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5 ways to cope better with anxiety

Anxiety is sometimes my BFF, one that doesn't want to leave my side and quietly eats away at me from the inside.

For me anxiety is something that happens both when I have a need to be anxious and just for the hell of it. At the moment I am suffering a just for the hell of it attack – which has kindly come along hand in hand with some awful headaches , leaving me with too much time to dwell on anything and everything, making it 100% worse and while I cannot give ways to stop anxiety I can hopefully help some of you.

1. Talk to someone, no matter who it is be it friend or family member let them know how you are feeling – tell them what is worrying you and they may be able to help.

2. Rest when you need to, but don't just lounge around if you have energy to get up and out, doing something you enjoy will help.

3. Do some exercise – while something I can't do much of, I find even a couple lengths in the pool helps ease the feelings for a while.

4. Try and relax – traditional meditation techniques do nothing for me, but it's often possible to work out your own way – I find concentrating on my breathing while stroking one of the animals works for me.

5. Remember you are not alone, support groups both locally and online are available and of course people like me are always open for a natter and a virtual hug when times are tough.

While I would never wish any mental health condition on anyone if you do find yourself suffering, please remember you are not alone. Take a deep breath and talk to someone, anyone you feel will listen and understand. Don't suffer in silence.

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  1. Jo Bryan

    Such a useful and pretty brave post. Anxiety also brings with it the feeling of not wanting to admit we are anxious as we feel daft. So glad you wrote about it. talking always helps and I have always felt less anxious if a trusted friend is told. Doing as simple as a routine as possible helps me if I feel that things are getting on top of me and real panic a paper bag does really help as you concentrate on your own breathing and allows your mind to focus.

    Pets are one of the best ways, my lovely dog got me through many moments.

    Thanks for being open. xxxxxxx

  2. teacuptoria

    Hey Sarah, me too! I’m a terrible worrier and suffer from anxiety a lot. If I don’t get lots of R&R and take on too much I can get my knickers in a right anxiety twist. Last week was crazy busy and I could feel myself getting very tight like a spring so I tried to relax and have fun at the weekend and it helped a lot (you can read about it here)

    It creeps up on you if you’re not careful doesn’t it. I find yoga helps and reading too.

  3. Bex Smith

    Very brave post and so useful like Jo says. I don’t suffer from anxiety like some people do but I can very occasionally get very anxious about things and talking to someone always helps (and its normally you I talk to)


  4. Hey Rita

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I too suffer from generalised anxiety disorder, and I have a tendency for depression, and some days I must admit some days are better than others but it’s a constant struggle.

    I’ve recently written about things I do to snap out of this anxious/depressive state of mind, mostly based on what I’ve learned in cognitive behavioural therapy, hope it helps somehow:

    Most importantly, we’re not alone and it’s okay to reach out for help if needed 🙂


  5. Marie

    Great post, I suffer badly with anxiety too .
    Sometimes it’s hard to cope with it, people don’t understand if they haven’t gone through it.

  6. Kat Allinson

    I love this post, I suffer with anxiety too, I think people think it’s an attention seeking thing rather than something genuine!

  7. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    Wonderful post, anxiety can be crippling.

  8. Layla Thomas

    Thank you for sharing this, it’s nice to feel like I’m not the only one. The anxiety sometimes takes over and I find it hard to get under control, it’s nice to have some ideas to try.

  9. Christine Lockley

    Thank you for a great read, I suffer from depression and also have bouts of anxiety – as if one isn’t enough to deal with sometimes the anxiety hits for no reason – I like to go for a brisk walk (but at the moment due to recovering from a heart attack and the really cold weather I’m not able to get out as much or walk too briskly) but sometimes just spending a bit of time outdoors helps too.

  10. Ally WEBB

    Thank you, great article, have shared on facebook

  11. Nicky Benton

    Thank you, I’ve recently been diagnosed. Feel like my world is imploding

  12. Kim Styles

    I seem to suffer the most at nights and end up tired and emotional in the day due to lack of sleep

  13. natalie moore

    love this post as i suffer with anxiety x

  14. Chrissie Curtis

    I suffer with Anxiety terribly and I use to avoid going out at all many years ago.

    After some CBT and help I can now cope much better but still have awful days and the worse for me is when I am worrying and anxious but not sure what I am anxious about making me even more anxious.

  15. James Travis

    Great advice


    Like the article.

  17. sandy ralph

    great article, i get the headaches myself when i get an attack

  18. kayleigh watkins

    I suffer from anxiety and reading each one hits the nail on the head im the opposite never talk things out, I also find it hard to leave my home, but don’t find their is much help for it so thank you xxxx

  19. Shelley Jessup

    I find cuddling Hudson a brilliant way to help me release & easy my anxiety

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