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Planning a Blogging Event

Planning a Blogging Event

One thing I've always fancied but never got around to actually doing is planning a blogging event. Somewhere where people could meet up, get to know other bloggers and perhaps sit and swap information on this wonderful industry. However, it isn't something I've 100% put…

When Blogging Goes Bad!

So you're thinking about blogging? You think it's all sweetness and light, you get things for FREE and review them and bish bash bosh done? WRONG. Nothing in blogging is free. You know that review I did last week it took me hours to do,…
I suck at blogging by latte lindsay

I Suck at Blogging

One of the things I LOVE about doing hosting guest bloggers is I never know what will turn up in my inbox and I have to say this post from Lindsay of Latte Lindsay had me belly laughing. I have to admit I can put…