Win Munchy Max from Fartist Club

Win Munchy Max from Fartist Club


Toilet humour.

We've all been there and found it funny.

I'm sure there are hardly any of your which can deny you've cracked a smile when someone's trumped.

It is impossible to deny though.

There is only one group who find it the funniest.



Fartist Club

Have you heard of Fartist Club?


Well, let me tell you all about them.

Recently released into the world by Eolo Toys. They are a collection to gross you out!

This gang of gassy friends includes; Farty Flip, Windy Wendy, Ripping Randy and Munchy Max.

Each of them has master the art of the fart!

Coming in at 12cm tall, each fartist club member has a repertoire of 10 unique fart sounds. (Hey who would ever guess I would be writing that).

To make them let rip, you just grab that pinky and pull!

What's more each of them comes with a fart delay function. Meaning you can set it up and then make everyone jump when they don't expect that toot.

Munchy Max from Fartist Club Image Back

Munchy Max

Munchy Max is the dirtiest of dogs. Yet is a loyal pooch to his friends.

His motto is “clean is mean” and he is always on the lookout for the mouldy munch. Think fungus, maggots, fleas or flies, as they aren't going to hold this dog back!

No rubbish bin is safe when Munchy Max is on the prowl for his grub if it smells bad – he's there.

However, the down (or up) side of this is it helps him let one go in a constant flow.

So go on, pull is paw – but only if you dare.

If you want to know more about the Fartist Club you can follow their adventures in the webisodes here.

While you can also take the adventure further by downloading the app, where you can sweet fart music with the help of DJ Fart.

The Fartist Club range is available now from places such as Argos, Smyths, Asda, The Entertainer and more!

Munchy Max from Fartist Club Image Back


If you are fancying welcoming a Munchy Max into your home, well here's how you can enter.

Let me know using 8 words or more:
Who would you love to pull a fartist prank on? Would you get them pulling the paw, or would you set him to let rip and run?

Munchy Max

Good Luck!




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Win Munchy Max from Fartist Club

This article has 144 comments

  1. Anonymous

    They SOUND hilarious – my nephews would love to recieve a fart ! Would gross them out

  2. Debbi Ruskin

    I would aim this at my son for sure as he constantly “trumps” & has no shame! Lol


    I think that my granddaughter would find this absolutely hilarious, she loves dogs, and I know this would tickle her sense of humour

  4. iain maciver

    this is amazing plenty I would prank with family first ,let it rip

  5. Sandra Fortune

    I think I’d get my hubby back with this he used to do really loud ones in the middle of town and the Supermarket then shout ‘Ooh Sandra!’ Could be payback time

  6. Sue Southwick

    Could of loads of fun with him. Especially my brother in laws!

  7. Vivien Baird

    I have a Grandson who would love this

  8. Chris Andrews

    ooohhh l could have a lot of fun with this when my grandsons come for a sleepover


    I’d prank my grandchildren with it, they would think it hilarious

  10. Martina Pichova

    My son would love to play with this. I think he would just get it to fart all the time, especially to his grandparents…

  11. julie henderson

    my work mates in my new job as nursery assistant

  12. Angela treadway

    I would get my own back on my other half lol x

  13. Sean eccles

    My boy is a huge prankster he would let it rip and run on his teachers for sure πŸ™‚

  14. Catherine McAlinden

    I’d love to prank my kids, payback for all the stunts they pull on me!

  15. Susie Wilkinson

    We would all find it hysterical at home, but I don’t think I could resist taking it to work and setting if off, I work in a Children’s Centre, so we can get away with things like that!

  16. Solange

    I would love to pull a fartist prank on my son. I would set him to let rip and run.

  17. Leela

    I would love to try this on my kids. Let it go and run!

  18. melanie stirling

    I would set it to let rip on my dad, he would think it was funny.

  19. Sarah-Jane Carter

    I would get my partner back let rip and run xx

  20. Laura Turner

    I would love to sneak a whoopie cushion under my nephew’s chair in the cinema when he comes back from the toilet. It’ll be so dark he won’t see it.

  21. mel betteridge

    My son would love it when he trumps he says oops big fart and finds it hilarious!!

  22. Alice Dixon

    Oh this sounds so funny, I think me and the kids would set it up on delay for their dad, it would be hilarious to see his reaction.

  23. Clare Hubbard

    My sons would love this, they would find it hilarious to prank their dad!

  24. Karen

    My stepson as I call him fart arse

  25. Ray Becker

    I would set up our grandson

  26. Sally Collingwood

    My grandson Alwxander would think this is great, anything to do with farting is hyterical!!


    i would def set it at let rip and run for my youngest son, he would be hysterical with this….so funny!

  28. Sarah Mcvicar

    Oh it would be my daughter he he

  29. Mike Cuss

    I’d use this with my Dad. He’s 82 and still finds farts hilarious !

  30. Susan Trubey

    I would set him to let rip on Peter.

  31. Jamie Piper

    would love to pull a fartist prank on my family without the smell

  32. Dale Dow

    I would pull the prank on my brother since he always pranks on me, you wouldn’t think he was nearly 40! I would let rip and run

  33. Joo Dee

    this would be a great prank for the nieces little ones, they would crack up for sure!!

  34. Elzbieta Znyk

    I would prank my daughters, they would love it, will be so funny for them.

  35. Liz C

    My little boy would love this – toilet humour all the way at 8 years old…


    I think it would have to be on my niece i would let it rip and run very fast!

  37. Jessica Powell

    I’d play it on my husband – have him let rip and run!

  38. john prendergast

    I would prank my wife she hates it when i fart

  39. Ruth Harwood

    We’d love to pull a prank on my eldest son as he’d definitely see the funny side!!

  40. Rachel Frances

    sooo cuuute would love to have one

  41. Ursula Hunt

    I would set up my grandson and I would set him off and let him run

  42. Jean Cassell

    My granddaughters would love to get their hands on one of these.

  43. stacey turner

    Oh my daughter would absolutely love this. She finds farts hildarious

  44. Catherine Stewart

    I’d prank my niece Poppy as she’s always playing prank on me!

  45. Lorna Ledger

    I would prank my niece and nephew, I don’t think they’d get tired of the joke

  46. Pam Francis Gregory

    Would have to be the hubby. He would find this so funny!

  47. Nicola Marshall

    My kids would love this especially my little boy who is always trying to prank us all with his farts. I think we would be pranking him with this.

  48. Geri Gregg

    My son would love this x

  49. Lydia Joy

    I’d prank my son Rhys because he thinks he’s super funny and I want to show him I’m funny too!

  50. Lynn Neal

    I would love to play a trick on my grandchildren!

  51. Dean T

    I would on my so, she is Greek and doesnt find such stuff funny (but i do)

  52. sallie burrows

    our grandchildren would think let rip and run very funny

  53. Susan B

    One of my friends has a great sense of humour so I would try the rip and run on her.

  54. Shelley Jessup

    My God-Daughter would be one I pay a fart prank on first because I know she would be in fits & giggles and will have to play the joke on her family members!

  55. Anonymous

    let rip and run of course what kinda questions that :’) there is only one right answer pmsl jokes but yeah Id set him to let rip and run

  56. Rachel Butterworth

    I would play a Fartist prank on my Dad, because His farts stink lousy.

  57. claire griffiths

    i would pull the fartiest prank on my partner i would let rip and run

  58. Natasha Mairs

    My son would just love this!! He would love pulling pranks with it on his nanna

  59. Kim Carberry

    I think it would be good to prank my girls. I would let rip and run. hehehe

  60. vanessa ball

    My nephews, rip and run

  61. Amy Bondoc

    I’d prank my my dad he wuld find it hilarious

  62. Jo Hutchings

    My little boy would absolutely love this it would keep him in stitches for hours.

  63. Natalie Crossan

    I’d prank my Dad – and i’d deffo set it off and run – mwahaha

  64. Angela Sharp

    This toy really suits my son, he loves anything to do with farts

  65. Elaine Saberi

    My grandchildren would love this, they enjoy a good trump!!

  66. lee

    my brother

  67. Tee Simpson

    I think I would prank my nephew. I would get him to pull the paw for the prank and I think he would laugh his socks off.

  68. Jackie Howell

    set him to let rip and run from twins rose and teresa who would love him as obsessed with farts and all things poo!

  69. Claire W

    Lol all of my family especially my two and i would get them to pull his paw and get ready for the giggles! Great fun!

  70. Katie B

    We would do it at grandad and run away. But grandad has taught us that ladies don’t fight, they pass wind πŸ˜‚


    I think that my son would find this absolutely hilarious, he loves dogs, and I know this would tickle his sense of humour!

  72. leanne weir

    l could have a lot of fun with this against my 2 boys



  74. Jodie Green

    has to be my husband!

  75. kelly wheelhouse

    This looks great! I’d set it to go off near my nephew and run


    My grand daughters would love this windy dog.

  77. Claire Woods

    My son and I’d slip and run

  78. Rich Tyler

    My little 1 would love this, let rip on nan & grandad!

  79. Laura Wheatley

    It would have to be my youngest daughter we are always pranking each other

  80. Vikki Sanderson

    I’d love to wind the kids up!

  81. Maria

    I’m always pranking my bf so this would be fun

  82. zoe brown

    my partner would love this

  83. stephanie

    sister would love

  84. Maggie Coates

    I’d prank the family with it.

  85. jacqui rushton

    I would prank my partner with it – would be hilarious

  86. michelle o'neill

    i would prank my grandaughter

  87. Sam Parkes

    Would prank my daughter she loves anything that involves bodily functions. Would let it rip

  88. Emma Howard

    My boys would absolutely love this! I’d let rip!!

  89. Claire Nutman

    100% my Dad, growing up he used to play the pull my finger game, he is so gross lol !

  90. Stephanie Whitehurst

    My husband as he is always pulling pranks on me and our kids.

  91. Ema J Lowe

    my son, he would be in fits of laughter from it

  92. Anonymous


  93. Lyndsey Cooksey

    Both! Rip and run and pull the paw! Especially as it’s what my hubby does and my little nephew doesn’t have chuckle when he does it! He would love this game

  94. Anonymous

    It has to be my son, he drops one in the supermarket for fun

  95. Anna Sherratt

    Would love to get my son pulling the paw, he is always playing fart jokes on others.

  96. janine atkin

    id drop a silent but deadly

  97. Sheri Darby

    My sons would love this

  98. Amanda w

    Id love to prank my 5year old. She’d find it hilarious!!!

  99. Ashleigh Allan

    My son who would love this and find it very funny

  100. Melanie Pendrey

    The grandchildren would find this so funny

  101. Samantha O'D

    My daughters, let rip and run

  102. Natalie Jones

    My kids, with a let rip and run lol

  103. Carl Peakock

    Used to always play pranks when I was younger and still do. My office work colleagues would all love this. I’d have to place him on the bosses desk and let Munchy Max do his thing haha

  104. Ash R

    Haha this looks fun! I’d love
    To play a prank on my son, definitely let him let rip and run! Thanks

  105. Samantha Fernley

    I’d prank my son, he would laugh and laugh at the noise. Would be a lot of fun for him.

  106. Anonymous

    My son would be in for a fart attack, mwahahaha how the tables would turn lol

  107. Emily Hutchinson

    Definitely my nephews!

  108. gaynor Vincent

    My teenage son – for obvious reasons! Perhaps he will then take a hint!

  109. Jo

    My boys would absolutely love this – what is it with kids and toilet humour!? I would trick them with it first, would be so funny!

  110. Faye Reed

    I would prank my children, getting them to pull the leg.

  111. Angela Kelly

    I’d play the prank on my nephew. He’s nine years old so fart humour is right up his street!

  112. Sally Letts

    Nephews !- biggest pranksters ; love to get them back!

  113. James Donovan

    i would love to play a prank on my kids. I would just let it rip

  114. Jade Bremner

    I would pull a prank on my daughter but she finds farts hilarious so it would be a good prank.

  115. MichelleD

    Let rip and run- my Daughter would find this hilarious!

  116. Joanna Nichol

    My sister as she would find this hilarious!

  117. looly6355

    i would love to see my great nephews face, i know my son and nephew would find it funny but not too sure about my GN.

  118. Nichola Johnston

    Great prize, thank you for the opportunity! πŸ™‚

  119. Eileen Tingle

    I would love to play tricks on my grandchildren in retaliation for all the tricks they play on me

  120. Diana

    I would get my partner because he always gets me! I would let rip and run.

  121. Emma Middleton

    I would give this to my nephew so he could trick his grandad with it, would love to see there faces when it went off

  122. Cathryn Crawshaw

    perfect for my daughter Ava

  123. Adrian Bold

    I would play tricks on my nephew as he loves wind ups πŸ™‚ Thanks for the competition!

  124. Geoff Hibbert

    I’d prank all my friends, they all like a good laugh

  125. Rebecca Whatmore

    My nephew – he’d find it very amusing and would giggle lots!

  126. Rachael Sexey

    All of my family especially my two and i would get them to pull his paw and get ready for the chuckles. This looks so much fun ❀

  127. Emma Davison

    I’d give it to my goddaughter and her brother for them to decide who to prank.

  128. Carla Carthy

    I would love to win this for my daughter she is always talking about farting and poo πŸ™‚

  129. sharon martin

    i’d prank my son by getting him to pull the loo roll

  130. Denise walton

    My grandson Tommy he would find it hilarious

  131. Jeanette Leighton

    My daughter Sheriah would love this it looks a lot of fun

  132. Debbie Burfoot

    my son loves to play pranks on people so this would be ideal for him:) very funny

  133. Job

    okay, this is epic.

  134. Terrie-Ann Wright

    This game likes so much fun, and I know one of my nieces in particular would love it. I would set her up for a great big fart hahaha!

  135. Karen Dixon

    My niece would love laugh her head off at this!!

  136. Wes M

    I would definitely love to prank my children

  137. Rachael Obrien

    My son ! He finds farts hilarious ! I’d set him to rip and run haha !

  138. Catherine Gregory

    I’d prank my 1 year old who is thinks any farts are hilarious so I’d set it to let it rip and run πŸ˜‚

  139. Katie m

    My little sister she would find it really funny

  140. Tammy Neal

    My niece would find this funny x

  141. paula cheadle

    one of my granddaughter’s

  142. ellie spider

    I’d prank my nephew hes 26 -I’d have him pull a paw lol

  143. Monika Bascombe

    I would definitely prank my hubby – he deserves a good farting prank

  144. Maria Gill

    I would set him to let rip and run on my boyfriend! I owe him! lol

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