Win a £25 Amazon Voucher – May

You might be pleased to hear that it is going to be a quick competition post today. I'm having a bad time with my contacts and the heat and looking at anything seems to be like quite hard work (and very painfuly to boot). But hey at least that means a quick post for you all to get through before I start waffling about how to win!

I know not everyone has Instagram so I thought I would share with you some of my latest buys that may or may not make it to the blog at some point.

Guys…I am IN LOVE😍😱🌵⠀ ⠀ I got this cactus from @mycactusadventure and the glow in the dark snails/mushrooms are from @alwaysalternative. ⠀ ⠀ Am I in love? Yes.⠀ Do you like this? More than sure you will.⠀ Can I wait to find a place for it? NO! *Goes to put it somewhere*⠀ ⠀ Tag a cactus/plant/ornament lover!🌵⠀ ⠀ ———————–⠀ ⠀ #HomeDecoration #HowYouHome #UKBloggers #UKBloggerLife #BloggersTribe #Lifestyle #BloggingGals #LifestyleBlogger #BloggerLife #Blogger #OnTheBlog #TeacupClub #FBlogger #FashionBlogger #Fashionista #LookBook #DIY #TravelBlogger #DesignInspo #Passion #BBlogger #BBloggerUK #PursuePretty #PrettyLittleIiinspo #WearitLoveit #FlashesofDelight #TheHappyNow #NothingisOrdinary #ThatsDarling

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I think I've found the best lipglosses ever!⠀ ⠀ If you are a @lovemebeauty fan you may have noticed some changes with their subscription as it is now all about @phasezeromakeup. Each month Phase Zero X LMB are bringing you beautiful cosmetics at members-only prices. @lovemebeautyuk⠀ ⠀ Membership costs £5 per month with a minimum term of 3 months, but by joining the club you can save up to 77% off the RRP of these amazing Phase Zero products.⠀ ⠀ Lip gloss colours in this post: ⠀ Postbox Red⠀ Gingerbread⠀ Chai Latte⠀ Dark Burgundy⠀ Holo-Lip – Lip Topper.⠀ ⠀ Prices: £3.50 each OR £6.00 for both lip toppers / £9 for a set of 3 lip glosses (members prices).⠀ ⠀ ————————⠀ ⠀ #PhaseZeroMakeup #LovemeBeauty #UKBloggers #UKBloggerLife #BloggersTribe #Lifestyle #BloggingGals #LifestyleBlogger #BloggerLife #Blogger #OnTheBlog #TeacupClub #FBlogger #FashionBlogger #Fashionista #LookBook #DIY #TravelBlogger #DesignInspo #Passion #BBlogger #BBloggerUK #PursuePretty #PrettyLittleIiinspo #WearitLoveit #FlashesofDelight #TheHappyNow #NothingisOrdinary #ThatsDarling

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Caudalie Mixology…⠀ ⠀ The lovely folks at @lovemebeautyuk treated me to a box of @caudalie to how I would feel about mixing up my skincare. After all, we don't all need the same routine day in and day out.⠀ ⠀ Caudalie suggests having these four beauties of products in your skincare arsenal: ⠀ Make-up Removing Cleansing Oil⠀ Overnight Detox Oil⠀ Glycolic Peel⠀ Instant Foaming Cleanser.⠀ ⠀ The four products can be mixed and matched together to make the perfect skincare regime for you. Personally, as someone who never seems to have enough time, I have loved the ability to mix the glycolic peel and foaming cleanser together. Plus I'm not sure I'll ever be able to be without the cleansing oil again! It is amazing!⠀ ⠀ How would you mix it up with #caudaliemixology?⠀ ⠀ ———————-⠀ ⠀ #Flatlay UKBloggers #UKBloggerLife #BloggersTribe #Lifestyle #BloggingGals #LifestyleBlogger #BloggerLife #Blogger #OnTheBlog #TeacupClub #FBlogger #FashionBlogger #Fashionista #LookBook #DIY #TravelBlogger #DesignInspo #Passion #BBlogger #BBloggerUK #PursuePretty #PrettyLittleIiinspo #WearitLoveit #FlashesofDelight #TheHappyNow #NothingisOrdinary #ThatsDarling

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So now the spam is over – onto the competition! All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning is let me know, in at least 8 words what you have planned for this summer or you could let me know what you think of the items in the photos!

£25 Amazon Voucher – May

Good Luck!

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  1. Nicola Farrel

    We’re off to Cornwall later on in the summer will be my youngest first holiday so looking forward to it!

  2. Marta

    I’m going to the coast of Tarragona and would love to visit Edinburgh again!

  3. Tracy Nixon

    We are celebrating my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary this Summer!

  4. connie danielson

    I don’t have any plans for this summer. just staying home

  5. Lisa Brown

    As of now, I have no plans for the summer, just staying near home.

  6. Solange

    We are going on a family holiday to Greece.

  7. Jax Blunt

    Hoping to get away for some camping, failing that, trips to the beach 🙂

  8. Nikki Hayes

    We’re off to Blackpool for a few days holiday in July and to visit my family in Lancashire :o)

  9. Anthony Harrington

    love the little cactus! we don’t have any plans this year

  10. Margaret Gallagher

    New kitchen so staying local and having days out

  11. Halii kinson

    I’m looking forward to summer. The last few months of my maternity leave..spending time with my son

  12. Natalie

    This summer I will be training for a marathon that I plan to run in October.

  13. Elisha

    I can’t wait to chill in the park with the portable cheapo BBQ rounders and football with the cool beer box in tow. These are the days!

  14. angela jones

    no plans for summer, but just appreciating being with my Dad throughout it all

  15. caroline mccabe

    We have 2 holidays planned in our caravan – to Suffolk and Dorset

  16. Rhianna Ford

    I will be relaxing/working hard! Hopefully more relaxing though, as things have been super busy for me lately! Also, I love how unique the products are!


    we are taking the granddaughter to Cornwall end of June for a beach holiday, our chalet overlooks the beach so hope it does not rain!

  18. Suzanne McCusker

    A combination of gardening and festivals – so far got my eye on Latitude, Bestival, Festival No.6 and a couple of local ones, and when I’m not prancing about in a field, I’ll be on my allotment gardening or socialising – truth be told I probably do more of the latter 🙂

  19. Ella Anderson

    Hopefully I’m off on my first trip to Cornwall this year ☀️🌞☀️

  20. Kim Neville

    We are going on our family holiday to Porteventura World in Spain. Kids are so excited for the theme park and swim with dolphins

  21. Veronica Lee

    We’re planning a beach vacation with my sister and her family.
    Love that embroidered sloth. So cute!

  22. Emily Smith

    I’ve got leave from work, it’s my birthday and I’m off to Prague!

  23. Hannah

    I’m getting married on June 30th so I think I’ll be spending most of the summer recovering 😂 I love the little sloth embroidery, it’s too cute!

  24. Emma hussain

    We’ll probably be moving in the summer.. I’m yet to find somewhere for us to go 😕

  25. Roisin NicEochain

    I’m really looking forward to my return visit to Iceland at the end of the summer

  26. lynsey Harvey

    this summer i plan to get a cover up of an awful tattoo i got when i was young and stupid! I’m very excited about getting it fixed….more excited than going on my summer holidays to rhodes! (which im matron of honour at my friends beach wedding!)

  27. Jane Willis

    I’m drooling over your Caudalie haul – I love their products and every one of them seems to suit my skin perfectly. I tend to stock up on them when I go to visit my daughter in France as they cost a lot less over there.

  28. Patricia Porter

    Hoping to see my daughter and 2 Grandchildren in the Smoky Mountains this year

  29. Jane

    Love the ‘take time to chill’ sloth, it’s adorable!

  30. Heather Haigh

    Planning lots of daytrips, walking and photography, health permitting, this summer.

  31. Rory

    My wife and I are heading over to China for a month to visit her family.

  32. Daniel

    In a few weeks time, we’re going up to Northamptonshire for a BBQ

  33. Naomi Blackmore

    I’m hoping to go to Cornwall – surely the best beaches in the UK right?

  34. Dale Dow

    it doesn’t sound like much but we are having a caravan holiday at the start of the holidays as we’re saving to go away

  35. Fay

    We don’t have any plans for the summer, we will be working every day, although we have a wedding to go to soon which will be nice

  36. Jessica Powell

    I love the sloth sign! And the mini werewolf is super cute too.

    We’re redecorating the house this summer. 🙂

  37. Tiffeny Brown

    Don’t have any plans for the summer as such yet, but I’ll be getting my back garden finished, going for little outings and planning my little one’s first birthday 🙂 Love the sloth sign! x

  38. Natalie Crossan

    We are hoping for a holiday and to do the garden up so we can spend time in the garden this summer x

  39. Carole Nott

    i have not planned anything definite yet but hope for some sunny afternoons in the garden at least

  40. Caroline

    We’re off to North Wales again this year, hoping the weathers going to be nice!!

  41. Simon C

    We’re having a trip to Spain this summer. Really looking forward to it. I anticipate lots of swimming and wearing of shades.

  42. Kim Carberry

    We don’t have many plans set in stone but I think we will have plenty of days out to the park & beach and days in the garden x

  43. Libby Alexander

    No holiday planned. I’ve been having the garden made over, so I can finally sit in it – so that will be more than enough of a treat for me. I may get a hammock, so I can lie there …….. in the day listening to the birds, and at night watching the stars. Now all that it depends on, is that we have some nice weather.

  44. Charlene Merrall

    I dont have too many plans yet, its hard to do much without a car after having to sell mine!

  45. Amanda Noble

    My daughter and I are looking after my parents home for 10 days in June whilst they go abroad.They live by the sea so we get a free holiday….can’t wait ,Phoebe is so excited!

  46. Kathy Cakebread

    we/re going to efteling can’t wait

  47. Elizabeth

    11 Iron Maiden gigs, some of them overseas. Voyager and Primitai gigs. Maybe Stone Sour and Billy Idol if I can get affordable tickets on a resale site.

  48. mary chez

    Looking forward to a few days in the New Forest …lets hope the weather improves

  49. Alice Gilkes

    I don’t really have anything planned for summer this year. We’re just taking it as it comes.


    We are off to Snowdonia in North Wales in August so realy looking forward to that. Ive just started using an oil cleanser but im not sure what to make of it yet.

  51. G Keegan

    I’m not sure what we are doing yet. No summer holiday planned for this year!

  52. Sue McCarthy

    I like the Sloth embroidery. Will just be doing my garden this summer.

  53. Alice Dixon

    We have a family holiday booked to Majorca, very excited as my youngest son has never been abroad

  54. Catherine Stewart

    A few stays in the caravan

  55. Nicki Simpson

    We are going on a dream trip to Florida and I literally cannot sleep i am so excited

  56. Ellen Sheppard

    Me and the hubby are off to the Dominican Republic in 10 days time – eek I’m so excited 🙂

  57. stacey turner

    We are busy trying to come up with ideas for this summer. I like the idea of going glamping or staying in some remote little hut in the middle of nowhere for some much needed peace and quiet

  58. Pam Francis Gregory

    I’m hoping to visit Devon this summer if able.

  59. lozzle77

    we are off to tenerife can’t wait we love going to siam park

  60. iain maciver

    no real plans so far for the summer , but hopefully may take a wee break

  61. Nicola Marshall

    We are off on a family holiday to Crete this summer.

  62. Rebecca Barnes

    I absolutely love the sloth chill out embroidery hoop – one day hope to make something like this!

  63. Andrea Fletcher

    We are off to Llandudno and Somerset.

  64. Sheena Batey

    We are going to stay in a cottage in North Yorkshire

  65. Gemma hendry

    This summer we are going to Blackpool for our first family holiday

  66. Pat Hancock

    I am planning to spend as much time outside as I can this summer!

  67. Abigail Jervis

    I don’t have any plans for the summer yet but I’m looking for something to do!

  68. Hannah Wallington

    No holiday for us but lots of days out.

  69. Ellen Stafford

    We are going on holiday to Devon. I am looking forward to the break away.

  70. Susie Wilkinson

    I have no definite plans for the summer, but we’re hoping to get some days out at the very least.

  71. Sylvia Paul

    We’re not going on holiday this year because of the cost so we’ll be going out for the odd day trip to the coast x

  72. gouldie7

    My wife has a load planned for this summer – decorating the kitchen and bathrooms are top of the list, fitted in around a short break in Amsterdam and another in Whitby. I think she also wants me to paint the garage door and re-varnish the side gate, and they are just for starters!

  73. AMANDA W

    my main plan for summer is to take the kids to disneyland paris! think im more excited than them!
    other than that lots of long walks in the countryside and picnics in the great outdoors!!

  74. Isabel O

    I don’t have anything specific planned for the summer like a holiday but the whole family likes to have some sunny afternoons in the garden together with the paddling pool out and ice creams and stuff.

  75. Liam Bishop

    Got a few weddings in different countries to attend, so will have a slightly different summer holiday than usual!

  76. Sinead ORourke

    I am going to Sheffield for my summer hols.

  77. Jo Hutchings

    We have a family holiday to the south of France planned.

  78. katyhacket

    I’m planning on spending time in the garden with my daughter, splashing in paddling pools and playing with a ball

  79. Lucy Barlow

    I love the little plant with the eyes – it’s looks like your very own Groot!
    Although I would say – it looks more like moss than a cactus to me!
    And a real live plant is always best!

  80. clair downham

    hopefully a nice family holiday and lots of bbqs in the garden

  81. R Amison

    Counting down to a trip to Kefalonia later on in the Summer.

  82. Abigail Cullen

    Going to Benidorm for a week.

  83. Helen Stratton

    We are off to Wales to walk the Brecon Beacons.

  84. melanie stirling

    I love Caudalie products.I don’t have any current plans for the summer but I like to do things last minute.

  85. Sheila Reeves @cakereev

    This summer I’m hoping to get my garden worked on, trying to do it in small chunks, half an hour when I can.

  86. Ursula Hunt

    We got a new puppy in the late Autumn of last year so I am planning lots of days out exploring new things with the puppy

  87. bev

    No plans as of yet although buying the Time to Chill is in the future.

  88. Laura Bryant

    My best friends wedding plus a new niece or nephew

  89. Oli Marshall

    Caudalie skincare products seem wonderful. Sadly, I won’t be taking my family on holiday this year but, we are extremely lucky to live by the sea so, many family picnics by the beach are on the horizon 🙂 .

  90. Danielle Spencer

    This Summer we are celebrating my partner’s 30th, brother’s 21st and parents 30th Wedding anniversary, by spending lots of time together, baking some goods and enjoying some games and puzzles.

  91. Lorna Ledger

    Love the Pase Zero Lipglosses, and the little cross stitch, hopefully we are having lots of days out this summer, and BBQ’s x

  92. Ren Taylor

    We have loads planned for the summer, a trip to Cyprus, lots of camping trips with friends and lots of fun…starting with a friends birthday party this Saturday! Love the Summer! What do you have planned? x

  93. Fiona K

    Have started to talk about making plans for the Summer but haven’t made any decisions yet

  94. Steven S

    Likely looking for a new job which though stressful will be great to be able to spend more time with family in the nice weather. Big holiday planned to Thailand in August which will be awesome.

  95. C Whitlow

    I will be convincing the husband that he does want to take me and the pup on another little getaway! He enjoyed the first dog trip so I’m sure he will agree!

  96. S Edwards

    We are going to Cornwall for a family holiday this summer

  97. KEV C

    My garden needs over hauling. A new lawn and new fencing are my goals before autumn sets in 🙂

  98. Helen B

    We are moving house but have had to delay the move date but have had to delay the move due to DHs knee operation

  99. Sarah Rees

    We are looking forward to my sister visiting from America with her her two young children, we have lots of activities planned

  100. Caroline H

    We’ll be getting away for as many weekends as we can for lots of walking and cycling this summer (which I really need as want to get fitter). Really interested in the Caudalie, especially the glycolic which seems to be product of the moment (but secretly in love with the cactus!).

  101. Simon Tutthill

    A lovely holiday in the channel islands for myself and the family

  102. Justine Meyer

    We plan on visiting Scotland to visit relatives and do some sightseeing x

  103. Jo Young

    I’m going to China which I’m incredibly excited about.

  104. Karen Barrett

    We have family visiting from Australia, so lots of days out to local venues

  105. Sarah P

    I love the caudalie products! Always use the cleanser.

  106. Marycarol

    Looking forward to a week in Madeira and hopefully some nice weather at home too x

  107. amy bondoc

    we are going camping around three weks to greece this summer i really cant wait. i love those lipstick shades

  108. Zoe C

    Lots of days out and we are going camping

  109. Jen A

    We’re off to Pembrokeshire with my boys, hubby and Mum. Will be our third visit and we all love it, especially Folly Farm 🙂

  110. Emma Wallace

    We don’t have a holiday planned this year but will just do lots of days out, plus we have a wedding to go to and lots of birthday parties for my little one’s friends

  111. MM

    It’s a well deserved family holiday to the Isle of Wight for us. Really looking forward to it!

  112. Fozia Akhtar

    We wont be going on a summer holiday this year unfortunately, we will be busy getting ready to welcome our first child. very excited.

  113. Pauline Hill

    no plans just take things as they come

  114. Stacey Carnell

    We are hoping to finally have the garden done in a few weeks so this summer will definately be spent enjoying any bit of sunshine we get 🙂 P.S the lipgloss looks great!

  115. Lorraine Tinsley

    We are looking at going to Holland on the ferry, it’s just a little bit different

  116. Jamie Wallis

    We haven’t go to much money at the moment so staying in the UK and doing some day trips – we hope the weather stays nice!

  117. Harry Baker-Farmer

    This summer I’m going to Poole with my girlfriend!

  118. Dean T

    This summer a trip to Cornwall and the beach we love it down there, later in the year a trip to Athens to see my besties who live in the city

  119. romi

    Watching and enjoying the World Cup and visiting my family in Italy for a nice break!

  120. Hannah Irish

    For summer we are taking a trip to Thorpe park and staying overnight cannot wait!

  121. Terri Kelly

    I love the picture of the little cactus arrangement, its so very cute!

  122. Abby P

    We’re going to France for 12 nights and can’t wait! Also thinking of booking a mini break to longleat or legoland but need to research and price it up x

  123. kev banham

    holiday to sunny beach to look forward to

  124. Sophie Marsh

    I’m going to Biarritz in July with my love! I can’t wait 🙂

  125. Bob Clark

    Taking our darling grand daughter out on lots of trips – the zoo, a steam railway, the seaside and more


    My daughter is having twin girls at the end of July so I’ll be looking after her little ones at home when she’s in hospital

  127. Steph Bent

    For summer we are traveling around England and Wales in our motor home and i can’t bloomin wait!!!

  128. mark cameron

    no plans yet, due to work commitments

  129. Emma Gibson

    A break on the coast, not booked it yet.

  130. Tamasin Gill

    We are going to the beautiful Nissaki Beach by Atlantica in Corfu

  131. mike fiera

    no plans for this summer except moving

    thankyou very much

  132. Doreen Brady

    I wish someone would gift me a lovely Caudalie box 🙂 We are going camping in the Lake District and I really cannot wait. Just hoping that the weather will be nice.

  133. Alison Johnson

    I’m planning on concentrating on my garden this year. I planted hundreds of seeds & most of them have germinated which is great. I have painted part of my fence & next batch of good weather some more will be done.

  134. michelle o'neill

    we are hoping to take our grandaughter away on holiday this summer, but unsure where yet x

  135. Simone Griffin

    The products look great! I’m hoping to have lots of picnics in the park with my family over the summer x

  136. Pat Kelly

    We’ve got a weekend break to Belfast booked with some friends. We are also hoping to get up to see the Giant’s Causway whilst over there.

  137. Claire Glace

    After three years out of work, due to bad health, this summer is the beginning of my journey back into a new phase of my life, gently going back into the world of working again, hopefully….

  138. Marc H

    Off to Amsterdam for a friends stag do. Nothing else planned, hopefully just some lazy weekends in the sun.

  139. Marisa R Foster

    I’ve read great reviews about Caudalie but I haven’t tried their products yet. I would love to try the Glycolic Peel & the Instant Foaming Cleanser

  140. Abby

    This summer I plan to redecorate my front and backgardens, and spend as much time as possible with my partner and son and hopefully go on some little adventures!

  141. Marc Chivers

    No plans yet for the summer but still hoping to get a holiday.

  142. Lauren L

    I’m hoping to book a warm week away last minute, not sure where yet!

  143. Sarah

    OH MY GOSH. That little plant is amazing!!! Stop tempting me with your buys! I’ve already bought the sloth picture! Haha

  144. adrian price

    some long wood land wlaks with my daft dog sndy

  145. Lynn neal

    We are planning to give our garden a makeover and adjust things so they are easier to manage!

  146. Nigel Soper

    Am looking forward to less Arthritis pain as the weather warms up…

  147. Mo

    I don’t have any plans but I might go to the beach if the weather is nice.

  148. Kara W

    Hoping to go away at some point this summer. To either Italy or Portugal. Or maybe a cruise for the first time, who knows!

  149. Rich Tyler

    We’re off to Norfolk for a week & Amsterdam in September!

  150. Natasha Mairs

    we are going on a family holiday to Butlins.
    I really love those makeup brushes

  151. Elizabeth Chew

    Unfortunately my only plans are returning to work from maternity leave. Makes me so sad typing this…

  152. Chanette Kennedy

    I love that sloth thing, sloths are my spirit animal 😉
    My biggest plan this summer is watching my sister get married in Petritoli, Italy. I’m super excited for that!

  153. Jane

    I will be spending a lot of time in my new garden sunbathing so hopefully the skincare will come in handy!

  154. Jennifer Toal

    Going to Benidorm first family holiday abroad excited

  155. Tammy

    We are having a much needed family holiday to Weymouth

  156. leanne weir

    We are all off on a family holiday to sunny lanzarote

  157. Julie Lorraine Thomas

    We have just downsized into our new home, a brilliant move but now to decorate and make it our own. We are pacing ourselves on the DIY, one room done and it looks super so planning and looking forward to more updates in our flat this Summer

  158. Margaret Clarkson

    I am hoping to enjoy picnics, walks and time in the garden this summer.

  159. Susan B

    The Prosperity Fairy seems to have lost my details so we cannot plan for an away break. However, we have a few ideas for products and days out from the lovely blogs we read so we will have some relaxed family time together.

  160. Laura Jeffs

    We will be going to Positano, in Southern Italy in August..we go there every year, it’s a gorgeous place ..can’t wait!

  161. Katie b

    Have my birthday coming up and also am looking forward to moving in with the boyfriend in a couple of months time!

  162. Sarah Blakebrough

    That cactus is amazing! Perfect for someone like me that can’t keep plants alive.

  163. Michelle Ferguson

    I’m going on holiday but not until September, hoping to get the garden sorted over the summer

  164. Laura Chapman

    Nothing exciting this summer apart from my graduation. Then it’s lots of work to save up for a deposit to move to London in September. I’d love to take a holiday at some point, but not sure my funds will run to that!

  165. Christine Lockley

    We’re off to a cottage in Norfolk during the school summer holidays. I love the sloth embroidery it would be a perfect gift for my daughter who went to Costa Rica in Feb and visited the sloth sanctuary so will definitely be investigating getting her one, thanks for sharing.

  166. Anonymous

    I’m retiring this summer at the age of 65!

  167. Andi Gurney

    We are off to Fuerteventura and spending the rest relaxing at home

  168. Sarah Cuttle

    I’ve not had a holiday in over 10 years. I need to work on that!! 😉

  169. Sophie Roberts

    My boyfriend is taking me on a surprise holiday for my birthday and I’m going to Belgium at the end of July to a music festival! I can’t wait to make more plans though and more memories!

  170. Rebecca Beesley

    hoping to get some days at the beach – lots of rockpooling and nature walks.

  171. Claire Jacques

    I shall be working this summer 🙁
    with a few fishing weekend camping trips that i have been able to fit in

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