I Love My Post #26

I love my posy Welcome to the I Love My Post blog hop where we invite you to link up your favourite post of the week, to show it off and hopefully receive some love from the others partaking in the hop!

If you are yet to participate in a hop they are really simple to get the hang of all you need to do is ‘hop’ around, hopefully finding some new great reads!

The Rules are simple.
1. Check out and follow the hosts and co-hosts. Leave them a comment if you would like them to follow back.
2. Choose at least 3 other blogs and hop on over and leave them some love, plus let them know how you found them – I’m sure they would love it if you followed as well!
3. Have Fun and come back next Saturday.

Please just don’t link up and click off to make this successful everyone needs to hop around!

Your Host’s this week are:
Sarah from Life in a Break Down
Bex from Futures
and our lovely co-host’s are:
Mariel from Living for His Glory
Donah from SweetJellyBean
Christine from Life with a side of Coffee
Mary Claire from Married Claire
Phylicia from Hearts & Crafts Boutique

I would love it if you would tweet, share on facebook or place our button on your blog, the more sharing we can get happening the bigger this hop can become!

Life in a Break Down
<div align="center"><a href="http://www.lifeinabreakdown.com/" title="Life in a Break Down"><img src="http://imageshack.us/a/img268/1971/ilovemypostnew.jpg" alt="Life in a Break Down" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

This week’s Featured Blogger is: Chantell from Pynk Krush


Her blog is a mix of all things from fashion to beauty to book reviews it really is a walk through her favourite things – why don’t you pop over and check out this post from this week.~ Sarah

If you fancy being next week’s featured blogger make sure you follow all the rules give you hosts and co-hosts a follow and Sarah could be calling on you next week to come and feature with us.

NOTICE: I have some spaces coming up if you want to come and co-host with us please drop me an email at: Sarah@lifeinabreadown.com

Queen of the Ads: Beautyland


  1. Kerry   •  

    Thanks for hosting!
    Have a Great weekend Sarah!

    Kerry :)

  2. Lydia Schmitt   •  

    Thank you so much for hosting this lovely blog hop! I am a new follower! Have a great weekend!:)

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Aw thank you so much – popping back over to you now to make sure I’m also following you x

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Hey! Aww lol I hope I didn’t bore you to death too much hehe 😉 it’s nice to have you here I hope you enjoy taking part and hopping about xx

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Aww thank you so much – just been talking to you in email – looking forward to having you co-host with us in a couple weeks times – going to pop over and make sure I am following you as well now :) x

  3. Carissa   •  


    Thanks for hosting the blog hop and enjoy your evening:)

    Lillies & Silk

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Thank you so much – Popping back over to you now to make sure I’m following in return :) x

  4. Angela   •  

    Hey Sarah, do you think people understand that if you ask them to visit your blog etc after following them they should really follow you back, isn’t that the etiquette in blog hops? Just seems more and more people are not following back, I have seen this and have been pm’d on facebook by others too about it. I like your hop the best, as there tend to be more blogs in my area than others that have no relation to me, if you know what I mean. Maybe if the follow back is meant to happen, which it seems from your rules it is, then people need to be made more aware? I notice even co hosts not following back, no particular blog hop fingers being pointed of course lol and I know in some instances I have followed really, i hate to say bad, but not very interesting blogs, along with lots of other people doing the same, because they are co hosts and have to be followed, and they don’t follow anyone back. Just wondered what your thoughts are on this topic as I know you are very experienced in all this and I am not. I told a couple of people to post here but they wouldn’t, they don’t want to be seen as complainers I presume, but I think it’s a fair enough question so said I would ask especially since you are always so helpful in group when asked anything. Thanks so much hon.
    Angela x
    Angela would love you to check out…February EmptiesMy Profile

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

      Hi Angela,
      It’s a hard one some people aren’t going to follow back it’s the way of blog hops, they will just hope they gain from it without doing anything. The other thing with this hop in particular is we don’t specify how people follow – so they could follow you via twitter, facebook, Hello Cotton, Bloglovin’, GFC, RRS, Email, Google+, Instagram – I’m sure there is more – a lot don’t leave comments but some do.

      With co-hosts are you leaving comments asking for them to follow back? If so please just let me know who they are as I would definitely be interested in knowing (just give me a message on facebook or email).

      I hope that helps a bit :).

      Sarah x

      • Angela   •  

        Well when they come to your page and comment but don’t mention that they followed and I can’t see them any where it seems odd, I actually wondered if she forgot so checked all the people who followed her, i already spoke to two on FB, and she had only followed two out of about 10 to 12, so obviously not forgotten and it wasn’t just me phew lol But it’s not just this blog hop,in fact this one is better at following back than another i go on, well used to go on hehehe and it seems to often be co hosts, just not sure they understand they should follow back, maybe because they are co hosts they think they don’t have to. I won’t name names as she is probably lovely, just a bit off with blog hop etiquette lol And almost everyone tells you when they follow I find. Oh well never mind, it’s just our choice if we follow off the list or who, but we have to follow co hosts and maybe they know that so don’t really bother.
        Thanks for replying dear.
        Angela x
        Angela would love you to check out…February EmptiesMy Profile

        • Sarah-Louise Bailey   •     Author

          I do have an email that goes out to all co-hosts and I thought it included about following I will double check though – and make sure if it’s not included now it will be in future ones.

          If there are any repeat offenders the reason I’m saying let me know is I can just not let them host again I wouldn’t say anything or have a go :).


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