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Best Boots for September

It has suddenly gone really chilly around here.

I have seriously been debating putting the heating on. However, it is only September so I am really loathed to click that button on just yet.

So instead of turning on the heat, I've been looking for other ways to keep warm. Such as curling up in a blanket and putting on more layers.

As for when I go out, I think it's about time to think about getting some new boots ready for the colder months.

Fly London YEMI black / Graphite Airstep / A.S.98 NOVA 17 Beige

Fly London Yemi

If you want to add some height to your outfit but aren't a fan of heels. Then wedges could be your best friend.

Before I completely changed to having to wear flats, I favoured wedges. As for me, they felt more stable and secure than heels and also; I found them to just be so much more comfortable.

Fly London always seem to put a unique twist on their shoes and these Yemi boots are no exception. I absolutely love the stud detailing down the side!

Airstep Nova 17Beige

I have to admit I've not owned any Airstep shoes before and I'm not normally one to go for lighter coloured, well anything.

However, this pair jumped off the screen at me. I love the mix of zip detailing and darker straps around the heel.

So I was thrilled to see they also offered them in darker colours. Now it's just a shame I couldn't get away with the heel. Perhaps a pair for when I'm in my wheelchair!

Irregular Choice Qucik Getaway Black / Silver Dr Martens JADON Black

Irregular Choice Qucik Getaway

I have long loved Irregular Choice and I adore the fact they are bringing in more styles of flats.

That said I couldn't not include this pair in this roundup as I am so tempted to buy them just to pop them on a shelf to look at.

I love the silver on black colouring and can imagine for some they will be well loved and worn this upcoming winter season.

Dr Martens Jadon

Fun fact, when I was in my first year of secondary school I had a pair of heeled Dr Martens. One lunchtime I jumped up and flagged a teacher down as I needed a new notebook. On my way back to the table I feel down the 2 steps, amazingly dropping no crisps, but breaking my ankle. Yup, I'm accident prone.

Anyway, I still love Dr Martens, as after all, it was my fault. Though these days I'm more likely to be seen picking up a pair of flats, rather than heels.

This winter sees some awesome choices coming out and I would 100% love to grab a new pair for myself.

So there are 4 pairs of boots, that caught my eye for this winter.

However, how about you, do any of these catch your eye at all?

This is a collaborative post.


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Best Boots for September

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  1. Pam Francis Gregory

    Always loved Doc Martin’s however all of these look great.

  2. sandy ralph

    wow i am in love with all of them

  3. robin rue

    I am kind of obsessed with boots. I am DYING to bust out my Uggs, but it’s not cool enough here yet.

  4. Glenda Cates

    I have always wanted a pair of Hiking Boots and also Cowboy Boots but my calves are so fat I haven’t found any that fit. So I hope when I lose weight I can fit into a pair as it’s on my Bucket List.

  5. Alli Smith

    My favorite thing about fall and winter is wearing boots. It’s still hot here, but I’m patiently waiting for a bit of cooler weather so I can break out my boots.

  6. Nancy_ycnan

    Thank you very much for such useful information! I feel that I shall get a pair of this boots

  7. candy

    Everyone needs tall and short boots. I like a wedge or small heel. I always laugh when I see them women trying to walk around with spiked heeled boots and there is a ton of snow and ice on the ground.

  8. Margaret Gallagher

    Adore boot season – a girl can never have too many boots !

  9. Aditya

    I have seen many boots , but none like this. These are really cool and they are not ordinary looking also. Especially the skin color boot one. Airstep black one is also cool especially with those design. But rest are fine enough but not attractive enough.

  10. Terri Steffes

    I have my Docs from the early 80s still. They just won’t give up! Lol, that’s ok though, that is why I bought them!

  11. Melissa

    Oh, I’m crazy about boots, and am completely in love with the black one (bottom right). I also have these in dark blue (bought last year) …. and this year I want to have those blacks. ♥

  12. Tomi C

    Those Dr Martens Jadon are too cute. I am so ready for boot season. Real talk I actually looked at my boots this morning as the weatherman said temps would reach 75 today. I sat there wondering if today would be my 1st Boot Day of the season.

  13. Lisa

    I am a huge fan of Docs. I wear them year round. I’m even a Docs with my dresses kind of girl.

  14. What Corinne Did

    Doc Martens are always a good choice! great selection you have there! i started to have a look at winter boots already too!

  15. Teresa

    I used to have two pairs of Doc Martins years ago, I can’t remember what I did with them, but I REALLY wished I would have kept them! I love fall boots!

  16. Anonymous

    My favorite thing about fall is pulling out all of my boots!! I love heeled boots the best as I tend to wear long dresses and skirts.

  17. Ronnie

    The cold is reaching you already? We’re still dying of summer heat here. 🙂 But soon enough the cold will come with its snow and rain and I want to be ready with some beautiful and practical boots, too!

  18. Tara Pittman

    When the weather gets cooler here, I always buy a new outfit. I think my new outfit can use some new boots too.

  19. Shoshana Sue

    We are just stepping out of winter and I did enjoy wearing boots. I love heels but if I had to choose between these four, the silver and black ones are so much like what I would adore.

  20. Joan

    I love boot shopping. I am so ready to get me new ankle boots this season, the sun this summer totally finished me so I am now very ready for some chilly weather and the fashion it comes with.

  21. Hayley Warren

    I love Dr Martens, I live in mine in the winter!

  22. Amber Myers

    These are such awesome boots! I really need to get a pair. I tend to just wear my sneakers all year round.

  23. Scott Gombar

    My wife loves her boots. Unfortunately, most of her boots were destroyed by a broken water line to the refrigerator a few weeks ago. Guess what we’re doing soon.

  24. Anonymous

    While I’m not much of a boot wearer, unless it’s a hiking boot (ha!), your posted choices are pretty cool looking. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Gemma

    Dr Martens are a classic and last for years. I’m on the lookout for some durable boots with a small heel for work at the moment.

  26. Ricci

    I have a couple of pair of boots but I really only wear one pair of booties that I’ve had for forever! They are super comfy!

  27. Kita Bryant

    Oh you know I love my boots! September has some of the best color matches.

  28. kumamonjeng

    Yes I do have Dr Marten when I was in Universtiy and it last for so long!! I wore Dr Marten for my entire University life (3-4 years) daily! I am thinking of getting their boots and you have great reviews on boots as I know these are comfortable and great for traveling during cooling seasons.

  29. Tasheena

    The Fly London Yemi are super cute. They would be perfect to include in my fall wardrobe.

  30. Heather

    I can’t believe doc martens are still in style. Or maybe they never went out? Great choices here.

  31. Pam

    Doc Martens are timeless. I’ve never had a pair, but I’ve wanted them forever.

  32. LiveLoveAndAdventure

    Yay for fall and boot weather! I just cleaned and organized all of my shoes in my closet this past weekend and found my fav boots. I am checking the weather here daily when I wake up…the minute it goes under 70 degrees for even a second, the boots come out of the closet!

  33. Brittany

    I freakin love boots. I loved martins the best. Thank you for sharing these fun boots.

  34. Kamapala Chukwuka

    I just love boots…they are my favourite part of my autumn/winter outfits. I never owned a Dr Martens before maybe something to look into 🙂

  35. Kara

    I am not sure that I am ready to give up my flip flops just yet, but some lovely choices

  36. Laurie Gannon

    I live in Florida so I don’t wear boots very often (oh…how I miss the crisp air of fall!!) If I was in the market for a new pair, I would get the Airstep. I love the contrast/detail around the heel of the boot. So cute!

  37. Joanna

    I do like the Irregular Choice pair very much. I love that they have a different pattern and they stand out from the rest. I don’t wear heals either but I think I can manage that small one.

  38. Dalene Ekirapa

    Fly London are so awesome!Since I also love being in flats more of the time, switching that up for some wedge boots would be great!

  39. Vaibhav Mehta

    Seem real fashionable and stylish..Wish there were a male collection too!!

  40. Rachel

    I have wanted Doc Martin’s my whole life. I am hoping to be able to get myself some this year!

  41. Hannah

    I love Irregular Choice, they have an amazing choice of shoes and they look so colourful too

  42. Karen Morse

    I am definitely excited to wear boots this Fall! These are awesome choices. I’ve always loved Dr. Martens. It’s really important that you find boots that are not just reliable but comfy as well.

  43. Carolle Wieler

    I love the first two pairs, just my thing, and favour wedges too for comfort.

  44. Chubskulit Rose

    I love bootos such as these. I have a couple that I use during Fall season. In fact I wore my red one today at church.

  45. May C

    Cute picks! I’m not a heel person, so wedges are a great suggestion. Thanks for sharing such fashionable boots.

  46. Mellissa Williams

    You’ve picked some really lovely boots – I’m so excited for it to be boot weather!

  47. Anonymous

    Every woman must own at least one pair of Dr Martens! Mine are two-tone black and purple, and I love them!

  48. Becca Talbot

    I’ve never heard of Airstep either, but I love the look of those boots! They’re gorgeous, and would go with pretty much any outfit x

  49. Louise

    I love a good pair of boots, and these all look like fab choices. I need a new pair of black flats as my old ones are completely worn out!!

    Louise x

  50. hey sharonoox

    These are great picks! I really like the design of this Airstep Nova boots and might get it in dark brown color.

  51. karen robertson

    Love love boots!! I really want some Uggs!!

  52. Nicole

    These are all really great styles. My favorites for the months of Fall or usually creams and browns. I think they look so well with the changing colors of the season. I’ll have to shop some of these looks. Thanks for sharing!

  53. tamara foster

    Stunning Boots x

  54. Amy simpson

    Love these boots x

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