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Ultra Slim Smart iPad Cover & Back Case

I think it's pretty obvious, I love my iPad, it comes most places with me and is used from anything from noting ideas to playing games and catching up on the latest TV. When it comes to keeping it safe, most of my cases are colourful, or personalised so I thought it was about time I went for something simpler, something that could be used if / when I needed to look more professional.

So I opted for a plain black slim lined case, which came with front cover.

Ultra Slim Smart iPad Cover & Back Case

Ultra Slim Smart iPad Cover & Back Case

The case comes in two parts; the main back is made of Polyurethane and is built to make sure all the buttons are easily accessible, while the front includes magnets to hold it in place, as well as a soft micro fiber lining, to keep your iPad safe and clean.

The two halves are held together by a double pole that is fixed to the top and slips into grove on the base. I was pleased at how sturdy the two felt when fitted together, as I assumed it could be a little unstable.

The case offers the sleep – wake function, something I think is a must with a good case and is delivered with a free screen protector and stylus.

Ultra Slim Smart iPad Cover & Back Case

I was so surprised at how thin this case is, it comes in at 0.8mm and weighs just 70g so it almost it feels like you have nothing but fresh air around your iPad, thought of course, it is, cleverly protected. The case itself was great for fitting into my handbag and not making me feel like I was carrying around too much weight and perhaps best of all the Ultra Slim Smart iPad Cover & Back Case is available in a number of different colours, meaning you could even have a case to match your outfit.

Over all I was really pleased with the size and weight of this case, it did take a little getting used to when it came to remembering it did have a case on it and of course in true Sarah fashion it has already been dropped on the floor multiple times and survived!

The Ultra Slim Smart iPad Cover & Back Case came from Case Happy who really did offer a happy shopping experience, the site is well laid out, easy to find your way around and delivery is quick, with the cover arriving well protected. If you fancy getting yourself one of these cases in any colour they are at the moment on offer for £18.95.

What do you think of my latest cover, could you see yourself using one like this?

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  1. Terry

    I have my iPad in a case too. Good thing for me because I dropped it last week. If not for the case, I bet it would have broken.

  2. Heather

    That case looks great! I love that you have a way to prop up the iPad too.

  3. Kori

    That does look like a great case. I’m in the process of getting an iPad for my daughter, she has autism, so I need a good protective cover for it.

  4. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I don’t have an iPad, but if I did, I would definitely have it in a case. Our Kindles and Iphones are in cases, so why not the tablet, too.

  5. Jennifer Williams

    I will share this with my husband, he and the boys have iPads and are always trying to find a good case. This one looks like something they would like.

  6. Lois Alter Mark

    That’s a great looking case. It’s amazing how often all our electronics are dropped so, yes, cases are so important!

  7. Kelli

    I love tablet cases that double as a stand and protective case. It’s so much better to spend a little for a great case instead of a lot for replacement electronics.

  8. Lesley Stevens

    A very good review, you’ve given me a lot to think about. I like that you have pointed out the different things about the case that you do like, I’ll have to go check out the color options on their site and see if its something that I like. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Ashley Gill

    I don’t have an iPad, but a Kindle. I wonder if they make a case for the Kindle as well. I’m happy with my case, but I wonder if there is better out there!

  10. Amy @ Will Run For Ice Cream

    I also have an iPad case. The one I have is a little thicker than the one shown here. I like how the one pictured is thinner than my current one.

  11. christine szlobodnik

    That’s awesome!

  12. krystalskitsch

    I love that it is so thin! I am in the market for a new case!

  13. Coolchillmom

    I love your new cover!
    It seems so versatile!

  14. Touristmeetstraveler

    Wow that looks amazing, I can’t believe how slim it looks.

  15. Helene Cohen Bludman

    I really like the look of this case, and I’m in the market for a new one so I may check this out.

  16. becca

    what a great way to hold your ipad or tablet. this is a cool gadget.

  17. Jeanine @

    Looks like a great case. I have a little cheap one on my ipad, which I rarely use anyway, but I need a good one!

  18. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    I’m so clumsy, I need something with a little more protection than this! But it’s very chiq!

  19. Barbie's Beauty Bits

    Cases are a must have. You never know when they will come in handy! And this one is very cute!

  20. Amber Nelson

    I think cases are definitely a necessity if you want to keep your electronic in good shape and protected.

  21. Lady Lilith

    I think the cover looks amazing. Having a good cover is super important.

  22. April @ Everyday Fitness and Nutrition

    I don’t have an ipad but I think a case is mandatory. They are too fragile without one and too expensive to replace.

  23. Rena McDaniel

    I need a new case and I love the look of this on. I bought a Belkin when I first bought my tablet but I’m ready for something new and I like to keep it professional looking.

  24. Theresa

    This looks like a great case. I love how thin it is. My current case is pretty bulky, so I need to look into getting one of these!

  25. Annie

    I love good cases for my iPad. I need it for my destructive hubby since he stole my iPad lol

  26. Mark Chamberlin

    Hopefully I’ll finally get an ipad this year to replace the Kindle Fire and this review will be very useful!

  27. Aisha Kristine Chong

    that case looks great – I actually need a new one

  28. Pam

    I love my iPad and I blow through cases like crazy because I use it so much. They wear out and get grungy looking. I will have to give this one a try. I like thin.

  29. Chrissy

    This looks like a great case! I need a new one for my Kindle Fire HD for sure.

  30. Rosey

    I love that it’s so slim. That’s just the kind of case I would want too. My husband loves his iPad and swears if I got one I’d love it too. 🙂

  31. Ave

    I’m looking a new case for my iPad! Thanks for a great review! I really like that they have different color options and the light weight of the case.

  32. Carmen Perez

    I have my iPad in the original black Apple case ( I have the iPad 1). I can never find any other cute cases for the original iPad.. :-((

  33. Veronica

    I hate my iPad case but it is very necessary, so I have kept it. I may need to upgrade

  34. Tough Cookie Mommy

    I really like how lightweight this case is. Who wants to have a cumbersome case on their iPad?

  35. Marielle Altenor

    Our iPad case is a rubbery black one lol Would love to try a nice case from Case Happy!

  36. Amanda Love - Growing Up Madison

    Right now my iPad is not in a case. I had a case that was so old that my toddler was able to take it off with ease. Looking for a new one and will see if this is available on Amazon and read up more on it.

  37. Liz Mays

    That’s a good testament that it survived through a couple of falls. I tend to go with classic looking covers like that too.

  38. Tami

    I don’t have an iPad, I have a Samsung Tablet which I love. I have a soft padded case for it which has so far done it’s job of protecting my tablet.

  39. bex smith

    Ooh I love that! You know what I am like with cases though, I always want a new one!

  40. Martha Smith

    I don’t have an I Pad although its on my wish list but I think this case seems really good. I am very clumsy I have been through a few laptops by dropping them so I think I will have to add this case to my wish list too.

  41. Felicia

    I always try to use cases to protect any of my electronic devices, just because they cost so much money!! The smaller (slimmer) the better though!

  42. Heather Haigh

    Looks good – would make a nice pressy for hubby as he has an ipad – and men are SO hard to buy for.

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