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5 Goals To Make For 2017

The end of the year is almost upon us, and that means the New Year is right behind it. This is the time of year that people start thinking about the goals they had for the past year, and whether or not they completed them. They also start planning their goals for the following year, with the New Year's holiday giving us all a fresh start. If you want to get the most out of your year, and feel proud about what you accomplished at the end of it, here are 5 goals that you can make for 2017.

Eat Healthier

This is one goal that most people seem to make, but also have trouble keeping. We find ambitious diet plans that we think will transform our bodies, only to grow tired of them after a couple of weeks, after which we return to our normal habits. Rather than going overboard and completely changing the way you eat, instead try to make just a few small changes. Swap out your sandwich at lunch for a salad. Only have one helping at dinner. Smaller changes are easier to keep, and by maintaining them over a long period of time, your body will see more benefits compared to a short burst on a crazy diet.

Exercise More

If you're going to be eating healthier, you might as well get some more exercise in as well. This is another common goal everyone makes around New Year’s, which is why the gyms are typically crowded on January 2nd. To keep your exercise habit going, find something you enjoy doing or set yourself a specific goal. Join a local sports team, or train for a 5K. The goal of “exercising more” is noble, but you need to be more specific if you want to achieve it.

Learn Something New

Just because you have left school, does not mean that you should stop learning. Learning new things is one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp, and to continually enrich your life. There are plenty of things that you can try to learn this year, such as how to speak another language, how to play a musical instrument, or even how to fly a plane. What if 2017 is the year you learn all about how to operate a plane, how to order replacement parts through companies such as A.E.R.O, and how to communicate with other pilots? That would certainly make for a memorable year.

5 Goals To Make For 2017

Travel More

If you went ahead and got that pilot's license, why not use it to travel more? Of course, you don't need to know how to fly a plane in order to see the world. Travelling offers you a range of benefits, from exposing you to new cultures, to providing you with lifelong memories. Try to make at least one trip this year if you can get away, and see some place that you have never been before. To make travelling a little more affordable, here are a few ways to travel on the cheap.

Get Organised

With all of your new goals for the year, you are going to have a lot on your plate. In order to accomplish them all, you are going to need to get organised. Getting organised means removing the clutter from your home, creating a monthly budget that you can stick to, and listing out your goals in a place that you can see them each day. Consider starting a journal in which you track all of your progress, and list any additional steps that you need to take. The more organised you are, the easier it will be to reach your goals by the end of the year.

Go Easy On Yourself

We have one last bonus goal that you should make in 2017 – go easy on yourself. This means that if you fail to reach one of your goals, don't beat yourself up. Even the best of us don't accomplish everything we set out to. If the goal is really important to you, and you don't reach it this year, simply make it a goal for the following year. However, be sure to look back on your year, and analyse why you were unable to reach that goal, and make changes for 2018. By learning from our mistakes, and continually keeping our eyes on the prize, eventually we reach our goals, even if it takes a while.

What is your goal for 2017?

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  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    I always have to remind myself to go easy on myself. I think it’s one goal I should stick to this year.

  2. Lisa Favre

    I have been feeling so unorganized lately so that’s definitely high up on my list this year. We pretty much have similar lists!!

  3. Jen Rattie

    My goal for 2017 is to try to go a little easier on myself. I expect a lot from myself, which I think is good, but I tend to be TOO demanding.

  4. Pam Wattenbarger

    These are all great goals to make in 2017. I definitely need to exercise more often.

  5. Catherine Sargent

    These are all great goal ideas for 2017. I am going to try to eat healthier and to travel more. The trick will be to do the two together. I always blow my diet when I travel.

  6. Marcie W.

    These are all good goal ideas to keep in mind as we head into the new year. I am looking forward to getting back to my regular exercise routine and always want to travel more!

  7. coolchillmom

    I am adopting all 5 of your suggestions. I love particularly the one of being easy on ourselves

  8. Meagan

    I definitely need to exercise more. Being easier on myself might be a wise one as well.

  9. Kecia

    Honestly, all of these goals are on my list to some degree. I really want to focus on eating healthier and growing my business. We also just joined a new gym here in town, so exercise is important too!

  10. Felicia

    These are all such great ideas. I definitely could use the reminder not to be so hard on myself.

  11. Theresa

    These are all on my list for the new year. It’s never a bad idea to try to improve in all of these areas!

  12. Toni | Boulder Locavore

    I think I need all of these for 2017! Would love to add to my goals for next year.


    These are all wonderful goals! I think mine is going to be trying to be more present in the every day moments with my kids and realizing that our time together is fleeting and more precious than anything!

  14. Sheena Tatum

    I love the travel more option. That’s the top one on top of my list including exercise more.

  15. Our Family World

    Travelling has always been one of the things I simply cannot have any progress further. Though that might be a good thing as it lets me focus on doing more things like exercising, reading and all sorts of things that your tips talk about. Here’s to a healthier 2017!

  16. Crystal

    I’m starting the day after Christmas. I’m already so sad about the mountains of junk I’ve consumed, so I need to get started sooner. Monday is my day to start the new me.

  17. Reesa Lewandowski

    These are all on my to do list every year LOL. But, this year I really want to start being a little bit easier on myself!

  18. Janell Poulette

    One of my goals is to spend more time with my kids. I spend a lot of time working at home and i need to put the computer away and lesson my work load. Travel more with the family is also on that list.

  19. Rosey

    I need to get my paper organized. It’s a stack. one stack. It’s a mess.

  20. Brianne

    These are great goals for 2017! My number one is exercise!!!

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