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Update: The winner of this competition was Pam the staff at Wayfair loved her picture 🙂 Congratulations to her I hope she's enjoys her wonderful new dinner set this year.

wayfair uk logoDo you sit and dream of what your perfect winter wonderland might look like? Browsing the (virtual) shelves of your favourite stores just wishing you could get your hands on that one item to be the centrepiece of your Christmas decorations?

Well what if I could say I could turn that dream into a reality for one of you? Thanks to the wonderful online store Wayfair.
Christmas at WayfairWith Wayfair's beautiful Christmas accessories starting to fill their online shelves and choices such as beautiful fully lit Christmas trees to full nativities and gorgeous decorations to help make your home ready to invite in that Christmas cheer you are going to be spoilt for choice.

Just imagine the tree with its flickering lights dancing across the darkened room as you quietly pile the presents beneath it on Christmas Eve ready for the excitement of the ‘big day' your favourite decorations hanging from the branches, while the nativity sits on the shelf watching over everyone. .

But perhaps your perfect Winter Wonderland would not be the decorations but the ability to gather people around the table to play a favourite board game (would have to be Cluedo for me) think of the laughter ringing out from your friends or family as you all have a good time.

Or maybe you just adore to cook, but you have never managed to find the right tray too cook the turkey on, and your pans a little old – so maybe for you it would some brand new kitchen items to make that rush of Christmas cooking a breeze.

Whatever the vision is inside your head take it hold onto it and visit the website to find that perfect item (up to the value of £150) that can make your winter wonderland come true – then using it make a picture, write a blog post or just use the comment section below to tell us all about how you would use that piece, what the area would look like, feel like or even sound like if you had that perfect item.

You have until the end of the 22nd November to design your perfect wonderland then after that me, Bex and the people over at Wayfair will choose our favourite entry and the winner will walk away with their piece to help make their dream come true.

So get yours (or your child's) creative hat on – we cannot wait to see what you come up with!

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  1. Sarah-Louise Bailey

    Please remember you need to create your winter wonderland using your chosen piece either using words to describe it in comments uploading a picture or writing a blog post.

  2. Kyomi Johnson

    I would love to win a Richardson Sheffield One70 5 Piece Knife Block Set as it make a wonderful Christmas present for my day when he opened it on Christmas Day it would be magical to see his face light up and to show him how special he is and how thankful I am of him supporting me through my life as I have a quite rare genetic condition which causes tumours to grow and I have been on and off chemotherapy and I can’t think of a time in my life where I didn’t have my dad and of course my mom around me so Christmas Day with my dad opening this present it would be amazing and of course he could then try them out on the Christmas dinner and make Christmas even more magical and special after a tough year of hospital appointments so this is my wish not for myself but for my dad.

  3. Laura Oxley

    I would choose the Seltmann Weiden Desiree Aalborg 26cm Dining Plate with Banner (set of 8). My Mum inherited some lovely blue and white china which we used every year for Christmas. Unfortunately over the years they have succumbed to age and only a few remain, they are now in a display case to protect them. I have always dreamed of having my own signature Christmas china but have never been able to find ones I like. These ones are beautiful and remind me of my childhood Christmases but are a little different so they would be unique to my Christmases.

  4. Katy millward

    I would love the mulled wine pot because it would make me feel all warm and snug whilst its cold outside. And i can serve it up in a nice vessel as normally i just cook it all in a pan.

  5. Emily

    I would really, really love the Hill Interiors Rocking Horse Christmas Decoration. Firstly, it’s just the sweetest little horse and would just so lovely sitting besides the Christmas stockings on Christmas morning. However, most importantly, it reminds me of my childhood. When I was 5 years old I received the best gift ever. My grandfather had spent months hand carving and painting a rocking horse for my sister and I. On Christmas morning, we excitedly ran downstairs to find a huge rocking horse shaped items wrapped up in wrapping paper and ribbons. It was just the best present I ever received! We named her Tulip and we had hours and hours of fun. I decided to pass her along to my little niece now that I am (a little) too old to play with her any more but Christmas will never be quite the same without a rocking horse so that is why I chose this lovely item 🙂

  6. Agnes

    This prize could help me preparing my first Christmas with Husband a d baby

  7. fiona mcbride

    storage baskets would be great to store some of the new Christmas gifts my children are kindly given from friends and family so I can keep everything neat and tidy – clean and tidy freak!!

  8. Rachel Craig

    The Rufford Dining Table. Prior to using it for Dining around for Christmas Dinner. It could be put against one wall in the Living Room and used to hold a wonderful brightly decorated Christmas tree. With of course a delightful nativity scene ornamental display, and all the wonderful surprise gifts for Christmas. Both on and under the table, tucked away safely.Beautifully wrapped gifts, large and small to delight everyone in the family and all who call to visit over the Festive Season. Spreading Joy to the World.

  9. jayne hall

    i would love the dinner service so i can donate it to the cats protection league s xmas raffle to help the homeless cats

  10. Zoe Roxby

    Hennessey Sofa Bed in black, 20 cm Laser Cut Nep Pendant in blue & two of the Curtina Cortez Cushion in red and green. Im wanting to turn my shed into a games and music room for my kids and when they have their friends round after school at least I know they arent wandering the streets, So these would go perfect for that contemporary teenager look.


    I’d use the classic ceramic cakestand to display the gorgeous cake that I have made for all my Christmas guess.

  12. Linda McGrath

    Jenny this is lovely creates a lovely picture in my head. Good luck.

  13. Nino Amoroso

    The perfect christmas gift!

  14. Kate

    I would LOVE the Humza Amani love seat & bench! It would be perfect for snuggling up with all the family and watching our favourite Christmas tv programmes! I’ve sketched a little doodle…. I thought it’d be lovely to see all our favourite characters from those programmes snuggling up on it themselves! So here’s Patsy (Ab Fab), The White Witch (The lion the with & the wardrobe), Dot Cotton (Eastenders) and the Countess of Grantham (Downton Abbey) all cosy and comfy on my *hopefully* new love seat!

  15. Emma nixon

    I would choose a practical item. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional “S” Carving Knife and Carving Fork Set . I could give this to my Dad to carve the turkey. Slices instead of chunks of turkey would be nice for a change.


    My perfect christmas gift would be the Teamson Magic Garden Dollhouse -simply because seeing my daughters face when she received this beautiful gift, that i could not afford otherwise, would make it the most magical christmas ever. The best part of Christmas is the joy and magic that it brings to the children and having my little one happy makes me happy. So my perfect winter wonderland has my perfect little girl right in the middle, laughing, smiling, playing and having the best christmas ever 🙂

  17. claire wilkinson

    would love to get a new dinner service to serve dinner to my family & the in-laws on christmas day!

  18. Sophia Payne

    I’ve done a blog post as my entry for this. Good luck all.





  21. David Jones

    A log fire would be lovely.

  22. carol phile

    this beautiful mirror would sit beautifully in the acover near the tree, reflecting back the lights and picking up the beautiful coloursm enhancing the comforting glow of the tree at night

  23. Joy Dehany

    I just want to add, having those pans would make cooking Christmas dinner a reality – I have 3 pans and the one in my pic is the best one. I have my two daughters, my son, my hubby and my elderly mum to cook for. All I want is to make something memorable, aromatic, delicious and hearty. A proper family Christmas meal. Thank you x

  24. Helen

    My mum needs a new dining table with chairs, especially for xmas when all the family is round – it would be a much better picture of all of us round the table eating, drinking and laughing than huddled around the TV with our meals on our laps!
    I have looked at wayfair and there is some gorgeous and perfect sets she would love and it would be such a lovely surprise for her!!

  25. Brenda Wilkes

    We have a new puppy arriving on Christmas Eve so to be able to raid your pet department would really make not only our Christmas but new pup Bentley’s too!

  26. jean crook

    I wont be any thinner
    after eating Xmas dinner
    But my table looks just right
    dressed in the Belledorm White
    The Celebration crackers in glowing red
    create wonderful havoc before we are fed,
    The Sagaform mulled wine pot
    takes centre spot
    Exuding aromas of exotic spice
    Makes Christmas extra extra nice.
    A xmas apron from Ulster Weaver
    protects the clothes of any diva.
    And when the plates are cleared away
    there is nothing like a full cheese tray
    with a cover to protect
    We all begin to disect.
    Xmas dinner can be enormous fun
    Even better if I WON !!

  27. Rachael farley

    We’ve just moved into our first house together and in the rush of excitement suggested i would make the Christmas Dinner this year. Despite the fact i’ve never made Christmas dinner before in my life – we don’t have any crockery (What was i thinking to even suggest i could cook Christmas Dinner??? Eeek) As a result we would love a new dinner service. This would be perfect – stylish and understated ‘Perfetto 30 Piece Porcelain Dinnerware Set in Uni White’

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