WooBamboo! Oral Care Review and Competition

WooBamboo! Oral Care Review and Competition

One thing I don't talk about much is my teeth, I've had a bit of an awful time with them. I was born with my jaws slightly out of place so during my teens I spent time having them realigned. The first brace I was given was a torture device, it clamped my jaws in place and wouldn't allow them to move at all. I didn't wear it for long and was thankfully transferred to another orthodontist.

I thought when I finished with my braces that would be the end of my tooth-based nightmare, but sadly not. Although I brush, floss and use interdental brushes I am suffering bone loss. My dentist isn't completely sure why, it could be because of my medication, the fact I have a dry mouth, the fact I used to smoke, or be hereditary, though most probably all the above.

So, of course, I know the importance of keeping a good oral care regime and I am always trying to find new products to see if they help me more. So when WooBamboo! Got in touch and asked if I would like to look at their products I of course said yes.

WooBamboo! Oral Care

WooBamboo! Oral Care Products

WooBamboo! Offers oral care products with an eco-friendly twist, their toothbrushes are made from bamboo, making them completely biodegradable. However that isn't all; all of their toothbrushes are organically-grown, sustainably-harvested, free of phthalate and BPA-free, coated in a natural wax to make them durable and best of all completely Panda friendly!

If you are worried about how they stand up to other toothbrushes, they offer a high-quality dental grade bristle and come in a mix of sizes for both children and adults and come in a large choice of colours.

What's more, they even do a pet range of toothbrushes

WooBamboo! Oral Care

If that wasn't enough to get you interested, they also have a range of mouthwash and their natural, biodegradable silk floss. Coated in natural beeswax and organic mint, the floss is packaged in renewable plant-based plastic, with the packaging converting into its own dispenser.

Overall I personally felt really impressed with this range, they have really thought through how to make it as eco-friendly as possible, as well as offering well thought out tools to help with your oral care.

If you would like to try a WooBamboo! family toothbrush set for yourself, all you need to do is let me know:
What is your top tip for oral care?

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Good Luck!

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  1. sheila ressel

    I keep dental floss in my purse so I can floss after lunches or dinners out instead of waiting until I get home.

  2. Laura Jeffs

    Brush for at least 2 minutes, twice a day

  3. stuart hargreaves

    Brush after every meal and just before going to bed

  4. Sarah Rees

    Make sure you brush for at least 2 minutes

  5. Frances Sunshine Hopkins

    Don’t brush straight after having anything sugary and clean in-between teeth everyday too

  6. Angela Treadway

    Floss regularly!

  7. Mark Cameron

    Brush for at least 2 minutes, twice a day

  8. melanie stirling

    Encourage good oral hygiene from an early age.



  10. Rachel Craig

    I think good oral hygiene routine needs to start from a young age :- This means we need to be well informed, up to date. How can this Best be achieved :- I think the Government could improve the overall situation by Oral / Dental Health Care being wholly NHS (National Health Service). Staff being paid an annual salary and having a caseload. Philosophy being maintaining Natural Healthy Teeth.

    Being NHS then regular Health Updates, Health Improvement, etc. We can take on board all advice such as brush teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste for two minutes each time. We can make it fun for children in a variety of ways :- Toothbrush with fun character, timer, etc. Brush our own teeth alongside the children :- Learning by observation.Etc.

    I believe the main object is to maintain natural healthy teeth. As this impacts on overall General Hralth, Digestion, Self-esteem, communication, social life, quality of life, etc. Therefore us all having the same aim, objective, goal, philosophy would be most beneficial. Also may work out cost effective for NHS, Social Services, “Public Purse”, etc.

    Here’s to an increase in individuals with a full set of there own natural healthy teeh, good oral hygiene and care :- Statistics and costs in regards to Dental Care (NHS and Private) could be published to update the Public.

  11. lynn savage

    Clean between your teeth with an interdental brush such as the TePe ones.

  12. Sue McCarthy

    Brush at least twice a day and use mouthwash and floss

  13. Solange

    Indulge in interdental cleaning. As brushing alone only cleans around two thirds of the mouth, it is important to use interdental brushes or floss to clean away any food debris caught between the teeth. It can help to reduce the risk of gum disease.

  14. amy bondoc

    i always use the mouthwash first, then floss then brush, backwards i know but thats how my detist told me i should be doing it t:)

  15. Heather Hibbert

    I always carry floss in my bag, and have them all over the house

  16. Bryan Murphy

    Brush after every meal and don’t eat too many sweets

  17. Ashleigh Allan

    Try not to brush straight after eating sugar. If you have to drink water first

  18. Laura Jones


  19. Alice Dixon

    Make sure you brush every bit thoroughly twice a day

  20. leanne weir

    brush for at least 2 minutes

  21. Fozia Akhtar

    Brush twice a day

  22. laura banks

    always floss

  23. Chrissy Harris

    I always brush for 2 minutes and try to floss regularly when I remember lol

  24. Sidrah Ahmed

    Brush for at least 5 minutes everyday and have a chart so you know what time and how long you brushed for

  25. Suzanne

    Brush thoroughly twice daily and use dental flos.

  26. Hannah Binley

    Don’t rinse out of your mouth after brushing! There’s good stuff in that toothpaste you should keep in your mouth.

  27. rominy colville

    my top tip for oral care is mouth wash and floss every day”

  28. Cath Joyce

    Use an interdental brush to clean between teeth.

  29. Rebecca Brown

    Making sure to brush daily and use floss to get into all the difficult to reach corners!

  30. Sarah Mackay

    Don’t use mouth wash straight after brushing teeth

  31. john prendergast

    make sure you floss and try to limit sugary drinks

  32. GiGi Eats

    I have to admit, one of my favorite things is GETTING and USING a toothbrush for the first time!

  33. aj

    don’t ditch the dentist

  34. Claire Glace

    Obviously regular brushing but flossing! Very good for dental health

  35. Liam Bishop

    30 seconds isn’t enough, make sure it’s 2 minutes every time.

  36. kim plant

    floss regular xx

  37. Caroline H

    No fizzy drinks on a daily basis in this house. And if we do have one as a treat, I’ve got re-usable straws to drink them with to minimise contact with teeth.

  38. Mark Wall

    Twice a day & mouthwash.

  39. fiona waterworth

    Use a good floss and I use a really good mouthwash

  40. clair downham

    use floss daily

  41. Stacey Carnell

    Find a 2 minute song you all love or find funny and sing this when brushing your teeth. When you’ve finished the song, you can finish brushing your teeth 🙂

  42. Billiee Beal

    Try to alway brush twice a day but getting home late its hard but I do carry paste lol

  43. Lauren Read

    floss, floss, floss

  44. Tee Simpson

    Make sure to floss regulary

  45. Jules Eley

    Brush twice a day and regular visits to the dentist

  46. jo liddement

    Brush teeth twice a day and floss them too.

  47. cheryl hadfield

    brush at least twice a day for 2minutes

  48. Emma Gillbart

    Would love to give this a try seems like it has amazing benefits! Theyre also so much more attractive than normal toothbrushes.

  49. Chelsey Hollings

    Brush Twice a Day

  50. Angie McDonald

    Get in a routine so you never forget to brush!

  51. Zoe Payne

    brush teeth twice a day


    Floss often and use electric toothbrush

  53. claire woods

    Change your toothbrush every 3 months.

  54. Laura Pritchard

    Be sparing with mouthwash & use alcohol-free as it can stain teeth.

  55. Ailsa

    Go to the dentist regularly for check ups

  56. Victoria Hemmings

    I was told flossing is essential as well as cleaning your teeth after the meal but not straight after.

  57. Beth Owen

    Brush twice a day! But don’t brush more than 3 times a day.

  58. Jodie A Green

    Floss and use mouthwash as well as brushing! Make sure you have regular check ups with a dentist too!!

  59. Ruth Harwood

    brush morning and night and chew gum after meals – even the dentist agreed that was a good idea as it catches all the stray bits of food xx

  60. hannah igoe

    Set a timer, it helps to teach how long to brush for!

  61. Rich Tyler

    Flossing is far more important then mouth wash!

  62. AMANDa

    Dont skimp on buying cheap toothpaste and make sure you always brush your teeth first thing and at the end of the day!

  63. Sharon Lou Johnson

    2 mins, twice a day make for real healthy teeth x

  64. Sharon

    Brush 3 times a day! Morning afternoon & night ?

  65. pete c

    keep to regular checkouts so any little problem wont later become a big one

  66. zoe brown

    Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste

  67. Lyndsey Cooksey

    Brush at least 2 times a day, floss if possible and don’t eat a mint first! It burns your mouth lol

  68. Sadiyya maryam

    To educate little ones in how important it is to have good oral care routines from a young age this may include brushing regularly with children and getting them to choose their own own toothpaste, set a timer etc


    Encourage little ones by making it fun, use a timer, let them choose their toothbrush etc

  70. Adrienne McGroder

    Brush twice a day and chew gum after lunch for 20 mins

  71. Mary H

    Honestly right now my top tip is just trying to remember to brush them before bed.

  72. Robyn Clarke

    I have 2 alarms set on my phone at 08:00 and 19:55, the kids know that it means “brush teeth time” and its almost become a game.

  73. Monica Gilbert

    Brush before breakfast so that you don’t damage your teeth brushing right after eating.

  74. purpleshoes

    flossing makes all the difference!

  75. Joshi Moshi

    Brush teeth for at least two minutes twice a day.

  76. Kerry H

    Floss all the way down into the gum.

  77. Amie

    Develop a good routine 🙂

  78. Katy Brown

    I use liquid tooth cleaner and find that it gives me a smoother feel after rinsing and also reduces the hardened plaque around my teeth.

  79. Susan Hoggett

    using a good quality mouthwash

  80. Jo Hutchings

    Avoid sugary drinks or save them only for rare occasions.

  81. Sally Collingwood

    Clean your teeth every day n matter what else gets in the way

  82. Jessica Barber

    Always floss!

  83. Catherine L

    Floss every night! And mouthwash

  84. nafisa

    keep on top of brushing and find whats best for you through some experimenting

  85. ceril Roberts

    Set a timer to encourage children to brush for long enough.

  86. Christina Palmer

    Brush for at least 2 minutes twice a day


    Brush morning and night,and after lunch if possible,NO SUGARY DRINKS.

  88. misty

    dont brush too hard

  89. Lorraine Stone

    Brush after all meals and snacks too!

  90. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    6 months dental check ups and use mouthwash after brushing twice a day

  91. corina Wharmby

    Floss after brushing

  92. Joanna Ford

    Floss everyday

  93. Dinah Butcher

    We use disclosing soloutions to make sure we get every last bit of plaque when cleaning!

  94. katie w

    brush twice a day

  95. Simone Griffin

    Brush and floss twice a day, from an early age x

  96. Deborah Bird

    Just brush twice a day! And make sure its a proper brush aswell, I like to concentrate on doing every part of every tooth, top, inside, outside 🙂

  97. Sarah Fielding

    Make sure to floss!

  98. Pamela Gossage

    Brush twice daily and Floss regularly

  99. Susan B

    Use an electric toothbrush at home, change the head once a month and take a manual toothbrush with you to work to freshen up once during the day.

  100. Karen Dixon

    Use an electric tooth brush, Brush twice a day and keep regular check up appointments at the dentist.

  101. Sam Goodwin

    Floss!! It really does make a difference when you floss. Get out all those yucky bits.

  102. francis lee

    make sure you brush and floss every day

  103. Lesley Bain

    I invested in a water flosser….my dentist was most impressed. It really does thoroughly clean your teeth and leaves your mouth lovely and fresh.

  104. Michelle Stewart

    Has to be regular dental checks

  105. Helen Talboys

    change toothbrushes regularly

  106. Patricia Avery

    Get yourself a good dentist and hygienist.

  107. jamie Millard

    don’t rush brushing – too hard or too quick won’t get the job done.

  108. Anthea Holloway

    Brush your teeth at least twice a day and spend 2 minutes doing it!

  109. Sheri Darby

    Make sure that you replace your toothbrush at least every 3 months

  110. Kyomi Johnson

    Always brush twice a day never forget or just go to bed

  111. Sam Parkes

    To brush twice a day morning and night

  112. Diana

    Brush twice 🙂

  113. Lydia Graham

    A foaming toothpaste gets between the teeth easier

  114. Adrian Bold

    Brush for at least 2 minutes, twice a day.

  115. Eileen Tingle

    It’s about what you do and don’t eat – no more chewing on toffee and suck hard sweets rather than biting on them. Lastly, end every meal with a crisp item of fruit, not a sugary drink.

  116. Stevie

    I floss around 3 times a week.

  117. Rebecca Powell

    Brush twice a day for two minutes each time

  118. Chirag Patel

    Brush twice a day

  119. Ruth lee

    Brush twice a day

  120. Kate Sabin-Burns

    regular brushing, and not too many acidic foods/drinks – fruit and pure juices have them so keep teeth healthy by careful brushing each day

  121. Kimberley Ryan

    I always brush twice a day, floss and use mouthwash

  122. Holly brazier

    Always brush twice a day for 2 mins, floss! X great prize!

  123. Kim M

    Don’t lapse on your routine x

  124. Laura Avery

    Don’t be fooled fruit juice is good for you..it may be 1 of your 5 (or possibly ten now a day) But no matter how much you drink or what variety it is still only one..BUT it is packed full of natural sugar not good for you drink it with a meal .

  125. dana

    Brush at least twice a day and change your toothbrush regularly

  126. elaine stokes

    brush twice a day, change toothbrush often

  127. Jessica Powell

    Regular brushing and keeping your dental appointments.

  128. janine atkin

    brush twice a day and floss regularly

  129. Emma Davison

    Floss daily

  130. tishist

    Use an irrigator

  131. Wendy Guy

    Always brush before bedtime.

  132. Sammie Hodges

    Always brush for at least 2 mins

  133. Pauline Wilson

    Mine is definitely floss and use mouthwash regularly to prevent gum disease

  134. Lauren Stebbings

    Simple steps add up. Brush well twice a day, visit the dentist regularly and have sugars and acidic foods in moderation.

  135. Claire Little

    make sure your brushing your gums as much as your teeth.

  136. Marie Rule

    Always make sure that you floss daily to keep your gums healthy.

  137. paula cheadle

    don’t brush your teeth for 20 mins after eating

  138. Sarah Prentice

    be strict about brushing

  139. jacqui rushton

    I always floss after eating!

  140. Christian

    If possible, brush for at least two minutes after every meal.

  141. Danielle Pooley

    Get in to a rountine of brushing your teeth, then flossing

  142. Erica Price

    Brush twice a day

  143. Dale Dow

    After brushing your teeth with toothpaste, use mouthwash but brush your teeth with the mouthwash too


    Use an electric toothbrush

  145. Graham H

    Eat cheese!
    (Seriously, this is advice from my dentist: it contains calcium and apparently helps keep teeth white too.)

  146. Graham H

    Eat cheese!
    (Seriously, this is advice from my dentist: it contains calcium and apparently helps keep teeth white too.)

  147. Meryl Thomas

    Brush your teeth twice a day. Never forget.

  148. Dawn Samples

    Use tooth floss and interdental brushes. Also, wait an hour after eating before brushing your teeth.

  149. astrid c


  150. Rachael O'Brien

    Floss ! I carry it everywhere!

  151. Adrian Clarke

    Don’t wash out mouth after brushing.

  152. Wes M

    Floss daily

  153. carol boffey

    floss daily

  154. sharon martin

    have a 2min timer in the bathroom so you know when your 2mins of brushing have been reached

  155. Karen Richards

    Regular dental check ups.

  156. Kerry Brown

    Always brush twice a day and visit dentist regularly

  157. Tammy Neal

    Mouth wash after brushing for that fresher breathe xx

  158. Maureen Millward

    Flossing regularly, I keep floss in my handbag all the time. Use interdental brushes for teeth with gaps especially at the back.

  159. Angela Kelly

    A whitening toothpaste is great if you like strong coffee!

  160. Linda Curtis

    some times i brush 4 times a day
    food and grit after iv eaten on and between my teeth really bugs me
    i also floss daily as well x

  161. David Farrell


  162. Beatrice

    Floss and brush twice a day

  163. laura stewart

    keep ontop of the flossing x

  164. Kirsty Woods

    Brush for 2 minutes

  165. Sarah Addey

    Brush for at least 2 mins

  166. Sarah hanson

    Regularly change your toothbrush

  167. Natalie Crossan

    Brush twice a day, xx

  168. samantha buntain

    Simple. Floss regularly

  169. Jennifer Baker

    Avoid sugary foods and floss daily x x x

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