Calligraphy inside a silhouette of Sally Dog using words about her. Image water coloured in blue

Beautiful Art from Camilla Fellas

If you have been around my blog for a while you will know I love anything personalised and the one thing I love personalised most, are things to do with Sally. Earlier in the year, a request to review a calligraphy-based design from Camilla Fellas dropped into my inbox and there was no way I could say no.

Sadly, at the time, I didn't know what the next few months would hold for Ash's health and I got a bit waylaid and side tracked when it came to reviews for this year. For that, I can only say sorry and hopefully now make up for it by showing you some of the amazing things that have laid awaiting my attention.

Calligraphy Design by Camilla Fellas

Calligraphy inside a silhouette of Sally Dog using words about her. Image water coloured in blue

I have to start this off by saying Camilla is just the most lovely person, she was really interested in helping me get the design right and how I wanted it to be. She was open to any and all suggestions I had and so easy to converse with. What's more, she is a really talented lady, who not only works in artwork using calligraphy, but also some really pretty lockets.

Back to this beautiful take on Sally. Camilla asked I sent her over an image she could use to get an outline of Sally, thankfully I had one that had been used previously, which I sent alongside some words which reminded me of Sal, such as floppy ears, woof, clown, friend and loyal. She then used what I had sent her to come up with the gorgeous, keepsake of Sally.

Calligraphy inside a silhouette of Sally Dog using words about her. Image water coloured in blue

Anyone who knows me well knows I like to keep things quite simple and I do love the colour blue, so I asked for Camilla to use just blues in my image and as I look at it now I think it just shows how well she can use colour. After all, she has come up with a whole host of different shades to make up this picture.

The artwork has been done on a quality card in A4 sizing and comes ready to be framed. Camilla has around a 2-week turnaround time and can do a number of different image designs. Perhaps her most popular maybe a heart, which is perfect for anniversaries, families and wedding gifts.

If you are wondering how much such a beautiful one-off piece of calligraphy art costs? Then it is £35 plus P&P, which I personally think for what you are getting is a real bargain. If you want to see more from Camilla Fellas then please do head over to her website via this link.

What do you think of my Sally artwork, could you see something similar, done to your own requirements hanging in your home?

I received the products mentioned in this post free of charge, however, all opinions and thoughts are my own.


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  1. Stacie

    That is so cute! I would love art like this for our home. We’re huge dog lovers, and our two pups are like our family.

  2. GiGi Eats

    Oh I do really like this which is crazy for me to say because I am not even a dog person!

  3. Alayna \

    I’m always impressed by free hand lettering and calligraphy. Beautiful work!

  4. Tia McKinzie

    I love this! Everyone I know except my SIL are dog people! This would make a great gift!!

  5. Amber Myers

    Oh wow, this is some gorgeous art. My daughter loves dogs, so she’d be a fan of this. I’ll have to check out the site!

  6. Jeanette Leighton

    These look lovely s nice way to honour your dog 😍

  7. LiveLoveAndAdventure

    This is really cool. I found a word art website and they have really cool art designs using words in many different shapes. It has become my new “go to” gift for this year!

  8. Jessica Taylor

    This is adorable! My mother has six dogs, so she would love a piece of art like this!

  9. The Social Nubian

    I am loving this. Will this be sold in totes, shirts, and other items.

  10. Emily

    This is so cute! We have two dogs and they are a huge part of our family, so having something like this to hang in our home would be great. I love the color too!

  11. Lisa Marie Heath

    This is so adorable! I love that it’s so unique. It’s the type of art my boyfriend and I gravitate to

  12. Rhian westbury

    I got a similar calligraphy stuff image for my parents wedding anniversary and it came out so well, this is so pretty x

  13. Kiwi

    This artist is very talented! I love her caligraphy so fun and I bet this is a treasure for any pet lover.

  14. Anonymous

    Wow these are beautiful. I love the designs.

  15. Cheryl

    Wow these are so beautiful she is very talented. I love the designs.

  16. Hollie

    Wow this art is so cute. My parents love their dogs and I think this would be a great addition to their house.

  17. shanelle

    my parents are the biggest dog lovers. they would absolutely love one of these custom paintings!!

  18. Lauren

    I saw this on your Instagram yesterday! It’s so cute! She is very talented.

    xx Lauren

  19. Kathy

    That is a very nice piece. I actually really love it and would love one too. I would rather have one as a cat, but this is such a neat idea.

  20. Jenni

    I love these I love the colour of the dog and all words we associate with our furry children

  21. Jade Bremner

    I really like this and agree she really does do well with creating shades of the colour blue. I think a nice one of a house with words relating to family would be nice to give as a gift.

  22. Laura Dove

    Oh I adore this! What a beautiful idea and such a fabulous gift. She is SO talented!

  23. Ann F. Snook-Moreau

    What a cute piece! I like that it is dog-themed but has a more creative twist than just a portrait of the pup.

  24. Sondra Barker

    I love dogs! I would love to have this piece in my room

  25. Joely Smith

    Awee this stole my heart! I am a HUGE pet advocate and animal lover! How darling is this! I know so very many people who would absolutely love them!

  26. rika

    That’s a beautiful and adorable art! Love the colors too, very playful! Thanks for telling me about the artist!

  27. Hannah

    My father would love this for Father’s Day! He is a German shepherd lover!

  28. Nichole Arnold

    This is beautiful. I love the watercolor style of it. Great idea for gift for pet lovers.

  29. Jenny

    Thats a great piece of artwork. I’ve been wanting to get a painting of my late cat who passed in November. She’s surely missed.

  30. Dana Brillante-Peller

    This is such a sweet project. I like how it describes your pup.


    Camilla has done a wonderful job there. The writing in the design looks amazing – I’d be sure to mess that up myself. The choice of words is sweet and the blue you chose was a good choice it works really well. Love this!

  32. Nadia Josephine

    This is gorgeous! I would love to get one for my sister. She particularly loves dogs and has a black lab. Such a cute and unique gift idea 🙂

  33. Elizabeth

    What a beautiful piece of artwork! Such a lovely thing to have. She’s very talented!

  34. Nicola Lawson

    This is so cute, I’m not really an animal person, but I love art made using words, so something like this relating to my kids would be amazing.

  35. Khushboo

    that’s really cute and adorable. That’s a beautiful piece of artwork! Such a lovely thing to have.

  36. Anonymous

    Such a cute a lovely artwork. My kids are huge dog lover. Someday I can gift them someday . will check the site as well.

  37. Kara Guppy

    What a lovely idea, perfect for dog lovers

  38. Charli Bruce

    I absolutely love this! We have something a bit similar but in the shape of where we live. I love the colours as well, such a talent! x

  39. Rachael

    This is such a gorgeous and thoughtful keepsake. I love the simplicity of it! It’s so nice when artists are easy to approach and not intimidating!

  40. Becca Talbot

    Oh Sarah, I absolutely adore this! I’d love to get one of my three cats, Tilly, Lola and Maybelle 🙂 x

  41. nicol

    this is beautifully done. love how she incorporated your words into this

  42. Nigel Soper

    These works get deeper the more one thinks about them,

  43. Dena

    Wow what a lovely calligraphy for Sally! I want to learn calligraphy too. I have come across one vlog teaching basic techniques. And I think I would push through with it.

  44. Kristyn Medriano

    Pretty unique artwork here. I love using words in art. It also brings great creativity out.

  45. ann goody

    This is such a lovely simple but effective art. It attracts the eye and then you have the joy of reading all those thought provoking words.

  46. Wildish Jess

    This is too cute! I’d love to have one of these made of my dog.

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