5 Driving Essentials for your Summer Getaway
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5 Driving Essentials for your Summer Getaway

With the weather seeming a bit more summery of the last few days and so many people on my timeline talking about holidays, I thought about now was a good time to talk about driving essentials for your summer getaway. Which no matter if you are heading off in your old banger or slipping into a brand new VW Golf, they will help you get from A-Z with ease.

5 Driving Essentials for your Summer Getaway

5 Driving Essentials for your Summer Getaway

First Aid Kit

You never know when someone might get hurt. Especially when you are on your summer frolics, climbing rocks at the sea, and hiking up hills and while plasters are great in your handbag  something a little more substantial is always good to have in the car. Think about things like gloves, wipes, gauze and even a Revive‑Aid resuscitation face shield could all be things you pop into your kit and with all the space in a Volkswagen Golf, you won't find it hard to slip it in.

Something to Eat and Drink

It's likely to get hot (OK this is the UK, but it still might happen) and you are definitely going to get stuck in a traffic jam. So making sure you have drinks and something to eat close to hand are a must. I also keep a tub of sugar-free gum in my car, just in case things really get bad and I run out of water on a long trip (so far though, it hasn't been needed).

Road Map

OK, we all love our satnavs, but one thing every care should include, including VW Cars, is a roadmap. After all, you never know when you might need one and hey we all know technology isn't always the best thing to completely rely upon.

Phone Charger

So you should never be on your phone and drive.  That said you should also make sure you have something to top it up with should the battery run low. After all, if you do break down and need to phone someone you're going to want to know your phone won't fail you.

High-Vis jacket

Again another for if the worst happens and you break down, a high-vis jacket can make sure you are visible to other road users. While a reflective triangle can give some warning to oncoming traffic that you are there.

Of course, these are just a few of the essentials you may find yourself in need of, if things are really bad and you're in need of some quick pennies the people over at Cash Lady have some great ideas on how to bring a bit extra in, quickly – check out the post here.

So there you have 5 driving essentials for your summer getaway, but what about you, what items do you make sure you pack into your car before you head away? 

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5 Driving Essentials for your Summer Getaway

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  1. Mo

    I couldn’t agree more about the idea of having a roadmap as our GPS suddenly stopped working and we was in an unfamiliar location. Having a roadmap could have made the experience must less stressful.

  2. candy

    We are heading out next week on a road trip so I read this with interest. Will be making a list and making sure we have everything on it for our road trip.

  3. Alli Smith

    I love the idea of having a roadmap as a backup. I also make sure I stock up on drinks and snacks before a road trip. Great tips!

  4. Amber

    Yup, I usually have all of these when we go on a road trip! Food especially. I get hungry often. And books. I always must have books. We’ll be on a road trip this summer.


    I always have a bottle of water and some snacks in my car! Can’t wait for those fun and exciting summer trips. xx

  6. Natalia

    I think is worth to mention that your high vis jacket should be kept next to your seat and be easy accessible.

  7. Mickey

    So many people I know never take first aid kits with them anywhere, thank you for putting this on the top of your list. Also the Hivis jacket is a good idea

  8. Dalene

    Summer is a perfect time for getaways and holidays as I’ve come to note! So, perfect driving must be a total consideration for anyone who’ll be on the road. Well, having the first aid kid is definitely amust to avoid issues with nausea and fatigue while on the journey. Also, eateries and that charger are just essentials.

  9. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    We always had a map in the car back in the day. We don’t usually pack tons of drinks because we prefer them freshly hot or cold but we always pack snacks for a road trip.

  10. Lauren

    I NEVER go on a road trip without a phone charger and snacks! So important!

  11. genny

    I surely agree. This list is essential, safety first. Everybody needs this for sure!

  12. Saidah

    This is definitely a great list. We always make sure the car is stock when taking a road trip. Another thing I like to keep in the car is extra blankets.

  13. A S,Edinburgh

    Very helpful, thank you. These are such important things to remember.

  14. Patricia-Ann Que

    now u got me really excited to do a road trip! great tips and will keep this mind!

  15. Robert Price

    They are things that I normally forget

  16. Franc Ramon

    Phone chargers can really be important as its not only a communication device but can also be a navigation apps. Maps can be helpful when we get lost.

  17. Leila Benhamida

    That’s the top five for sure and the most important. I will add a couple of torch and rain ponchos as well and suncream.

  18. Nisha

    I agree with you. Thank you for sharing the tips. I need to ensure that i have these before going out.

  19. Terri Steffes

    We always make sure we have a source of music. Once, before satellite radio, we had a regular radio that wouldn’t pick up out side of our own state. Made for some long trips for the driver.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Oh this is such a good idea, I have to admit we use my phone which means it’s always charged as well as it’s plugged in all the time we are driving.

  20. Pam Wattenbarger

    Yes to having something to eat and drink while on a road trip. I never leave home without a snack!

  21. Veronica Lee

    Great tips you have here. I always stock up on snack and drinks before a road trip.

  22. chubskulit rose

    I just got done putting a first aid kit and put it in our car. I will have to do the other four you’ve mentioned.

  23. Everyday Made Fresh

    These are great ideas. We have a long road trip planned at the end of May, I think I’ll pick up a map for a back up!

  24. Laura

    Totally agree with the First Aid Kit! Thanks for sharing this reminder! 🙂

  25. Sara Welch

    I love this guide. It really gave me a reason to look forward to road trips this summer!

  26. Kita Bryant

    Forgetting a phone charger can be a real nightmare. I also like to have an atlas with me; that is how my parents did a trip!

  27. Minakshi Bajpai

    I always have a bottle of water and some snacks in my car!Great tips for everyone.

  28. Cityrocka Perry

    Check, check, check, down the board. You’ve done a great job of highlighting the needed driving essentials. Thanks for providing this info to us readers 🙂

  29. Terri Ramsey Beavers

    I’m a snacks and drinks kind of mimi so that’s the first thing I pack in the car when we’re going anywhere. Saves on lots of stops. I have a trip coming up and I plum forgot to grab a map.

  30. Lianne

    Entertainment for the kids, especially if you get stuck in traffic. A grumpy, bored toddler stuck in a car seat makes traffic jams 29878623 times worse haha!! So, books, toys, colouring books, iPads, whatever it may be to keep them entertained on long road trips is essential 🙂

  31. Candice Nikeia

    I just saved this post! Yes to all these – My phone charger comes with my everywhere!

  32. Bethany

    A phone charger is so easy to forget it’s unreal. You’d think it would be one of the first things to pack – unfortunately not.
    Your helpful tips are great ??

  33. Angela Ricardo Bethea

    I totally need to start preparing better … even if it is not for long road trips. I tend to get hungry and a couple of hours on the road without stopping for food and drink is quite impossible for me.

  34. Paula Stewart

    My sister just came out to our place today and since they were coming from a different direction they tried to use their phones to get directions. Well, there is often no cell service out here in the middle of nowhere. An old fashioned map is a must.

  35. Heather

    These are all perfect! We are planning a summer road trip so I’ll make sure we don’t forget anything.

  36. ricci

    YES to all of these!! I always have my Google Maps, plenty of water and snacks and a phone charger!!

  37. Emma C

    Really useful tips – can never 100% rely on GPS!

  38. Margaret Gallagher

    Always great to be prepared – once you’ve been left stranded you understand the importance

  39. Linda Hobbis

    I used to have a bright orange VW Golf many moons ago and it was built like a tank. By far the most solid and safe car I’ve ever owned, although my Skoda isn’t far off. With kids I’d add sick bags and plenty of MAOAMs – and we’re looking to get a dashcam too.

  40. Mellissa Williams

    Some great essentials here – I find so many people forget about the first aid kits and the high vis jackets but they truly are essentials especially if you break down!

  41. Becky Jarratt

    We never seem to have the road map when we need it! Our SatNav is off for repair at the moment and we’ve had to resort to map reading. I’d forgotten how much I like choosing routes myself!

  42. Yeah Lifestyle

    These are great list of essentials to have in the car! I always have a torch as well as my AA card with me too in case of emergency oh and a hair bubble..just in case me or my daughter needs one especially in Summer time.

  43. Nikka Shae

    Yes, all of the above is on our checklist for a fun road trip!

  44. Alison Rost

    Can’t ever leave for a road trip without bringing snacks with you especially when you have kids! I think this pretty much sums up all the things that you need for a hassle free road trip!

  45. joanna

    These are some great tips! My car has the phone charger broken so I always have to rely on bringing an extra power bank with me. I like to use my phone as a gps and that drains a lot of the battery.

  46. Rachael

    Good list, we never go anywhere without a first aid kit or a bottle of water!! We’ve had to use the first aid kit a few times so it’s definitely an essential.

  47. Emily Leary

    Some great tips, especially the one about having a hi-vis jacket in the car. It would be an idea for everyone travelling in the car to have one available just in case they need to leave the vehicle for any reason. I actually like reading road maps and we always take one when we travel anywhere!

  48. Carol Cassara

    We love road trips especially the ones where we are allowed to take our fur babies! It’s the best and it’s really important that you’re ready and have everything that you need. These are all a must have.

  49. Kim Lee (@KimsCravings)

    Definitely agree with you list! Such great reminders of things to bring on upcoming road trips.

  50. Jeanette Leighton

    All I need is my mobile to be honest it keeps me occupied, and some water ??

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