Alternative Couples’ Holidays worth Saving for (1)

Alternative Couples’ Holidays worth Saving for

There’s no question that everybody loves a package holiday, but for a truly unique couples’ break, we’re going to have to put away a few pennies. Be willing to put off our flights for a year or two to save for something unusual, especially where adult treehouses, underwater hotels and luxury cruises are concerned.

When it comes to alternative couples’ holidays that exude just that little extra luxury, these ones are worth the buzz.

Treehouse escapes

You’ve probably seen pictures of adult treehouses stashed up in the canopy. For those of us that don’t have a garden big enough for a tree, much less a treehouse, these alternative hotels can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t get outside of high rise hotels, and even then, it’s not quite the same as looking down over a forest landscape. Like most dream holidays, treehouse escapes can carry quite the price tag – but if you stick close to home with spots like the Port Lympne Reserve in Kent, you’ll save on flights and additional travel costs.

Luxury cruising

Cruises might sound a little mainstream, but when you factor destinations like Antarctica into the mix, they become about as alternative as it gets. Plus, cruise entertainment has gotten wackier than ever, with rock climbing walls, stargazing activities and robotic bartenders onboard, plus that range of destinations we mentioned, some of which are out of range to practically everything but cruise ships. The Galapagos Islands to the Arctic Circle and far-flung spots like the Pacific Islands are on the agenda, as are adults-only cruises. There are some great cruise comparison websites out there that’ll help you separate the kid-friendly cruises from the strictly adult's ones.

Cave dwelling

Believe it or not, there are hotels these days that are actually carved into rock. They’re none other than cave-hotels, some of which are underground, some above, some in volcanic chimneys and others in restored monasteries. Either way, they’re all a little bit spooky in all the right ways, and more importantly, are tucked up in some pretty fantastic holiday locations too. These cave-hotels are probably not for the claustrophobic, but they’re definitely for the adventurous traveller looking for something a little different. Just don’t expect much of a view.

Alternative Couples’ Holidays worth Saving for

Adventure holidays

Most people take time off for the relaxation, but there’s more to a holiday than spending time on the beach. With an adventure holiday, you and your other half can dive straight into the scenery, forgoing traditional waterparks and zoos for the real deal. Costa Rica is one of the original destinations for adventure holidays, mostly because its rainforests and exotic animals were practically made for them. Here, travellers can whitewater raft, kayak, zipline through the trees and, yes – spend some time on the beach.

Underwater hotels

The concept for an underwater hotel might sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but they’re very real. Instead of windows, you’ve got thick glass looking out into bright blue water and the fish and coral that live there. For some of the best underwater hotels out there you’ll have to fly to far-away places like the Maldives and Florida, but these bizarre yet awesome alternative hotels will be well worth the expense.

As growing numbers of us seek out breaks that offer more than your traditional beach-front stay, the pressure is on travel retailers to continuously come up with new and exciting experiences. There’s certainly a huge range to choose from, with the ones listed here only scratching the surface of alternative holiday ideas for you and your loved one. If you’ve managed to make it this far down the post without booking a trip, you’ve done incredibly well!

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Danielle @ Follow My Gut

    Whether I’m in a relationship or single as a dollar bill these are amazing places to visit. I’ve always wanted to stay in a treehouse since I was a kid so have the chance to vacay in one as an adult would be amazing!!


  2. robin rue

    A treehouse escape sounds like fun. I would totally do something like that with my hubby!

  3. North

    Such good ideas, will definitely consider the treetops!

  4. Amber Myers

    These all sound like fun. I’d personally like to do a luxury cruise one day. A treehouse escape would be exciting too. I’m not sure if I could do the cave one!

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    I’d love any of these
    Wiĺl have to start saving

  6. Jess

    Woah an underwater hotel? The thought of that makes me feel a bit claustrophobic but actually I reckon that would be so cool. I definitely think a treehouse would be more my cup of tea!

  7. candy

    Hubby won’t go for the cave dwelling adventure at all. The tree house experience would not be a problem and sounds like fun.

  8. Patrick

    The vast majority of Teapublicans in the United States are of the cave dwelling sort…as in real prehistoric days. The idea of an adult only cruise would be my cuppa tea…but the cheetah says he is a treehouse guy all the way….

  9. Heather @ Kraus House Mom

    I have been looking into adventure vacations for my family. They tend to get bored easily. I would love to stay in a treehouse, that sounds so cool.

  10. Lisa Marie Heath

    When it’s just my boyfriend and I, our favorite vacations are staying home and not having any expectations or just relaxing. We can only do this at times that my son is with his father – but we both work full time and always go go go, so having a week of sleeping in, not having to rush to work or school drop off is really nice

  11. Jeanette

    There is so many things on this list that you mention that I want to do. The underwater hotel is probably top on that list. I want to find a hotel that I can do that. It would be so cool.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It would be absolutely amazing wouldn’t it – I don’t think I would sleep if it was the bedroom that was underwater as I would want to see what swims past haha!

  12. Lisa

    The treehouse escapes look so very cool. Talk about a once in a lifetime trip that you would remember forever.

  13. Joyce Nyarko

    This list was well put. i should try this when i start dating. great post

  14. Aishwarya Shenolikar

    Now this is something really unique! I’d love cave dwelling & treehouse escapes any time instead of luxury living! This is really amazing! I think AirBNB has hotels like these at some places! 🙂

  15. Jacqueline

    I don’t know if I would be comfortable with an underwater hotel. But I would like to explore the Tree House and Cave Hotels. I was just looking at Tree House Hotels today funny enough!.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I was looking at one on Facebook the other day, it had 3 levels two above water and 1 below, for some reason that made me feel much better about it and want to go and try it out.

  16. Emily Underworld

    Omg all of these sound great! I’d absolutely love to try an underwater hotel!

  17. corinne & kirsty

    OMG the treehouse vacation! sounds so romantic! exactly something i would love to do!


    Costa-Rica is top of my list for holidays- I want to go and see the sloths. I didn’t realise that there were so many adventurous things to do there as well though!!


    The tree house escapes look good. I want to go to the one at Centre Parcs. The underwater hotels sound like an amazing experience just went over to see what you linked to and phoned my parents to tell them lol.

  20. five little doves

    I would love to go on a tree house escape! I love being in the forest and something like this would be amazing, and so romantic!

  21. Anosa

    I wouldn’t mind saving for luxury cruising one day, its something I would love to do with my nearest and dearest

  22. Mike

    Yes, please! I’m all about experiences and you have some great ideas here. Definitely overdue for a real getaway…

  23. Ana De- Jesus

    I really love the idea of an alternative holiday. After all it is good to be different and the underwater hotel sounds like a lot of fun x

  24. Lauren Atkins

    I love all thse ideas! My partner and I are alays looking for new getaways to unusual places and some of these suggestions are brilliant! Thankyou x

  25. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    These are some fun ideas. As parents, we don’t often get quality time alone together. I would love to get away on a couples vacation one day!

  26. Liz Mays

    I think a stay at a cave dwelling would definitely be fun. We mostly go on little trips to cities so that would be a new experience for us.

  27. Lori Vachon

    I’ve been on an adult only cruise in the South Pacific, talk about relaxing!!! Not sure I’d be up for staying in a cave, but maybe a treehouse one day!

  28. Sapphire Kharyzma

    I definitely have to try Treehouse Escapes, Luxury Cruising, and Underwater Hotels. These are all on my bucket list! I am excited to try them too 🙂

  29. Claudia Krusch

    A Treehouse escape would be amazing. These are all great couples holiday ideas. Cruises are a lot of fun as well.

  30. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    I am all about cruising … I have already bought one and got us a trip but we had to put it on hold since I got pregnant. Now we have one to go to once the baby arrives. Totally love this couples holiday round up.

  31. Rhian Westbury

    One day me and my other half do want to do a cruise but the one’s we want to do are pretty expensive. A treehouse is also something I’d love to do x

  32. Afshan nasim

    Like the sound of all of these, especially the underwater hotels and treetop ones. I do love an alternative holiday and will have a look at the options.

  33. Amila

    These are great suggestions.I’d love to stay in a Tree House.I found such Tree House hotels/accommodation in Sri Lanka too.Underwater hotel can be really romantic!

  34. Blair villanueva

    Luxury cruising would be the best. Its like the Titanic romance, without the sinking part 🙂

  35. Vy Nguyen

    But first of all, I need to find my partner 🙂 Thanks for your suggestions. Those places sound cool.

  36. Fatima Torres

    I love adventures! I’ve always wanted to check out an underwater hotel. That’d be pretty interesting.

  37. Dogvills

    I would be fine with luxury cruising. The others look too extreme for me and my husband. We’ll leave that to the young and adventurous couples. Thanks for the suggestions. I will share this with some office mates who are still young.

  38. Sandy N Vyjay

    Travel is expensive. Especially if you are planning for an exotic couple getaway. One needs to budget for the same.

  39. Akamatra

    I’ll take some cave exploring as soon as my kid is old enough to either come with us or stay with a grandmom! These rock!

  40. Kita Bryant

    These are all amazing ideas. My husband would have loved to travel to them with me.

  41. Chrissy Faery

    Ooh! I’ve always fancied staying in a treehouse – or maybe in one of those tents that hangs from the trees! An adventure holiday would be very cool too – I could see myself doing something like whitewater rafting in the Rockies! xx

  42. Mayah Camara

    These look like some great places to visit. I need to find some great singles holidays destinations.

  43. Leigh Anne Borders

    This is a great list of ideas. My husband and I have stayed into tree houses in the past year.

  44. Emman Damian

    I would like to try the luxury cruising. Sounds like a fun thing for couples.

  45. Melanie

    Ooo I love the idea of tree houses and also underwater hotels. Very unique and much more fun :)x

  46. Lynn Woods

    Oh, I’m excited! I’m always looking for new, fun things for me and my husband to do. I’ve never heard of any of These!

  47. Christiana

    These are amazing places to visit really. I pray I get the opportunity soon to begin my tours.

  48. TColeman

    I have always seen those tree houses that you can stay in and they look so fun. That is definitely on my list.

  49. Janelle

    YES!! Now that luxury cruise sounds super nice. I would definitely have to get on the Hubby so we can make it happen. We got 2 small kiddos though (age 10 and 7). Shoot. They can join us! hahah.

  50. Jenny

    I love the idea of the underwater hotel! I find being around water so relaxing.

  51. francesca

    WOW!! Treehouse escapes and cave dwelling sound very alternative indeed and I’d love to give those a go!! I love the sound of the underwater hotels how crazy is that although I have a phobia of the sea and being underwater where we don’t really belong so I think I’ll stay at ground level!! haha!

  52. Amy Deverson

    LOVE this – Treehouse escapes are definitely something I want to do. When I was in Cambodia my boyfriend and I stayed in a treehouse and it was amazing.

  53. Sue Cole

    Perfect ideas for my partners 50th

  54. Nicole

    These are all really great idea, especially the underwater hotel or the tree house! I would definitely do them all!

  55. Lucy | Real Mum Reviews

    I love the idea of a treehouse escape!!

  56. sarah

    Staying in the tree house sounds fun and relaxing but I think I would love to try luxury cruising.

  57. Sincerely Ophelia

    Love this! I love the idea of underwater and over water hotels the best!

  58. Jessica Taylor

    I’ve been wanting to go on a cruise, so thats a great idea!

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