Win a Pair of Thermolactyl Bootee Slippers from Damart

Ever since I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia I have found myself feeling the extremes in temperatures more and more. In the winter, of course, I find myself often very cold and that is where a good pair of slippers comes in handy and to make sure one of you stays warm and cosy this Christmas season I have teamed up with the great people of Damart to offer you the chance to win a pair of Thermolactyl Bootee slippers.

Thermolactyl Bootee in Red

How wonderfully warm do they look?

As you may have guessed by the name these slippers utilise Damarts Thermolactyl technology, which is of course known for its insulation quality, offering a wonderfully warm and soft slipper. What's more these slippers also offer a secure, snug fit to make sure your steady on your feet where ever you are around the home.

Coming in both red or blue, the Thermolactyl Bootee Slippers are just perfect for both when you want to put your feet up, or when you are rushing around getting the home ready for the festive period. What's more, for a bootie style slipper, they are really pocket-friendly coming in at ยฃ25 (on sale right now however for ยฃ20) and in sizes 3 – 7. Yes, these slippers run in proper sizings, meaning you don't have to guess if you should be a small, medium or large.

If however, these aren't up your street, then do check out the wide range of slippers Damart have on offer, many of which also make the most of their Thermolactyl technology.

Of course, I mentioned at the start myself and Damart have teamed up to give a pair away and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is head over to the Damart website and let me know:
What is your favourite item they have on sale?

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Good Luck!

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  1. Sadiyya Maryam

    These look so cosy. I have circulation problems so I am always freezing! I like the Womensโ€™s thermal pants to wear under my jeans when I am
    doing the school runs!

  2. Debbie Wilce

    They look so snuggly and cosy. I suffer with Raynauds Disease so really feel the cold in my feet. My slippers have got holes in them, I’ve been waiting for my hubby tp notice

  3. Laura Jeffs

    I really love their 2-in-1 jumper, it’s my favourite item

  4. Susan Lloyd

    I love all their slippers x

  5. iain maciver

    love the slippers

  6. Jennifer Hull

    Thermolacty blotter slippers…went to the damart site..and tried to order three pairs of slippers and all out of stock…wanted boottee snugly slippers…all gone๐Ÿ˜˜

  7. Lindsey Stuart

    I love the slippers and the Down parka! Very nice, perfect for the winter

  8. Tracy Nixon

    Their pink fluffy Thermolactyl Bootee

  9. Joo Dee

    when i was working, always got Damart thermolactyl under garments, kept me lovely and warm!

  10. Tee Simpson

    Love the Thermolactyl Coat

  11. Christine Dodd

    Their cashmere edge to edge cardigan – I have one

  12. Katie

    love the thermal clothing… think I need them as I’m always cold!

  13. Kim Neville

    I like the Thermolactyl Coat

  14. Layla Thomas

    I love the cashmere edge to edge cardigan

  15. Claire C

    I love the pyjamas

  16. Margaret Gallagher

    Thermalactyle coat -we have golfball sized gallstones today – this BEAUTY would keep me sweet

  17. Ashleigh Allan

    The slippers

  18. Ritchie

    Short Sleeved Thermal Vest

  19. Solange

    I like the Thermolactyl Coat.

  20. Cath English

    The printed parka looks great and wearable all year round

  21. Rachel Craig

    Fleece, Light Grey Print.

  22. Lesley Callaghan

    nice and cosy!

  23. Jennifer ODay

    Edge to edge cardigan for sure

  24. Angela Treadway

    Floral Printed Parka x

  25. Catherine Barton

    Thermolactyl Coat

  26. Lula Mercer

    The Robin Duvet Set

  27. Rebecca Brown

    The thermolactyl coat, but all their slippers look fab too!

  28. Kevin000

    Men’s polo shirt

  29. Lisa Day

    I like the Patchwork Parka it’s a lovely colour.

  30. Sue McCarthy

    The Coat Ref : W520X in red

  31. Helen Stratton

    They do really good thermals.

  32. Ray Dodds

    The Cashmere edge to edge cardigan

  33. jo liddement

    The Thermolactyl Coat looks snuggly and warm and i love the Opal colour

  34. Tracy Hanley

    Love the Crochet Detail Dress, im thinking of my summer holiday already

  35. Anneka Avery

    These slippers!!! I have fibromyalgia too so understand everything you said and would love to win! Finding decent slippers is hard with fibromyalgia and the weather makes the condition worse!

  36. Kim Christianson

    I adore their slippers ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ

  37. clair downham

    Thermolactyl Coat to keep me warm at footie

  38. Anne Soulsby

    I’d love to win those too keep my feet cosy this winter

  39. Sarah Cuttle

    I love their clothes. x

  40. Andrea Fletcher

    I like the Floral watch.

  41. Laura Pritchard

    The Starlight Forest Duvet Set

  42. hannah Wood

    The LED Star .x

  43. lynn savage

    They do a very nice long-line Thermolactyl cardigan with big buttons and lined pockets

  44. Jessi m

    The Christmas cushion and blanket ๐Ÿ˜

  45. Margaret Clarkson

    The Lace dress, it’s very elegant.

  46. Fay

    I like the Shantar Duvet Set, it would look lovely in my bedroom

  47. Tracy Newton

    Their pink fluffy Thermolactyl Bootee look nice and cosy

  48. Ruth Harwood

    loving this sweater:
    Black Marble

  49. Nikki Hayes

    I love their Thermoalctyl Pyjamas – they would go perfectly with these lovely slippers :o)

  50. Anthony

    Thermolactyl T-shirts

  51. claire woods

    Knitting Bag

  52. melanie stirling

    The pink penguin sweater.

  53. Angie McDonald

    My favourite item has to be the Milano Jacket!

  54. Zoe C

    the Thermolactyl Faux Fur Trim Thermal Boots, look so comfy

  55. Kelly Glen

    They do some really nice practical but stylish coats.

  56. Heather Haigh

    The thermals – long pants and tee shirts, so cosy

  57. Sallyanne Gooch

    These are just what I need. I suffer from Raynauds so these would keep my toes cosy in the evenings.

  58. Maria P

    Pair of Dickensian robins

  59. Bethany Smart

    Hard to choose, but probably the pyjamas

  60. C Whitlow

    The knitted cap or the grey hat.

  61. Caroline H

    My mum got me in to Damart. They make some lovely clothing for non 20-somethings but for me at that age weren’t quite for me. Being an outdoorsy type though I did get in to their thermals, like the leggings and vests and fast forward to today and they are still my go-to.

  62. amy bondoc

    love the round neck flurry cardigan

  63. Clare H

    I love this dress magenta plain

  64. Emma Nixon

    Like the look of their thermolactyl-coat

  65. Maureen Findley

    the bedding

  66. Suzanne

    The parka

  67. Barbara Knight

    I like the velour dress in red.

  68. terri kelly

    They have some lovely comfy looking pyjamas

  69. sarah birkett

    Cushions and throws. everytime I go in I want some new ones, especially at Christmas

  70. laura banks

    the slippers they look so cosy

  71. Judy Kennedy

    Pack of 2 Therma T-shirts

  72. Maggie Coates

    I like their jumpers.

  73. Kathy Cakebread

    i love the ones you featured super cute

  74. Emma Hutchings

    the fleece dressing gown

  75. Judith Allen

    Their Down Parka, and love those Christmas slippers.

  76. Jessica Powell

    The embellished blue dress is really pretty.

  77. Debbie W

    They have a gorgeous handbag which I really love
    Colourblock Bag

  78. Katie Kingsbury

    The Pea Coat.

  79. Sian Hallewell

    I’m loving the round neck fluffy cardigan

  80. Alix boswell

    I love the slippers and the thermostatyl coat!

  81. Lucy

    I like the look of these slippers best I think! ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Christina Palmer

    I love the look of cashmere edge to edge cardigan

  83. June Lord

    I like the Thermal Crew-neck Sweater in Emerald.

  84. Valerie Seal

    Their pyjamas I love.These are my favourite:
    Thermal Pyjamas

  85. Emily Henley

    I love the Checked Coat!

  86. Lynsey Buchanan

    I love the Robin Duvet Set so pretty/

  87. Charlotte

    the chequed duffel coat is lovely!

  88. Lisa Wilkinson

    I love the colour of the Print Dress K139X

  89. Gayatri Gogoi

    I think their Thermal Pyjamas are fab for winter

  90. Elizabeth Smith

    The floral printed parka is lovely

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