittman

    This is good info to know. I will start taking notes at the doctor for the just in case.

  8. Yeah Lifestyle

    I never thought of writing what the doctor says, but have at times came home and wondered what it was. So writing things down is a great tip I will take with me.

  9. Heidi

    Wow. I’m glad your parents got a second and third opinion when you were a teen. It sounds like it saved your life. Thanks for the good advice.

  10. Emma Raphael

    So many important points raised here. The amount of times I hear that people have been brushed off and are too scared to ask for a second opinion or that they don’t want to waste anybodies time…

  11. Annie Cho

    I hope you continue to heal. And having a second opinion is always safe! Health (mental, emotional, physical) is so important that we should always keep it a priority!

  12. LiveLoveAndAdventure

    Doctors are human and make mistakes sometimes, so getting a 2nd opinion especially when it’s something serious is a good idea. You should never be afraid to tell your doctor your want a 2nd opinion. It’s your health and you need to be 100% sure of a diagnosis and treatment plan.

  13. EzeAzubike

    It pays to be involved in your health affairs and not leave everything entirely in the hands of a particular doctor. I wish you all the best as you continueto heal.

  14. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    Great tips. It’s totally okay to ask for a second opinion and/or plenty of questions.

  15. Alex Gladwin

    This is such a useful post. I completely agree with everything you’ve mentioned here. I’ve been told different things by different doctors too and given conflicting advice. I also agree about taking notes with you and not googling too many symptoms – it’s a trap you can easily fall down. x

  16. Ruth I.

    Yes to asking questions! We’ve been to a doctor just last week and I regret not saying a word and just nodding to whatever he said. Found out his diagnosis is wrong after a few check-ups from other doctors.

  17. Rosey

    I agree, if you don’t have the right feel about a diagnosis, then you definitely want to get another opinion. You owe it to yourself to do so.

  18. lavandamichelle

    What a wonderful post! I find it hard to trust people with my future, I’m often too asking my landlord, my doctor, the dentist, the vet, and my husband the same question over and over: Are you sure? Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  19. Nina Kasper

    I despise going to the doctor! I feel like they never want to listen to me! I know my body, just listen please.

  20. Nina

    it is best to ask questions and get a second opinion before proceeding to the next step.

  21. Agentszerozerosetter

    I agree with you: I always ask for a second opinion, try to do my personal reserches on internet. And above all I want to really understand and get all informations I can, not only having a diagnosis if there’ is something wrong in my body!

  22. Dana Brillante-Peller

    The more questions you ask, the better. You always want to take notes as well this way you have something to reference.

  23. Ada

    I always double check on everything and anything. I’ve learned from my past experiences getting second opinion and some online research is super helpful.

  24. Anonymous

    I’m terrible at remembering what doctors have said … And I think my memory seems to be getting worse and I’m only 39 😱🤔

  25. Nichola - Globalmouse

    It’s so important to feel confident in their diagnosis and in them, isn’t it? It sounds like your new doctors are great and working with you which is also key. Good luck.


    I really don’t have much faith in doctors. The worst is when you have medical knowledge and they tell you something completely wrong. I do tend to ask for another opinion if I don’t feel confident in what I am being told.

  27. Fritha Quinn

    I think its always important to take advice as just that, advice and if you’re not happy with it then seek extra advice and come to your own decisions x

  28. KS Rao

    Misdiagnosis is a very serious thing and happens among doctors very commonly, because they are also judging based on symptoms we show and share. If the doctor is experienced and skilled they get the cue of the problem or then they go for guess work and end up either worsening the situation or making it better. So keeping a watch on the diagnosis is always a priority.

  29. Crystal

    I think it’s so important to ask questions so you have a better understanding of your health. Also, get a second opinion if you are not sure. I loved this post. Thank you for sharing.

  30. Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

    This is such good information. It is nice to know if you are ever misdiagnosed that there are people out there to help you. Thanks for this! Bookmarking.

  31. Emma C

    Really good advice! Should always feel confident to ask for a second opinion if you aren’t confident in the diagnosis.

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