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Wolf & Badger

wolf & Badger LogoWolf & Badger are one of the brands I have known and lusted over for a while now – they stock independent fashion and jewellery both in their online showroom as well as in their two stores in Mayfair and Notting Hill. The reason I love this type of store so much is they promote and support those up and coming talented designers helping each one get a foot in the door of an otherwise hard to break industry.

Of course as well as the help it gives the designs it also means I (and all of you) get to try something just a bit different, something that you won't see everyone else wearing. There are so many designers on the site such as Age of Reason (I need their punk owl scarf), Heidi London, Alice Made This, Harley Boden and so many more so I decided to focus on one of their stocked designers Rachel Boston to hopefully give you a bit more insight into the kind of designer they promote.

Born and raised in London Rachel Boston is a jewellery designer taking her inspiration from nature, contemporary culture and high fashion. All her jewellery is designed and made in her London studio where she mixes both modern techniques with more traditional ones.

Rachel Boston 1. Mandible Earrings – £204
Cast from the mandibles of a large stag beetle these earrings are made from 18ct gold plated brass.

2. Mandible Knuckleduster Ring – £138
Again cast from the mandible of a large stag beetle this knuckleduster ring is made from sterling silver.

3. Scorpion Sting Necklace – £700
This necklace is cast from real scorpion strings in Stirling silver – you really need to view this zoomed in to get the full effect.

4. Tiny Stag Ring – £80
This time a cast of a tiny stag beetles head has been used to make this gold plated silver ring.

In some ways I don't know what to quite say about this selection as it's just breath taking to me to take something we automatically associate with something as painful as a Scorpion sting then turn it into something as beautiful as the necklace that Rachel Boston has produced is just inspiring. I have to admit I have totally fallen for the mandible earrings, they are gorgeous.

What do you think of the Rachel Boston collection, and of course Wolf & Badger?


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  1. Denise Taylor-Dennis

    I love companies that give the up and comers a chance.

  2. Lanie Craig

    those are so unique!!! really neat pieces of jewelery

  3. Niki Bass

    I like the scorpion sting necklace 🙂

  4. jheylo

    that’s a unique jewelry 🙂 will check their website. thanks for sharing

  5. Jennifer Hall

    I love anything unique!

  6. siggy po

    ooh Beautiful Jewellery i love unusual items and wow my jaw has dropped haha 🙂

  7. Debra C

    Daily comment. Hope you are having a great day!

  8. Lance McDonald

    The jewelry designs are very original. I like the ring the most.

  9. Tabitha Vos

    These are unique, I like that!

  10. Esther Freeman

    I love that ring!!! It is super stylish but can also be a classic piece!

  11. teresa mccluskey

    wow this is so cool! thanks for sharing

  12. xristina

    soooo lovely!! ^_^

  13. Emily Jane

    holy moly, these are AMAZING! Gutted I don’t have that kinda cash lying around! xo

  14. md kennedy

    These are sounique and edgy – my granddaughter will love them (she is really into thos ear clip thingies right now…)

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