4 Must Do Things in London
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4 Must Do Things in London

If you are planning on heading to the capital this summer and fancy doing something a bit different in your quick visit to London then the fantastic SACO The Serviced Apartments Company have come up with a brilliant web app that gives you some ideas of unique things to do in this vibrant city and to celebrate this, here are 4 ideas I really think you should try.

The Breakfast Club.

After waking up in your London Serviced Apartments, it is always a good idea to start the day with a good meal and The Breakfast Club, situated in a number of locations around London, is perhaps the perfect place to start the day. Offering many different dishes throughout the day, their breakfast and brunch menu, in particular, is not to be missed features delights such as pancakes, waffles and of course a good old full English, which is available all-day long.

Inner Space.

Sometimes you just need to take some time out of the hustle and bustle of the city and Inner Space, situated in Convent Garden is the perfect space for this. Offering courses in meditation, relaxation and time management among others, the courses often last just 30 minutes, making it the perfect place to drop in quick to relax and resort your energy for the day ahead.

4 Must Do Things in London

Museum of London.

We all know what a bustling metropolitan city London is now, but what about the history of this world-renowned city? Well, the Museum of London will guide you through the ages and how the city has grown around the banks of the Thames. From way back in 450,000BC in the London, before London exhibition, right on up to today. They even house the 2012 London Cauldron here, so if you missed seeing the Olympics live, it is well worth checking this out.

The Trading Space.

If you fancy picking up a new skill while you are in London then The Trading Space might be the perfect pit stop for you. Offering courses in cocktail making, ale tasting or even a gin masterclass. It might make for an unusual date idea if you are in the capital with a loved one.

What's more, The Trading Space also offers a place to grab a drink or a meal all inside a beautiful Grade II-listed building.

So there are four ideas for thinking outside the box in London. However, if these don't take your fancy and you're looking for more ideas to do in a short (or long) space of time then do check out the SACO web app, which also offers some great discounts on the items listed.

Do any of these items pique your interest to go and see them, or do you have any other, off the beaten track in London places that people should see?

*This is a collaborative post.
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  1. hannah

    London is awesome. I’ve never actually been to any of these places in London yet

  2. Akamatra

    I would love to check out the breakfast club and the trading space. Especially since it’s something I haven’t tried yet and I love to learn new things!

  3. Mummy Times Two

    I’d never heard of the Breakfast Club before, it sounds like a great place to visit!

  4. robin rue

    I have always wanted to go to London. My sister and her husband were there a few months ago and LOVED it.

  5. Alli Smith

    London is at the top of my list of places I want to visit. Thanks for giving me some ideas of what to do in London. The Museum of London is a must for me.

  6. Elyse Silver

    Oh Sarah, now you’ve gone and made my travel wishlist all that much longer. We just came back from York so London is on our absolute to do list. I will definitely be checking out these places when we go. x

  7. Anosa

    Loving the sound of breakfast club and inner space, I am in London this weekend so might give the breakfast club a go

  8. Franc Ramon

    I would love to see the Museum of London. London has a rich heritage which we could learn a lot by visiting the place.

  9. Jeanette

    I have never been to England but it is definitely on my travel hit list. I am collecting a list right now of places I want to go while I am there. I love the idea of learning to make my own cocktails. I think that would be a blast. I will be adding all of these suggestions to list.


    always visit china town and soho, its such a diverse cultural experience

  11. candy

    We just returned and from London and we actually did several of these places. We had a wonderful time and loved all the history and fun places.

  12. Rachael Styles

    I think the Museum of London is the last musuem that we’ve not visited in London yet, I only learnt it existed in July when we were there but didn’t have time to go! One for next time!

  13. Margaret gallagher

    Where have I been!!
    I’ve only ever been yo the museum!
    Next time I’m THERE I’ll definately be visiting

  14. Joanna

    I love the idea of the Trading Space! I wish I knew about it 2 weeks ago when I was in London. I am into gin and I would love to do a tasting or learn how to make cocktails.

  15. lisa

    This is a great list of things to do in London. I went there years ago and really enjoyed my time. I would love to go back.

  16. Jenn JG

    I have never been to london but it is def on my bucket list to do one day! The breakfast club sounds awesome, I will keep that in mind for one day!

  17. Journa Ramirez

    London is on our bucket list but I still don’t know the exact date of our visit! SOON

  18. Heather Johnson

    I would love to visit the Museum of London with my family. We love checking out new museums whenever we travel.

  19. Kim

    I’ve never been to Europe, but these look like great places to visit…I’ve always wanted to go to Italy

  20. corinne & kirsty

    So I have lived in London for six months and haven’t done any of these… shame on me! Yet another excuse to go back there! such a great city

  21. Rani Bruyns

    Although London is only a short train ride away I don’t visit it nearly enough, saved your post for future reference! I should book a trip soon!

  22. Nicole M Caudle

    I’ve heard so many wonderful things about the Museum of London. It’s been on my bucket list for a while. I would love to visit there one day.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It looks like it has the most amazing things going on there I would love to go and visit myself as it must be one of the only London museums I haven’t seen yet.

  23. Pam

    London has been on my travel list for years. I really want to go someday. The Museum of London sounds like something I would enjoy.

  24. five little doves

    I love London, we have had some amazing weekends down there seeing the sights! My must see thing would be Big Ben and London Bridge, they are so iconic!

  25. Giulia Malano

    They all look amazing! I have a friend that will live in London for one months, I’ll suggest him this article!

  26. Lori Vachon

    A visit to London is definitely on my bucket list. The Museum of London sounds like the perfect stop for history lovers like myself.

  27. paula cheadle

    love London, but not been for a while

  28. Amber Myers

    London is so amazing. I was there YEARS ago and loved it. I hope to go back soon. I know my kids would adore it.

  29. Ana De- Jesus

    I love the museum of London it is a lot of fun and I love how it goes into the history of modern day as well! The Breakfast Club is cool as well x

  30. Ali || Veggies by Candlelight

    I haven’t been to London yet but I am hoping I can take a trip there soon! It’s been a dream of mine, I’m hoping to stop over in Paris too! The Museum would be a must see for us, the breakfast club sounds great too.

  31. Jasmine Eclipse

    I love London! I haven’t been in a long time, but my favourite thing was Tower Bridge and the London Eye! I can’t wait to go back! I think we’re heading to Europe next summer – I hope!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Tower Bridge is amazing, I haven’t done the London Eye myself as I get claustrophobic and I don’t think I would manage to just sit there long enough.

  32. Carol Cassara

    I’d love to go back to London and just explore more. I think it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I definitely enjoy my time there.

  33. Adrianne Betz

    First I MUST go to London! Then I will achieve the tasks on this wonderful list!

  34. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I did travel to London as a young teen, when I was in high school. It was amazing and I have wanted to return there ever since.

  35. Angela Milnes

    I need to go to London. It has been on my travel radar since I was wee.

  36. Betty

    I really wish to visit London one day, it looks like so much fun! I would definitely visit The Breakfast Club for some good breakfast food to start out the day.

  37. Agata

    I love the idea of Inner Space; a quiet spot in heart of London sounds like a dream if one wishes to calm himself down and relax.

  38. charlotte bell

    I also recommend the museums!

  39. Dannii

    I love the museum of London. We are so lucky here that we have so many incredible museums and galleries.

  40. carol boffey

    great ideas

  41. Stewart Biddle

    Havent been to london in ages need tp go back

  42. Nay

    I absolutely love London! One of my favourite places to go to. I saw a huge queue outside The Breakfast Club, otherwise I would’ve gone in, it looked nice!

  43. Sally Akins

    I love these suggestions, they make a great change from the usual ones. I must check out that app!

  44. Ashleigh

    The breakfast club is one of my favourite brunch hot-spots. Always go there!

  45. Rhian Westbury

    The breakfast club is the only one of these that I’ve done, can’t believe I’ve never been to the London museum x

  46. Denay DeGuzman

    I’d love to visit London someday. There’s so much history and beauty there. I’d also love to enjoy a meal at The Breakfast Club and take a walk through the Museum of London.


    The inner space in Covent Garden sounds interesting. I think it’s somewhere I should go and visit as I could do with some relaxation time.

  48. Nichola - Globalmouse

    I love the idea of The Breakfast Clubs! This app sounds great, we try to get to London when we can so this would be so useful to find new things to do.

  49. katrina adams

    The hubby and I are looking to go to London in September when we are going to Harry Potter World. Might have to add the Trading Space to that list though as it looks really cool.

  50. Our Family World

    Thanks for these suggestions of places to visit in London. It has been a while since I have been there and I would love to have a chance to visit again. The Breakfast Club sounds good. I have to try that next time.

  51. melissa major

    It has been ages since I went to London so will have to go back and do these things! I can’t believe I didn’t go to the museum yet

  52. Stephanie Cummings

    I still haven’t made it to London. I really want to go and all these suggestions sound great. I did say I would make myself go in 2017 but it’s half way through the year and i’ve not made any plans as yet x

  53. rebecca greenhorn

    the breakfast club is certainly a must i visited it after a night out and was just what i needed although queued for ages.

  54. Baby Isabella

    The Trading Space sounds really intriguing and we’d love to learn a ne skill while visiting London! We’re massive fans of visiting museums while in the big city too! Nice suggestions x

  55. Heather

    My husband and I have both visited London, but never together. A trip for the two of us to see these lovely sites needs to happen. Other than the museum, they’re all new to me.

  56. Adaleta

    This is amazing, I would love to go to london

  57. Ophelia Tang

    I really like your guide. I am planning to go to London and Paris soon with my friend and your post is really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  58. Fatima Torres

    I’ve always wanted to visit London. I’ll keep these points handy when I do.

  59. Sandy N Vyjay

    London has been our dream destination since very long. I will keep in mind your 4 must things of London when we visit London.

  60. Amy Deverson

    Oooh I have never heard of The Breakfast Club before. It sounds good – I could really do with a Full English right now!

  61. Kat Allinson

    I have never visited London for fun only ever on business, I would love to go one day and these sound fab!

  62. Terry mealing

    must place to go

  63. Terri Beavers

    I want to do all 4 of these things when I’m lucky enough to visit London. The Breakfast Club. sounds like my kind of place to get things started for my day.

  64. Laura Findlay

    Thanks for sharing, great ideas. We went to London last year and are planning a break in the near future so will check some of them out x

  65. alice lightning

    so many lovely attractions and places to see great section of info to choose from

  66. George Wright

    I haven’t done any of these but I have been a few times! I have a list for next time now though!

  67. jackie beckett

    I am a country girl and london scares me too busy

  68. Anosa

    London has so many amazing places. I guess I will never get tired to admire its beauty. It will always be one of my favorites.

  69. fashionmommy

    The museum of London is one of my fave London museums, I love the pieces of London Wall and the Great fire exhibitions.

  70. Helen Costello

    How did I not know about The Trading Space and the Breakfast Club? I anticipate spending some time in London over the next few months, killing time whilst the eldest is at training so can hopefully check them out.

  71. Oyinkan Ogunleye

    I’ve never heard of the breakfast club and breakfast is my fave meal so this is somewhere I would love to try!

  72. Louise

    I’ve not heard of any of these things in London before! Can you tell I don’t visit the capital very often? Haha. I’ll have to check one or two of them out next time I’m down there.

    Louise x

  73. WhatLauraLoves

    Wow I’ve never heard of Inner Space before- it is DEFINITELY somewhere I’ll be checking out when I’m in London as I could really do with chilling out! xxx

  74. Tanya

    Inner Space sounds great. I am a London girl and I’ve never heard of any of these, I love that there’s always somewhere new to find and explore here

  75. kristal

    When I went to London I did not have any dull moment. It was so much to see and eat I was happy.


    I always wanted to stay in a London Serviced Apartments they always look so good and you can come and go as you want. The Breakfast Club looks an ideal place for food fantastic menu. Lots to think about on our next trip to London.

  77. Susan B

    Those were good finds. It is too easy to do the usual things and not be a little adventurous. Great city.

  78. Amila Wickramarachchi

    These are great suggestions for any one who plan a visit to London.I would love to visit London Museum.I’ve read about the museum as a great place to visit.

  79. paula cheadle

    love London

  80. Rachael O'Brien

    I wish I could visit London more often . All my family including mum and dad born there and I feel it has a part of my heart , fab ideas though thankyou x

  81. Julia

    I’ve been to London before but I’ve never been to The Breakfast Club! I hear it’s great there.


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