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You may remember I reviewed some lovely items from Gift Central a few weeks ago and the wonderful company they are, noticed in the comments there was a lot of love for the alphabet coasters and placemats and so kindly offered me the chance to give some way.

For anyone who missed my original post, both the coasters and placemats come in a choice of letters, alongside a ?, !, &, Heart and Mr and Mrs. Allowing you to make up any combination your heart desires. They are both cork backed, have a high gloss finish to the front and able to withstand temperatures of up to 140 Degrees.  Making them perfect for so many different places around the home.

fentimans traditional natural botanical drinks

Of course, most of you aren't going to want a set of S and A mats, so you will be glad to hear that Gifts Central will be giving away two placemats and two coasters in your choice of initials and all you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is pop on over to the Gift Central website and let me know:
What is your favourite item Gifts Central have on offer? 

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Good Luck!

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  1. Carolle Wieler

    Loving the Dad’s Army Don’t Panic mug

  2. Carolyn

    I love the coasters. Simple yet effective!

  3. Catherine Barton

    Gorjuss Slouchy Bag – Purrrfect Love

  4. Margaret Gallagher

    Spectacle holders
    Always looking mine !

  5. Lorna Ledger

    Optipaws Pug Specs Stand for my daughter who is always losing her glasses

  6. iain maciver

    Spectacle holders

  7. Kim Neville

    I like the More Than Words Big Hug Figurine

  8. Angela Treadway

    Sass & Belle Metallic Monochrome I’m a Mum Mug x

  9. Christine Lockley

    Love the children’s “World Map Wooden Jigsaw”

  10. Ashleigh Allan

    I love the earring books

  11. Kim M

    Love the cushions x

  12. sam macaree

    I really liked Sass and Belle Dinosaur Wooden Bookends very cute

  13. Maria Blythin

    the bookends are my favourite x

  14. Natalie Gillham

    I like the Rose Gold Little Earring Book

  15. Kevin000

    Grandads Specs Holder

  16. john prendergast

    I like the Dad Specs Holder

  17. fiona waterworth

    tthis matches the bairns wallpaper Solar System Wooden Jigsaw

  18. Sarah Mackay

    Love the Cows Row Wooden Numbers Jigsaw

  19. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    Grans Specs Holder Is hilarious !! 🙂 xx

  20. Rebecca Brown

    I love the German Shepard cushion – and I know exactly who I’m treating to it for their birthday!

  21. Debbie K Clauer

    My favorite is the Elephant Wooden Alphabet Jigsaw.

  22. Ren Taylor

    I really like the little earring book

  23. Suzanne Jackson

    Love the dinosaur pop up card

  24. sarah rees

    spectacle holder

  25. Gerry Kelly

    Love the golf bag cuff links- ideal for my golf mad partner

  26. Jo Carroll

    I really like the Arora ‘My Love Figurine’ – I already have a few in my collection. x

  27. Emily Henley

    I love the Book Owls Accessory Case!

  28. Liam Bishop

    I love the snozzles specs stand!

  29. Chelsey Hollings

    Dog Wooden Jigsaw

  30. Marlene Stevens

    Great idea, love them.

  31. Alice Dixon

    I like the mums specs holder

  32. Lauren Tourle

    I love the Elephant Wooden Alphabet Jigsaw

  33. clair downham

    i like the mum jigsaw wall art thankyou

  34. Rachel Butterworth

    The Crocodile Wooden Alphabet Jigsaw.

  35. Joo Dee

    love the Snoozies leopard print slippers!

  36. Solange

    I like the Dad Specs Holder.

  37. Sandra Bald

    love the Sass & Belle Metallic Monochrome I’m a Mum Mug

  38. claire glace

    Gorjuss A5 Notebook – My Story, Lovely journal x

  39. laura banks

    mums specs holders great for me

  40. Kelly White


  41. Sadiyya Maryam

    The children’s world map wooden jigsaw is my favourite. My daughter would love this as would her dad as he is a keen traveller and travels worldwide for work.

  42. Helen Tovell

    I like the Snoozies Furry Animal Slippers

  43. leanne weir

    the children’s “World Map Wooden Jigsaw”

  44. jo liddement

    The Woodland Wooden Numbers Jigsaw

  45. Robyn S

    The little earring holder books are such a good idea!

  46. Lauren Read

    i really like the cushions

  47. Angie McDonald

    I love the look of the Sun and Moon Jigsaw & Playset

  48. Amie

    Specs stand

  49. Ruth Harwood

    love the print slippers, my daughter would love them!!

  50. Lori Darling

    I love the wooden jigsaws

  51. lorraine kirk

    The solar system jigsaw is pretty cool

  52. Susie Wilkinson

    I love the Optipaws Basset Hound Specs Holder

  53. cheryl hadfield

    love the cushions

  54. Tracy Newton

    I absolutely adore the children’s “World Map Wooden Jigsaw”

  55. Helen Adams

    The dad specs holder is great

  56. carpl

    Snoozies look so cozie snuggly and warm

  57. amy bondoc

    i love the little book of earrings, so clever!

  58. Nuala R

    Loving Zip Wallets love this one Gorjuss The Collector Large Zip Wallet

  59. Robyn Clarke

    I love the Prosecco money pot

  60. Caroline H

    I love the Humpty Dumpty bookends.


    Love the Winnie The Pooh money bank.

  62. Sian Budgen

    Love the dog print cushions

  63. Keith Hunt

    Optipaws Basset Hound Specs Holder with a house full of bassets

  64. Zoe Payne

    the coasters would like to have them in my and my boyfriends initials

  65. Vicki Weston

    Giraffe Wooden Alphabet Jigsaw

  66. Jayne Townson

    Wow, they have some lovely things there, I love the Folding Shopper Bag – You Brought Me Love. Thanks for the giveaway.

  67. Claire C

    I love the Book Owls Case

  68. Charlotte Carter-Dunn

    I like the Elephant Wooden Alphabet Jigsaw

  69. claire woods

    Dad Specs Holder

  70. Julie Edwards

    Purple Earring Book – Holds 48 Pairs


    Beer Fund Pot of Dreams


    These are funny! Original Citrus 2oz Poo Pourri Toilet Spray

  73. Steph at Mental Parentals

    The pop-up Christmas cards are delightful 🙂 x

  74. Rich Tyler

    Sun and Moon Jigsaw & Playset

  75. claire griffiths

    love the minion money bank

  76. Pam Smith

    The photo frame jigsaw wall art plaque

  77. AMANDA Ward

    i love the kids wooden jigsaws! there is something about wooden toys that ireally love! 🙂

  78. Jo McPherson

    The candles, I have a bit of an obsession

  79. Joanne L

    Sass & Belle Momo Bear Kawaii Friends Mug – cute as heck!

  80. hannah igoe

    I love the Butterfly Wooden Alphabet Jigsaw

  81. Rachel Craig

    OptPaws SPECS Holder.

  82. Susan Hoggett

    candles for me, I love my home lit up with them!

  83. Susan B

    I am not sure why but I have a thing about maps so I would choose the World Map Wooden Jigsaw for the children.


    Vehicle Row Wooden Numbers Jigsaw

  85. Carole Nott

    lots of fun ideas – love the Snoozies Leopard Print Ladies Slippers

  86. Christina Palmer

    Motorbike Wooden Alphabet Jigsaw

  87. Nicola grant

    Love the dad spectacles holder – he’s always forgetting where he put them so that would come in very handy!

  88. Mark Gardner

    I love the dads army don’t panic mug reminds me of my dad lol

  89. Jade Pawley

    I love the ‘Blossom pot of dreams’! So gorgeous!

  90. Aaron Milne

    Love “Dads Army Storage Tin – Dont Panic Its In Here”

  91. Karen Dixon

    The Earring book


    The Ballerina sequin covered snoozies

  93. Sarah Carter

    I love the beer fund money pot

  94. Laura Pritchard

    The Gorjuss Slouchy Bag – Forget Me Not

  95. katie w

    has to be the little book of earrings

  96. Jim Milligan

    Dads Army Brown Travel Mug

  97. Emma Smith

    Woodwick Cool Linen Medium Jar Candle

    Cool linen jar candle

  98. Lani Nash

    I love this bag Gorjuss Slouchy Bag – Forget Me Not

  99. Sheri Darby

    Snoozies Leopard Print Slippers

  100. Alice B

    beer fund money pot


    love the cool linen jar candle

  102. Jade Wimsey

    I love the dad’s army ‘hangover… STUPID BOY’ mug haha I always use that phrase in the exact voice!

  103. Deborah Bird

    This bag! Gorjuss Slouchy Bag – Purrrfect Love

  104. Kat Allinson

    I like the snoozies slippers

  105. jamie Millard

    Vehicle Row Wooden Numbers Jigsaw

  106. Diana

    World Map Wooden Jigsaw

  107. Meryl Thomas

    Dad’s Army men’s washbag

  108. carol boffey

    dads army wash bag

  109. Dale Dow

    I love the Snoozies Furry Animal Slippers
    I do wish they had lamb ones though

  110. sarah fielding

    I love the I’m a mum mug!

  111. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    Snoozies Furry Animal Slippers are cute!

  112. Laura Kevlin

    I love the Children’s Wooden World Jigsaw

  113. Amy Jane Beckett

    i;D LOVE THIS FOR A FRIENDS BABY – It’s so cute More Than Words Baby Boy Figurine

  114. dana

    black cat mug

  115. Emma Davison

    Prosecco fund tub

  116. Kyomi Johnson

    Love the wooden jigsaws

  117. Kevin Cannon

    Book Owls Hard Shell Glasses Case would suit my wife as she loves owls

  118. Marie Rule

    My favourite item is the Gorjuss Slouchy Bag – Forget Me Not

  119. Adrian Bold

    I liked the Sass and Belle Dinosaur Wooden Bookends

  120. Gill Mitchell

    I love the Snozzles Specs stand! Very cute.

  121. Hazel Rea

    The Foxes Slouchy Shoulder Bag is my favourite but there are so many cute things it’s hard to choose.

  122. Claire Little

    the earring book

  123. paula cheadle

    Backhoe Wooden Alphabet Jigsaw

  124. Livlee

    I like the Rose Gold Little Earring Book

  125. Jess

    Golf bag cufflinks! Would get them for my boyfriend!

  126. jacqui rushton

    Loving the Sass & Belle Metallic Monochrome I’m a Mum Mug

  127. Chloe Brill

    Dads army brown travel mug

  128. Laura Lee

    My boys are obsessed with space they would love this, although all of the puzzles are amazing – Solar System Wooden Jigsaw

  129. Simone Griffin

    I love the dinosaur alphabet jigsaw

  130. Sharon Lou Johnson

    the processo fund x

  131. Stevie

    I think my niece would like the Equilibrium Silver Plated Bangle – Live

  132. Joanna Ford

    Earrings book looks fab!

  133. Stewart Biddle

    Soulmates Figurine – More Than Words

    Love this

  134. ZARA

    Wow,they do have a lot to offer but I do love all of their pop up cards especially their “out of space” one! 🙂

  135. laura stewart

    Optipaws Ginger Cat Glasses Stand

  136. Amanda Bailey

    Love the more than words ornament, like mother like daughter.

  137. Angela W

    Love the Home jigsaw wall art x

  138. Catherine L

    I love the cushions! x

  139. Tammy Neal

    Gorjuss Slouchy Bag – Purrrfect Love

  140. Tamsin Dean

    Dads Army Brown Travel Mug

  141. Chris Hobbs

    Gorjuss Slouchy Bag – Forget Me Not slouchy bag is gorgeous x

  142. Natalie Crossan

    the More Than Words Big Hug Figurine

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