Win a Pick Me Up Chocolate Giftset - April

Win a Pick Me Up Chocolate Giftset – April

I can't believe how nasty the weather is at the moment, we seem to be getting April showers and then a bit when it comes to the rain. However, to brighten up this Winning Wednesday I thought I would put together the chance for you to win a Pick Me Up Chocolate Giftset (or similar) from Thorntons' as they look absolutely delicious!

Win a Pick Me Up Chocolate Giftset – April

Win a Pick Me Up Chocolate Giftset - April

Now if your new around these parts you might wonder why no picture and why or similar am I going to be shortchanged in my prize?! The answer is no, I just cannot guarantee what will be available on the Thorntons' website when it comes time to order your prize. So I pick out something that looks full of delicious goodies and if it happens to be sold out when prize ordering time comes I pick something of the same (or higher) value!

However, to give you an idea, on the Thorntons' website at the time I write this post the Pick Me Up Giftset includes:

Milk Classic Collection (248g)
Classic Collection (123g)
Bag of Orange Crisp Chocolates (105g)
Viennese Bag (107g)
Milk Chocolate Block (90g)
Fudge Brownie Milk Chocolate Block (90g)
Alpini Bar (34g)
Caramel Truffle Chocolate Bar (34g)

(remember of course Thorntons can also change what's put in a set, but at least you have an idea).

So now prize explanation is over and done, how can you win? Well, all you need to do is leave me a comment below. You could tell me about your day, something you did at the weekend, a joke or what you had for dinner! Just make it a good old full sentence with more than 8 words to be in with your chance to win! 

Win a Pick Me Up Chocolate Giftset – April

Good Luck!



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  1. Tracy Nixon

    Well yesterday it poured non stop so I did a bit of online shopping and treated my little baby chihuahu to a dress! It is so cute – looks like a long tee with a lacy frill! Now we just need warmth and sunshine so she can wear it!

  2. Jeanette Leighton

    I had sweet chilli chicken, new potatoes and cauliflower and broccoli cheese for dinner…. My dad is visiting so was lucky and had some to and enjoyed it

  3. A S,Edinburgh

    At the weekend I managed to get all my recycling bagged up and out, which given that it’s some distance to a bin for it takes some doing. It’s very satisfying to have it done, though.

  4. Emma Garratt

    I’ve been doing meal replacement and managed to lose 11lb in 11 days. I know it won’t continue at that rate but I’m so pleased… kids are having a takeaway tonight 😩😂

  5. Anthony Harrington

    Today I have been hanging wallpaper, I haven’t had wallpaper for years, was stunned that there are so many types these days, paste the wall, paste the paper, peel and stick! Anyway, I am am pleased with it, my Wife is very impressed with me and that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! (said in a manly voice! *cough*)

  6. Kim Styles

    Today I signed the contract to sell my late mums flat- that’s an end of an era – a bit emotional.

  7. Leila Benhamida

    Got a busy day with the kids visiting friends today. Back home enjoying a nice lasagne and quality time.

  8. kim neville

    Today has been hectic. Went to my baby grand daughter for cuddles then I did a long walk for my Fitbit challenges and had to carry shopping back as got carried away with chocolate bars lol 🙂

  9. melanie stirling

    I was fed up with my fringe going in my eyes so this morning I got my husband to trim it for me.I don’t know who was more nervous,me or him!


    I have had 3 dental appointments in five days, it has knocked me for six as I have ME/CFS so a nice chocolate treat is on the cards, shame I have finished all my easter eggs already!

  11. Debbie K Clauer

    I love chocolate! This prize sounds like a very nice assortment.

  12. ellen beck

    Toady is the first day it has been really above freezing in some time. We have a woodburner as well as use the furnace, cleaned that all out and may be splitting more wood. It is like spring isnt coming yet!

  13. Solange

    I had chicken fajitas for dinner today. It was delicious.

  14. Iain Maciver

    a lovely sunny day today got a few things tidyed up in the garden


    I enjoyed the Easter weekend with my sister and her husband

  16. David Williams

    I have just finished watching a box set called The Life and Times of David Lloyd George – my hero and I recommend it.

  17. Tania Atfield

    We pulled a wall down in our kitchen, messy and dusty now

  18. Emma Larkin

    A JOKE!😆

    A tortoise🐢 was mugged coming out of the bank by six snails 🐌. When the police asked him what had happened he said: “I don’t know, it all happened so fast!”

  19. Alica

    ooooh what a fantastic giveaway!! I lurve Thorntons! You really spoil us! 😀

  20. William Gould

    A horrible, grey day here, so we sorted a few things out. Moved to a good 2 year deal for the gas and electricity. Found a good 1 year fixed deal to move my ISA too in a couple of weeks. Paid the outstanding balance for our holiday. And my wife found and ordered some material to make a dress with!

  21. Rachel Craig

    We headed out as a family to the park to feed the ducks at the pond. Nice to get outdoors.

  22. Amanda Richardson

    Went cycling on Sunday with friends, stopping for lunch at a craft centre and then near the end of the ride stopping at the pub for a couple of drinks. Great day as it was actually dry and sort of warm. Did some gardening on Monday, but it’s not stopped raining since then!

  23. Nikki Hayes

    Looking forward to next week – we’re actually going to get some sun and 15C+ temperatures in our neck of the woods (Bristol) :o)

  24. Angela Treadway

    we had an english breakfast at a cafe x

  25. Margaret Gallagher

    Hooray – i finally got my new hoover – cleaning is now fun
    I had cake too ( extra big slice purely because i needed the energy 😁😂)

  26. Kerri elizabeth Alice Copeland

    wht a great prize

  27. Elizabeth

    Went to see a great film, caught up with friends, had fun – then came back to find bad news in an email that’s made me really worried.

  28. Suzanne

    This week I’m getting a shipment t of hydrangeas and I’m so excited to plant them in my garden.

  29. Victoria K

    My day wasn’t very exciting- I went to work. The best part was I went fora walk this evening and it was sweater weather- Spring might be coming.

  30. Alice Gilkes

    I love chocolate, and you can never have too much of it. Especially Thorntons.


    I have been arranging a birthday treat for my partner – a trip to London to see a show and afternoon tea in Fortnum & Mason.

  32. Paula Barker

    So yesterday we booked to go to Disneyland Paris in December, it will be our first time there, we are so excited, the countdown begins.

  33. Jennifer Toal

    I’m off to Blackpool today to see legally blonde

  34. Catherine Stewart

    I’m feeling a little under the weather with yet another winter cold, but hoping a visit to my favourite museum will cheer me up!

  35. lozzle77

    i have had the week off work and basically done nothing but watch boxsets and its been great

  36. Nicola Marshall

    Yesterday, I took my daughter to Manchester for a girly day. She cost me a fortune in the Lego & Disney store but it was a fab day out.

  37. A.E. ADKINS

    Emailled the council again, there must be something about our recycling that they just don’t like

  38. Lucy

    I haven’t done anything exciting this week at all! But got back into the gym which means I can eat more chocolate and cake 😉

  39. Elizabeth Smith

    Sat on the edge of the bath this morning to blow my nose and blew myself backwards into the bath! Dogs thought it was hilarious and every time I struggled to sit up they jumped on my shoulders and knocked me back. Feel like I should be able to sell the whole debacle to a sitcom writer!

  40. Sheena Batey

    I am just about to set off for a power walk to get some fresh air and my bottom off the computer chair.

  41. Tracey Hunt

    My son and i have been shopping today and my boy decided to eat the strawberries whilst i was shopping and try to destroy the cappuccino box too. We also went to the cafe and i had a lovely hot cross bun latte

  42. Susan Chafer

    I’ve been shopping with my hubby. I bought a jacket and we had coffee and biscuits in Caffe Nero. That’s my exciting morning!

  43. Lindsey Stuart

    Today so far has been good, my daughter Heidi and I baked a lemon and coconut cake, I have changed all of our bedding and got the washed ones out on the line! Today has been the first sunny day in a long long time! 🙂

  44. gemma hendry

    been for my daughters 2 year check, she reached al her milestones so we are proud

  45. Glenn Seale

    Lets have a chocolate flavours giggle 😛

    An elderly chap wobbled gingerly into an ice cream parlour and carefully, slowly sat on a stool. He winced a moment, then ordered a chocolate sundae.

    “Crushed nuts?” asked the server.
    “No,” he answered.
    “Bad knees.”

  46. Ren Taylor

    I have had my nails done….lovely long acrylics in a dark grey…problem is that now typing is more difficult lol ! Hope your’e week’s going well x

  47. Mrs Lucy Gardner-Roberts

    This morning I took my son swimming, then to the soft play and tea and cake at his favourite chocolate themed coffee shop. We are both exhausted !

  48. Henry Little

    today we opened a bank account for savings!

  49. Marycarol

    The weather forecast says it’s going to warm up from next week!!! So excited to maybe get out of my boots and into a pair of sandals x

  50. ValB

    As the weather has been so awful I have been decluttering and doing some ebay selling. It takes a lot of effort but Im getting there. Definitely need a chocolate treat !

  51. Emily Hutchinson

    My day has involved herding cats to keep them away from the electrician.

  52. C Whitlow

    So far today I’ve done morning walkies with the pup and have had a healthy lunch. Sat here now trying to convince myself I don’t need chocolate or crisps to snack on! x

  53. Dale Dow

    it’s actually a rant, currently getting my kitchen and bathroom done and the painters finished up today, just had a look and it’s a shoddy job

  54. Danielle Spencer

    Today I’ve been doing the washing, tidying up and cleaning out some of the animals.

  55. glenn hutton

    Finally took the plunge and cut the front & back gardens which I have delayed since all the rain we keep having, but the grass hasn’t been cut since Winter. Wow, hard work or what, it usually takes around an hour to do both, well this time it took nearly 3 hours, the ground is like a bog, the grass being damp and longer than usual just clogged up the mower all the time… Lesson learned for next year, bad weather or not!

  56. Judy

    I took my dog for a long, glorious walk this morning. The sun shone and the tide was out so we could explore the beach, climbing over the rocks and getting wet feet in the rock pools. Saw some friends, canine and human and even popped into the pet shop for a biscuit!

  57. Sue McCarthy

    Last weekend I planted some seeds and tidied up the garden a bit. Made a quiche yesterday so I’ve got that for tea for the next few days. Also been sewing some keyrings with the leftover small pieces of fabric you can’t really do much else with, they have turned out really well (to be donated to charity).

  58. Fiona K

    Had a lovely 3 course meal and Prosecco with my mum at the weekend at the local bistro. Nicest steak ever, still think of it now 🙂

  59. G Keegan

    The latest thing in our town is hunting for painted rocks in the local parks. Certainly keeping the kids busy!

  60. Louise A

    Yesterday evening we went to the cinema and watched a screening of ‘The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society’. Two hours long but enjoyable. We were a little early so had a Costa coffee and some biscuits (my husband had some chocolate tiffin). Afterwards we went for a pizza so a bit of a pig out day…lol.

  61. Laura Jeffs

    I haven’t done much lately I’m afraid, as I’ve been quite poorly. I’m beginning to feel better now, so it’s all good 🙂

  62. Helen B

    Spent the day on the laptop searching for a house to buy now we have sold ours

  63. Sarah Mackay

    Got a busy boring day at work but hopefully it will be productive.

  64. aliduke79hotmailcom

    I have been for tea with my friend, now I have to go to work 🙁

  65. Vikki Sanderson

    We went to a local shopping outlet and adventure park! So much fun although I am a lot more competitive than I realised (I won at crazy golf!)

  66. Hannah Irish

    We are about to take our 2 children bowling and Mcdonalds for dinner afterwards, they think all their dreams have come true!

  67. Chloe Taylor

    I do love my chocolate! It’s my 20th birthday tomorrow so I will be celebrating with a yummy chocolate cake.

  68. Laura Pritchard

    I’ve taken a few days off work to look after the kids during Easter and we’ve just got back from a lovely week in Portugal and, today, we went to watch Peter Rabbit – my 3 year old’s first trip to the cinema.

  69. Jo Young

    Today I went back to school, but this time to tidy my daughter’s classroom – she’s the teacher lol

  70. Kim M

    I’ve been making candles today – save all odds and ends and ones that won’t burn then melt them down and do stripy layered ones x

  71. Alice

    I had a girly night with some friends last night, we ordered in pizza and watched Why Him? which was a pretty funny film! One of our friends moved away so it was lovely to be able to get together when she visits in the holidays 🙂

  72. janine atkin

    i had a day off work today and it was bliss

  73. Inga Andersen

    Very boring, tidying up and doing the washing. I wish it was more interesting lol

  74. clair downham

    would lov e to win this to treat the hubby for all his hardwork

  75. Susan Sargent

    Helping hubby decorating, more like Dog/s body , fetch me carry me

  76. Char W

    I go on holiday in 5 weeks, so really shouldn’t be entering competitions for chocolate – but as they say, you only live once 🙂

  77. Josie Mellor

    It was a bit of a catch-up weekend for us after going away over the bank holiday. The garden resembles a jungle so looking forward to some decent weather (at last) to tidy it up.

  78. Jennifer Mai

    Hi! Productive day here in East Sussex … Just not enough chocolate in the day … Now where can I get some?!

  79. Emma Nixon

    had a catch up weekend. Went mad and sorted out the front garden, weeding, mowing. Just got it all done before the next downpour that has lasted 5 days! Next job build a boat !!!

  80. Lyndsey Cooksey

    I’ve been a fibber today lol I messaged my slimming classy say I got called to work and that I couldn’t go to class. When really I’d eaten a rubbish load of chocolates, takeaways and ate my huge weight in donuts…. And I’m a big girl! Oops

  81. Michelle Ferguson

    I’ve been at work all day so not a fun day but at least tomorrow is Friday

  82. Caroline H

    I got home and tackled a shelf in our “room of doom”. Convinced there were things there that I’ve never seen in my life before! That spurred me on to go through the veg rack and cook and freeze what I knew we weren’t going to use before it went off. Feel quite smug now!

  83. Valerie Seal

    We’re staying with relatives with no wi fi and I love playing on my laptop. However after a chat with 3 mobile they’ve let me buy extra hotspot – Phew!

  84. helen tovell

    We went to see some local hosing that is going to be lost to the sea due to coastal erosion in our area to appreciate the force of nature and our own home.

  85. Jackie Howell

    I had a delicious Katsu Curry tonight for dinner! I love Katsu

  86. Komal Qasim

    So as a house wife started my day with daily chores, went for some grocery shopping made mac cheese in lunch and Chinese in dinner as it is my husband’s favourite. So most of my day was spent in kitchen today. Looking forward for this weekend as we have plans for activities.

  87. Kathryn Hipkin

    Happily, I was off on Monday, just about the only nice day these holidays! We went down to South Shields on the metro then walked to Marine Park, kids climbed and played, we went on the little train. I asked them if they wanted to go on a boat on the lake but they didn’t so we went across to Ocean Beach Pleasure Park and they chose 3 things each (the helter skelter was popular with them!). Then we walked back up to Wetherspoons for lunch and took the metro back home. Kids said it was the BEST day!

  88. Pat Kelly

    My sister and niece came for tea and I made a very scrummy orange cake.

  89. Ed B

    I had a long day at work and came home to find my girlfriend had eaten the last of my Easter chocolate! I was not impressed.

  90. Jade weeden

    Me and my husband would be really happy if I won this competition!

  91. bob clark

    spent most of the day looking up train times

  92. Tammy

    Hi, its been so foggy and dull here today cannot believe its meant to get warm next week once kids back at school – typical!!

  93. Sophie Roberts

    I’ve had a really rubbish week in Work so I treated myself to getting my eyebrows done today!

  94. Alison Burns

    My day today was not my best…I had root treatment at the dentist this morning!

  95. Denise

    Was a lovely day here today and I finally managed to get my washing out, nothing quite like seeing washing outside .. summer is coming 🙂

  96. Harry Baker-Farmer

    I had pulled beef macaroni cheese with cayenne pepper!

  97. pete c

    As I hadn`t had some for ages, tonight I enjoyed some fish and chips, on paper – delicious!

  98. Paul Chadwick

    A totally lazy day for me today,lounging about watching horse racing and snacking on junk food.

  99. Dean T

    Had the most mundane day imaginable, did some work, went to the shops for cat food and ate dinner with the family before watching the news and surfing the web a bit!

  100. romi

    Feels like the longest week ever! Got some bad news this week so I’m hoping things change and start looking up soon. Winning this would be a nice surprise!

  101. amy bondoc

    glad its friday, my daughter has the flu and has thrown up all over the house, my dad is home from work and getting in the way!! cant wait to spend the weekend chilling in the garden, its suppose dot be hot x

  102. Karen Lloyd

    I’ve heard a rumour that the weather is going to be nice next week. I’m going to start sorting out my Summer clothes this weekend in anticipation, it’s been a long Winter.

  103. Karen Barrett

    Today I am going shopping for toiletries and children’s items, my daughter is going to Budapest as a volunteer in an orphanage.

  104. Claire Glace

    Money isn’t everything, but it certainly keeps you in touch with your children.!! Lol…..

  105. Doreen Brady

    We’ve are planning on going camping this weekend to the Lake District. Very excited and just hoping that the weather turns nice for us.

  106. Emily Henley

    This looks lush! I’m looking forward to this weekend, as we actually have NO PLANS – we have an 11 week old baby and most weekends have involved introducing him to various people…it’ll be nice to have a weekend just the three of us!

  107. Karen R

    Hubby and I had a lovely day out in Hull last week. We followed the Fish Trail (although we couldn’t find quite a few!!) and enjoyed the old town

  108. Jessica Powell

    It’s been a fairly quiet week with my daughter home and I’ve been off work a few days …I’m kind of looking forward to going back now though!

  109. chelseygrun

    Today i had a very boring day at work. Home now though with my poorly daughter.

  110. Janet Birkin

    No gardening again – far too cold….where is the sun 🙁

  111. Sharon Hirst

    I’ve had a great retail therapy day with my friend and of course lots of tea and cake.

  112. Courtney Renee

    I had stuffed shells for dinner the other night, they were very good!

  113. elvisfan

    I watched series of unfortunate events on Netflix
    Thankyou very much


    Today is the first day I’ve left bed (except for trip to doctor) I’ve made it to the sofa. Dreaded tonsilitis has struck me down and have to say the worst I’ve felt in a very long time. Luckily the doctor took one look and the shock on his face said it all, I needed antibiotics. Still feeling very poorly but slowly on the mend, thank goodness the sun hasn’t come out yet, hopefully it’s waiting for me to get well.


    I seem to have some kind of virus that is causing dizziness and have already managed to walk (or rather stumble) into one wall lol Hoping by tomorrow I will feel a lot better

  116. Marc H

    Spent part of this afternoon trying coax the damn cat out the tree in my garden. He’s discovered wood pigeons are nesting near the top and keeps trying to climb it. Little bugger. Still, got a couple of beers, takeaway is on it’s way, time to relax.

  117. Jay MacInnes

    I haven’t finished my easter choccies yet, and here I am trying to win more! Does that make me a choco-holic?

  118. Hayley Colburn

    Have had a terribly boring week so far but am really looking forward to taking the kids to Drayton Manor this weekend, really hope we don’t have rotten weather

  119. Caroline

    Yesterday I changed electricity and gas suppliers and managed to save £200 so I was really pleased

  120. R Amison

    Sharing a delicious Friday night dinner with very good friends.

  121. Veronica Lee

    The hubs and I took a road trip back to my hometown to visit my parents.

  122. Kathy Cakebread

    chilling out watching tv

  123. Jane

    This weekend I have cleared out three whole draws of stuff, cleared out two bags for charity and one for the bin. Now, I am going to cook chicken and yorkshire pudding for tea and have several large glasses of wine as a treat.

  124. Carole Nott

    Not a very interesting day – just the usual trip to supermarket for weekly shop – has to be done!

  125. Kim Carberry

    I have got washing drying on the line….That is exciting as my weekend is getting. lol

  126. CHERRY Lloyd

    I had a surprise visit from my friends and their dog. They drove 5 hours from home to buy a camper from a farm. I made dinner for everyone then we all went to the pub for a drink. The pub is 5 doors up but despite living here for 6 years I have never been inside before. When we went in for our drinks we were the only people in there !

  127. Laura Chapman

    Today was my 5th day of exercise this week and tomorrow, I’m hoping to run another 5km to top the week of to 6 workouts. 2018 is going to be a healthy one!

  128. Katie

    Ooo that photo of the chocolate looks so yummy! It would definitely make a great pick me up after such a grey, dreary and miserable week weather-wise (although I did have a strangely lucky Friday 13th…!).

  129. Joseph

    CHOCOLATE! Chocolate! Chocola! Me me me. I would eat all of it by my self and may be let my wife sniff it.. or I’ll be a little nice and maybe let her hold it!

  130. Nicola Rupawala

    I went to visit family and took my nephew to the park as it was a sunny for a change!

  131. Natalie Crossan

    Not been mega interesting, I had to work today and then me and my daughter watched Ferdinand x

  132. Emily Niven

    This weekend I’ve been trying to get some work done however it’s been somewhat unsuccessful. I could do with some chocolate.

  133. Mel Turner

    Removed all 10 interior doors today arms ache now

  134. Emma C

    Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in 6 months so today I can barely move!

  135. Margaret Clarkson

    Yesterday we visited Yorvik with a party of two adults, teenager and eight year old. We all enjoyed it enormously. Whilst queuing to get in, we were entertained by reinactors who did a great job of informing us about viking life. Once inside we had a splendid ride in a train which took us through the viking settlement with a good voiceover explaining everthing. Animatronics were used to great effect to portray the viking settlers, such as merchants, fishermen etc. After this we were able to look at the real artefacts (nothing less than 1000 years old we were told). We saw everthing from shoes to coins. Again there was a reinactor to explain everything. We were treated to a great talk about the viking money system, which the eight year old especially enjoyed. Thank you to all at the Jorvik Viking centre for a great visit.

  136. Emma Thomas-Higgs

    I’ve had the most relaxing Sunday – lunch out with my finace and now chilling on the sofa reading blog posts – bliss!!! Happy Sunday 🙂

  137. Richard Brandt

    I went to Starbucks and exchanged the gift card I got for my birthday for a pumpkin bread and a hot chocolate.

  138. Abigail Cullen

    Getting fitter for summer, so was on my exercise bike, which We keep in the conservatory.

  139. Lorna Ledger

    Today, I have visited my 82 year old Granddad in hospital , and then we have had takeaway, now we are chilling, love to all x


    At the weekend I was moving my wall clocks about to make way for my new one – I have 15 now! All in my bedroom! My cat had been sitting with the new one, looking at it, then looking at the main wall of clocks as if to ask ‘where on earth is this one going!?’ I knew what she meant though as my wall space is diminishing fast! Haha! However, I did manage to find room for it on the main wall of clocks and move my biggest clock to another wall, taking place of a glass picture which was also moved to another wall….Talk about giving myself a bit of a Mike Reid! All in all, it didn’t take too long to do and my cat was happy with the result, as was I. Haha!

  141. leanne weir

    I had the absolute pleasure of trying to remove wood chip wall paper today.

  142. Rebecca F

    Great comp. After giving up chocolate for lent I’m still trying to top up my chocolate levels so this would help a lot.

  143. Tabs (@LTabstar)

    I haven’t been feeling great lately, and really needed comfort food, so I cooked the most amazing cheesy pasta dish. A great pick me up!

  144. Louise

    Being born around Easter time I think I naturally love chocolate ;0)

  145. Rich Tyler

    Who doesn’t love chocolate! had to share mine with little 1s, it’s kama! lol

  146. Jen Oconnell

    Today we enjoyed the sun! I had my little boy in September and I swear he is yet to see any proper sun!

  147. Fiona Johnstone

    It’s lambing time at my sister’s farm. So I’ve been helping out. I got all the pens cleaned out, all ready for the new mums. Lovely feeling to change a wet and dirty straw pen into a lovely clean one with fresh clean straw. I fed some pet lambs too. So cute. Then fed the outside mothers in the troughs. It’s been a lovely sunny day too which was a nice bonus.

  148. lesley renshaw

    I had a very productive day today. Woke up and the sun was shining. Little one eager to get dressed and go to school which was refreshing. Headed to college and the rush hour drives seemed happier than normal. Had a giggle at a pair singing at the top of the voices with their windows rolled down. Passed my mock exam with flying colours. Headed home to tidy the garden after winter. Mowed the lawn, done some weeding and emptied the shed of all the rubbish (broken toys, furniture, electricals, etc) we’ve collated over the years and got on the phone to a local waste disposal company to arrange for them to take it. Picked Mini Me up from school and enjoyed an ice-lolly from the ice-cream van (was very hot around this time 22oC). Played in the garden before OH came home from work and when dinner was cooking and now relaxing after a nice soak in the bath. Lovely day all round and I hope you’re having a good week too x

  149. Susie Wilkinson

    I amazed myself so much yesterday when I declared ‘let’s have a salad for tea’, even the dog looked shocked!

  150. Susan Hoggett

    Well dinner last night was the first summery meal of the year, new potatoes with chives from my garden, peas and pan fried salmon with a tomato and olive sauce, delicious!

  151. Ursula Hunt

    This weekend I sold some of my handmade toys and childrens cardigans at a craft fair, it was very nice to see them sell so well

  152. Victoria Prince

    Well today has been a bit of a struggle thus far. I had a headache yesterday and felt so ill by the evening I collapsed into bed early. Feeling better today, but headache still hasn’t gone and it seems to be getting worse again – I really shouldn’t complain I know, but I’m blaming this weather – I think it’s the brightness! So I’ll tell you about my weekend instead, which was fairly eventful as I ended up on a 12 mile walk with the dog – she was back to normal by the next day, I’m still suffering! lol
    (Nothing I like better than a chocolate surprise!)

  153. Helen Best

    I’ve been busy shopping then went to hospital then havd sweet chilli with noodles & salad

  154. Anna Hogan

    I was at work and then enjoyed the sunshine !

  155. Parveen Brown

    As I’m a bit of a food addict, yesterday’s weigh-in at SW surprised me as I lost 2 n half and bang on target, went off plan as it’s my treat day, browsed Mediterranean book that I bought as a treat as getting fed up with some of the normal meals that I’m cooking and in the afternoon chilled out in the sun as it was gorgeous

  156. Angela Muir

    I am having a good day, the sun is shining and I am looking after a friends little boy.

  157. Milly Youngman

    I’m off to see my parents today, so a train after work is in order!

  158. Clare Hubbard

    Last weekend I wrote my husband a long list of jobs to do and made sure he did them all! I may let him rest this weekend!

  159. lynn neal

    We had home made vegetable curry for dinner which I served with Rice and some flatbreads!

  160. PhilA

    We took the dogs the beach today and had a lovely walk in the sunshine. Made a lovely change not to have to wear coats (both us and the dogs!)

  161. Collette SR

    Enjoyed the sunshine! wanted to do some gardening this evening but ended up walking the dog along the canal and beach at least the dogs happy.

  162. Ann Marie Gould

    im having a lazy weekend at home this weekend after 3 weeks in the hospital with my daughter

  163. Leila Benhamida

    We had a lovely picnic yesterday with some friend after school with the kids. Was great to organise something before the weekend.

  164. Kyomi Johnson

    Got the news that my chemotherapy treatment was working so spent time with all the family

  165. cheryl hadfield

    Just getting over a bad glandular infection, so had 2 days holiday from work and the full weekend to get 100% back to feeling better. The glorious weather has meant I have been able to relax in the garden today with my family and a quick visit to the local beer garden.

  166. Miz Rahman

    Netflix and chill, night time pizza and ice cream.

  167. claire woods

    It’s my son’s birthday tomorrow 23rd April and he’ll be 13. My birthday is the following week 30th April.

  168. Susan Trubey

    My mouth is watering so I am going to eat a large bar of chocolate

  169. Lindsey Martin

    I’ve just finished off all of our Easter chocolates! Yummy! Could do with some more to keep me stocked up.

  170. claire griffiths

    we have enjoyed a lovely family walk today

  171. Holly King

    Hello today i went out dor lunch with my little boy my dad and grandad and had a lovely roast dinner yum x

  172. Charlotte Burford

    Had a marvellous weekend soaking up this lovely weather we’ve been having – mostly with a glass of prospect sitting in the garden!

  173. Tracy Newton

    Well, on Saturday, I laundered all the winter coats and duvets. I then packed them away. On Sunday the weather turned cold again. So today I had to sort out a few throws to chuck over the beds to keep us all warm.

  174. Lynne OConnor

    Currently in an insomnia vicious circle. Didn’t sleep at all last night so went back to bed after sorting out son for school, shower, housework etc. so now won’t sleep tonight either. But, hey, the sun has just popped out so its not all bad

  175. Lynsey Buchanan

    Today I watched the first episode of Westworld season 2 which I have been waiting for months, now need to wait a week for part 2.

  176. Debbie Jensen

    This weekend I went and got a massage saturday and worked on sunday.

  177. Iris

    Yesterday I finally managed to see a doctor about my tennis elbow (I don’t even play tennis) I have been in pain for nearly 2 months so hopefully these tablets do the trick now

  178. stacey turner

    What do cannibals eat for dessert?
    Chocolate covered aunts

  179. Annabel Greaves

    My daughter is off to her residential trip with the school next week

  180. Angela Kelly

    My day: The majority was spent wrangling teenagers and making desparate attempts to circumvent some awful IT facilities. I also swallowed a fly.

  181. Emily D

    Why was the penguin popular?
    Because he was a ice guy!

  182. Robyn Clarke

    I could really do with these chocolates, my husband recently had a knee op, so between looking after him and our 3 children I could do with a little treat.

  183. Libby Alexander

    Such a stressful day but I have reminded myself to be in the moment – and it has got me through. It’s now the evening and I am taking some “me time”. Feet up, browsing blogs/ internet and realising that life is best enjoyed minute by minute.

  184. Sheila Reeves @cakereev

    I managed to get two bags of clothing & bedding ready to put out for the NSPCC bag collection today – must remember to put them out later!

  185. debbi ruskin

    I had my first ever manicure at the weekend on a spa break with my sister 🙂

  186. Lynne Manton

    I went to a National Trust country house at the weekend. It was wonderful to be out and about, looking at beautiful things and just enjoying the sunshine. After being virtually housebound for nearly three years it was amazing to be out ALL DAY!

  187. Kerryn Johnson

    my daughter is having chemotherapy at the moment so when we can we spend time at our getaway in the Welsh hills

  188. Mrs Sarah Roberts

    My hubby has been off work for 2 weeks so we’ve been going out and decorating, loved it. 🙂 🙂 Weathers been half decent so its been fab!.

  189. Christina Wadeley

    I hope I am lucky enough to win this

  190. Keith Hunt

    Just back from a dog park with all the hounds

  191. Adrienne McGroder

    My kids have had a lovely day out in the sun today playing in the garden with their chums!

  192. Katerina Economides

    I helped my friend change a broken lock on her door. We went outside to test opening it only to find we had took the key to the old lock with us so were locked out. Yey for us!xxx

  193. amanda walsh

    We have had a very relaxed Sunday here today. We made Sunday lunch, done some laundry and had early baths for school tomorrow

  194. Pam Gregory

    Just had a lovely full roast lamb dinner!

  195. cheryl hadfield

    nice relaxing day at home for my family, hubby is on a late shift so an evening in front of the tv for me

  196. Allan Wilson

    Busy day – Give the summer house a second coat of paint, mow the lawns with first cut of the year, check on the horses, plant seeds in the polytunnel and finally sit down to read blogs.

  197. Catherine Wren

    Why did the picture go to jail? A: Because it was framed.

  198. Sarah F

    We just had Southern Fried Chicken & wedges!

  199. Judith Allen

    Smiling at a cat who stalks birds unsuccessfully in the garden. We call her tabby white socks, for rather obvious reasons. My partner talked to her owner last year, who asked why she called her that. Her name is Ebony.

  200. rebecca Beesley

    cooked myself a nice lunch and managed to get some tidying up done. So much rain today that i couldn’t get out the house though.

  201. AMANDA W

    my day yesterday ended in a nightmare!!!

    First i opened the fridge to be hit with an awful smell!! finally figured out what it was and sorted that!

    then i burnt the kids tea which ended in 2 mini meltdowns from the kids…

    and to top it off i went to empty the bin to have the bag split and the whole contends all over my drive! cue me on my hands and knees cleaning up all our kitchen waste while the kids stand in the doorway watching me asking what im doing!!!

    i deffo need some pick me up chocs!!! lol

  202. Kerry Webber

    Had some lovely weather today, perfect for gardening, but I pulled a muscle in my leg, so I was laid up inside watching the world go by! That meant that I spent most of the day on the internet ordering gardening supplies. I’ve got 300 litres of compost arriving sometimes this week, and some really cute planters shaped like dogs!

  203. HollieA

    I ate alot of chocolate this weekend……dark mostly then treates myself to some jaffa cakes……had a green tae to cancel them out….

  204. Karl Borowy

    helping wife with her new phone

  205. Irene Murdoch

    I love Thorntons – shouldn’t really say but twice a year I do a mystery shop there and get to keep the chocolate!

  206. Michelle Wild

    Checking out barbecues online for the long hot weekend coming up.

  207. Jessica Barber

    Oooh Thorntons chocolate is SO delicious! Have you tried their ice-cream too? I highly recommend! Especially with a fudge stick in the place of a flake – AMAZING!

  208. Ema J Lowe

    ive had a nightmare of a day today. i had some problems with my laptop last night so did a refresh not knowing it would delete my email program. not such a big thing, but you can no longer download the program i used, i had several important emails with alot of info on, which has just gone.

  209. Jules Eley

    I had a huge plate of salad with quorn breaded fillets 🙂 I love this time of year when salad is just perfect.

  210. Rachael Sexey

    So far here it’s a beautiful sunny day so I feel happy and motivated. Done the school run, cleaned the house, now I’m having a coffee 💜

  211. Kelly White

    We took the dogs for their first visit to the beach this year 🙂

  212. Kerry H

    I went to Majorca and it rained all day. The weather was better in Scotland. I’ve been in the hotel room watching CBeebies all day with the toddler jumping up the walls!

  213. Pat Hancock

    I am loving this sunny weather – so rare for a Bank Holiday weekend!

  214. Raewyn Rickerby

    Having a lazy day, sitting in the garden, now that the sun has decided to make an appearance.

  215. Christopher Read

    I’ve had a quiet day, went out for a walk and am enjoying the warm weather 🙂

  216. Lyn Geddes

    I rescued a pigeon who has got 2 peanuts stuck in his beak! Kept him quiet in a box till he recovered then watched him fly away!


    I’ve spent the afternoon de-cluttering my garden shed whilst listening to the radio

  218. Rai

    I worked last night, restocking in a supermarket, absolutely back-breaking graft. And once I’d trudged 2 miles up to the station to get home I treated myself to a large, extra hot, hot chocolate and every sip was absolutely divine!

  219. Mike W

    What beautiful Bank Holiday weekend weather we are having, I’ve been outside doing diy, badly, but at least it’s outdoors!

  220. Kelly Hanson

    OMG my mouth is watering at all those choices! I’ve been depriving myself and been ever so good for ages now and dropped a stone and a half, I think I’m about due a chocolate binge so fingers crossed!

  221. Christina Palmer

    Yesterday was my best friends birthday so I took the dog for a walk to her house where I met up with her and her 2 dogs. 2of our other friends arrived with there dogs and as it was such a lovely sunny day we all spent the day in her garden with nibbles and drinks.

  222. Abby P

    We’ve been enjoying the heat wave! Paddling pool for the kids, gardening, bbq – perfect!

  223. Carole Paton

    After a fabulous Sliming World full cooked breakfast of sausage, bacon, beans and French Toast, I set about decorating my oldest son’s bedroom. It badly needed a refresh and to reflect his age and interests better so I have painted it white, bought some wall stickers and put up a silver blind and black curtains. The new carpet gos down tomorrow to complete the more grown up look.

  224. tina edwards

    yesterday was a really busy day for me a young couple i know were getting married and was on an extremely tight budget so i offered to do all the food for them, there was 100 guests for a the afternoon and 160 in the evening, i managed to rope in a friend to help me and we done it all on our own.


    Thought I would dry my washing outside (sunny day) the line broke, back to square one, dirty washing, not amused. Going to get a beer now

  226. john radburn

    Went to Norfolk to visit the in laws on Holibobs.ended up trailing round Kings Lynn with a handheld satnav looking for a car parts motor factor!We found it went back to Dad’s car and fixed it with a pair of pump pliers,adjustable spanner and 1/4 inch drive set of sockets oh and a snap on diagnostics to reset everything.Result and still had time for an ice cream.Smashing.

  227. Penny Wilsher

    Tackled my overgrown garden and, if I say so myself, done a very good job so far but still lots to clear…who ever invented stinging nettles lol


    Today I planted green beans ,peas,mangetout and cauliflours in my allotment.

  229. Lynda Jones

    We finished off our new seating area this weekend so pleased that we have somewhere to sit now when its sunny

  230. Ro Day

    At the moment my oldest son is revising for his GCSEs so we are not enjoying the sun as much as we would do. Today there will be more studying and for a break we will all go for a picnic and a pokemon hunt.

  231. Karen B

    Oooo Chocolate! I’m spending the weekend trying to get through my To Do list around the house. At the moment though I seem to be adding more things than I’m ticking off.

  232. Josh Gough

    Let the rabbits run around in the sun. They were loving it. though had to do it in the morning as i was worried they would overheat in the afternoon sun !

  233. Victoria Easton

    I have been walking with my 2 dogs now I hope to go out and do some gardening – I would love to try these as a special treat!

  234. paula cheadle

    I am not doing much today, it is to warm. I am going to sit and watch the telly this afternoon. Hope that you are doing ok.

  235. Liam Fitzpatrick

    I’ve been to Wales this weekend to see my girlfriend’s family which was great, now I’m just chilling in the sun, enjoying the BH weekend, woop!

  236. Eileen Tingle

    As I write this I’m working my way through a box of mini chocolate rolls and I’ve just had number 6! So much for my diet, I’ll start again tomorrow.

  237. Richard Saunders

    I’ll try a joke… how do organise a party in space? You Planet……ouch, sorry about that.

  238. Jane Willis

    Yesterday we went to a food festival and bought lots of delicious goodies. It was glorious weather and it was great to see so many people out enjoying great food and live music in beautiful surroundings.

  239. Amanda Gregory

    It has been an absolute awesome weekend for me. Despite having to work some of the time, because we manage around 30 holiday cottages and bank holidays are the busiest times for us, it has just been perfect. Family have been around a lot, the weather is perfect and I have spent time outside listening to our local band playing. Fabulous!

  240. Joanna Ford

    I have been busy renovating my house with my Fiance

  241. christine westlake

    Just spent a glorious week end in the garden in sunny North Devon

  242. James Travis

    Been chilling, such a lovely day

  243. Maria P

    I really enjoy this warm weather – and the fact that I do not need to put on the heating during the evening 🙂

  244. AnnaS

    Long day at work.Home made lasagne for a dinner.

  245. Katie b

    Today we had a Bank holiday bbq with the family, was lovely!

  246. Kim Lam

    Something that really picked me up this weekend was doing loads of washing and being able to hang it outside to dry on the washing lines. I love the smell of bedding that has been air dried outside

  247. foreverastri

    we went to the seaside on sunday, it was awesome my 3 year old ws tall enought to go on some of the rides, we had a fab time xx

  248. Katie W

    we went to amazing festival this weekend called Teddy rocks, it raises money to fight childrens cancer

  249. carol boffey

    Spent the weekend with my boyfriend walking the dog

  250. Marrian

    I had my brother and my family over at the weekend for my sister-in-law’s birthday. It was nice, and I got to see my gorgeous little niece.

  251. kimberley ryan

    we had a fabulous weekend in Aberystwyth visiting family

  252. leoni rudge

    I spent a majority of the weekend in the garden but then yesterday, I spent the whole day resting my lobster body in the shade!

  253. Nia Dunn

    Currently 28 weeks pregnant and I’d gladly have snow back as opposed to the heatwave we’re currently having!!

  254. Stevie

    I went to the park and for a walk with my niece.

  255. Chloe Cunningham

    I’m just enjoying the last of the sunshine before I have to go back to work tomorrow!!

  256. Melody

    I love Thorntons – I think it would be especially delicious in this summer sun 🙂

  257. Natalie Henderson

    Well we had a lovely bank holiday BBQ yesterday with my parents as well as my sister, fiancee and nephew. I don’t know who enjoyed themselves more, us or my Dizzy dog!! 🙂

  258. Chirag Patel

    visted a trampoline park with the kids and looked liked Zebedee for my troubles

  259. Irene Murdoch

    Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands – and then eat just one of the pieces!

  260. Helen Padden

    My two little girls are a bit poorly today so lots of cuddles today but managed to do a bit of weeding in the garden as my two little girls do love their strawberries 🙂

  261. Sheri Darby

    What a delicious prize – i would love to win this

  262. Danielle Dudley

    Amazing prize. Would love to be for my family

  263. Julie

    I got burned to a crisp by that funny yellow ball in the sky that we don’t normally see too much of.

  264. Amy Briscoe

    Had the most perfect weekend. Rode my horse out on Sunday and then saw friends. On Monday hubby and I went for a picnic in the new forest, we just lay on the grass and chilled!

  265. Rebecca Powell

    This week I have started a new job and would love some chocolate to celebrate!!

  266. toni pearson

    Today in a maths lesson, when asked how many fingers they had, one child insisted they only had five fingers….she totally forgot the other hand that was holding her pencil.

  267. Emma Davison

    We love chocolate. Just hope it doesn’t melt in this hot weather!

  268. Helen Rosbotham

    We went to the national trust property Blickling Hall to see the beautiful bluebells and have a picnic. It was stunning!!!

  269. Victoria N

    We’ve had a lovely few days enjoying the sunshine, playing in the park and having picnics

  270. Ellen Stafford

    I spent the past weekend moving house. It was very tiring but loving my new home x

  271. HAzel Rea

    Yesterday I unblocked a loo – I’ve developed my own method of doing this which has saved us a lot of money!

  272. Christine Caple

    I spent the Bank Holiday Monday accompanying my husband while he had chemo. Not pleasant, but obviously worse for him than me!

  273. Carole E

    My family came over to ours for a bbq and we actually managed to get through it without burning anything this time.

  274. claire blaney

    Did you hear about the lady whose house was infested with Easter eggs? She had to call an eggs-terminator

  275. geordieretro

    I spent it sunbathing, it was heaven

  276. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Bee out shopping today and went mad. We went to the pub for lunch and I had, wait for it it’s worth waiting for, a jacket potato and TWO (yes TWO) shandies lol. 🙂 Needless to say the shopping was a bit more interesting, 3 books (don’t really need any more but hey-ho), some clothes for my great-niece and 2 pairs of trousers for me. Off back to work tomorrow but go on holiday on 19th to recharge batteries after a difficult few months.

  277. Jamie Millard

    hope you had a good bank holiday weekend – amazed by the weather, stunning here, shame it had to be spent gardening.

  278. sarah fielding

    I’ve currently got a sleeping dog and boyfriend snoring away next to me, i think i should probably join them soon!

  279. Charlie Brunton

    What’s a foot long and slippery?

    A slipper!🙈😂

  280. Chloe Brill

    I went on holiday

  281. Emma hussain

    We celebrated my twin girls birthday. I made them a cake, a S was a day of fun for them

  282. Dorothy McDowell

    I lay in the garden in my hammock…………..bliss

  283. gaynor Vincent

    Had a lovely walk with my girlfriends yesterday, we took the dogs. It took 2 1/2 hours – wasn’t mean to be that long but we got lost. Well worth it though as we walked through a bluebell wood.

  284. Lucy Chester

    Had a lovely bank holiday weekend enjoying the sunshine and taking my three little nieces out for the day

  285. Lindsey Loughtman

    I had a really lovely bank holiday with family and friends.

  286. karen young

    Had a lovely afternoon with my 9 week old granddaughter, lots of cuddles and then Pizza for tea,. x


    I had a lovely bank holiday weekend down on the beach in Bournemouth, so busy, but temperatures of 26 degrees, perfect for me, great to just relax and chill out! ,

  288. Fiona Martin

    We had a fabulous Bank Holiday out with the family at a new place we’ve discovered in Cornwall – fun for all ages and the sun was shining!!

  289. Christine Taylor

    Monday was a bank holiday and I had the day off work – we had a lovely family day at the park – life was good x

  290. Maria Jane Knight

    I turned 30+2 yesterday and i was just thrilled to have such gorgeous weather to celebrate in! We spent the whole bank holiday weekend doing fun, outdoorsy, family stuff and it meant more to me than any amount of gifts.

  291. Kat Olsen

    These chocolates look lovely don’t they. Then again all chocolate does to me, I can’t get enough! The weather today is gorgeous, but I will be inside all day as I am revising for end of year exams, so some nice snacks would come in handy!

  292. Ruth Kromkamp

    Yesterday my four year old daughter went swimming in the big pool for the first time! Apparently her best friend was too scared to get in with her which made her sad 🙁

  293. Pat Stubbs

    Wonderful afternoon tea with a good friend yesterday and two days crafting at the weekend – such a lucky girl!

  294. Diana

    My mum came to visit us this bank holiday. We had a lovely weekend together 🙂

  295. Katie Walker

    It’s cooled right down today so no more time in the garden just shopping have my brother in laws birthday to look forward to at the weekend

  296. Helen Logan-Corbin

    Last weekend I did 3 loads of washing, washing all my second hand clothes I bought for my little one that is on the way!

  297. Natalee Gosiewski

    gutted it was amazing weather and i had to spend it in bed ill my lil ones were amazing tho lots of cuddles

  298. Hannah Whitling

    I spent the bank holiday weekend chilling in the garden with my 2 dogs. I created lots of areas of shade for them so they could stay outside with me if they wanted to, and I just took the chance to get some much needed rest.

  299. tishist

    We are going to have parsnip and kidney bean curry for dinner

  300. Danielle Pooley

    My little boy is teething, so night times are not fun at the moment but last night he had a 5 hour chunk

  301. Jessica Hutton

    Today we went for a lovely long walk with our friends and all our dogs. The dogs had a swim in the lake and now we are having a BBQ xx


    I prefer eating fish to meat, and when we were in Florida at a diner, I asked for mash instead of fries to make a change (nearly everything seems to be served with fries there). When my lovely grilled fillet of fish in breadcrumbs was served…with mash ….gravy had been poured all over it. I was shocked, the server cheerily said Mash always comes with Gravy. She wouldn’t take it away. It was an awful mixture of flavours. Common sense doesn’t prevail with some serving meals over there!

  303. Leanne perrett

    lately i have been making lots of food from scratch which i havent done much in the past and i have also bought a new slow cooker to use yum yum sausage casserole for tea tonight

  304. Kim W

    We had a wonderful wedding this weekend and were blessed with lovely hot weather.

  305. Erica Hughes

    Busy in the garden today and it needed it (and more).

  306. Carys Thorp

    Started my new job yesterday, went from working in a vets to working in a dentists!

  307. Chris Wright

    Cutting the lawn and killing weeds how I could murder some chocolate

  308. Karen Hughes

    I have been catching up with friends and enjoying the sunshine. Always make the most of it , as you never know when it will change

  309. Laura Findlay

    Ooh yes please. I’m a self confessed chocoholic and I would love some luxurious Thorntons chocolates x

  310. Dawn Samples

    I had a lovely tea of smoked haddock, jacket potato and broccoli. We had a barbecue at the weekend making the most of the weather x

  311. Em S

    Made the most of the sunshine and hung a few loads of washing out to dry… So glamorous!

  312. Marie Rule

    Yesterday for dinner I had Chicken Skewers marinated with freshly squeezed lemon juice, crushed garlic, herbs from the garden and paprika, with crispy onions, mushrooms and a yoghurt and cucumber dressing.

  313. Karen Dixon

    I have spent a long hot day at work and need some chocolate asap

  314. sharon martin

    its not been as sunny today, so washing didn’t quite dry

  315. Ali Fanstone

    What do cannibals eat for dessert? Chocolate covered aunts.

  316. Monika Bascombe

    I’ve been sulking all day. Had a phone call from Now Vauxhall that I won’t be able to collect my new car until take over is completed following them going into administration.

  317. Paula T

    I’m currently arguing with my 8 year old, her homework needs doing before tomorrow and she hates doing it because it’s never checked and does straight in th recycling bin. Give me strength lol

  318. Clare Martin

    I made Toad in the Hole for dinner with mashed potatoes, peas and onion gravy! Nom nom!

  319. Meryl Thomas

    Yesterday was a fun day. I decided not to any work,despite being on a tight deadline to submit a manuscript to the publishers. I gardened all day, and thoroughly enjoyed it. In the evening I took our 9 month old Afghan Hound, Hector, to his first ever ringcraft evening. He was a really good boy, and I was so proud of him.

  320. zoe brown

    had a big spring clean found things i forgot i had lol things feel a lot fresher

  321. Claire Little

    we had a lovely weekend with trips to the park! I even learned how to do an oil change on a car!

  322. lauren stedman

    For dinnner I had lasagne. I didn’t have any dessert.

  323. Adrian Bold

    We’re off to the Lake District for a spot of hiking at the weekend. There are some new trails we’d like to try out – if the weather is good enough!

  324. Vicky Allum

    Thank you very much for the chance to win this lovely chocolate pick me up. Good luck everyone!

  325. Helena Gilbert

    Made my first pavlova…..not an outstanding success but edible!!

  326. Kate Davies

    We’ve had a lovely day, we took my son to see dinosaurs live (a stage show with animatronic dinosaurs) and he’s been talking about it no stop since.

  327. Georgie Wright

    We spent time in the garden with our dog and paddling pool!

  328. Tammy Neal

    Homemade shepards pie x

  329. Theresa Thomas

    Got a busy day with the kids visiting friends today. Back home enjoying a nice lasagne and quality time

  330. kim d

    I’m miserable and fed up as I have acute tendonitis and can hardly move. Lots of rest and not able to work which should be a good thing but then I can’t do anything out of the house to enjoy myself either. Chocolate is a great idea.

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