The Best Family Destinations for February Half-Term Winter Sun

The Best Family Destinations for February Half-Term Winter Sun

The Great British winter can seem to drag on endlessly for months and months, and while we may get the odd nice snow shower, months spent in dreary and cold weather aren’t much fun for families.

When your kids want nothing more than to go out and play but your life feels like a constant struggle with muddy boots and wet clothes; dreaming of jetting off to find some sun may be even more appealing.

When you are looking for family get always, you are usually restricted to week when the children are off school. After Christmas, the next half-term falls in February, and although the weather in Britain is still particularly miserable at that time of the year, there is plenty of winter sun to be found if you look further abroad.

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If you want guaranteed sun and plenty of it, then a half-term break to Dubai this February may be right up your street. With average temperatures of around 27 degrees and at least 9 hours of sunshine a day, Dubai offers families the perfect escape from the cold and damp of Britain at that time of the year. For men, there are some great golf courses, which gives you time to work on your swing flexibility.  There are a plethora of family-friendly hotels across Dubai which offer visitors wonderful food and experiences which the kids will remember for years. For younger children, plenty of Dubai’s hotels offer kids clubs and activities to keep them on their toes and for older children, there are water parks, theme parks and plenty of shopping malls throughout the area.

Dubai is a 6-hour flight away, so this trip may be better for slightly older children unless you can get overnight fights that the kids can sleep through. However, if you’d prefer a more authentic Arabian adventure, Oman has a very similar climate to Dubai in February but has a much less commercialised culture.

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If you would prefer a shorter fight for your family escape to the sun, then Tenerife offers some lovely winter sun during February. The island is arguably the best place in Europe if you’re after warm temperatures during half term and there is plenty to do for all ages. Families with younger children will find an array of hotels with inclusive clubs and activities aimed at keeping kids entertained and happy while teenagers will find plenty of enjoyment with sports and leisure activities taking place all over Tenerife and its beaches.

The weather in Tenerife in February (See weather forecast here) is much warmer and brighter than you will find at home with plenty of sunny days and while the temperature will not be blistering, you will find it more than comfortable to be outside which is more than can be said for a cold, wet February in England.

The Best Family Destinations for February Half-Term Winter Sun


Cyprus enjoys a great climate in February and makes for a scenic and interesting destination for a family half term break. Although February is actually the coldest month in Cyprus, average temperatures usually sit around 17 degrees during the day which is much warmer than the temperatures you will be treated to in Britain during half term.

While it will be warm enough to enjoy relaxing on the beach during the day, you will need to pack some warmer clothes for the evening, when temperatures will usually drop to around 8 degrees.

Cyprus is a very family orientated island and so makes for the perfect half term destination. Hotels in the area pride themselves on their customer service experience with an emphasis on great food and family entertainment. The historic parts of the island make for excellent day trips and the glorious beaches offer fun and frolics even in February.

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France has so much to offer families during half term that you may struggle to decide which part to visit. Paris is an obvious tourist hot spot, with the added attraction of Disneyland for the kids. However, the weather in the north of France is very similar to that of Britain so if it is winter sun you are in search of then you are better heading further south. The further south you travel, the more rustic you will find the land, you can even stay in a restored, 19th century windmill. The South of France has some tremendous beaches which offer plenty of space for young ones to play and also some great waves for older kids who want to take part in some water sports. The sea may still be a little chilly in February however so best pack those wetsuits. There are plenty of hotels in France however if you are travelling as a large group or looking for a break for the entire extended family, why not hire a chateau or gite in the mid-South so to give you all plenty of room to reconnect and enjoy yourselves at your own pace.

While the temperatures might not be anywhere near warm, another place to grab some winter sun in France is on the ski slopes. February is the pinnacle of the ski season in France with clear skies and plenty of sun making ideal conditions on the slopes. There are plenty of ski resorts in France, many of which cater for families looking for an adrenaline filled half term break. This won’t be the perfect break for families with very small children, but older kids and teenagers are bound to get a kick out of learning to ski during half term. While it may not be the kind of tanning experience you had in mind, the winter sun on the slopes is sure to give you a one of a kind half term family holiday.

Chasing the winter sun

Nothing breaks up the dull monotony of the British winter quite like a breakaway in the sunshine. Naturally, the further you go from Britain, the better the weather gets, but there is plenty of winter sun to be found closer to home too. Do your research and pack accordingly and you are sure to enjoy your February family holiday no matter where you end up.

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Joan Cajic

    Dubai and Cyprus are o my list and I will work hard to be able to go next year and enjoy some vacations there.

  2. Charli

    We did Tenerife and the other Canary Islands a lot when I was a kid. I really loved exploring the volcanoes and they have some of the best diving around there!

    C x

  3. Yeah Lifestyle

    These look like fabulous destinations to head to especially when the UK is still cold and muggy. Who can say no to a little sunshine!

  4. hannah

    I would love to visit Cyprus, especially for some winter sun

  5. Amber Myers

    Oh my gosh, look at all these glorious places. I’d be happy to go to ANY of them. Sadly, we won’t be going anywhere until the summer.

  6. Denay DeGuzman

    Chasing the sun is something I’m familar with! Although I live in California, I still dislike winter weather. On this part of the globe we escape to the sunshine, beach, bath-temperature ocean waters, and gorgeous weather of Mexico.

  7. Aashima

    I’ve already been to Dubai and love it. France is on my list since long and i hope to visit it soon. Your post looks amazing, I’ll check out rest of the places too.

  8. Elizabeth

    What a great collection of travel destinations. Alas, here in Scotland we have to wait until Easter break in March. No Feb breaks for us!

  9. Vicky

    We’ve only got one holiday planned for next as I’m expecting my second baby then. Can’t wait to go these places when the kids are older 🙂

  10. Emmanuel Damian

    I have been to Paris and Dubai this year. I want to visit Tenerife and Cyprus soon. Spain is in my travel list next year so I might swing by Tenerife.

  11. Kristina Maggiora

    I wanna go to Dubai so bad, it’s on my travel bucket list for sure x

  12. Kaitlynn

    wow all of these places look wonderful! I have always wanted to visit Dubai. I recently went to Paris and it was amazing!! def would recommend to those that have the chance to visit

  13. kirsty

    I’d love to go back to France and explore Paris more, it’s been 10 years since I was last abroad. I’m hoping we can have family holidays more soon as Mia is getting a bit older and more interested in exploring the world around her.

  14. Anosa Malanga

    Indeed such great list! I have been to Dubai but it’s just for a little time because of lay-over and I would definitely want to go back. Paris, France is also one of my favorite destination.

  15. Natalie

    Dubai sounds amazing, I really hope to visit someday! The UAE are high on my bucket list!

  16. Irena

    I would love to visit all of these places. Tenerife and Dubai are at the top of my list.

  17. Laura H

    Loads of my friends would travel to Tenerife with their families when we were at school so it seems like a popular family location!

  18. Wanda Lopez

    What amazing places and views. Love the beach and water views.

  19. Blair villanueva

    All gorgeous places, but I want to visit Cyprus and France first! Omg these are exciting!

  20. Lauretta at Home and Horizon

    Loving all your picks. My personal favorite is Tenerife.

  21. Dana Peller

    There’s nothing sweeter than a little sun on a cold afternoon. Thanks for sharing these family destinations. Always nice to plan ahead with our boys.

  22. Jessica Taylor

    France has always been at the top of my list! I can’t wait to go in a few years!

  23. Tanya

    I don’t have kids so I have a bit more flexibility when it comes to going away during the year but I really like the idea of having a winter sun holiday. I was close to booking one this year before I got ill and didn’t want to risk not being better for it, maybe next year I’ll go

  24. Emily Leary

    I am craving some winter sun SO MUCH right now! We’ve been to Cyprus before and loved it so that’s definitely on our wish list to visit again.

  25. David Elliott

    i guess I live in a place where I still get winter sun and it’s not too cold or too hot. California I guess is perfect for that kind of weather. But I definitely would love to get out to Dubai or Cyprus as well.

  26. Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen

    I think France is one of the best places to visit! But I would also like to visit Dubai and Cyprus.

  27. Alan Moore

    Dubai is on the wish list but Tenerife I have done a few times and definitely, I would recommend visiting this lovely island. France I do a lot year long, huge country and really worth exploring.
    How true ‘Naturally, the further you go from Britain, the better the weather gets’, the penalty for being an island in the northern hemisphere with a gulf stream on one side and the North Sea on the other.

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