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6 Budget Garden Hacks To Make The Most Of Your Small Space

Think you can’t do much with a small garden? Think again! If your garden is full of rubbish, overgrown plants and long grass, simply because it is so small you don’t know what else to do with it, then it is time to tidy it up!

There is so much that you can do with a small space that you don’t need to leave it neglected. Check out these budget hacks to make the most of your small space – then, when the garden is tidy, get your supplies from an online garden centre and start creating the garden that you thought you could only have in your dreams.

1. Opt for foldaway furniture
Furniture can take up a huge portion of your limited space, so be clever when purchasing it. Think tables and chairs that can be folded away – so you can take it out when you need it and put it away when you don’t!

2. Use height – make the most of walls and fences!
If you have a small garden, you'll want to be making the most of your walls and fences. Hanging baskets, trellises and windowsill boxes are the perfect places to plant flowers. Not only can you have the plants and flowers you didn’t have space for on the floor, they will also draw eyes upwards – making the space feel bigger.

6 Budget Garden Hacks

3. Tiered Planters
Likewise, tiered planters are the perfect way to make the most of space on the floor. Rather than having one plant pot on the floor, these can be built upwards and could be used as a vegetable or herb garden, or simply to add more colour to the space.

4. Choose plants carefully
It is important to choose your plants carefully – brightly coloured plants and features, for example, can make a garden appear lighter and bigger. Cool colours such as purples and blues also work to create the feel of a bigger space as they recede the field of vision. Amaryllis bulbs are great colourful flowers to start with.

5. Create different zones
This could be done via split-level decking or by using an arch to create separate garden areas. By dividing your garden into sections and creating hidden areas, you will make it feel much bigger. This can also help to create privacy. A common problem with small gardens is other people being able to look in on them – arches can help to create a secluded area.

6. Take the indoors outside
The benefit of a small garden is the coziness of it, so take advantage of this. Take the indoors out into the garden with pillows, candles and fairy lights, making it effectively an extra room in your house where you can get fresh air. It can be the perfect place to spend a summer’s evening with a bottle of wine and friends!

Mirrors are another great accessory you can take outside as they make the space feel larger than it is by reflecting the surrounding greenery.

There are so many ways to make the most of a small backyard and a few simple space saving decorating and gardening tricks can have it feeling much larger in time!

What's your top gardening tip?

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  1. Elizabeth

    Some great tips here. I have a small garden, but it’s very exposed to the north wind. Need to grow some wind shields first…

  2. Jessica

    Will be using these points after winter and work on my balcony. hhaha.

  3. Teresa Bowen

    Everybody always seems to hanker after a large garden but with tips like these you show it is possible to get the benefits of a garden without all the constant hard work a large garden demands.

  4. Rachel

    This is me, I have pots with bee friendly flowers in all over my little outdoor space and a few veggies too x

  5. Rosey

    If you can’t move out, move up, right? 🙂 It’s nice to see the hacks for making the most of small spaces!

  6. Kirsty Woods

    I have a small garden, get tips 🙂 thank you

  7. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    These are all awesome tips. I don’t have a garden, but this will definitley help a lot of people.

  8. Jeanette

    This are all get tips! Can you give me a green thumb too? I kill every plant that I have ever tried to grow. It’s sad really LOL.

  9. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    These are good! I like the mirrors idea – Never thought of that before!

  10. Pam

    I love vertical gardening. It makes great use of space and it looks cool too.

  11. Heather lawrence

    I can not wait for the shovel to hit the ground!
    Last year we planted two Japanese lilac bushes out back so this year we will be filling in the area around the trees. Each year we purchase one big thing that will be “permeant” so we don’t have to buy everything all at once.

  12. Natasha Mairs

    really love the idea of taking the inside out, with fairy lights and pillows, sounds so cosy

  13. lisa

    These are great tips. We just started gardening in our yard last year and loved it! We had more lettuce than we knew what to do with!

  14. Jeanine

    These are great hacks. I’m so excited to work on my small garden once Spring rolls around. These will be helpful!

  15. Liz Mays

    These are awesome ideas. I’d love to start a small garden with my daughter sometime.

  16. Seattle Travel Blogger

    Great article for making the most of limited space.
    I like this topic and think mirrors are quite an idea.

  17. Gingermommy

    I really like adding depth with tiered planters. Great for space saving and adding dimension to an area

  18. Jeanette Davenport

    Great tips, these will come in handy when I do my garden thanks x

  19. Alexandrea

    There are some good tips here. I miss having a garden and being able to plant pretty and yummy things.

  20. Mama to 5 BLessings

    We have very limited yard space, the kids swing sets consumes most of our yard. I need to try the tier gardening for herbs.

  21. Travel Blogger

    I am not a great gardener, but I love it.These tips are great! I can’t wait to start this spring!

  22. WhatLauraLoves

    Thanks for sharing your great tips. I wish that I was a little bit more green fingered! xxx

  23. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I love the idea of tiered plants. I’ve seen pictures of them before and would love to set up one myself. Thanks for these ideas!

  24. OurFamilyWorld

    These are awesome tips. I wish I had the space even for a small garden.

  25. Pam

    I can’t have much of a garden where I live but I do try and make as much use of walls and fences with hanging plants. Great tips!

  26. Tatanisha Pitts-Worthey

    These are great tips! Flowering plants look so beautiful on balconies. I love to learn more gardening tips, oh I wish we could buy some green thumb at the stores! lol

  27. Catstello

    This is a very helpful post. I imagine most of us can’t afford big houses with gardens now 🙁

  28. Chubskulit Rose

    I must agree, gardening is not always the big space. Even smaller space can take a lot of plants.

  29. sharon martin

    great blog post, great useful yipsd

  30. Leila Benhamida

    Love to choose small and colourful plants to lift up my moods
    Awesome tips.

  31. Nikki

    I have a huge garden, but still a great tips and information. I will save this.

  32. ashley

    Great tips! Last year we were only able to do container gardening, but this year we hope to put in a large one. Can’t wait!

  33. Amanda Love

    Great tips although I have such a brown thumb that whenever I plant something it dies. I wish I was more of a green thumb planter.

  34. Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog

    I’ve wanted to garden along the fence for awhile now, just not sure how to begin or where to start. There are so many different ways to go about it! But it is a great way to utilize a small space! Thank you for sharing.

  35. Sicorra@NotNowMomsBusy

    Excellent tips! My husband and I tried to do some gardening of plants and veggies a few years ago, but our lack of experience got the best of us, and it just turned into a big mess.

  36. Life as a Convert

    I like the idea of vertical gardening. I’d like to try my hand at it some.

  37. Ann Bacciaglia

    This year i am planning on having my first garden. I am excited to grow some vegtables. Thanks for the great tips.

  38. Eve Redmond

    This was really useful for me as we have a balcony, fortunately it’s a nice spacious one and we will definitely be making it look nice and pretty closer to summer.

  39. Heather Haigh

    Some good tips. I definitely want to get more colour growing up the walls.

  40. Hayley Todd

    Thank you for these brilliant tips. We have a medium sized garden which I am planning on completely over-hauling this year!

  41. mburbage

    Wonderful tips! I love gardening and always buy within your zone. I don’t know why stores actaully have plants that aren’t meant to be in zones for sale! It’s just setting you up for something to go the wrong way lol

  42. Rebecca Barnes

    I love the idea of growing upwards! It would be great to cover up some of the boring fencing too. Thanks!

  43. Amy Jo McLellan

    I can’t wait to get back in the garden. Thank you for the inspiration. Growing up it is!

  44. Terri

    My apartment is right next to a sidewalk, but I found an area between the building and sidewalk that I use to grow a few seasonal vegetables and flowers in! I have plenty of potted plants out there, but the thought of growing up has me re-thinking now!

  45. Amanda tanner

    Some good ideas I’m going to be putting in place in the summer thanx

  46. karen T

    I have a small garden and I like to use the height. I add hanging baskets wherever I can, wall planters and I like lots of bright colourful garden ornaments on the walls!

  47. Jessica Simms

    These are some really good tips, I can’t wait till spring so I can finally put these tips to good use.

  48. Toughcookiemommy

    I’ve heard that gardening can be very soothing. It’s definitely an important hobby to take up.

  49. Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

    No Garden for this Apartment Dweller! Someday though……

  50. Lisa Rios

    Both me & my husband loves gardening & I totally mess up things as we have a small space as well. These are some simple yet effective tips to make your garden the best & there by maintaining it well later on using the same theory.

  51. Natalie Gillham

    Great tips thanks x

  52. John Pring

    Great tips Thanks

  53. Charli Blogs

    I keep trying to bring the outside – inside to our flat but I keep killing all the plants 🙁

  54. Zoe

    Thank you for this. Have a tiny garden space that needs to be decorated and looking pretty when the summer hits

  55. jackie beckett

    great tips paticulary on the plants all year round interest is so important

  56. Shannon Gurnee

    These are some great tips for budget gardening hacks! I will definitely have to give some of these a try. Thanks for sharing.


    Good ideas here.

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