Win a Double Wing Necklace in Silver from Jana Reinhardt

Win a Tiny Double Wing Necklace in Silver from Jana Reinhardt

You can never have too much jewellery, I don't know who first said that but they definitely knew the truth. Sometimes emails arrive in my inbox and I honestly have to toss a coin, should I be a bit selfish and keep the item for myself or should I let someone have the chance to win it. This time the coin toss landed on giveaway and as such I have to admit I think one of you will be very lucky as this prize could hold a lot of meaning for people.

Tiny Double Wing Necklace in Silver from Jana Reinhardt

Win a Double Wing Necklace in Silver from Jana Reinhardt

About Jana Reinhardt

Jana Reinhardt is run by a husband and wife team, both goldsmiths while Jana is also a qualified artist. They are based in Worthing, West Sussex and have, over the years, won a number of awards and made pieces for popstars and TV series.

Everything that is produced by this talented pair has been made by hand in their workshop by the sea.

Tiny Double Wing Necklace in Silver

There is something beautiful about tiny and these double wings come in at an absolutely adorable 12x7mm in size and are available in silver or yellow / rose gold plate. Though I am giving away the silver in particular.

Each pair of wings is made by hand and as such no two will ever be exactly the same, offering a really unique piece. The necklace can be worn at 16 or 18cm in length and if you like something a bit bigger, has a sister piece in the form of the double wings.

The tiny double wings start at £110 for a piece in silver, with gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil costing £139 and £152 respectively.

Compeition Win Your Own Tiny Double Wing Necklace in Silver

Of course, I am sure many of you are here to enter the competition and I promise you it is quite simple to do, all I want to know is in 8 words or more:
Other than the double wings collection, which is your favourite item that Jana Reinhardt has on offer, to help bump up that word count, how about letting me know where you would wear this necklace too if you were the lucky winner!

Win Tiny Double Wing Necklace in Silver from Jana Reinhardt

Good Luck!


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Win a Double Wing Necklace in Silver from Jana Reinhardt

This article has 93 comments

  1. David Funnell

    This looks beautiful. Thanks for the chance. Xx

  2. David Funnell

    This is beautiful. Thanks for the chance. Xx

  3. Tracy Nixon

    I also love the Dog Necklace (flying)!

  4. Anonymous

    Green emerald ring – stunning collection


    I love the mermaid pendant, so unique, I love swimming and my daughters fav Disney film is little mermaid, so would either gift it to her or keep it myself

  6. Laura Jeffs

    I absolutely adore the Butterfly Drop Earrings with Gemstones, they’re so delicate and unique!

  7. Sandra Fortune

    Some really lovely jewellery on here. I love the hummingbirds in necklaces and earrings I also like the gold wing ring.

  8. Karen Barrett

    Love the Mismatched Leaf Stud Earrings, very unusual! I would werr the necklace with a long, floaty summer dress

  9. Gingerbear1990

    I love the cat stud earrings!! In fact, i love everything with cats you have designed……

  10. Solange

    I love the rainbow necklace. It’s so pretty and colourful.

  11. Henry Little

    the Raining Cats & Dogs are real nice

  12. Kim M

    Love the Butterfly Drop Earrings with Gemstones x

  13. iain maciver

    love the hummingbirds in necklaces and the cats and dogs

  14. Kim Jackson

    so many pretty things but l love the hummingbirds in necklaces

  15. Sharon Powell

    I also love the turtle totum. Such a lovely giveaway x

  16. Ellen Stafford

    I love the penguin pendant necklace. I have always loved penguins!

  17. Hannah Burchell

    Such a pretty necklace and collection!

  18. Sarah Mackay

    I love the Tiny Hummingbird Bracelet

  19. Charlene Merrall

    I love the lioness and cub necklace! I would wear the wing necklace every day!

  20. Susie Wilkinson

    My favourite item is the 24 Carat Vermeil Gold Snake Bangle

  21. melanie stirling

    I love the hummingbird collection bracelet.If I won I’d wear it all the time.

  22. Nikki Hayes

    I love the Butterfly Charm Necklace with Gemstones and I would wear it pretty much anywhere :o)

  23. Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I love her Hummingbird necklace too – so beautiful. Both would look great with everything, including a simple tee!

  24. Dean T

    I love this collection raining-cats-dogs-jewellery

    Big pet fans in my house, cat necklace would suit my partner down to the ground

  25. Charlie Brunton

    I absolutely love the Tiny Hummingbird Bracelet! It’s so dainty & delicate, I would wear it all the time!

  26. Nina Motylinski-Davies

    I would wear it everywhere as I absolutely love angels! So much that I called my children Angelina and Gabriel !

  27. Kim Styles

    I love the hummingbird necklace too – but they are all beautiful

  28. Margaret Clarkson

    I love the rainbow necklace – the different colours look so prettty

  29. Alice Dixon

    I love the lioness and cub necklace, it’s so pretty. If I won I ’d wear it out to a special birthday meal.

  30. Ruth Harwood

    love the twin hummingbird necklace

  31. Nadia Josephine

    This is beautiful and would make a beautiful gift for my sister who is turning 30 soon and I would love to treat her 🙂

  32. Lucy Barlow

    Love the animal necklaces – especially the hippo, the narwal – actually – too many favourites!
    Shame they don’t do charms for charm bracelets – I’d go broke on this site if they did!

  33. Dale Dow

    The triple Ellipse necklace, I would wear it day to day

  34. Angela Treadway

    Butterfly Charm Bracelet with Gemstones x

  35. Sheena Batey

    This is so pretty

  36. Sheena Batey

    This is so pretty but I also like the hummingbird range of jewellery I would wear this type of jewellery anywhere at any time.

  37. Laura Banks

    the whale pendant its ever so cute i think it would be a necklace i would wear every day

  38. Laura Pritchard

    I love the Hummingbird Necklace and would wear it with a simple black top & jeans at weekends or with a black dress for a night out!

  39. Lynn neal

    I like the black cat necklace perhaps it brings good luck!


    The Cat Necklace (Curled up) is one piece of Jana Reinhardt’s jewellery that I’d love

  41. Jo Hutchings

    I also really love her snake necklaces especially the one with black diamonds.

  42. Nicola Marshall

    I love the sterling silver snake bangle I would wear it both during the day & on a night out.

  43. Susan Smith

    The Sparrow Heart necklace, its absolutely gorgeous, the two sparrows holding the heart, is so different, I would wear this all the time

  44. A.E. ADKINS

    There are several lovely wearable items of jewellery but I particularly love the Limited Edition Black Cat Necklace

  45. Jade Hewlett

    I like the Tiny Hummingbird Necklace. If I won I would give the necklace to my mum as she loves wings and I’m sure she would wear it all the time as it looks so pretty and would go with any outfit.

  46. Jade Bremner

    I really like the bird star and heart bracelet. I love the simple design and that it is thin I’m not one for big flashy Jewellery x

  47. clair downham

    i like the rainbow stud earrings

  48. Michelle Ferguson

    So many pretty things but my favourite is the snake bangle with black diamonds

  49. Pam Francis Gregory

    I love the Cats, Dogs & Raindrops Themed Jewellery which I would wear on a night out.

  50. Danielle Spencer

    I love the silver hare necklace, I’d love to wear it to my cousins wedding.

  51. Debbie Wilce

    I love the sparrow necklace with the heart drop

  52. Anonymous

    l adore the Lioness and cub! l think its one of the most beautiful and meaningful pieces l have seen ever!

  53. Sarah Roberts

    l adore the Lioness and cub! l think its one of the most beautiful and meaningful pieces l have seen ever!. So lovely! for a parent x

  54. judy kennedy

    Flower Scatter Ring in rose, I love my rings and often buy then as gifts

  55. Jessica Powell

    I love the snake necklace, and the twin unicorn necklace is really cool too!

  56. Emma C

    I love the sparrow heart necklace which I would wear with a black dress for work or special occasions

  57. Abigail

    The Sun Ring with Orange Sapphires, they are all so beautiful!

  58. Libby Alexander

    The Hummingbird Necklaces are just beautiful. I especially love it in silver.

  59. Jess Munday

    I love the gold wing necklace, its so pretty!

  60. Lorna Ledger

    Butterfly Hoop Earrings with Gemstones, so very pretty and delicate

  61. Cathleen King

    I like Letter Charm Necklace and wear to dinner.

  62. Amanda tanner


  63. Suzanne Gaulton

    The Northern Lights Earrings – seeing the northern lights is definitely on my bucket list and these earrings are gorgeous. I’d wear them on special nights out to light up my outfits!

  64. Susan B

    Gosh, she is incredibly creative and talented. I was going to say the Penguin Pendant is my favourite until I saw the Mermaid Pendant. Gorgeous!

  65. Ren Taylor

    This necklace is gorgeous and I would love to be your lucky winner! I really like her items and especially the hummingbird earrings ❤

  66. Tracey Ryder

    love the butterfly necklace with gemstones

  67. Lorraine Tinsley

    I really like the Rainbow necklace, the coloured stones are beautiful

  68. Jo Jones

    I love the mermaid necklace and it is so bang on trend too.

  69. Marycarol

    Love the elephant necklace in sterling silver and the black cat necklace, both beautiful x

  70. Anonymous

    i love the star ring and the fox ring

  71. Zoe Trelfa-Porter

    I love the hummingbird necklace, as it’s elegant and beautiful x

  72. Cara Holmes

    I really love the love birds necklace. It’s beautiful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this giveaway x

  73. C Whitlow

    I love the butterfly ring with gem stones. Actually I think I love all of the collections…just my style! I had better start saving or dropping a few hints to the husband! x

  74. Steph

    I love how dainty and cute this necklace is!

  75. Tigerwibi

    I especially love all the butterfly jewelry by Jana Reinhardt. The winged necklace would be lovely for my daughter for her school prom.

  76. Sarah Rees

    I love the unicorn pendant although my daughter probably would want to pinch it

  77. Suzanne

    I love the stylish, stunning design of the butterfly eternity ring.

  78. Maeva Devilette

    Love the Hummingbird necklace

    • Maeva Devilette

      Actually, love the hummingbird bracelet and earrings as well, so pretty

  79. Christine Lockley

    Wow, so beautiful, thanks for the chance to win! I love to browse Jana’s website often and love the “Hummingbird” collection and am going to treat my daughter to the studs as a reminder of her big birthday and the fabulous trip she took to Costa Rica

  80. Mary Lucking

    I like the Hummingbird Ear Studs. I would wear these every day

  81. Kate Toner

    I love the hummingbird necklace, and the earrings too!

  82. Mark Cameron

    the Raining Cats & Dogs for me

  83. mike fiera

    i love the Cats, Dogs & Raindrops Themed Jewellery

  84. Maria Gellar

    The Fox ear studs. I absolutely adore Foxes ❤️

  85. Keith Hunt

    Greyhound / Whippet Pin

  86. Sheila Reeves @cakereev

    I really like the Tiny Sparrow Ear Studs – such beautiful, simple lines

  87. Anonymous

    it was a tough choice but I love their Unicorn Horn Pendant x

  88. Laura A

    It’s so hard to choose just one, but I love the Elephant Stud Earrings! If I was lucky enough to win, I would wear this to my family reunion in the summer 🙂

  89. Cherry Lloyd

    I really like the Flower Bangle, it’s a great piece and one I could wear on an everyday basis rather than keeping it tucked away in a box for special occasions only.

  90. Claire Woods

    I love the bunny one, because we live near a field and see wild bunnies.

  91. rose h

    I really love the elephant pendant, it’s alternative and delicate and a great statement piece.

  92. Jules Eley

    I really love the snake bangle… it is minimal but still striking.

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