5 Ways to Save Money This Christmas
Money Saving

5 Ways to Save Money This Christmas

Honestly, I am finding it hard to believe we are into November and coming up on Christmas so quickly.

It seems like only yesterday I was calming down from the rush of last year.

I think for most of us Christmas is a time where we spend more.

Presents, food, decorations and parties can all lead to extra spending.

So I have tried to come up with some quick and easy tips to help you save money this Christmas.

Christmas Star Decoration

Don't Plan for Perfect Plan for What You Can Afford

We all have the idea of what a perfect Christmas would look like. Often the ideas come from film or TV.

However, on the most part, this is completely unattainable and at the end of the day, we left upset and down in the dumps, that we couldn't pull it off.

So forget what you see on the screens. Instead, plan what you can afford.

You might just find without the stress oh my goodness how can I pay, your Christmas ends up being perfect just as it is.

What Can You Sell?

We all have things hanging around the home, which we haven't used in forever.

So why not dig them out and dust them off and get them on eBay of Facebay and see what you can make towards your Christmas funds.

You could be quite surprised by the amount you find coming into your pot.

Christmas Present

Vouchers, Cashback and Searching for the Best Price

If like me you do the majority of your online shopping is done online (like me).

Then you want to make sure you make the most of the vouchers, cash back and of course, searching to find the best price possible.

Utilising these three suggestions may just save you more money than you realised!

PS. If you use TopCashback as I do, they have a chrome plugin feature which will tell you when you're on a website they offer cashback for!

Catch up With Friends and Family via the Internet

These days keeping in touch with friends and family from across the world doesn't have to cost.

Use your computer or smartphone to connect with people using things like Facetime and Skype as WiFi to WiFi calls can really be done for free!

Christmas Cookies

Check Christmas Delivery Dates

Sadly last postal dates are already gone.

However, it isn't too late for some places to get your presents sent as cheaply as possible.

So make sure you check up when the last postal dates are and plan your shopping around those gifts you need to buy first.

I hope these 5 tips help you save a little bit of money this Christmas.

However, what about you, what is your top tip to save money at Christmas?

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  1. Amy simpson

    Thanks for these helpful tips x

  2. Karen

    Thank you so much for these tips! I’m a huge fan of finding the best deals and best prices, especially when Christmas rolls around. I have a lot of people on my list!

  3. Robin rue

    I am sure I have a TON of stuff around the house that I could sell. I should totally do that this year.

  4. candy

    Most people I know are finished shopping. They spread it out during they year so the financial burden is not as great as all at once.

  5. Alexandra

    Thank you for these tips. I hadn’t thought of selling things – such a good idea! I have been meaning to have a clean out for so long! πŸ™‚

  6. Amber Myers

    I do love to save money, that’s for sure. I do use a lot of the cash back apps, and I love them. I also need to sell some stuff.

  7. Alli Smith

    I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas! These are great ways to save money and I sure need these tips this time of the year.

  8. Jeanette

    Oh my gosh you have totally read my mind. Christmas I don’t want to go broke but I would do want to have fun. You have a Lotta great tips here and I’m going to use a couple of them.

  9. Paula Schuck

    Oh yes this year I have listed a few things I can’t use here anymore actually. Trying to clean up some of the space because we have too much stuff and also trying to make some money at the same time.

  10. Melanie

    We have sold a few things that we were not using. Our extended family also has a policy to only purchase gifts for kids under a certain age, so that helps to save money, too.

  11. Melissa Chapman

    These are great ideas and it is not too late to take advantage of most of them. I have an attic full of items to give or sell so I might try this.

  12. GiGi Eats

    I always wind up spending SO MUCH this time of year – and we are also doing home renovations so… BYEEEE MONEY! LOL! Even if I TRY to save, yeah, it doesn’t wind up happening.

  13. Kylie Nesloney

    Perfect timing to stumble across this post! I definitely need all the saving tips this holiday season.

  14. James Travis

    Really useful advice, thanks

  15. Joan

    I need to check on the delivery dates because I always tend to forget something and need something at the last minute so will be doing lots of planning this year.

  16. soonjoo

    It’s not easy to save money every Christmas for me! Lots of gifting and preparing decoration and many more! I love finding coupons and cash back deals, it works for me!

  17. Brit Strawbridge

    These are great tips! We are always selling unused things we own to buy other things, even to save for vacations etc.

  18. Marcie W.

    It is all too easy to overspend during the holidays. I will be keeping these suggestions in mind as I start to shop.

  19. Tara Pittman

    This are great tips. The holidays do not need to leave you broke as it is a time for family not tons of gifts.

  20. Melanie

    The holidays can be stressful. In addition to all of the busy days, it’s so expensive! These are great tips to save money…and some sanity that is lost when you’re overspending. I try to shop early so I can spread out the costs.

  21. Anonymous

    I have saved quite a lot of money with cash back sites (or got money back from them). They are really effective and it can be put towards gifts x

  22. Sarah

    These are really useful tips. I definitely agree with the first one! I tend to plan in advance my decorations, food and gift ideas, using magazines and pinterest as inspiration – and then work out how to do everything cheaper! I’ve made my own decorations before, decorated plain paper for wrapping and other things! It does help keep the costs down x

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      That is so awesome, I used to do that sort of thing but my hands don’t work so well anymore – used to always make presents look as festive as possible, now people are lucky if they get wrapped.

  23. Peter

    Hey thanks for the tips… Especially around these times money seems to vanish slowly but surely… It’s a real mystery as to why. Haha jokes aside, this was a useful read.

  24. Tasheena

    I really enjoyed this post. I love the concept of selling items during the holiday season to save extra money.

  25. Patricia-Ann Que

    this is so useful and practical! cash backs and vouchers surely helped me a lot last year and will do the same this year!

  26. Pam

    I have plenty of stuff around the house that I could sell. These are great tips for keeping your budget in check for Christmas.

  27. Dennis Littley

    This is really great advice and perfect timing for the upcoming season. Planning within means is a great tip. Aiming for budget friendly perfection!

  28. Lisa Martin

    Great tips! I know I too often get caught up in all the hulabaloo that happens during this season. Great to be reminded to slow down.

  29. Rhian westbury

    Selling stuff is certainly what I’ve been doing lately, and another I did over the year was the 1p challenge to save ahead for Christmas x

  30. Vyjay Rao

    Christmas is just around the corner! How time flies. These are some really sensible pointers, especially the one about planning in an affordable way and not necessarily the perfect or ideal way.

  31. Gladys Nava

    Wow! That was so great! I will used this tips for coming chrismast! I am glad to know all that wonderful tips. Thanks ❀️

  32. Latte Lindsay

    I can’t wait for Christmas this year! But I’m not going overboard with gifts and shopping, I just don’t have the room! Maybe Santa will bring me a new house for Christmas πŸ˜€

  33. Charli Bruce

    I always look for vouchers and use cashback sites when doing any sort of online shopping. We also aren’t having a huge Christmas this year as the kids are all away so we have booked to have a nice meal out without all the hassle of having everything perfect at home x

  34. Jeanette Leighton

    This year I’ve saved a lot of money by winning things I’ve just finished ordering my boy Charlie’s Christmas presents with a Β£100 Amazon voucher I won just from doing an online survey, this year I won oak flooring, a bit disappointing because it was worth Β£7000, only got Β£2200 ….. but it all helps

  35. Monidipa Dutta

    We save, basically, because we can’t predict the future. Saving money can help you become financially secure and provide a safety net in case of an emergency. Here are a few reasons why we save: … You will need money set aside for these emergencies to avoid going into debt to pay for your necessities.

  36. Alvern Bullard @ Success Unscrambled

    It is such a good idea not to go broke just because it is Christmas because you’ll suffer a lot during January. Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

  37. Kirsty

    I love the idea of using the internet to skype or make FaceTime calls to get that family catch up and make memories that way. Selling things you don’t need would be a great way to bring in more money to spend as well

  38. Sundeep

    Thanks for sharing useful tips to save money. Never thought of selling things. This tips going to help me I desperately looking for such tips. Thanks Again

  39. Super Busy Mum

    I am always trying to be super weary at this time of year. I shop REALLY early, ticking off peoples gifts each week and then make sure I’m not skint for the quiet period of self-employment after the festivities! I’ll have to remember these tips, though, thanks!

  40. Joanna

    I usually don’t spend much money around Christmas because I am always traveling during that time of the year. The only thing I spend money on are presents for my close friends.

  41. Liz Siemers

    Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate the reminder that it is possible to save money and gifts don’t have to be super expensive to be meaningful!

  42. Fely

    Love that don’t plan perfect. I’m always one of those people that wants everything perfect and always end up spending way too much. Will be keeping it simple this year though

  43. Sally Akins

    Great tips! I always complain about how much we spend at Christmas, and this year I’m determined to use cashback sites as much as possible!

  44. Olivia Jade

    I agree with selling stuff to make a Christmas budget – I managed to make a little extra for Christmas last year by selling unwanted clothes! πŸ™‚ xx

  45. Angela Cardamone @marathonsandmotivation.com

    These are all such great tips! Christmas does not have to be expensive, time spent with loved ones is the most important!!

  46. David Elliott

    I definitely should sell some of the things I have around the house in order to make some good money for Christmas. I just sometimes seem to overdo things and don’t plan as well for what I spend. Would be better if I can plan things over time and start buying these presents earlier.

  47. Jeanette Leighton

    I’ve saved quite a bit of money this Christmas by winning competitions , things for my family and children

  48. gemma bell

    Such a great posts with some lovely tips! Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive.. it just kind of happens to be! Have bookmarked this! Thankyou!

  49. Stephanie

    Love these tips! I completely agree, you should spend what you can afford at this time of year, not what you think you should spend. I always try and re-gift where I can, as it saves so much money x

  50. Lisa Troccoli

    We say only presents for the kids and maybe a token gift for our parents good tips though and we do get swayed by the perfect Christmas on tv! X

  51. Helen Hodgson

    Great tips – thank you

  52. kelly wheelhouse

    They are some great points. I like the idea of selling some stuff before Christmas to earn a little bit of cash. Out with the old, in with the new πŸ™‚

  53. Stuart Robinson

    Christmas is pretty much just a money vortex of which I’ve come to accept and occasionally cry about…

  54. T Brailey

    This is some really good advice. I have really good intentions at the beginning of the year but tend to forget until the beginning of December.

  55. Carla Carthy

    Hiya thanks for the tips i am terrible for over spending thinking it needs to be perfect but the real important things are getting together with the family πŸ™‚

  56. Faye Reed

    There are some great ideas here, I use topcashback for everything.

  57. Jeanette Leighton

    I’ve saved quite a lot by winning things this year

  58. Samantha O'D

    Great tips, i have funded Christmas by selling stuff on eBay this year. I am also not exchanging gifts with some family members this year, we all agreed it was better to save some cash instead.

  59. sandy lynn ralph

    some great tips here , i have been selling things on the web that i have around the home to help out too

  60. Laura Wheatley

    Christmas has just creeped up on me this year. i’m usually one of these annoying people that have everything soted by September haha. its been different this year though, mental health problems have got in the way along with money issues! I am getting there now though, I have been searching for discounts and sales… although I do try and avoid big chain stores when I can. I have also handmade some gifts and plan on doing some sweet treats nearer xmas. I love handmade gifts


    Some very helpful tips & useful information on what is becoming more expensive every year. Then not only are we left with the hangover from the overindulgence of constant drinking & eating. But also worry of debt that usually only just gets paid off just before the next Christmas. So hopefully your article will so help reduce that

  62. Anonymous

    There are some fab tips in here – the idea of catching up online with family rather than shelling out tons to travel definitely has legs.

    For those with larger extended families, it can also be worthwhile seeing if the grown-ups are game for a “kids only gifts” pact – saves wasting loads of money on presents the adults won’t want or appreciate while still letting the little people get the most excitement from a crowded pile under the tree!

  63. Rift Refunds

    Christmas planning is a real nightmare – food especially, with all the offers in supermarkets it’s too easy to get “basket bloat” on perceived value for money. In fact so much of it will end up wasted it inevitably works out cheaper to stick firmly to a sensibly arranged and pre-planned list. Don’t let the shops lure you into over-spending…

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