Win Itty Bittys

Win Itty Bittys

Have you ever wondered what your favourite characters might look like if only they were a bit more, well, itty bitty? Adan Chung did and as he sketched out his ideas, Itty Bittys were born.

Itty Bittys take some of the most iconic characters and turn them into these small, yet perfectly formed soft toys. Making them perfect for young and old alike, be they for carrying around in small hands or lining up on display in pride of place.

So far Itty Bittys are available from Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel, The Wizard of Oz, Peanuts and Scooby Doo just to name and few and that it of course just for now. As Itty Bittys are an ever-expanding collection, with more being realised all of the time, including some special limited editions, which are perfect for those who like to add something extra special to their collections.

Personally, having had a good look over some of the Itty Bittys on offer, I have to say they are aย lovely soft toy, which is just perfect for anyone no matter the age, or character they adore. For instance, I think I may just have to start collecting all the dogs, Snoopy and Scooby Doo must be mine! While Ash loves all things Marvel and DC. Plus, with them being rather, well, itty bitty you aren't going to need a large area to store these special friends.

If you would like to view the selection of Itty Bittys you can buy right now you can view their page over on the Hallmark website, or check their store over on Amazon*, where each Itty Bitty costs ยฃ6.

The lovely people over at Hallmarks the makers of Itty Bittys have offered me a surprise selection of Itty Bittys to giveaway right here on the blog and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is let me know:
Which Itty Bitty is your favourite?ย 

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Good Luck!

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This article has 302 comments

  1. Ali Duke

    Wonder Woman! She is awesome!

  2. tracy nixon

    Out of the above, Wonder Woman!

  3. Samantha Fernley

    They’re all so cute, I like C-3PO and also Harley Quinn. Super little gifts.

  4. Kelly K

    My favorite is Wonder Woman!

  5. Mindy DeLisi

    Joker or Wonder Women are my favorite!

  6. Kay Sherman

    Has to be the joker

  7. latanya

    spider man

  8. kev banham

    the joker

  9. Margaret gallagher


  10. Ashleigh Allan


  11. Sarah

    I love the Wonder Woman one. She’s awesome. Thank you for the chance to win. x

  12. Mark Mccaffery

    The Joker

  13. Kim Neville

    I like Wonder woman

  14. Charlotte

    wonder woman is so cute xD

  15. Amie

    Spider-Man ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. iain maciver


  17. Carolle Wieler

    The Joker, such a character!

  18. Bev

    The Joker!

  19. Alice Dixon

    Sliderman, he’s both my sons favourite too

  20. Alex Fowler

    the joker

  21. Kim Carberry

    Ohh! They are all very cute. I do like the Wonder Woman one x

  22. Margaret Mccaffery

    Love the Flash Itty Bitty

  23. Callie

    Wonder woman!

  24. Louisa

    Spiderman x

  25. Julia Lawson

    Chewie, he’s so cute!

  26. sarah rees


  27. Sharon jones

    I love Spider-Man ?

  28. Adrienne McGroder


  29. Angela Treadway

    Spiderman x

  30. melanie stirling

    The Joker.

  31. Susie Wilkinson

    It’s a toss up between Yoda and Chewbacca!

  32. Sarah Mccaffery

    I would love the Spiderman!

  33. Solange

    My favourite is Wonder Woman.

  34. Natalie Newham

    I like the Marvel & DC ones ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. Kayleigh Watkins

    I love wonder woman xxx

  36. Rachael Emery

    The joker is fab !!

  37. Lindsey Smith

    The Joker is my favourite ?

  38. Dana Germain

    The flash!

  39. Angie McDonald

    My favourite is The Joker!

  40. Sue McCarthy


  41. Gill Williams


  42. Emma Daniels

    I love wonder woman, but iron man and chewbacca are super cool too! How do you choose!

  43. Lyndsey

    love spider-man

  44. Helen Stratton

    I love Flash.

  45. Clare Hubbard

    I love the little Spider-Man

  46. Jade Hewlett

    I like the Wonder Woman one

  47. Bianca Munoz

    They’re all awesome. But Wonder Woman is my favorite!

  48. Joo Dee

    Wonder Woman

  49. lisa dolatowski

    Its got to be Wonder Woman for me! She rocks her curves!

  50. Catherine Stewart

    The joker!

  51. amanda walsh

    Wonder Woman!

  52. Keith Hunt


  53. Hali Kinson

    The Joker

  54. Angela Paull

    The Joker!!

  55. Margaret Clarkson

    Wonder Woman

  56. Polly


  57. Fiona

    I love the Star Wars ones!

  58. Claire Nutman


  59. Suzanne

    The joker.

  60. Ruth Harwood

    love the Joker xx

  61. Kelly Glen


  62. Suzanne Jackson

    I like the look of the little Spiderman


    They are all so cute hard to decide but I do like Wonder Woman

  64. Katie Howell

    The joker ๐Ÿ™‚

  65. DEBBIE W

    Chewbacca, he’s all furry and cute!

  66. stuart hargreaves

    The Joker is our favourite, little super heros for little people

  67. Charlene Aldred

    The Joker! ๐Ÿ™‚

  68. claire griffiths

    joker and chewbacca

  69. abigail edkins

    The spiderman

  70. Alexa Schoolar

    Spiderman! xx

  71. Fozia Akhtar

    Spider man

  72. Stacey Carnell

    I love the starwars one ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. Laura Pritchard

    The Spiderman Itty Bitty

  74. Vicki Joanne

    Wonder Woman! So cute.

  75. James McLaughlin

    Has to be Spiderman one of favourite super heroes now and growing up. My daughter is also turning out to be a big spidey fan to.

  76. Sidrah Ahmed

    I love the spiderman

  77. Edward Guerreiro

    I like the Joker the most. Although, the Spiderman is a very close second.

  78. julie henderson

    jar jar binks

  79. Kim Draper

    My nephew’s favourite is SpiderMan.

  80. Sarah Fielding

    Wonder woman for sure!

  81. Inga Andersen

    I really like the Joker, he’s a colouful character ๐Ÿ™‚

  82. Vicki D

    I love the Harley Quinn itty bitty

  83. jade rice

    has to be joker tho they are all cool ๐Ÿ˜€

  84. Sally Collingwood

    Wonder Woman

  85. Ann-Marie Gould

    The Joker is my favourite

  86. laura banks

    i like the joker

  87. Isabel O

    Aaaah, aren’t they diddy (or…itty bitty haha) and cute?! I love the Spiderman one, I don’t know why but he’s extra extra cute I think.

  88. Nick Hubbard


  89. Danielle Spencer

    Spiderman has to be my favourite itty bitty.

  90. Mark R

    Chewbacca is favourite here

  91. Terri-Louise Dudey

    Me and my son love the joker


    Wonder woman.

  93. Debbie Burfoot

    Spiderman is the fave here

  94. Rebecca Sutton

    Mine is wonder woman.

  95. Kerry Kilmister

    My girls and I love Wonder Woman

  96. claire woods


  97. Jen Schofield

    Wonder Woman

  98. Caroline H

    Wizard of Oz Dorothy

  99. Helen Tovell

    The tin man from the wizard of Oz is our favourite

  100. Jane H Shaw

    Love chewbacca thanks

  101. Jenni

    I’ve not seen these around before, they look really cute! I like the Spiderman and Joker!

  102. Hannah Wallington


  103. rebecca h

    I love the wonder woman! love to give it to my Mum as she is a wonder woman herself!

  104. david crabb

    Always the Joker…one of my favourite characters of all time.

  105. Silvia Prizzi

    Wonder woman ๐Ÿ™‚

  106. leanne weir

    Has to be the joker

  107. leanne weir

    Has to be the joker for me

  108. jo liddement

    Wonder Woman is my favourite

  109. Cassandra Mayers

    The wonderwoman one is amazing!

  110. Emma h


  111. katrina adams

    Harley Quinn! Love her heheh

  112. Emily Hutchinson

    Wonder Woman

  113. Kim M

    Supergirl x

  114. Rebecca Alderson

    My fave Itty Bitty has to be Captain America

  115. Jo Hutchings

    I think the Wonder Woman one’s my favourite.

  116. christine taylor

    I think Spiderman has got to be my fave, he’s just so cute x

  117. Jo Carroll

    From the selection I really like Spiderman – even though his mask seems to give him a slightly ‘annoyed’ expression (adds to the cuteness). My favourite Itty Bittys are the gang from Charlie Brown ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. OP


  119. Angela Wilcox

    I love them all but especially Chewbacca

  120. Jemma Dwyer

    joker x

  121. Monica Gilbert

    From those, The Flash. In general, I enjoy the Batman one. I always find making a dark character cute to be funny.

  122. Emma Salter

    I really like the Joker

  123. Alix Boswell

    The joker

  124. lynn neal

    Joker is my favourite!

  125. Alison Johnson

    Love Chewbacca

  126. Stevie

    These are great. I’d pick out Spider-man from the range.

  127. tammy westrup

    My son says his favourite is the spiderman one

  128. maria blythin

    the spiderman x

  129. Jodie A Green

    out of all of them i love Chewbacca Itty Bitty

  130. Arabella Bazley

    I’m not sure you can have a favourite when there are so many fabulous ones to choose from. I love the Joker, the Tin Man and Lion from Wizard of Oz and the Guardians of The Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Itty Bitty. And many more!

  131. Anneka Avery

    The joker for me! ???

  132. Samantha Atherton



    the joker

  134. Rachel Craig

    Wonder Woman

  135. Rebecca Phillips

    I love the Harley Quinn!

  136. Tracy Newton

    The Spider-Man Itsy Bitsy is fantastic. My son would love to own him.

  137. Kelly Daugherty

    OUt of the Itty Bittys shown I would choose Joker. He isn’t my favourite character, and even I would have thought I’d choose Wonder Woman.. But there is just something so adorable about the Joker Itty Bitty.. He is soooo cuuuutte!!!!

  138. Sian Budgen

    Spiderman is my favourite

  139. Emma Fox

    The Joker from the ones above.

  140. Caroline Kelly

    They’re all so cute – the superhero girls for me – can’t choose one!

  141. Rich Tyler

    Harley Quinn

  142. Lea Mavin


  143. Rebecca Mercer

    Wonder Woman


    My daughter loves Harley Quinn so I would have to say that is my fave ๐Ÿ™‚

  145. Marylyn Hammersley

    How on earth do you choose a favourite out of this collection – I would probably go for Darth Vader Itsy Bitsy, evil and cuteness rolled into one!

  146. Lizzie E

    I love Spiderman!

  147. amy bondoc

    the espider man one is my favourite x

  148. Melissa Lee

    I like the Spiderman one

  149. Kirsty Hosty

    I love the joker

  150. Dawn Andrews

    Wonder Woman

  151. john prendergast

    Wonder Woman

  152. michelle speight


  153. Leila Benhamida

    Will pick wonder woman.

  154. Katie Skeoch

    Jabba the Hutt, the new Itty Bitty!

  155. Natalie in Turner

    The Joker is cute!

  156. Kyomi Johnson

    Love the joker think he’s cool

  157. Michelle Ferguson

    I like Wonder Woman

  158. Kelly White


  159. Emma Loftus

    My spidy senses are tingling ๐Ÿ™‚

  160. Lauren Fox

    My youngest has a obsession with The Joker after watching Batman Lego lol we even had to find him on a lunchbox :p
    Thanks so much for the chance

  161. Rachell Lynch

    the joker

  162. Steph

    I like Chewbacca and Scooby-Doo.

  163. c.m

    i like the joker.

  164. Jennifer Oppel

    The joker is seriously adorable

  165. Renee G

    Yoda is my favorite.

  166. alice minx

    Of the ones pictured, Joker is my favorite

  167. Debbie E

    HarleyQuinn is my favorite

  168. Kellie Steed

    They are all so cool, but in terms of cuteness, I think Batman wins so that’s my favourite one of all. From the above, Spider-man!

  169. Rachael O'Brien

    I’d be very grateful to win a spiderman one for my son ! Cute prize thankyou for a chance x

  170. Zoe Payne

    the joker

  171. Hayley Pemberton

    love wonder woman

  172. susan smoaks

    the joker is my favorite.

  173. kim keithline

    The spiderman is my favorite

  174. Emma Whittaker

    I love the Snoopy one ๐Ÿ™‚

  175. Wendy Becker

    Wonder Woman

  176. Kimberley Ryan

    has to be Spider-Man for me

  177. adele knight

    Love the Wizard of Oz Dorothy Itty Bitty

  178. Joanna Ford

    The Joker

  179. MichelleD

    Wonder woman!

  180. olivia hinton

    Joker! Although if there was batman it would be that.

  181. Brenda Elsner

    The Joker is my favorite.

  182. Jo McPherson


  183. Marie Rule

    The Joker is my favourite!

  184. Sadiyya Maryam

    Wonderwoman is mine and my daughter favourite.

  185. Brandy Schwartz

    Wonder Woman

  186. Casey Everidge

    i love the joker itty bitty!

  187. Britty Brannon

    i saw their collection of star trek characters and they are so cute!

  188. Lucinda Fortune


  189. Ruth lee


  190. Erica B.

    I like the beauty & the beast ones.

  191. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    Spider Man!

  192. Katy Malkin

    I like the Scooby Doo, and the Joker one too!

  193. Sheri Darby

    The Joker is great

  194. Craig AUstin

    The flash pls

  195. Kirsty

    Has to be the joker

  196. Caroline J Robinson

    Iron Man …. he looks fierce but cute at the same time

  197. steph lovatt


  198. Ellen Stafford

    Wonder Woman x


    Wonder Woman


    The Joker , but we love all the super hero ones

  201. Carrie Talbot-Ashby

    My daughter would love a Wonderwoman Itty Bitty! Thanks! x

  202. Jae Park

    My favorite one is the Hallmark Wizard of Oz Tin Man Itty Bitty. Thanks!

  203. shawna

    I love Wonder Woman!

  204. greig spencer

    my favorite is Wonder Woman! xxx

  205. Lisa Wilkinson


  206. Keri Jones

    I love Spiderman! I also really love the Wizard of Oz ones x

  207. Shane A

    I like the Joker itty bitty!

  208. Amanda Jayne Davis

    I love the scooby doo one’s but in your selection it’s got to be Spiderman

  209. Sarah Parker

    I love the joker

  210. Tracy Hudson

    Chewbacca is our favourite โค

  211. Emma Dormer

    The Joker

  212. Allan Wilson


  213. LARA Latchem

    Spider man is mine

  214. Debi Newman

    It’s got to be Wonder Woman x

  215. carol boffey


  216. natalee gosiewski

    wonder woman

  217. Lauren Tourle

    Spiderman and Harley ๐Ÿ™‚

  218. elaine stokes

    love the joker

  219. jeremy mclaughlin

    The joker.

  220. Caroline Signey

    My son says Spider-Man

  221. EJ Dunn

    I like the spiderman one

  222. Victoria Prince

    I think my favourite Itty Bitty is Charlie Brown ๐Ÿ™‚

  223. Jamie Millard

    spiderman is ace


    My personal favourite has to be spider man

  225. Susan B

    I love the entire Star Wars range especially BB-8.

  226. Wendy Guy

    Wonder women is our favourite

  227. Hannah Scudder


  228. nicky pearce

    Wonder Woman!

  229. caroline james

    Love Wonder Woman!

  230. janine atkin

    i love wonder woman

  231. Ed

    Spider-Man would be my choice!

  232. Jennifer H.

    I like the Hallmark Star Wars Chewbacca Itty Bitty.

  233. John H.

    I think that the Hallmark Star Wars Yoda Itty Bitty is cool!

  234. Donna Caldwell

    Super woman’s my favourite

  235. claire little

    the joker

  236. Leanne Perrett

    OMG there all cute but i think the flash is my fave ๐Ÿ™‚

  237. karen

    Picking just one is really really hard as they are all so cute?!!! I’m going to say Christmas Chewbacca

  238. paula cheadle

    it has to be Wonder woman, as my kids/grandkids think I am

  239. Janine H

    I like Wonder Woman!

  240. Adrian Bold

    Wonder Woman is my favourite.

  241. Tara Darity

    Wonder woman is my favorite one!!

  242. Trisha McKee

    I love the Joker.

  243. Philip Lawrence

    I like the ones from the Wizard of Oz.

  244. Kevin Johnson

    The Flash is my favourite.

  245. Amy Smeltzer

    Spiderman is adorable.

  246. Sand

    My favorite has always been wonder woman!

  247. Stephanie Liske

    I like the Spiderman.

  248. Lucy Robinson

    I think Wonder Women is fab.

  249. Simone Griffin

    My son and I love The Joker ???

  250. Lisa Pond

    Spider-Man ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. emma davison


  252. Emilia nastaly-howard

    wonder woman ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. Charlie Lovatt

    Of the featured ones, definitely spiderman. He’s my daughters favourite too

  254. Clare Martin

    Wonder Woman for sure!

  255. Dale Dow

    The Joker! x

  256. Val Pownall

    Spider Man

  257. Joanna Kasznicki

    YODA!!! He is super

  258. Kate Sabin-Burns

    All the super heroes would be awesome, my son collects plush toys already. Think spidey is my fave, but he would go for hulk ๐Ÿ™‚

  259. michelle pierce



    I love the Joker itty bitty

  261. Kate Davies

    I love the Snoopy one but I know my son would love the flash.

  262. Michaela Campbell

    OMG these are so cute! I love to Joker!

  263. Louise MM

    I love the joker itty bitty- and so would my wee boy.

  264. Hayley Todd

    My daughter’s favourite Itty Bitty is Spiderman. She is a massive Marvel and DC fan but after going to see Spiderman Homecoming, Spiderman is her absolute favourite Superhero.

  265. jackie curran

    I like the snoopy one the most.

  266. Maria Jane Knight

    We love the Wizard Of Oz Itty Bittys

  267. Natasha Hoey

    Has to be wonder woman

  268. dana

    Wonder Woman

  269. Saran Benjamin

    There are quite a few I like but Wonder Woman is the one I am now after.

  270. julie laing

    the joker

  271. Alison Macdonald

    Harley Quinn

  272. AMY Wright

    Love the Joker!

  273. Angela Kelly

    I love the Joker

  274. Emma Choonage

    Joker from the above toys otherwise Harley Quinn

  275. LORNA WIL

    Spider man

  276. Paula T

    Love The Joker, he looks super cute!!

  277. Laura G

    Out of the above, the Joker definitely has to be a favourite, His crazy personality is fascinating.

  278. Pauline black

    Loving the joker itty bitty!

  279. Tammy Neal

    The joker

  280. laura stewart

    Wonder Woman

  281. Michelle Flitcroft


  282. Anni Ezmerelda

    I love the Spiderman one!

  283. Olivia Cooper

    Thanks for running this great competition!

  284. sharon martin

    the joker

  285. Scott Fallon

    I like The Joker

  286. Sue Bebbington

    Love Spider-Man x

  287. claire fawkner

    The Joker

  288. Leeanne Clifford

    Wonder woman. She’s just so cute

  289. Andrea A

    My favourite Itty Bitty is Spiderman.

  290. Victoria B

    I really like the Spiderman Itty Bitty

  291. jenna rothen

    i like the joker

  292. SpeedyQueen53

    It has to be The Flash!

  293. Danielle Graves

    we have a couple of itty bittys my favourite is Joker

  294. Natalie Crossan

    Wonder woman x

  295. Jennifer Baker

    The Joker x x x

  296. Jerry Marquardt

    I think that he would have to be a joker.

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