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Bedroom Delights from Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue

I love Boux Avenue, they are one of those companies that puts so much attention into everything, from their garments which are all high quality, to their stores, which are just amazing, if you haven't been to one you really should pop in, to their packaging; in fact when buying online you opt out of free gift wrapping if you don't everything comes in a lovely box, filled with tissue paper and perfumed faux petals, it always feels a little like Christmas opening up a Boux Avenue parcel.

Recently I was given £40 to spend at Boux Avenue and with it I went a little giraffe crazy.

Gini Giraffe Slippers

Boux Avenue

These were the first thing I feel in love with on the site and I knew they just had to be mine! Available in a number of different sizes they are made with a soft fleecy lining to help keep your feet warm, while the bottom features a non-slip sole to stop you slipping across your kitchen floor as you pop to make your morning tea!

Personally these have to be some of the sweetest little slip on slippers I have had, they are true to size and just so comfy – you could almost forget you were even wearing a thing on your feet and come on could you say no to those big fluttering eyelashes.

These beautiful Gini Giraffe Slippers cost £16 and can be brought online.

Loving Giraffe Couple Pyjamas

Boux Avenue

As soon as I saw the slippers, I knew matching PJs were in order, while they did have some beautiful giraffe short PJs, which would have been perfect for this time of year, I thought these would make for better lounging clothes and with days when getting dressed isn't an option, having a nice pair of lounging clothes is a must for me.

The material these are made from is just so soft and it features a lovely pink tie to the waist, I find I have to be careful with the clothing I wear around my waist as my skin can get quite painful, yet these offer enough elastication to feel as though you aren't suddenly going to have them around your ankles, while being soft enough to not feel like my skin is being cut into.

This lovely pair of PJs also features beautiful angel sleeves and diamanté detailing hearts, like I said at the start Boux Avenue really pay attention to detail and it shines through in this pair of PJs with the small touches.

Once again when it comes to size you could easily order online and be quite safe in the knowledge that Boux Avenue clothing is quite true to size.

If you fancy grabbing a pair of these Loving Giraffe Couple PJs they are online now costing £28.

And together.. Well they look fantastic.

Boux Avenue

What do you think of these pieces from Boux Avenue, would you like either of them?

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  1. joanna

    oh my I love Giraffe’s so would love these items!

  2. Sara-Jayne

    I have a real giraffe print love at the moment…. Love the last shot, I’d wear them without a doubt!

  3. Jen aka The Mad House

    What an adorable set.. Are giraffes the new fox?

  4. S J Thurley

    I am smiling from ear to ear………Giraffes are my very most favourite thing ever. I have to have these PJ’s. Absolutely beautiful xx

  5. lisa prince

    oh wow those are adorable and i want them in my size, great patterns x

  6. Zena's Suitcase

    How cute are these, I love them! Those slippers are adorable 🙂

  7. Mums do travel

    They are both lovely items and look very cosy and soft.

  8. Angela Spicer

    The PJ top is so nice. I’d quite like the slippers personally


    I live all day in my p.j’s given the chance; these look so comfy and cosy; just my type of thing. thankyou.

  10. Hannah Staveley

    Ohhh my gosh I love them so much 🙂

  11. You Baby Me Mummy

    I LOVE both of them and want them now! Please send them 🙂 x

  12. Polly

    oh! so cute!! love the pj’s so much

  13. Cass@frugalfamily

    Oh these are so cute – I love them x x

  14. Nayna Kanabar

    wow these giraffe items are so cute I love the slippers especially.

  15. Martha Smith

    I think this range is so cute I’m definitely going to pop over to Boux and investigate their products further. i especially love the slippers and that top I wouldn’t keep for bed I’d have to wear it out. Just hope they do my size as I’m amply proportioned!.

  16. Jane @ northernmum

    How adorable!

    My little one is Giraffe obsessed – she would love all of this x

  17. Foz

    Oh was thinking to get some new pyjamas! These would be ideal!

  18. Pinkoddy

    They are just absolutely gorgeous – and you know it’s giraffe day on the 21st June right?

  19. Faye

    Absolutely love those giraffe slippers!

  20. Michelle

    Oh my gosh those slippers are so, so cute! I do love giraffes, they’re such elegant creatures x

  21. Globalmouse

    Oh I think I could go a little giraffe crazy too!! I love those pyjamas and the slippers are super cute!

  22. Jenny

    Love the slippers, the faces are so sweet.

  23. Victoria Easton

    I just adore the slippers! So pretty!

  24. Shell Louise

    Oh wow, I want some for me! They’re so cute 🙂

  25. Miss B

    Hi Sarah,

    This set looks unbelievable cute with the matching slippers 🙂 Thanks for loving Boux Avenue as much as I do.

    Love Miss B x

  26. Fritha Strickland

    these are super cute! love the slippers! x

  27. Helen @ Witty Hoots

    These are very cute – I quite like giraffes. My daughter would love a pair for night time!

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