Win an After Dark Nail Polish Collection from Temple Spa

Win an After Dark Nail Polish Collection from Temple Spa

I can hardly believe we are in May already; this year seems to be flying by at super speed. This month is going to be a pretty noisy one around here as we are having a new kitchen fitted and have been told it will take up most of the month. However, it will be worth it in the end as we really need more plug sockets in the kitchen and they are even going to plumb in an area for a dishwasher (so any recommendations for a good one are welcome).

While at Bank House Hotel & Spa Worcester, I became very fond of the brand Temple Spa, a spa quality brand, which is sold at affordable prices (I almost fell off my seat when they told me their Purification mask cost just £27, as I was expecting much closer to £50). So I decided to pick up a nail polish collection from them to offer up as a prize.

After Dark Nail Polish Collection from Temple Spa

After Dark Nail Polish Collection from Temple Spa

This collection contains three polishes, which while great for evening wear, can most definitely be worn in the day as well. The polishes included are:

Nocturne – A beautiful green, with a slight shimmer.
Toccata – A vibrant pomegranate.
Opera – A deep chocolate.

What's more, these nail varnishes, offer a colour and treatment in one, as they contain vitamin E to help condition the nail, they are also 5 free (ie free from formaldehyde, camphor, DBP, toluene & phthalates). As if that wasn't enough the formula is also quick drying and breathable.

So how can you be in with the chance of winning this set of polishes? Well all you need to do is let me know;
What are your plans for this month, anything exciting on the cards?

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Good Luck

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  1. Tracy Nixon

    It is my niece and nephews birthday at the weekend so we are going to my parents for a bbq. WE may be going up to Scotland for a long weekend at the end of the month too!

  2. Iris W

    No big plans this month but after a quite hectic April I don’t mind. Maybe a couple of day trips as there is another half term coming up again at the end of the month

  3. Kerry Kilmister

    We are trying to get everything ready to go to Disneyland Paris. We haven’t told our kiddies. We are going to tell them at the last minute!

  4. stuart hargreaves

    no big plans, treading water, my hospital op as been delayed who knows

  5. simon tutthill

    Hopefully going on a short break at the end of the month to the Lake District,fingers crossed for some good weather

  6. Tracey Ryder

    no plans, saving for our summer holidays and looking for some bargains

  7. Helen Tovell

    Am busy planning my son’s 21st which is at the end of the month

  8. Marycarol

    It’s our wedding anniversary and my husband’s birthday at the end of the month so going to have a wee weekend away x

  9. Helen W

    No big plans this month, but next month it’s mine and my partner’s third anniversary.

  10. kim jackson

    I’m hoping to finish writing my book this month 😀 Then there will be plenty of improvements to do

  11. Alexandra oliver

    teaching working partying!!

  12. madeline connolly

    busy with my son wedding

  13. Fiona K

    Will be enjoying the Bank holiday weekends locally, going for walks

  14. Lorna Ledger

    MAy…not so much! We had quite a hectic April though (our anniversary and my Partners b-day, plus my daughters college exams) so this month is about gardening, home faffing! And relaxing! My favourite! xxx

  15. amy bondoc

    we have alot of work to do in the garden, the weeds were knee high when i moved in now they are almost as big as me!

  16. Sarah Pybus

    No plans as I am busy with the last of my essays and exams to pass my access course in preparation for Uni in september 🙂

  17. Louise Smith

    My daughter has a few inter school athletics competitions, so we’ll be cheering her on

  18. Mari Sutherland

    Looking forward to the next May day bank holiday – might go away for the weekend

    For a dishwasher I would recommend one with a separate cutlery drawer at the top (I have a Siemens). Gives you more room on the lower level as there isn’t a basket and the cutlery is spaced out so is less likely to stick together.

  19. Jen Rogers

    No plans except for my 74th birthday this week

  20. Margaret gallagher

    Organising dad’s CARE after a long stay in hospital then I’m going to have a break somewhere -hopefully spa related

  21. Lee Ritson

    I’ll be heading to ibiza for a holiday with my partner 🙂

  22. Kerry Taylor

    I’ve got 2 hen dos for the same bride! Then the wedding next month! So a busy month for me!

  23. Fiona Fuller

    My sister is due this month.. Another little boy. My youngest little fella is 7.5 months, so they are going to grow together! My biggest fella is 14 this month too!

  24. Sarah Rees

    Our son is car racing in the British championships. We love watching him race

  25. Alison Joyce

    Quiet month this month but I am organising the schools May Fair which will keep me busy.

  26. Caroline H

    Couple of gigs, Spring Fayre that I’m making for ( postponed from around Easter time so that’s bought me a bit of wriggle room) then a long weekend in the Highlands weekend after the one coming then I really get through my DIY to-do list. Gawd! Until I wrote that down I thought I had nothing to do this month!

  27. Tee simpson

    Nothing major for us this mobth. A few parties for the kids in the family and a wedding at the end of the month.

  28. Ella

    Finishing decorating the front lounge then possibly starting the hall stairs and landings. eeek

  29. Vicki

    I’m going to Riverfest 😀

  30. rebecca h

    it’s my birthday next week! yay! lots of trips, off to London which I love! big meal out with friends! can’t wait

  31. melanie stirling

    I have nothing planned,it would be nice if something good comes up.

  32. Solange

    No plans as yet.

  33. Jo Carroll

    It’s my birthday tomorrow…so hopefully ‘others’ will have some nice plans made for me 😉 I’m still waiting to see the sun this month – that would make me happy. x

  34. frances hopkins

    Nope nothing planned, nothing exciting – waiting for something great to happen

  35. Claire Nutman

    Im getting married !!!!!

  36. clair downham

    no plans but looking forward to summer

  37. Spencer Broadley

    A boring month except one friend’s birthday party

  38. Daniel M

    Nothing but work 🙁

    BUT going to see Robbie Williams and Green Day next month so all good!

  39. Eleanor Beavan

    I have my uncle’s birthday this month and it’s going to be quite a big family get together which I am looking forward to.

  40. April Alder

    It’s my 30th birthday at the end of May so my husband and I are off to Venice for celebrations… let the pasta and prosecco party begin!

  41. Shannon O'Donnell

    No plans as of yet, but I’m definitely in the mood for some spontaneous ‘plans’ in the near future

  42. Trudi Walsh

    No plans for May (as of yet), but June will be very different as I’ll be celebrating my 40th x

  43. michelle thompson

    not this month but next month our holiday to majorca cant wait

  44. Sam R

    Nope, nothing too exciting sadly! I look forward to the summer though

  45. maureen findley

    having a large family barbecue first one of the year

  46. Lynda Graham

    New flooring to be fitted, then house revamp.

  47. cheryl hadfield

    family holiday at the end of the month

  48. Becca Talbot

    That bright pink colour is amazing, it would look great on toes, especially when walking on white sand 😉 as you know, my life’s been turned upside down recently, so I don’t have any particular plans for May – but I may book myself another trip away 😉 x

  49. Susan Williams

    Spending a few days in lovely Pembrokeshire, at the end of the month.

  50. Margaret Clarkson

    A birthday celebration which should be lovely.

  51. Rachel Craig

    Planning to have hall decorated. A fresh coat of emulsion and some new flooring. Would like to have some Day Trips, will see what we can manage to arrange.

  52. Jo Glasspool

    Nothing exciting planned, just sorting out the garden.

  53. Gerri Tennant

    Two nights in Exeter’s Hotel Du Vin otherwise working every day in our busy B & B.

  54. Rachael O'Brien

    No plans this month . May isn’t always tough since I lost my nan and on the 15th will be a year since I lost my grandad so I’m just keeping my head down and staying strong as possible !

  55. Annabel Greaves

    Not this month but my son’s 13th is coming up in June, which is really exciting xx

  56. Kim M

    Nothing exciting – just looking forward to lots of warmer weather and spending time in the garden x

  57. John Jewett

    Just hoping i can get someone to help me go fishing

  58. Cherry Edwards

    I’m off on holiday next week to Lefkas in Greece for some lovely relaxation and then when I get back I’m treating my mum to a styling session with a stylist and some new outfits for both of us.

  59. Kate Knight

    My first baby is due on 29th May, so yes very exciting!

  60. Victoria Prince

    Not a lot of excitement planned here – a bit of decorating and trying to tame the garden, no other plans thus far!

  61. Emily Clark

    Starting a new job and moving across the country – all very exciting!

  62. Sarah Parker

    going to centre parcs 🙂

  63. leanne weir

    we’re off on holiday!

  64. Christine Lockley

    No big plans, we’re still waiting for a date for hubbies op so feel unable to make plans for anything.

  65. Kim W

    A day at the seaside would be nice.

  66. Rich Tyler

    We’re going to the geronimo festival 🙂

  67. Zoe Payne

    Sorting out the garden for summer


    My plans for this month are to finish decorating my kitchen and honestly i will be glad when it is finished

  69. Susie Wilkinson

    I am hoping for a quiet time for the rest of this month as the first weekend we went away for a wedding and this weekend we’ve been away to seen friends, so I need a rest!

  70. Kelly Hooper

    its mine and my sons birthdays this month so we’ll be celebrating those with lots of Cake!

  71. terri kelly

    I’m having a nice relaxing month and maybe a spontaneous bbq if the weather permits.

  72. Rebecca Nisbet

    im going on my hen do!! whoop whoop!!

  73. Harline

    I have my grandsons 10 th birthday party this month

  74. Alice Dixon

    It’s my sons birthday this month and we’ve also got a little holiday booked to go to Alton Towers

  75. Katie

    We had a wedding and a friend’s birthday this weekend. I’ve got a baby shower coming up and then it’s my birthday on the 28th! Phew!

  76. Sue McCarthy

    Just loads to do in the garden

  77. Juli Savage

    Husband and eldest sons birthday (within days of each other) and my niece is off to Thailand for a year teaching English exciting times for her

  78. Lucinda

    I’m making invitations decorations for my wedding in December.

  79. sarah rees

    going over the isle of wight on holiday

  80. Sarah fielding

    I am going to slam dunk festival which will be really fun!

  81. Katie

    No much plan this month, but looking forward to June as going to see Olly Murs

  82. karen hill

    I’m super excited to be taking my little boy (19 months) back from Wales to the midlands to see my sister and her little boy, its her 40th birthday , love her so much x

  83. Sheena Batey

    Just had a lovely week’s holiday in Kent so probably need to plod on for the rest of the month.

  84. jo liddement

    Not the best month as have a friends funeral coming up but hoping to balance it by getting outside for some nice family walks at the weekends.

  85. Debbie Creasey

    Hopefully a last minute holiday.

  86. Susan B

    I want to get my garden containers all planted up and begin decorating the bedroom.

  87. Tracy Newton

    We have had a couple of family holidays this year, plus lots of days out. I think that we will stay at home and play.

  88. Jacki Mactaggart

    Away with my family for a lovely holiday to Crieff Hydro. Planning bit of pamper time with my daughter..there’s a fab spa there. Our new pup Sprout coming too..excited to see how the wee pet enjoys her first holiday :)))

  89. Janet Birkin

    Working 🙁

  90. Carly Belsey

    This month is a bit of a wash out for me as next month I have so many birthdays so I have to keep it cheap so nothing much planned apart from enjoying the beach when we can

  91. Jules Eley

    My friends divorce party 🙂

  92. Amy Withnall

    I am mainly working this month – hardly any time off at all. But I am going to visit my friend in Manchester who had a baby a few months ago and at the end of the month it’s my niece’s 2nd birthday so I will be going to Birmingham for the day.

  93. Nicki simpson

    Revision unfortunately

  94. Louise Farmer

    I’m hosting a hen do! Excited but nervous! These polishes would be great for the wedding in June!

  95. Shirley A Evans

    I am going to Cornwall at the end of the month

  96. Fay

    Got a wedding to go to at the end of the month which will be nice

  97. Lisa Barclay

    celebrating my 45th birthday. I’ve given myself a month long celebration!!!!!!

  98. Helen Stratton

    I’m going to Edinburgh for the half-term with my daughter, the youngest son and my mother and I can’t wait. So excited for my son to see everything as he has never been.

  99. Laura K

    I’m going to be booking my holiday this month… can’t wait to have some time off and relax in the sunshine!

  100. Caroline Blaza

    I was made redundant at the end of April so this month I will find myself a fabulous new job. Thinking positive x

  101. Adrian Bold

    We’re off to the Lake District for a spot of hiking. There are some new trails we’d like to try out – if the weather is good enough!

  102. Sandra Fortune

    I have my birthday this weekend yet another! Oh dear age creeping up I’ll be 64 don’t like the number ! Probably spending time with my hubby ,daughters and little 3 year old grandson maybe a meal out .

  103. Lorraine Stone

    Holiday from work at the end of the month, staying home but still a holiday from work!

  104. aj

    Going to Newcastle for the weekend

  105. denise cross

    I’m off to New York for a week of exploring

  106. Ema J Lowe

    haven’t got anything planned as of yet. looking forward to the school half term though, as we all enjoy our late morning get ups

  107. sb

    its our 36th wedding anniversary,so we may raise a glass

  108. charlotte

    we have no plans for the rest of the month although i did race for life at the weekend which was great! so much fun

  109. Tina Glover

    we have a busy weekend ahead. We are out at friends on friday night, and again on saruday night and we are at a christening on Sunday – im Godmother!!

    Im also at Take That on Thursday night and cant wait 🙂

  110. Michelle Ferguson

    Nothing exciting as saving for our holiday in September

  111. natasha davies

    im going on a little camping holiday with my parents and boyfriend

  112. cathyj

    no big plans busy with athletics

  113. cara vaughan

    Not going away but hopefully if the weather gets better we will be visiting the beach, fingers crossed for sunshine!

  114. adrian price

    IVE got my leg in plaster—-so im planning watching lots of tv

  115. Ruth Harwood

    Nothing exciting, we’re just chilling and continuing with life xx

  116. Amanda

    No big plans this month other than a little family break away at half term

  117. Jo Hutchings

    Nothing much this month, but I’m off to Tenerife next month!

  118. Jade Bremner

    I’m a consultant for Temple Spa I love the purification mask it is my second favourite product. If you would ever like any samples of anything let me know and I can send you some. Great giveaway x

  119. Cath Joyce

    Nothing exciting, a few family bike rides and walks

  120. Clare Hubbard

    Decorating the house, very boring but will look nice once it’s done!

  121. Danielle Day

    Going camping.

  122. Kristyn Harris

    This month I am looking forward to a camping trip with my family

  123. zoe brown

    seeing my nephews and a day at the seaside

  124. Emily Hutchinson

    It’s my birthday so that will be nice, but no major plans

  125. Sylvia Paul

    Its my in laws 58th wedding anniversary on Thursday so we’ll be taking them out for a celebratory dinner.

  126. Elizabeth G

    Busy month, including husband’s birthday, daughter away on a school trip for 3 days and a relative’s 70th birthday party. It’s all go!

  127. Samantha O'D

    We are moving house next week, we have been packing up and clearing out. Stressful!

  128. Lisa Wilkinson

    It’s my little girl’s 4th birthday

  129. nicky pearce

    nothing planned

  130. Rebecca Alderson

    Got quite a bust month this month, out on a night out next week for my best friends birthday!

  131. Emma Louise Elliott

    Not much, but hopefully I’ll be spending some quality time with my family in this sunshine xxx

  132. Natalie Turner

    I’m going on holiday to Spain!

  133. Heather Simpson

    A murder mystery night on Saturday and a friends 30th party next week, very exciting.

  134. Lesley Bain

    I had a really exciting month. I have just returned from my daughter’s, where I was looking after my grandbabies while she was in hospital having her third! Little Max was born safe and well and he is utterly adorable <3 x

  135. Hazel Rea

    Nothing exciting planned – just normal family things going on, and some very overdue DIY!

  136. Melissa Lee

    Not too much going on this month, but June is packed!

  137. carole n

    Lots of gardening planning and hard work with a new patio

  138. Anne Johnston

    I’m going to be soaking up the beautiful views with some hillwalks in Scotland

  139. janine atkin

    i dont have anything planned

  140. Diane Carey

    My granddaughter was born on the 5th of this month, nearly 4 weeks early. I am decorating, cleaning etc at my daughter’s home to help out. I will also be doing some clothes shopping for my holidays

  141. Patricia Avery

    Just got back fro 3 weeks holiday in our campervan. We visited both Devon and Somerset for the first time. Will definitely be going back 🙂

  142. sheri Darby

    Lots of walking to get us in shape for our walking holiday


    Nothing special. I’ve just made a fish pie, good luck to those who eat it, I have plenty of loo rolls

  144. Susan Hunt

    A great trip to a Forest Log Cabin again.

  145. isabelle smith


  146. Bev Cannar

    Just getting out in the garden planting the veg and flowers, next month is busy though , red rooster festival 01/06 and a holiday!

  147. maria blythin

    lots of family birthdays so lots of meals out x

  148. Lisa

    we’ve been so busy recently that we need to have some chill time so we’re planning some days at home in the garden or watching a film if today’s weather is anything to go by x

  149. janh

    Loads of gardening to be done, hoping that its sunny

  150. Christina Palmer

    Clearing out the toot from the back garden then hopefully we can spend some time relaxing out there during the summer months

  151. Ellen Stafford

    Nothing exciting planned but looking forward to Big Brother starting lol

  152. Debbie Preston

    As it’s now the end of the month, now looking back at May – went to London a couple of times and just got back from friend’s 60th celebrations

  153. jackie rushton

    A trip to Estonia!

  154. Gemma Aktekin

    Nothing exciting this month but going to Malta on 1st June if you can class that as this month.

  155. leoni rudge

    I am going to see dirty dancing this month, along with trying to start yoga!

  156. Ray Dodds

    No real plans just about managing

  157. rachael mccadden

    i just moved into a new town with my boyfriend. So plans are to find a new job and get use to a new area

  158. susan hoggett

    have a couple of nights away with my daughter, really looking forward to some time together just me and her.

  159. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    A wedding and hen weekend

  160. Jacqui Graham

    we plan to returf the back garden ready for the summer x

  161. Fiona Rennie

    We had a birthday and a trip to a safari park

  162. Mary H

    Well there isn’t much left to this month, but it’s been a good one with 2 bank holidays.

  163. Katy Malkin

    We’ve just bought a much needed replacement car so looking forward to getting out in it

  164. Karen Dixon

    Getting packed for our summer holiday, which also includes shopping!!

  165. MichelleD

    Taking my Daughter to her first ever festival!

  166. Angela Kelly

    This month I have been trying to catch up on my sleep!

  167. laura stewart

    redecorating the bedrooms x

  168. jessica cook

    we attended a lovely wedding xx

  169. Fiona Timms

    Seeing my friend on saturday

  170. sallyanne rose

    saving for our summer holidays and looking for some bargains

  171. Maria Jane Knight

    We took our son Ronan to his first ever trip to London for a long weekend. He had the most AMAZING time. He loved every second of it. It was also so lovely to re-connect as a trio, as a family, and not argue about anything trivial.

  172. ellie spider

    No plans for May or June as I am currently training for roller derby 🙂

    However I am away for 3 weekends in July which I’m looking forward to

  173. Sarah Austin

    Going on holiday!

  174. Clare Martin

    I have a wedding to attend and a busy time at work

  175. Emma Davison

    Nothing exciting planned.

  176. Claire Elizabeth Noke

    we’ve been very busy this month, doing up a house to sell, we’ve also been camping ! 🙂


    My major plan this month was to take a spontaneous holiday to Crete which i really enjoyed as it was a surprise and a late booking and the weather in Malia was really hot.

  178. Nat J

    I have 2 weddings to attend this month, lovely having the whole family together twice in one month instead of twice a year 🙂

  179. Shelley Stevenson

    unfortunately i have no plans for this month im really trying my hardest to save my pennies to try get away for 2 weeks of sunshine later in the year….can only hope <3

  180. Amy Lambert

    This weekend we are attending the remembrance concert in Manchester

  181. Christine Hobbs

    Lots of work in the first half as I am hoping to save enough for a trip to Scotland in October for my birthday.

  182. Alison Macdonald

    Nothing exciting! Trying to blitz my house and de-clutter before the kids break up for summer holidays!!

  183. Laura Pritchard

    Nothing hugely exciting but lots of kids’ parties and activities!

  184. Dale Dow

    This month has been full of gala’s, fairs and fundraising

  185. Vivienne Wilkes

    No plans for me as still recovering from knee surgery unfortunately!

  186. elaine stokes

    my birthday so been told to not plan anything as im going to have a weekend away

  187. Danielle Pooley

    Nothing to exciting planned, just day trips to the park & seafront while the weather is nice!

  188. kelly morgan

    Im going to see a murder mystery show in cardiff.

  189. Jemima Chapman

    I’m moving house! And renovating the new one!

  190. lauren porter

    Lots of birthdays to celebrate! x

  191. Lia Burns

    Preparing for baby number 3s imminent arrival x

  192. Lorraine B

    Going out in the sun, enjoying good weather for every second we get it!

  193. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Not done anything really exciting in May (work, car boot, baby/dog-sitting) but going to see Robbie Williams on Friday (2 June). Waited since he became a solo artist to see him, so far too excited.

  194. Catherine Gregory

    I’ve just this past week moved house as expecting my first baby so now it’s nursery decorating

  195. Jade Pawley

    2 weddings to attend but apart from that, no other plans!

  196. Carol Phile

    It’s my birthday so seaside time is in order

  197. Karen Richards

    Made the most of what sun we’ve had in May by going for lots of walks and days out on my days off. Being working extra hours in work and saving up hard for holidays. Trying to keep on top of things at home and getting rid of clutter.

  198. sharon martin

    hopefully we”ll be off on a short holiday

  199. Diana

    Getting our daughter her first bike 🙂

  200. Victoria Allum

    It is my twin daughters’ sixteenth birthdays on the 13th of June so lots of planning and buying to do for that!

  201. Natalie Crossan

    i go back to work this month x

  202. Kay Broomfield

    It’s my wedding anniversary tomorrow so that’s something to celebrate!

  203. Joanna Kasznicki

    This month has been pretty boring but its all good.

  204. Emma Beckett

    No plans as of yet which I am quite glad about after a busy couple of months.

  205. Ruth Wollerton

    Having a surprise birthday party for my son’s eighteenth.

  206. Gemma Cook

    My family and I are going to France. Can’t wait!

  207. Beauty

    Temple Spa really seems like a good product and you are right the price is really affordable, and I am loving all of the colors they are providing , thanks for the review dear !!

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