Win Your Christmas Suit with OppoSuits

And so we have reached our run of giveaways.

Next week normality will resume.

However, today I have teamed up with the amazing Opposuits, a website dedicated to suits with a difference.

Suits, that aren't going to be for everyone but are for people who love a stylish suit but what to have a bit of fun with it.

Screenshot of the OppoSuit Homepage

Tell Me About OppoSuits

Starting as an idea, thought up while travelling South East Asia, OppoSuits is the dream of three friends.

Started 6 years ago, they till this day, stand by the core beliefs they began with.

Offering quality suits at affordable prices. They look to produce suits for those who don't take themselves too seriously.

And people have fallen for these suits in droves! They have now come up with over 100 different designs and have shipped suits off to over 50 countries.

Screenshot of the OppoSuit Christmas Suit Website

So They Have Christmas Suits?

While Opposuits have suits for any occasion (still looking for your Halloween outfit then check them out.) Christmas is coming and we are getting one of you ready.

Opposuits have a host of suits for men, women and children

You may, however, find it hard to choose which one you want as there really is such a choice.

Selection of Christmas Suits for Men and Boys

So Show Me Some Suits!

Bright, fun and extravagant.

You aren't going to fade into the crowd when wearing an OppoSuits.

One thing you will notice is that some of the designs cross all the 3 different sections; men, women and kids.

While some are specific to just the men's section.

For instance, the StarStruck, black suit with white stars you can see in the above picture, is unique to the men's section, alongside some great Star Wars themed numbers, plus check out the Marvel section – AMAZING.

Now you have an idea of the sort of suits you could pick from let's get on with the competition.

Selection of Christmas Suits for Women


So how you can you be in with a chance of winning an OppoSuit of your choice?

Well, all you need to do is head over to the OppoSuit website and let me know using 8 words or more:
Which suit would you pick if you were the lucky winner and where would you wear it?

Win a Christmas Suit From OppoSuits

Good Luck!




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Win Your Christmas Suit with OppoSuits

This article has 183 comments

  1. Keith Hunt

    A black formal for my next cunard cruise.

  2. Stewart Smith-Langridge

    I’d wear the festive green suit to our family Christmas lunch

  3. pete c

    Cashanova would be my choice – for use at a forthcoming birthday do

  4. melanie stirling

    I think it would be the Winter Woods suit for my son to wear tochristmas parties.

  5. Solange

    I’d pick the Winter Woman suit and I’m not entirely sure where I would wear it…

  6. Stevey H

    I’d wear one of the flag suits to a Eurovision party next year!

  7. felicity

    The white stars and I would wear it to every gathering I was invited to 🙂

  8. john prendergast

    I would choose the Winter Woods suit would wear it for xmas party

  9. iain maciver

    would choose the Winter Woods suit would wear it for xmas party

  10. Angela treadway

    NORDIC NOELLE and to a christmas party x

  11. Sandra Fortune

    I like the boys range 2-8 my grandson has his 5th birthday just before Christmas and he’s having a party the spider man suit is snazzy he’d look fab in that

  12. Jenny Bruce

    I’d choose the Nordic Noel for hubby to wear on Christmas Day – and he would!

  13. Elzbieta Znyk

    I love LUMBERJACKIE it is very stylish, fabulous colour!

  14. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Spiderman suit for my nephew – they are all really snazzy and fab

  15. Bethany Molyneux

    jungle jane! I’d wear it all the time and everywhere!

  16. Dale Dow

    I love Nordic Noelle and would wear it on Christmas Jumper day!

  17. Anthony W

    Would have to be Winter Woods for me!

  18. Rachel Craig

    Black Knight Suit, for fiancé to wear at meetings, etc.

  19. Jessica Powell

    I love the flamingirl, it’s so cool! I’d wear it out and about.

  20. Kristen Patton

    I love the Starry Side suit! I would love this for my hubby to wear on Christmas Day!

  21. Jean Cassell

    So many to chose from but I’d have to go with the Winter Woods.

  22. Laura Turner

    I’d go for the tartan and wear it to the office Christmas Party!

  23. Katie

    My husband says he would pick the happy holidude suit and would wear it to all important meetings during the month of December!


    The Lumberjack to my office staff party at Christmas

  25. Anonymous

    d love to wear the Bloody Mary suit to an Alice Cooper gig but I suspect I would actually let my son choose a suit for himself – I can see lots that he would enjoy wearing

  26. Sarah Mcvicar

    I would pick the winter woman suit, probably wear it every day haha

  27. Angie McDonald

    I’d love the LumberJackie suit and I’d wear it for my birthday!

  28. Edye

    I’d pick Winter Woman and I’d wear it on Christmas Eve all day long 😉

  29. Laura Pritchard

    I’d choose the Miss Rudolph suit and would wear it to my work Christmas party!

  30. Lorna Ledger

    MISS RUDOLPH – £54.95 – I would wear it on Christmas Day, and at work! so much fun!

  31. Jen Mellor (just average Jen)

    I love them all they are amazing

  32. mel betteridge

    The winter woods is fab although I would have to hide it from my 3 daughters!!

  33. Mark Finch

    I would get the SANTABOSS suit, and I would wear it to school. The kids would think it was great.


    I think i would have to pick the dapper decorator i would have to wear it to a Christmas party

  35. leanne weir

    It would be the Winter Woods suit for my son to wear

  36. Adrian Knox

    Santa Boss would suit me for the Christmas parties

  37. Ritchie Dee

    I would choose Black Knight because I am not brave enough to wear any of the others

  38. James McLaughlin

    I’d love to win the Nordic Noel. I usually where a Christmas Jumper out for our Christmas Eve party but this would blow that out of the water. Awesome suit.

  39. Michelle Chapman

    I would give the winter woods suit as an early Christmas pressie for my hubby to wear for his Christmas party.

  40. Mark Barlow

    I love the look of the Festive Force suit. If lucky enough to win I’m definitely wearing it to our work’s Christmas party!

  41. frances hopkins

    My son would love Christmaster

  42. Amy Bondoc

    gotta be the festive gir,l one, id wear it all through december hehe

  43. Juliesnotebook

    I know it isn’t a Christmas one, but the “bloody Mary” suit is cool. I’d wear that out every day in October until that suit is thread bare. Lol

  44. glenn hutton

    THE RUDOLPH is what I’d choose, I would wear it to my works Christmas do, nights out and on Christmas day!

  45. David Nicolson

    I would love the Dapper Decorator suit. It would be amazing to wear at our Xmas works night out!


    The Darth Vader for my partner because then he could feel the force!

  47. Christopher Greenall

    I’d love to wear the christmaster for our staff party and especially Christmas day. Beat the traditional festive jumpers

  48. Geri Gregg

    Id go for the tartan and wear it to family gatherings x

  49. Phil Darling

    Winter Woods suit to wear to my works Christmas do

  50. Sarah blythe

    my son would love this so could see him in this at Xmas parties

  51. Tammy Westrup

    I’d choose Nordic Noel for hubby to wear at work in the last few days before xmas!

  52. Ellen Gordon

    The Nordic Noelle for me, I’d wear it to go Christmas shopping

  53. Ruth Harwood

    Love the FLAMINGIRL as it reminds me of summer and christmas would be a great time to wear it just to remind everyone there’s another summer on its way xx

  54. Micheala O’Sullivan

    I would pick ICONICOOL, it’s so stunning. 🎄🎄

  55. cat

    the lady jag on please. feel I could wear this all year round

  56. Geoff Dagger

    StarStruck – I’m about to retire at Christmas, what a great way to make an impact on my leaving do.

  57. Elaine Savage

    I would choose Christmiss and wear it to my family party

  58. Lee Ritson

    I’d have to pick the HAPPY HOLIDUDE suit. It’s not too offensive to the eyes and its cheerful 😀 I’d wear it to work.. I work in an office surrounded by ‘professionals’ so i’d stand out like a sore thumb!

  59. Pam Francis Gregory

    Love the Santaboss suit. Would be brilliant for the Christmas party.


    Id choose fancy fireworks for my other hlaf

  61. Susan B

    QUILTY PLEASURE is completely mad and I love it. Although not intended for me, I would wear it to parties.

  62. Jamie Piper

    Spiderman suit for formal meetings

  63. Denise

    Absolutely loving Starry Side for my Son, his first Christmas after turning 18, so he’d be able to wear it to all office party and the Family Get together’s.
    Absolutely stunning suits.

  64. Susie Wilkinson

    The Rudolph Blazer would be great for my partner, at his Christmas bash they all try to outdo each other with their Christmas themed clothes, he’d certainly win!


    The Dashing Decorator suit and I’d wear it to our family Christmas get together

  66. Katie b

    Absolutely love the pac man suit, but Christmas wise happy holidude for the boyfriend to force him into the Christmas mood!

  67. charlotte

    i love the winter woman outfit, it is lovely for our christmas party

  68. Nikki Hunter-Pike

    That’s an easy choice! I would pick the Festive Force suit for my husband, we just got back from ComicCon and he wore the StormTrooper Opposuit – had so many compliments on it!

  69. Lucy

    I would choose the Rudolph one I think! Love them though they’re so different to just the usual christmas jumper

  70. Suzanne McCusker

    I’d choose the Testival for my boyfriend to wear at festivals. I’ve seen a few of these suits on folk at festivals and I think they are fab. I’m sure my other half would wear his at work sometimes (he works at a club, so many events during the year).

  71. Craig Austin

    I think I’d choose the FANCY FIREWORKS suit and wear it the next time i go to the races.

  72. Abigail

    I’d get lumberjackie and wear it to Christmas dinner! Very fun suits.

  73. Rachael

    I’d get one for my other half and I’d probably go with the fine pine suit.

  74. Isabel O

    I think I’d choose Christmiss and wear it to the Christmas Party I’m going to, I’m sure I’d have a very unique outfit!

  75. Jackie Howell

    I would love the santababe suit and I would wear to work!

  76. Rich Tyler

    Winter Woods for Xmas parties!

  77. Vikki Sanderson

    I’d chose the DAPPER DECORATOR suit for my fiance and I’d make him wear it to Christmas dinner.

  78. Andrea Dimmick

    LumberJackie, could wear this anytime of the year but as we’re going out for christmas day lunch, then I would wear it then, if I was the lucky winner.

  79. katrina walsh

    Id like to win the ladies Bloody Mary suit. My birthday party themes is Slasher Movies so this would be perfect

  80. Juli Savage

    Happy Holidude suit, for my son who would rock this outfit over Christmas

  81. Liam Bishop

    Haha I love the Pacman one – I’d wear it to work for sure!

  82. Jo Hutchings

    I’d wear the Winter Woods suit to my work Christmas party!

  83. Natalie Crossan

    I’d chose the DAPPER DECORATOR suit for my significant other xxx

  84. Kirsty Hosty

    NORDIC NOELLE And I’d wear it work to help spread the Christmas spirit

  85. Christine Taylor

    They’re all so cool but the Dashing Decorator would be the suit of my choice x

  86. Jane Willis

    I would choose the men’s Festive Green suit. Love that it even includes a tie!

  87. Nikki Easton

    Miss Rudolph please! I would wear this to work!

  88. Jade Jones

    LUMBERJACKIE This is the only one I think I could pull off ahahahah

  89. Anonymous

    I’d choose Nordic Noelle and wear it for Christmas lunch.

  90. Penny Lane

    I love the white stars on the black suit, it’s so striking and stunning!

  91. Mark Johnson

    TEEN BOYS BLACK KNIGHT would be great for my son when go to his nieces wedding


    science faction suit for my hubby as he is an geeky nerd engineer, none of the womens ones would fit me as I am plus size

  93. SteveB

    Winter Woods, posh Xmas do.

  94. Claire Woods

    DARTH VADER – I’d get hubby to wear it to a Christmas party.

  95. Lisa Jackson

    Would love to wear the womens Lumberjackie suit to winterwonderland in London ! 🙂

  96. Laura Wheatley

    I would go for santa babe. I love it <3

  97. Louise Jones

    For me it’d have to be Winter Wonderland & I’d have to buy a matching one for my husband! It’s our son’s first Christmas so we’d get a cheesy family photo in them to embarrass our son for years to come!

  98. Stacey Turner

    I absolutely love this ‘dashing decorator’ womens suit. I would wear it to my christmas party, and christmas day

  99. AK - The German Wife

    FIne pine or festive forces suit! My husband would wear it on christmas day round the family and for a christmas pint down the local!

  100. Maria

    jungle jane suit looks great

  101. Susan Trubey

    I would buy the lumberjackie to wear everywhere over Christmas.

  102. Rachel Butterworth

    I would choose the teen boys Santaboss for my nephew to wear at Christmas.

  103. Victoria Prince

    I’d pick the Christmiss Suit and I would wear it the big championship dog show that is near Christmas where smart attire is the order of the day but lots of people try to dress festively – this would be utterly perfect!

  104. Isabell Whitenstall

    I would choose the Santababe suit and wear it for christmas lunch at my sons, the grandchildren would love it.

  105. stephanie

    santa babe

  106. Sam Cornford

    Christmaster, the hubby could wear it to the work do and Christmas day

  107. Fiona jk42

    I’d choose the tartan suit for my son, he loves tartan trousers and has several pairs, and the matching jacket would be a bonus

  108. Claire Nutman

    LUMBERJACKIE is my big fave and I would wear it all day on Christmas day, brilliant idea and many thanks…..

  109. Daniel

    Nordic Noel to the works Christmas party

  110. Adrian Bold

    I would love the FANCY FIREWORKS for one of our casual work fridays nearer Christmas.

  111. Nichola Johnston

    Great prize, thank you for the opportunity!

  112. Hannah Wood

    CHRISTMISS – £54.95

  113. Will Hubball

    I’d wear the Winter Woods suit to out office Xmas party

  114. Rebecca Beesley

    i love the christmas tree wrap dress – perfect for xmas parties!

  115. Amanda w

    The santaboss boys one would be fab for my little man! He’s look fab in it!!

  116. Laura Pyper

    womans DASHING DECORATOR suit I would wear it for my christmas night out and on christmas day

  117. Debbie Finnerty

    I would choose the black knight for my son for the newyear ball

  118. Ashleigh Allan

    The dapper decorator for my husband on Christmas day!

  119. Samantha O'D

    Nordic Noel is amazing, christmas party outfit for sure

  120. Joanne Homer

    I love the Dashing Decorator, I’d wear it every day throughout December.

  121. hannah igoe

    I love the nordic noelle and I would wear it on Christmas day and for Christmas parties

  122. irene gilmour

    love this tartan suit i would wear it to our new year party LUMBERJACKIE

  123. Danielle Spencer

    I’d love to win the Santa boss suit for my partner, to wear to his works Christmas clothing day.

  124. T Brailey

    I would choose the starstruck suit. This would be for my son who had a wonderful Christmas suit last year. All his friends are asking what suit he has for this year. This would fit perfectly.

  125. Anonymous

    I work in a school so would love the SANTABABE suit -the kids would LOVE it!

  126. Francesca Jones

    I would choose the Winter boys suit for one of my sons, he’d totally rock it!

  127. Caroles

    The winter woman suit for Xmas day.

  128. Debbie Preston

    Nordic Noelle for work the week before Christmas

  129. Lisa Butterworth

    Madam PAC-Man and I’d wear it to work! It’s amazing!

  130. Raine

    If I was the lucky winner I’d choose the men’s Trendy Tartan. I can never resist a great plaid and I love menswear over skirts. This is something that could easily be fun to style year round. What fun!

  131. Anonymous

    Love the Winter Woods suit for my boy would be wonderful

  132. Anthea Holloway

    I would choose the Dapper Decorator for my son – very festive and bright!

  133. Emily Hutchinson

    oh the choices! I think it would have to be the Pacman suit

  134. Krzysia

    Miss Rudolph would be my choice. I would probably wear it any time. any place and anywhere but especially during the winter season.

  135. Phillip Ross

    The trendy tartan is amazing

  136. Jessica Barber

    Ooh it’d have to be the winter woods suit to wear on Christmas Day!

  137. Diana

    The Winter Woman – the bright sight of winter. I love it and would wear it on our work Christmas meal 🙂

  138. Cathryn Crawshaw

    Winter Woods suit

  139. Katie Kingsbury

    Festive Girl suit would be great for Christmas lunch.

  140. Rachel White

    I’d choose the queen of hearts and I’d wear it everywhere!

  141. Louise

    I would wear the Nordic Noelle to my work on Christmas eve then down the pub that night for a cheeky Christmas drink

  142. Emilia Nastaly-Howard

    The winter woman, I’d love it for Christmas Day

  143. Ash R

    I love the boys winter wonderland outfit, id put it on my son on Christmas Day! 🙂

  144. Samantha Fernley

    I would choose Harlequeen to be a spooky clown next Halloween or maybe I should choose Black-O-Jacko for my man.

  145. Kim Murray

    Lavish London would be great for my daughters boyfriend to wear to his office party x

  146. Angela Kelly

    I love the Madam PacMan design. Embarrassingly, I’d probably wear it for work as separates.

  147. Allan Fullarton

    Nordic Noel for me, looks really fun!! Really hope i win!

  148. Tracy Clark

    The fine pine suit to wear at our Christmas party at our local club

  149. Liz T

    Starstruck suit for my son to wear to school prom. He would stand out!

  150. Ian

    I’d go for the ICONICOOL suit and wear it to the christmas party

  151. Charmaine Dance

    I love Nordic Noelle, so Christmassy!

  152. Mandy Betts

    I would pick the lumberjackie suit and I would wear it Christmas Day when I visit my family!

  153. Vicky Hawkins

    I would choose the WINTER WOMAN suit and i would wear this fab outfit to work!

  154. Emma Gallagher

    I would pick Fancy Fireworks for my husband to wear Christmas. He loves these suits and has been wearing oppo suits for a few years.

  155. Jamie Millard

    wow – the PAC-MAN suit is incredible, would love that.

  156. Monica Gilbert

    I’d get my husband the Merry pinstripe to wear to work. I think he’d be willing to wear something a bit more subdued, but still a bit cheeky.

  157. Bec James

    The lumberjackie is ammmazing!!!

  158. Anonymous

    The red and white stripey one with christmas trees and reindeers.
    Would definitely wear it to Work Christmas Party.

  159. Harry Truss

    The red and white stripey one with christmas trees and reindeers.
    Would definitely wear it to Work Christmas Party.

  160. Rachael Sexey

    jungle jane! I’d wear it all the time and everywhere especially on the school run 🎅🎅

  161. Emily Fowler

    They’re all amazing, ha ha, but I’d definitely go for the Winter Woman suit

  162. sharon martin

    i’d choose the Merry Mario Suit for my son to wear to his works xmas party

  163. sarah parker

    I love the festive green one 🙂

  164. Helen Thurston

    I’d choose the Lumberjackie suit – I’d wear for Christmas and into the New Year. (sad that there are no Star Wars suits for women though)

  165. christine westlake

    trendy tartan – great for all my christmas do’s

  166. Becky Martin

    Has to be Madam Pacman 😀

  167. Monika Bascombe

    I’d choose DASHING DECORATOR for Office Christmas dinner

  168. Karen Dixon

    I would wear Miss Rudolph to work on xmas eve. Also would wear it on xmas day for the family dinner.

  169. Alex Hill

    I would love to wear this round the office at Christmas 😀

  170. Jodie Green

    I love the Dashing

    • Jodie Green

      Sorry hit enter by accident!! I love the dashing decorator design and i think it would be perfect for our Christmas meal out 🙂

  171. Aaron Milne

    These are so much fun everyone should have one

  172. Hayley Lynch

    I would choose the LumberJackie .Tartan means I could wear on occasions other than Xmas and mix and match with other outfits easily .I would wear for work to cheer customers up !

  173. AG

    My husband is majorly obsessed with these, so I’d have to let him have it if I won… It would be so cool to have matching Christmas suits though!

  174. Philip Rogers

    I’d wear the Merry Mario suit to as many parties as possible. In fact I might even gatecrash some, haha!!

  175. Emma Davison

    Tough choice between nordic Noelle and winter woman. I would wear the suit to work.

  176. Kim d

    I’d choose the Harley Quinn suit for my daughter. She loves bright colours and would wear this on as many occasions as possible

  177. Nikki Stewart

    Fine Pine for husband’s Christmas Party night

  178. Alexander Beaven

    Santaboss of which I would wear it to Christmas party packed full of celebrities & very glamorous people that I luckily been invited too.

  179. ellie spider

    has to be dashing decorator love the pattern on it

  180. Roisin

    I’d gift it to my partner to wear to his works Xmas party

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