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3 Ideas for the Trip of a Lifetime

When you’re coming up to a landmark birthday, or maybe an extra special anniversary, there is no better way to celebrate than to book the trip of a lifetime. If this is going to be your big celebration then you want to make sure that you really do it in style, so here are some top picks for an unbeatable vacation:

Australia – If you have never been to Oz then this could be your chance. Australia is absolutely huge so it is going to be impossible to see all of it but there are a number of great areas that are all fairly close or easy to travel between that could give you a real range of unforgettable experiences. The popular cities to visit tend to be Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne but Perth is on the other side of the country to the rest. If you have a couple of weeks, you could easily take in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney and all of the amazing places in between.

Sydney has a real mix of activities from relaxing on the famous Bondi or Manly beaches, to going further out to visit the Blue Mountains. Take in some of the world’s greatest landmarks by visiting the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you have the opportunity to go to Sydney for New Year’s Eve then it truly is the best place in the world to celebrate under the firework displays around the harbor.

3 Ideas for the Trip of a Lifetime

Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon – Vegas and the Grand Canyon are easy to visit from one another, so why not roll the two into one amazing trip? Enjoy the party atmosphere of Vegas and go to some of the best shows in the world. Go wild in the extravagant casinos and stay in the world’s best hotels. Then you can head over to the Grand Canyon for some recuperation, heading out on the most breathtaking trails around the Canyon. There is a lot more to do around the Grand Canyon than just take in the sites though, as you can also experience helicopter rides, Bryce Canyon horse rides, white water rafting, climbing and much, much more!

Dubai – Dubai has become more and more popular over recent years and if you are looking for a decadent, luxurious holiday then you will struggle to find a better place than Dubai. Visit the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa that stands at an impressive 828 meters tall. With amazing man-made beaches shaped as palm trees and some of the world’s finest architecture to experience, this could be a great option to celebrate in lavish style.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, there are some fantastic opportunities across the world for you to experience. If your big birthday is on the horizon then maybe you should start dropping some helpful hints now and maybe you will get a nice surprise if someone is happy to the foot the bill!

Where would you like to take the trip of a lifetime to?

*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Ladies Pass It On

    I have been to Dubai several times but none of the others, I would really love to!! Great post x

  2. Ladies Pass It On

    I am hoping to tick off Las Vegas next year fingers crossed!

  3. Kate Sarsfield

    I’ve got friends who work in Dubai & although I’m a wee bit jealous of all the money they’re making, I’m not bothered about visiting. Petra, in Jordan, would be top of my ‘things-to-do-before-I-die’ list.

  4. Joanna

    I am lucky to say that I have been to Dubai and it was indeed a very interesting trip. To see all those buildings in the desert, to walk around the old city and compare it with the new one… to observe the fancy cars and the rich people… it’s such a different experience that what we are used to! For me, the trip of a lifetime has to be South America. I’ve been there twice and I am planning to return.

  5. Rachel Craig

    I had hoped to maybe do some travelling / sightseeing etc once I retired. I suppose probably because during my working life : I often heard colleagues who were retired had booked or were planning to book a cruise following their retirement.

    Not a thing that I hear of today. Probably due to Economic climate. Though I feel I worked hard, and for a long time, worked shifts, weekends and unsocial hours. Therefore had hoped for nice holiday and some socialising on retirement.

    I live in hope that someday I may win the chance to have a nice holiday, as had planned this would be the year I would retire. Economic downturn, banking crisis etc we are told have had a negative effect on prices, Economic situation, pensions etc. So I am disappointed at not having the happy lead up to retirement, and nice holiday, socialising, attending social events etc in retirement that I had thought would be part of my life. As was the reality of my colleagues of previous years on their retirement.

    I would love to visit Australia sometime. As when we see it on tv it is sunny and the people seem so friendly and sociable. Ex-colleague lived and worked there for about five years, she enjoyed it. She came back to UK to be with family, she met a chap married and had child. She is glad she had experienced some time in Australia.

  6. Ana De- Jesus

    Dubai would be nice but for me I would really love to go to Greece or Egypt, especially because of its history x

  7. Lisa prince

    i cant wait to travel my husband primises that when the childrne have left home he will take me on a cruise , its a dream of ours x

  8. robin Rue

    For us in the US, Vegas is a quick and easy getaway so it’s not really a trip of a lifetime per se. I actually got married in Vegas.

  9. Jennifer Gilbert

    I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but would love to go with my family. Horse back riding and white water rafting sounds like fun!

  10. Margaret gallagher

    All three if these are on my bucket list
    Australia is top

  11. tara pittman

    We are going to Las Vegas this month. We might have to drive to the Grand cayon on the way home.

  12. danasia fantastic

    My best friend just got back from Sydney- she said it was beautiful, but that people weren’t super friendly. I’m dying to check out Dubai some time this year!

  13. Peter Watson

    I’m quite happy for a few days in Amsterdam,only 30 minutes away by plane for me .

  14. Cecile

    I have been to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. I would love to travel to Australia. The trip I long for is Scotland and Ireland.

  15. Anosa

    The grand canyon in Las Vegas is very beautiful. Also Dubai, I want to experience the Dubai Safari and check out the tallest building.

  16. Annemarie LeBlanc

    There are actually 2 places that I really dream of visiting. First is Santorini in Greece, and the endless beaches of Saipan. I wish I would be able to see these places in my lifetime. a

  17. Maria Han

    Such a good bucket list, I wish I can travel in Las Vegas this year with my family.

  18. kelly morgan

    I would love to go to Australia

  19. Rhian Westbury

    I’ve done Vegas and the Grand Canyon, although I’d love to go back. For me my 30th birthday is in a few years’ and it happens in January so I really want to go on a 3 week holiday to New Zealand and Australia over New Year and my birthday, that would be my trip of a lifetime x

  20. Susan Smith

    Ive done Egypt and some of America, but would love to go to Australia

  21. Stephanie Merry

    My brother is heading to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon for his honeymoon – I’m so jealous! It’s my ultimate bucket list trip! x

  22. Jemma

    3 great must-see destinations, I think it would have to be the Grand Canyon for a huge bucket list tick 🙂

  23. Emily Leary

    I’m crossing my fingers that ‘space’ will be a valid option within my lifetime! I went up the Burj Khalifa not long ago and it’s a pretty unique feeling being that high off the ground, but also free to walk about and peer at the world.

  24. Amber Myers

    The grand canyon is one we hope to do soon. I always see photos of it and I vow to get there!

  25. Christine Dodd

    Australia and New Zealand are top of my list but unless I win the lottery it’s not gonna happen!

  26. Beverley Cousins

    Definitely Australia is my first dream of travelling, only thing is i’m scared of snakes and spiders! lol

  27. A S,Edinburgh

    These are all brilliant ideas! I’d love to tour the whole of the American West, though how long that would take I don’t know!

  28. Natalie

    I have been to Vegas and the Grand Canyon, both were amazing! Australia and Dubai are high on my bucket list too.

  29. Karlyn Cruz

    I am planning to traveling to some great places this year. It has been my goal to explore and enjoy. I think I would enjoy Australia or Dubai.

  30. Miss Kitty Kaos

    We are toying with the idea of getting married on vegas so we can see the grand canyon too and then travel across the states to canada for our honeymoon. Now just to save all the money haha. Australia would be amazing too x

  31. Cynthia Nicoletti

    My next trip might be to Vegas. I know that would be a great trip. There are a lot of things I would love to see and do.

  32. Erin

    Dubai looks like it would be such an awesome place to visit! I will probably feel out of place there but the architecture is amazing!

  33. Rachel

    These are all amazing trips which I’d love to do! I’m going on a big American trip later this year including Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon – I’m so excited. I’ve dreamt of doing this trip for so long! xo

  34. Hey Sharonoox

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about Dubai! And it might be the trip of a lifetime. I want to shop there and enjoy the beautiful beaches and resorts.

  35. Shirley

    Dubai looks like it would be such an awesome place to visit! I think by this year end i will sure get a chance to visit India and Dubai.

  36. Ruth I.

    I have never visit any on your list but I always hear good things about those. Dubai is an interesting country for me.

  37. Whatlauraloves

    I went to Dubai in December and enjoyed it but I didn’t feel very relaxed while i was there as its so built up. I think I would go again but I would do it as a stop over xxx

  38. Louise Crocker

    The Grand Canyon is on top of my list

  39. Baby Isabella

    We’d love to head to Las Vegas! See all the bright lights and soak up the atmosphere. Maybe one day x

  40. Lorna Ledger

    I would love to go to the Lakes in America, especially around Maine x

  41. Anna nuttall

    Australia would be amazing to visit – so would Dubai. Japan is high on my wishlist. xx

  42. denajayne

    I hope to travel to LV very soon! I want to travel so badly! xo

  43. Dannii

    I really want to go to Australia, but the flight time is putting me off – especially with a baby.
    I have been to Las Vegas a few times and it’s always a lot of fun.

  44. Echo

    I love going to Vegas! I think Australia is one of the next on my bucket list!

  45. Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

    vegas is awesome. i went once a while back and had an amazing time.

  46. Harriet from Toby & Roo

    I’d really love to go to Vegas too – we also LOVED New York, I’d recommend it!

  47. Elizabeth O.

    I’ve never been to Dubai. It is so much more developed now than it was a few years back and it would be nice to experience what it has to offer. it would be awesome to go on vacation especially this summer!

  48. Annie B

    I have done two out of those 3, just never been to Dubai other than the airport! My best friend lives in Abu Dhabi so that is more on my radar than Dubai.

  49. Elizabeth Marshall

    My Uncle Eric lives in Australia and he come to England to visit us every couple of years. My twin girls love him and we often talk about flying to Australia and visiting him instead. Better get saving now.

  50. The Sunday Mode

    For me I think the trip of a lifetime would either be a road trip all around the U.S or spending a hell of a lot of time exploring Canada! I’ve been to Toronto and loved it but I really want to explore more of that country, it’s so beautiful.


  51. Taty Pradilla

    My husband and I are actually planning a trip to Austrailia for an anniversary. It would be a trip of a lifetime!

  52. michelle

    Australia is definitely on my travel bucket list. I’ve been to Vegas and the Grand Canyon. So fun!

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