Bond’s of London Retro Mix: Review

Bonds Retro MixIf you're looking for something sweet that isn't necessarily chocolate, for this holiday season then how about one of Bonds of London's mini sweet jars, these sweet little jars coming in a mix of different fillings and cost just £2.99 (or less if you fancy buying in bulk).

When it comes to sweet I do love some of the old ‘retro' ones which take me right back to my childhood and once a week being allowed to spend a little bit of money at the paper shop on the way home, somehow a happy memory linked to something always makes it taste that much nicer. So of course when asked which jar I would like to try it had to be the Bond's of London Retro Mix.

I was really surprised about the amount of sweets Bonds had managed to put into this tiny jar – it actually contains 220g of retro favourites such as love hearts, drumsticks and refreshers to name just a few – in fact the jar was so jam packed with goodies I couldn't get it all back in once I had got it out for the photo (I guess on the plus side that meant I had to eat the bits that wouldn't fit in straight away) and for £2.99 well I just happen to think this is a bit of a steal and would make one amazing stocking filler!

But if you or your chosen recipient is not a fan of retro then fear not as, as I said before Bond's of London stock a whole range of baby jars including others such as chocolate eggs, mint imperials, rhubarb and custard and many more – you can check out the range of Baby Jars and everything else they have to offer at the Bond's of London website.

Would you like Santa to drop you a jar of sweets, if so what kind would you like to find inside?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy)

    I love all those vintage candies – although they are a little different over here. There are still a few penny candy counters where we can get that stuff.

  2. vinma

    I don’t mind trying retro mix- It sounds very different from your traditional sweet stuff- that part appeals to me very much 🙂 Lots of varieties too. Great review 🙂

  3. becca

    oh my i haven’t seen some of those in years love buying vintage candy to show son.

  4. Nova S

    Retro mix indeed, those are the kind of candies we always enjoy during our childhood years.

  5. Chubskulit Rose

    My son would surely love those!

  6. Linda

    This looks amazing! I have a proper sweet tooth so would love Santa to bring me one of these this year! Linda x

  7. Erika Holt

    I love, love, love retro sweets! Those lollies are brilliant! Oh makes me want a jar right now!

  8. Adin Blankenship

    I think I have seen some retro or vintage candies available here too that are also for gift giving and such. They are just different candies, but same concept. Candies that were around during childhood are making a comeback. 🙂 Great gift it would make.

  9. Jennifer

    I love retro candies and the fact that they will not melt in the stocking when hung over the fireplace is great!

  10. Atrayee Sarkar

    wow.. wish we could get it here 🙁 I would have hauled every other day then he he

  11. lola

    I am not sure about them….

  12. lencilicious

    I always see these candies in party loot bags. I also tasted some of it and they are pretty nice too. By the way, it is snowing in your blog. LOL.

  13. Jessica

    I love retro sweeties!


  14. Kristen from The Road to Domestication

    Oh, these are neat! I love vintage candies! Very unique and a fun gift!

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