Bio2You Organic Beauty: Review

Bio2You Organic Anti-Ageing Seabuckthorn Cream

Bio2You Organic Anti-Ageing Seabuckthorn Cream

Today I'm bringing to you another natural organic cream this time from Bio2You this cream is free from parabens, SLS, alcohol, artifical colours and animal bi-products and is never tested on animals. The range includes things such as face creams, serums, eye cream, face scrub, masks and hand creams.

This organic anti-ageing cream is full of active ingredients that all help your skin with different problems we all come across from reducing scaring to helping the skin heal, retaining moisture and relieving irritation it is also said to help skin elasticity and stimulate collagen production which helps your skin regain lost vitality and slow the signs of ageing. It is full of organic ingredients which include Argan oil, Shea butter and of course the main one itself Seabuckthorn – which is labelled as the newest beauty secret.

As my skin has been a bit crazy of late thanks to something I was trying taking against it, this trial was passed over to my Mum, to see how she felt about it.

She actually made me laugh when I first asked her how she was getting on with the cream the first thing she came out with was it reminds me of mayonnaise, in constancy, colour and apparently scent as well (I have to admit I did sniff it and I didn't think mayonnaise just natural but hey what the Mum monster says goes right?)

She gave this little one a full testing from using at night time to under makeup on the neck and that area I'm always forgetting about the all-important décolletage, according to her it left the skin feeling soft and supple, and when used in the morning made for a great make up base, and is most definitely a cream she would like to use again.

If you fancy trying out any of the Bio2You organic range check out the Remedy Natural Products website where you can find more information on all their products.
The Bio2You Organic Anti-Ageing Seabuckthorn Cream costs £24.95 for 50ml.

What do you think of the Bio2You organic range, would it be something you would like to try?

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This article has 11 comments

  1. Rachel

    I dont think I have ever heard of them, but it does sound lovely xx

  2. Shelley Jessup

    I’ve not came across these products before but I’m liking the sound of them especially if it helps scarring.

  3. monica

    I’m always thrilled to learn about new products that are paraben and “harsh” chemical free. So great to know about!

  4. Jenni

    Haha!! I can kinda see what your mum means! It does look a bit like mayonnaise in the picture!
    I love that you give products to your Munro try as well! It means she gets a little treat too!
    Jenni x

  5. JulieMRB

    Mayo? You aren’t convincing me there Mum 😀 hehe

  6. Ranjit

    Just came acriss it 3 days ago. Exactly how mum describes it texture like mayo but lovely feeling of softness and suppleness. 2nd day using it so far so good.

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