Win a £25 Amazon Voucher - April

Win a £25 Amazon Voucher – April

Happy April! You may have noticed I have been really quiet so far this month and for that I am sorry. I normally have some back up ready for when I go downhill, but I used it all up a few weeks ago and was caught off guard by a nasty cold.

Win a £25 Amazon Voucher – April

Win a £25 Amazon Voucher - April

So I thought I would ease myself back in gently with competition Wednesday and quite a quick-fire post from me, which allows one of you to win a £25 Amazon voucher!

So how can you win? Well, all you need to do is leave me a comment letting me know what your plans for April are? Do you have anything exciting on the cards? I would LOVE to hear all about you as I love getting to know more about my readers.

As always the only mandatory entry is to leave me a comment.

Just as I've seen a lot of talk in the comping circles about the no daily tweet on Gleam and is it a bug? I can tell you it isn't. Twitter are tightening their rules and could see such daily tweets as spam, as you are sending out the same text and URL daily. As Gleam use an API, they themselves have to deal with this issue directly and have removed the option from all of their applications. On the other hand, Rafflecopter doesn't have their own API and so dealing with the issue falls on the bloggers head. Rafflecopter are telling users what they should be doing is telling entrants to write their own tweet, so you may see bloggers asking you to write your own daily tweets if they use RC, please think about doing this if you want to carry on tweeting daily for an entry. After all, it is not only the blogger who may fall into issues, but you yourself may find your twitter account shadow banned if you are daily tweeting the same thing. I hope that helps a little in explaining the changes in daily tweets.

Back to my competition:

£25 Amazon Voucher – April

Good Luck!

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This article has 355 comments

  1. connie danielson

    no plans for april

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    GARDENING and a massive clean out

  3. Leila Benhamida

    No plans as my son has his GCSE revision at school for 2 weeks. Will mainly relax and enjoy quality time with my children.

  4. Jax Blunt

    Set myself a challenge to blog daily. Regretting it already!

  5. Sarah Cuttle

    no Plans for April as i’m saving, all 3 of my children’s birthdays are in early may!!! 🙂


    I`m going to London to see CHESS and can’t wait!

  7. Veronica Lee

    2 birthdays coming up in April. Looking forward to the celebrations.

  8. Tracy Nixon

    It is my birthday! Apart from that I will be doing a little gardening x

  9. bilqees bano

    planning about my family trip

  10. Zoey P

    3 nights away to Malta and weekend away to Weymouth

  11. Sheila Reeves @cakereev

    Start my decluttering in bedrooms – too much stuff and not enough space!

  12. Emma J Walters

    really need to get back in the greenhouse, just too cold!!

  13. S Edwards

    nope just the usual

  14. Emma hussain

    I have three birthdays early May, so April is my time to start organising for them

  15. Helen B

    We are house hunting

  16. Frances H

    I wish I had something awesome to do. Just need to tidy the garden.

  17. Sarah Mackay

    I am planning on climbing up Ben Nevis

  18. Karen Barrett

    My youngest grandchild is being christened, I’m off to a Gin Festival with the girls, looking for a new car and hopefully enjoying some sunshine!

  19. Hannah Irish

    No plans just enjoying the easter holidays right now with the children

  20. Helen McWilliams

    I’ll be anxiously awaiting news of my little boy’s school admission result. Growing my blog with more collaborations. Also going to see Blood Brothers for the second time this year!

  21. Laura Jeffs

    I have no plans whatsoever I’m afraid

  22. janine atkin

    i dont really have any plans

  23. ValB

    We are off to Norfolk for a week at the end of April – never visited before and really looking forward to exploring the area – should be lovely in the Spring.

  24. Janice

    a nice spa day next week

  25. Martina Pichova

    We are going to visit Twinlakes park with the kids. I think they will love it.

  26. Sarah Humphreys

    Not many plans but hubby’s birthday next weekend so we shall go out for the day somewhere.

  27. Doreen Brady

    Lot’s and lot’s of gardening but only if the weather gets better as I am not gardening in the rain!

  28. Susan Lloyd

    Ta city break to Brussels x

  29. Jen Oconnell

    Enjoying the end of my maternity leave!

  30. Donna Niman

    We are off to Scotland for five days to see family.

  31. Sneha

    I want to talk as many photos for my blog in bulk as I can, so I’m not scrambling at the last minute. And I’d also like to get a summer break booked in, so looking forward to that!


  32. Jenny Kwan

    I’ll be tiling our bathroom

  33. Paul Chadwick

    Nothing on at the moment looks like being a quiet month.

  34. kev banham

    tinker in the garden

  35. Oli

    Just about to book myself on a learning to swim course, going to build a router, finish decorating the new flat and that’s about it for now.

  36. Sarah

    april is getting some rooms decorated in the new house

  37. Ellen Sheppard

    Nothing exciting happening in April unfortunately but on holiday to the Dominican Republic in May 🙂


    If it ever stops raining I have loads of jobs to do in the garden

  39. Emma Wallace

    My plans for April include a trip to Kew gardens with my little one, a night out with the girls, birthday BBQ for the little one’s Grandad’s 70th, and helping my son’s nursery plant new seeds in their garden

  40. C Whitlow

    It’s my Birthday month so my OH has booked a couple of nights away. Can’t wait!

  41. Lynsey Harvey

    we are saving for new windows and doors for our house so i doubt we will be doing much this april! probably a lot of dog walking and free activities lol!

  42. Rob Hutchinson

    I’ll be out in the garden on most dry days, tidying the place up, putting in new plants, jet-washing the patio, etc.

  43. Jayne Danforth

    Plenty of spring cleaning to do

  44. Emily Henley

    Introducing our 2 month old baby to more friends and family!

  45. Lucy

    Nothing too wildly exciting as saving up for holiday next month! 🙂

  46. bev

    Sorting out the garden!

  47. Ed B

    Spring clean and sort out the garden

  48. Elizabeth Smith

    No current plans for April

  49. Laura Chapman

    Plans for April = study, study, study. I have two assignments, a presentation and my dissertation due in soon that I need to work on/finish and then three exams in May to start revising for. Wahhh, and people say a student’s life is easy?!

  50. aj

    Trying to save a bit of money

  51. lesley renshaw

    I hope to finish my studying so near the end of the month will be job hunting. In the meantime, try to keep the family fed and entertained on minimum budget. It’s gonna be a tough month but worth it in the long run x

  52. Kieran

    Start running

  53. bob clark

    Try and get into the spirit of spring after a long winter

  54. Janine Learner

    Later in April is the Big Bead Show which is for jewellery makers, and since I make beaded jewellery I’ll be going along to that to do some shopping and see friends. Also my daughter turns 17 this month so I’m looking into driving lessons for her, it’s terrifying.

  55. Michael Rattray

    I bought a new house a few months ago. I will be spending April tackling the overgrown garden.

  56. Tiffeny Brown

    No plans for April, just gonna go with the flow 🙂 x

  57. Kim Jackson

    no plans yet :/

  58. Simon C

    Going on holiday! Yay. At last. I *really* need a holiday right now.

  59. Angela Treadway

    nah nothing exciting for us. taking the boys out on days out during the easter break but thats about it! x

  60. Iain Maciver

    tidy up the garden

  61. Amelia Kennedy

    I plan to tidy up the garden for Spring and start decorating our front lounge, which has been a “junk room” for the last few years! x

  62. Sonny

    Lot’s of gardening work! Building a wall to the level the garden so my daughter can play without rolling down a hill!

  63. Ritchie

    No big plans for April

  64. A S,Edinburgh

    Spring cleaning, unfortunately! It’ll be better to have it done, though.

  65. Codrut Turcanu

    Definitely, in April I’m going to be baptized, along with my girlfriend! 🙂

  66. Naomi Mouland

    I plan on seeing friends and family, spending time with my niece (7yo) and my twin godchildren (2 1/2yo), and enjoying the new season come in – cannot wait to see all the baby animals bouncing around when the weather improves.

  67. Mary N

    Spring cleaning and decluttering.

  68. Fiona King

    Quite a few lunch and dinner parties planned for April – a busy month ahead

  69. Katy Malkin

    We are going to Majorca for a week to celebrate my husband’s 30th birthday so very excited

  70. Liam Bishop

    Sort the garden and outside the house if it’s warm enough, get ready for Summer!

  71. Tanya

    I’m a school teacher so I am going to plan lots of Spring activities with the kids!

  72. HAzel Rea

    Nothing wonderful to do – but lots of ordinary stuff to do in the garden after all the bad weather.

  73. Tammy Tudor

    Having a spring clean and hopefully some picnics if the weather allows!

  74. Karen R

    I’d love to do a spring clean, but just can’t get going!

  75. Cath English

    Looking forward to the start of car boot season!!!! And celebrating my Mum’s birthday…whether she likes it or not!

  76. Laura Gallant

    going to the theatre for my mums birthday

  77. Caroline H

    I’m really hoping the weather gets better. The garden needs a good going over, I want to do things like wash the curtains and we are hoping to get a long weekend away towards the end of the month and do some walking which would be much better if we weren’t trudging through the rain!

  78. Char W

    Pretty busy (and expensive month) – I have a hen party and a 30th. Very much looking forward to both.

  79. Zoe C

    April is birthday month, we have loads

  80. Janet Birkin

    It’s my Birthday so hopefully lots of nice surprises

  81. Alica

    My house renovations start this month! I am excited and terrified at the same time lol

  82. AMANDA W

    the hubbys on a stag do in Portugal so im planning to take the kiddies to the caravan at the seaside! 🙂

  83. Juli Savage

    If the weather decides to get better then the garden needs sorting out, paving slabs, gravel, flowers and gazebo put up …….

  84. George Spedding

    changing all the doors in the house

  85. tiff

    starting a new job!

  86. Sue McCarthy

    Did a lot in the garden over the Easter weekend. Have planted seeds indoors which are coming up already so will need potting on when big enough. The lawn needs moving but it’s been so wet, can’t do it yet.


    Get back to the gym, getting some me time for a fitter, healthier me.

  88. mark cameron

    so the house out

  89. joanna butler-savage

    gardening, decorating and celebrating my daughter’s birthday

  90. kelly glen

    no plans yet, it all depends on the weather.

  91. Tracey Hunt

    Got someone to make my partner a birthday cake and going out for dinner for my partner’s birthday as i’m good like that

  92. Sinead ORourke

    I am going to Dublin with my other half for few days.

  93. Amandeep Sibia

    No major plans. Just enjoying a relaxing month.

  94. Tabbaz

    No plans at present but you never know lol

  95. Ian Campbell

    Hoping to enjoy all the big events the month has to offer, such as having a flutter on the Grand National, not forgetting to chill out after the busyness of Easter.

  96. KATHY D

    a new garden fence just put up by our
    neighbours so will take a while to paint that

  97. debbi ruskin

    I’ll be going for an overnight MacDonald’s Spa break with my sister – I won it fromSainsbury’s Magazine & we had to cancel our first booking because of the snow so we’re really looking forward to finally going!

  98. Stacey Carnell

    April is exciting for me as its my sons 2nd birthday! Family tea party planned and then a weekend away including a trip to the zoo 🙂 Can’t wait!

  99. Caroline Hunter

    I’m planning to visit my sister in Oxford.

  100. Kristy Leanne Brown

    I plan on smashing my first half marathon for the year

  101. Jackie Howell

    revamp the garden and some DIY, nothing exciting!


    Its the easter holidays which i love – i always take my kids to our local country parks as the rangers always put on family fun days and activities like pond dipping 🙂

  103. Lisa Brown

    i have no plans or anything special going on in the month of april

  104. sarahjane24carter

    I am looking forward to moving into my new home x

  105. Marc H

    Nothing on the horizon, probably a pretty quiet month.

  106. Natalie Butler

    looking after my 10 week old and trying to sort the garden out ready for summer, picnics and BBQs

  107. Lynn Hughes

    Volunteering in the woodland on our Private Estate

  108. Anthony Harrington

    not exactly awesome, but I am waiting for the weather to improve to put up a new gate and some fence panels, that’s about as good as it gets!

  109. MM

    Running the London Marathon!

  110. Mo

    My plans for this April is to do the boring task of spring cleaning.

  111. Mary H

    I am hoping the weather improves and we can dust off the camping gear. Feels like wishful thinking right now burrr.

  112. Mark L

    Readjusting to life in the UK after 6 months in West Africa. Family, friends, creature comforts and watching the commonwealth games!

  113. Louise Comb

    Comedy club tonight (I’m hoping to do a stand up gig there in June). Poetry group tomorrow. York on Saturday – and that’s just for starters 🙂

  114. Lauren L

    Going away with family

  115. Ursula Hunt

    I am going to my youngest Granddaughters Christening this April

  116. Nikki Hayes

    No specific plans as yet for April – although as the weather improves we will likely start going out for lunch and cocktails more frequently :o)

  117. Stephanie Coals

    It’s my partners birthday and we’ll go out for a nice meal to celebrate but apart from that, nothing in particular.

  118. amy bondoc

    this time of year is when i tackle the garden 🙂

  119. Jamie Wallis

    Plan for April is just to get better from I’ll health so that in May I can return to some different type of work

  120. Jodie Cook

    No plans yet, but it is my birthday near the end of the month, so will think of something for then!

  121. melanie stirling

    It’s my eldest son’s birthday so I hope he’ll come and visit.No plans otherwise,I rarely go out due to my disability.

  122. Richard Saunders

    Spending time with the family.. unfortunately 🙂

  123. Joanne Darnell

    cut down on chocolate

  124. Jodz

    My Open Uni assignment is due in 20 days – eek! – so it will be doing that!

  125. Hayley Colburn

    We saved up and got the kids Drayton Manor annual passes this year so am really looking forward to taking them there, we are going on Saturday for the first time, my youngest is going to be overwhelmed I reckon, she loves Thomas and they have Thomas the Tank Engine Land there

  126. Susan B

    Not awesome but satisfying when done: prune and weed the garden and a take a trip to the garden centre for lunch and a catch up with friends.

  127. kim neville

    As it is the school holidays we are going to London to visit some museums, go on a flight simulator experience and Thorpe Park

  128. Iona Cornish

    It’s the start of the Sailing Season at my local Sailing Club so we’ll be getting the boats ready and starting to race

  129. gouldie7

    We are waiting for this awful weather to get better so we can get some gardening done! Not been able to do any since mid November!

  130. Lynda Jones

    We have a coach trip to Bath and Longleat this month I really hope the weather picks up a bit 😀

  131. Mark Dean

    No plans, other than fixing some things around the house.

  132. Katie

    no plans for April but some warm days would be nice

  133. ann clements

    Nothing planned so far, but you never know

  134. Michelle C

    Nothing except going to visit my sister’s new house tomorrow.

  135. Denise

    To support my daughter through her Exams and make sure she is coping and has some fun time out

  136. Alice Dixon

    A birthday and a wedding, so an exciting month

  137. Kunai

    Just some good old DIY.

  138. Ann Robinson

    My plan is to get back to healthy eating and lose some weight

  139. ruth robinson

    i plan on starting some vegetable growing in my garden

  140. Natalie Crossan

    Trying to get into shape 😀

  141. Michelle Ferguson

    Trying to save for a holiday so not doing a lot

  142. Laura Scott

    Celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary and 2 birthdays!

  143. Lisa Parker

    No real plans this month apart from looking for a new job x

  144. Julie Lorraine Thomas

    We moved house on Good Friday so April will be super busy for us, painting, recarpeting and today we have been choosing a new fire. Waited a long time to move and downsize so this is an exciting and much longed for time

  145. Pat Kelly

    I’ve got a day/night away in York with 3 girl friends – fun, laughter, food & drink and, perhaps, a small bit of shopping! I really like just wandering around York. It’s such a nice place. Really looking forward to it.

  146. Jade Pawley

    My cousin is due her baby this month so we will be travelling up to see her! That’s about it for my plans this month!

  147. Andrea A

    If the weather improves I’ll be sowing seeds, potting on seedlings and checking the compost heap.

  148. KEV C

    When the weather decides to improve I’ll be working in the garden to repair the fencing 🙂

  149. Natalie

    My birthday is in April so I am planning on going for a bike ride with my friends and out to dinner.

  150. Sandra Fortune

    Wedding Anniversary on the 5th will be celebrating that the rest of the month gardening . Like to grow my own organic fruit and veg . I love my greenhouse too and like to sow as much as I can. I look after my little 4 year old grandson most days he loves being in the garden. We have fun as well especially when it’s muddy lol

  151. Sarah Rees

    we are going on holiday to Turkey, cannot wait 🙂

  152. Andrea Upton

    Decorating and gardening, really want to get the decorating finished before the summer so I can spend more time outside in the garden

  153. Fozia Akhtar

    Shopping for my first born due in August

  154. Ellen Stafford

    Nothing exciting but it is my birthday on the 18th 🙂

  155. Simon Tutthill

    Plenty of days out hopefully

  156. Kayleigh Watkins

    I will be turning 29 on the 26th but no plans, my fiance has just come home from hospital, we nearly lost him so just appreciating our little family and looking after him while he recovers xXx

  157. Alana Walker

    Nothing special planned, just enjoying seeing my little baby girl growing and loving life.x

  158. Tammy

    Not much at the moment, enjoying the easter hols with the kids for the next couple of weeks though!

  159. Emma C

    Going to Edinburgh for a weekend

  160. Jane

    I will be doing a proper deep clean and sorting out through lots of clutter in the house. Nothing exciting but looking forwards to it!

  161. karen T

    I’m off to watch my husband take part in a super car experience at Goodwood this week!

  162. Susie Wilkinson

    No plans for April as yet!

  163. Jayne Sullivan

    I am starting a new Health and Well-being course.

  164. Marc Chivers

    Working all month

  165. Charlene Merrall

    Don’t have a lot of plans unfortunately, just enjoying some quality time while kids are on half term

  166. Barbara Jane Shaw

    Hoping to meet the new forever parents of the little girl I have been fostering for the past year 😃

  167. Char Keddy

    Getting ready for gardening season. Just been looking at new shrubs today :-))

  168. Kerri elizabeth Alice Copeland

    hopefully get a job

  169. Lorraine Tinsley

    I’m in work so no real plans

  170. David Williams

    Watch some more of the DVDs that have come from my two recent Amazon orders!

  171. Hon (Charlie) Cheung

    April is the month of our family holiday, yay!

  172. Louise A

    nothing major, maybe try and do some more decluttering and ebay selling

  173. Sarah N

    It’s my birthday this month so hopefully a nice shopping trip!

  174. Iris Tilley

    I’m trying to stay positive Hope you get well soon x

  175. john prendergast

    Have no plans for april but going tidy up the front and back garden

  176. Harry Baker-Farmer

    Not for April. I want to do more camping this summer, though

  177. Helen W

    I hope to finish the long list of DIY tasks I have. Or at least get some of it done.

  178. Carol Cliffe

    I’m starting a sewing course at a brilliant social enterprise!

  179. Rebecca Sutton

    we have had the best April so far, we went to the zoo, cinema, meals out and lots of family time.

  180. Elizabeth

    Celebrating my birthday (hopefully land yachting in Kent), going to the special screening of ‘Scream for Me Sarajevo’ (seen it once before, but am going again for the Q&A with Bruce Dickinson: I highly recommend you catch it if it’s on near you), going to 4 gigs (KilliT supported by Ryder’s Creed because a friend of a friend is involved in promoting it; Seven Sisters; Savage Messiah because The Raven Age are supporting them; Skindred) and having a girly day with a close friend.

  181. Sheila Sloan

    Currently on holiday in Cyprus and we are flying over to Jordan to visit Petra as a holiday in a holiday.

  182. romi

    Plans are working out, reading some more, and hopefully enjoying some good football games before the World Cup!

  183. Alice Gilkes

    I am hoping to be doing some gardening this month.

  184. Chrissy Harris

    We have a few days out planned like national trust and visit to London

  185. Graham Ross

    i dont really have any plans

  186. Sheena Batey

    We are going to fit some radiators in our daughter’s house whilst she is away

  187. Emma Gibson

    Planning on making the most of the nice weather to come.

  188. Andrea Fletcher

    A visit to Oxford for a few days and hopefully get some gardening done.

  189. Laura Harrison

    This April I will be nearing the end of my teaching assistant course and nearly be qualified!
    At the end of the month for a mini celebration my husband and I are taking our boys for a weekend away to a little cottage with a hot tub! … April sounds good ☺️☺️

  190. clair downham

    hopefully have a bbq if the weter gets better

  191. Iain Colquhoun

    Going for a long weekend to see my daughter’s and husband’s new home near Gainsborough. Can’t wait.

  192. Lyndsey

    I will be going to St Lucia for my friends wedding

  193. Dean T

    Saving cash for the summer since April looks like a wash out!

  194. kibbler86

    We are having afternoon tea on a steam train mid month. I cam’t wait! Hope you have a great April xx
    Fab giveaway, thank you x

  195. Keri Jones

    Sorry I keep leaving my name as kibbler86. I’ve changed it now x

  196. Kay Sherman

    Hopefully some bbqs

  197. CLARA

    We’re going for a break to Amsterdam

  198. Laura Lee

    Its my birthday and like most females I like to make it last most of the month so lots of drinking and eating 🙂

  199. Inga Andersen

    Nothing special, just hoping for some decent weather so that we can have a gardening party barbecue 😀

  200. leanne weir

    A massive spring clean

  201. Tanya Deliyska

    We are going to Genoa & Milan for my husband’s Birthday in a week! It’s a first time Italy for me! Exciting!

  202. elvisfan

    No plans

    Thankyou very much

  203. Stacey Mason

    I am doing all my garden and hopefully getting on the road. Exciting month.

  204. Wendy Malone

    A few days by the seaside over easter

  205. Emily Hutchinson

    I’ve got a 2nd birthday party to go to!

  206. Victoria Morris

    Booking a multi stop trip to the USA it’s taking a massive amount of planning trying to get flights and train journeys in the days we want! Can’t wait until it’s all book 🙂

  207. Terri Kelly

    I’m going on a little break away for the week to the Forest of Dean with my hubby 🙂 I can’t wait!

  208. Sharon Hirst

    No definate plans, now it’s getting warmer time to think about spring cleaning and decluttering, can’t wait!

  209. Hannah Wallington

    Lots of family time over easter for us

  210. Jayne T

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling ill Sarah, I hope that you feel better soon. I’m planning on giving my garden a good today this spring and hopefully start a few painting jobs that I have in the house to do.I’m also looking forward to some nice country walks, now the weather is getting better.

  211. Rachel Craig

    To attend theatre show. Some Birthdays to Celebrate. If weather allows would be nice to get Day Out / Day Trip.

  212. Stuart Allen

    yes we are moving house! wow!

  213. G Keegan

    Entertaining the kids over the Easter holidays.

  214. Sadiyya Maryam

    To clean and sort my front and back garden before I start my new job!

  215. Sharon Morrison

    I’m starting a new job (eeek) and next week I’m taking my children to see the Lion King in London with my mum


    Looking forward to a few days holiday with my brilliant partner

  217. Lyndsey Cooksey

    My plans for this week were we was supposed to be camping but my little girl got poorly and ended up. In hospital so we couldn’t go. I’m back at work Monday… Eeek!

  218. Kim Carberry

    I don’t really have any plans….The kids have another week off of their Easter holidays so we’re bound to find something fun to do x

  219. Susan Smith

    Have some decorating to finish off and then its into the garden to sort that out

  220. Dale Dow

    Starting to redecorate this month
    Niece’s 17th on 10th
    Son’s 16th on 11th
    10 year wedding anniversary on 19th
    Youngest’s 11th on 28th

  221. Michelle Smith

    I’m going to visit my daughter and family in Yorkshire

  222. Lesley Bambridge

    My plans are to get the garden planted and ready, and to organise my kitchen.


    Decorating my house

  224. Lindsey Stuart

    We are off to the Highland wildlife park to see the new baby polar bear 🙂 So exciting!

  225. Kathy Cakebread

    lots of spring cleaning

  226. Fay

    Working & re-jigging my stuff around to fit in my new bedroom furniture. Exciting April ahead! 🙂

  227. sarah fielding

    lots of adventures in the outdoors!

  228. Simone Griffin

    We’re hoping for a theme park day 🙂

  229. Elzbieta Znyk

    Not really, spend as much time as possible with my kids.

  230. chelseygrun

    My 20 week scan

  231. Zenath

    Going to see Motown the Musical in the West End

  232. Valerie Seal

    Our plans cannot be disclosed here!

  233. zoe brown

    surprise holiday for my birthday from my b/f

  234. Lorna Ledger

    The 15th is our Anniversary and we are going away for the weekend (To Matlock – lovely place!) & the 28th is the OH b-day, so a nice meal out – hope everyone has a nice month

  235. Sarah Addey

    Work and looking for a new home and

  236. Jo Hutchings

    I’m doing the Moonwalk in May so April will be spent in training for it.

  237. Caroline

    I intend to tidy up the house and the garden – weather permitting!

  238. Rebecca Walton

    My 4 year old daughter is having her tonsils out next week so will spend the most of April trying to keep her happy, so that would mean buying lots of toys

  239. zoe dennett

    decluttering the house and hopefully getting rid of my gallstones!

  240. Margaret Clarkson

    No major plans, have recently started a new job for a charity, so I will be quite busy working.

  241. Adrienne McGroder

    Just had a lovely week off for Easter hols, but back to work tomorrow! No more special plans for April xx

  242. katherine s

    Planning to do a big spring clean and declutter and have a few days out somewhere, but have not decided where.

  243. C Parkin

    spending more time outdoors if weather gets nicer

  244. adeinne Tonner

    My plans for April are going to the zoo in Edinburgh with my family.

  245. Keith Hunt

    Pick up a cheap last min booking holiday cottage

  246. becci cleary

    I have a new job and to celebrate I am going to book our first holiday abroad for myself, partner and the kids 🙂

  247. Dawn Hull

    Lots of cleaning and decluttering in the house. Maybe a bit of decorating if we have time.

  248. Kim Styles

    Help my daughter revise for her exams

  249. Rich Tyler

    Longlet & New Forest

  250. emma franklin

    My plans for April are too make plans! I am hoping the weather will be good so I can spend as much time as possible outdoors.

  251. Chanette Kennedy

    I have nothing planned for this April which I’m actually happy about as I’m saving funds for next month, because I have two weddings and a music festival to go to in May!

  252. claire woods

    My son is 13 on 23rd April and I am 41 on 30 April, so celebration time.


    Hopefully getting the garden sorted and tidied up

  254. jenna rothen

    no plans for april yet

  255. shelly G

    Packing for an upcoming holiday, planting seeds, replacing the shower and bath panels. Putting in a lot of hours at work right now to try and earn as much as possible before holiday.

  256. Mel Turner

    New doors being fitted major tidy up time

  257. Sarah Morris

    Hopefully some gardening if it stays dry

  258. lynn neal

    I want to get my garden sorted out!

  259. Diane Carey

    Nothing exciting. I need to sort the gardens, give my new car a good clean inside and out and do some de-cluttering and selling

  260. Jessica Powell

    Nothing exciting this month, just work and the usual!

  261. katrina walsh

    We are off to Brixton Prison to dine at The Clink. Its a charity to encourage offenders to get a career and not reoffend. Very excited!

  262. Mary Davis

    Just so glad that it’s getting that bit sunnier and warmer so hoping to get on top of the weeds in the garden and celebrate our little Kooikerhondje dog Rua’s 3rd birthday. He’s such a sweetie and we love him so much! ^_^

  263. foreverastri

    we have had a few days out already, unfortunatly the weather ha been dire!! x

  264. Charlotte

    no plans im planning on doing the garden though, i hope it gets more sunny!

  265. Alice Colling

    Planning a party for a four year old!

  266. Gillian McClelland

    Apart from a spring clean I have nothing planned, hoping not to see any more snow

  267. nathya

    planning for a trip in the upcoming month!

  268. Erin Bryant

    My daughters 5th birthday so we’re having a party 🙂

  269. joanna

    My plans for April include getting my garden as I want it to be. So far I managed to plant a strawberry plant, zucchini and some herbs. I am waiting impatiently for them to grow 🙂

  270. John Ettery

    We’re going to see dancing on Ice, in April,

  271. cakeyshoe54

    Going to a gig in London!

  272. Sophie Durrans

    Planning our holiday to France next month

  273. Lorraine Langham

    Lots of tidying up and gardening planned for April – oh and sorting out a Summer wardrobe for the hopefully approaching warmer weather!

  274. ani murphy

    When it stops raining, I want to get out in the garden. So behind this year because of the weather.

  275. Cat Sims

    Hopefully enjoying some sunshine- come on Spring!

  276. Samuel Opiyo

    My plan for April is mainly preparing for May exams

  277. Helen Stratton

    This month I have started a new job and then I am going away for the last weekend of the month to the New Forest with my husband.

  278. Sam Miller

    This April I will be finishing writing my 6000 word second year dissertation and planning my boyfriend’s birthday party for May! So some good and some bad!

  279. Joy Winn

    Starting the hunt for my new kitchen!🙂

  280. Natalie Gillham

    I’ll be celebrating many birthdays including my own.

  281. Susan Hoggett

    My daughter got engaged in November and her wedding s next year so we are dress shopping!

  282. Clare Hubbard

    Not much to be honest, May is when the excitement begins with my sons birthday party

  283. Jo

    We are hopefully (if all goes well) moving home! Hooray. Into a much bigger home with more space for little ones.

  284. Emma Walton

    I don’t have anything awesome to do but I do have a lot of cleaning to do and I need to find a way to motivate my husband into doing the jobs that have been piling up!

  285. Tania Atfield

    We are planning our new kitchen and pulling walls down

  286. Nuala R

    My sister graduates this month which is great but it is also my birthday on the 30th 🙂

  287. Richard Rowley

    The plan for April is moving house

  288. Caleb

    I’ll be going to see my long distance girlfriend, so my april will be perfect!

  289. Tracey Gwynne

    I’m decluttering this month and looking forward to the car boot season starting..making room and clearing junk (so I can buy more junk to replace it probably!)

  290. Carolynn Woodland

    So fed up with the weather that we have just booked a late deal to Majorca.

  291. Sarah Maher

    My mum and dad are coming up for a holiday in Scotland with their dog. I cannot wait to see them and show them the sights.

  292. Dawn Wilkinson

    I hope to be able to do some gentle gardening.

  293. Carole Nott

    It time to make a start on my garden makeover/tidy up

  294. Alix boswell

    it’s my brothers 30th birthday next week so will be celebrating that

  295. Cath Joyce

    Sorting the garden out and doing lots of cycling

  296. Nicola Rupawala

    Im shopping for summer clothes for my holidays next month

  297. Danielle Spencer

    We’re going to hopefully visit my nephew this month, which will be lovely as they live over 3 hours away.

  298. claire griffiths

    its my 30th this april so looking forward to birthday celebrations

  299. Susan Trubey

    Seeing the Man engine.

  300. Liza Park

    Depending on the weather we will be taking our 4 grandchildren to the seaside.

  301. Lyn Geddes

    Get on top of the garden before it gets on top of me!

  302. lozzle77

    off work for a week which is great and its also my birthday

  303. Sian Budgen

    I’ll be working!

  304. Victoria Thurgood

    I have to sons birthdays

  305. Iris

    No big plans for the rest of April, just getting back into the swing of things after spending a week with my family in Switzerland

  306. lorraine kirk

    We hope to start sorting our garden out if we get some nice weather

  307. Emma Smiley

    Clearing out getting ready for some diy before the summer

  308. miswee

    Sorting out our garden, and trying to lose enough weight to fit into my spring/summer clothes!


    Trying to catch up on several things before my op next week, apart from that, I have nothing else planned for April

  310. Kimberley Grant

    Nothing planned for April but I’m off on holiday in May

  311. Ruth Harwood

    No plans for April, to be honest, aside from getting my spring/summer clothes organised x

  312. Tabs (@LTabstar)

    My eldest turns 18 this month! Argh!! I feel old!

  313. Steven S

    We had a holiday over Easter so the rest of April will be spent losing the weight gained 🙂

  314. A.E. ADKINS

    No awesome stuff here this month, may be in May?

  315. Kayleigh

    I have so many birthdays coming up in May and June so a voucher would be SO handy to help with that!

  316. Michelle Wild

    Planting things and admiring my daffs.

  317. fionajk42

    It’s our granddaughter’s 3rd bithday on 21st April, so we will be driving down to Kent, where our daughter and son-in-law live, to spend a long weekend with them. We will look after our granddaughter on the Friday while her parents are at work, then on Saturday we’ve got a ballet show to attend where our granddaughter will show off what she’s learned at ballet (basically running round with her arms in the air!), followed by a family birthday party in the garden. Here’s hoping the weather is nice.

  318. Sharon @_eHope

    Lovely to see your tweets again Sarah… i’ve been offline too long it seems 😊 glad for a catchup.. so for April it”s getting back outdoors (weather agreeable! ) and a wee trip to visit niece and new grandniece!💕 Thanks for being here…

  319. Louise

    My birthday is April so hopefully a BBQ celebration

  320. Angela Kelly

    I’ll be taking my nephew to the Viking Centre in York.

  321. R Amison

    Enjoying some sunshine I hope.

  322. toni pearson

    April is the start of outdoor season for my kids and their athletics team….time to get out on the track and run!!! We love family days at the track, cheering the kids and their team mates on as they give each event their all.

  323. Anna Hogan

    I have sooooo much revision to do for my uni exams!!

  324. Cat

    Looking at getting away for the weekend

  325. Naomi Blackmore

    Getting out into the sun!

  326. Cupcake R

    Celebrating Easter and enjoying the bank holidays…

  327. Hannah Mary

    My eldest has turned 8 this week so lots of fun and cake with friends and family!!

  328. Collette SR

    OH April sort out the garden and cement step and wall weather permitting and time!

  329. Christy Peeples DuBois

    I have a weekend trip leaving tomorrow to do a friends taxes. Even though it’s past the date she will get a refund therefore won’t be penalized. We plan to work some fun into the trip.

  330. cat

    Start planting into my new vegetable patch

  331. Kyomi Johnson

    Finishing two years of chemotherapy treatment and spending time with my family

  332. Kasey

    Walking dogs and planning a wedding

  333. Mrs Sarah Roberts

    We’ve not long back back from Cornwall we went for our 2nd wedding anniversay 🙂 . Now tomorrow were starting decorating the bedroom so lots going on!

  334. Tess D

    no plans for April except helping with exam revision!

  335. Sarah Dunne

    We’re planning on going on a ton of walks with our 6 week old daughter, good for the baby and good for us too!

  336. Rebekah summers


  337. Dawn F

    I intend to avoid the pollen and allergy season by catching up on some books.

  338. Mildred Watchman

    Gardening, spring cleaning and studying

  339. Rebecca F

    Making sure I take time out to enjoy the sun

  340. Emily D

    We have had a long weekend Wales break and a ‘babymoon’ to Greece in April 🙂

  341. Emma Chapman

    No plans for me

  342. Sarah Hughes

    We are not doing anything too special this month, but I did get a tattoo!!

  343. Amanda Noble

    I am embarking on a new course of charity work which I am especially excited about ,I also have a few educational days out planned with my daughter,one being a trip to The Black country museum x

  344. Kira

    Didn’t do anything exciting this month, and will probably end the month in the same way, sadly.

  345. Kim M

    Would love some sunny weather so I can get out into the garden x

  346. Jules Eley

    It was my husbands birthday on the 17th so we had a party with all the children and family 🙂

  347. Angela

    April has been a hectic month as I have lots of friends and family with birthdays. I had to find presents for a 50th, 40th, 30th, 10th (my godson) as well as my dad and another friend! Would be nice to treat myself with an amazon voucher

  348. Kerryn Johnson

    I don’t really have any plans as I take one day at a time as I have a daughter with cancer and I never know what tomorrow will bring

  349. Carla Carthy

    We are taking our daughter and her friend out sat either to the farm or indoor play centre if the weather is bad 🙂

  350. Jeanette Leighton

    No plans in April it’s a slow month for me nothing ever happens

  351. Jessica Slater

    My grandmother’s 80th birthday party

  352. Robyn Clarke

    It was supposed to be the month I decluttered but I haven’t got very far! Guess I still have a week to make some progress.

  353. Rebecca Alderson

    This month is mt nephews christening where I get to become a godmother!

  354. Libby Alexander

    I’m having a garden makeover and am so excited to be choosing plants and flowers for it. It will take a few weeks to complete – just in time for Summer. Here’s hoping we get some sun, so I can enjoy sitting out there

  355. Joanne Heath

    April for us has been a mixed bag! The return of my husband from Cyprus! (Yay) Rugby festivals and kids sports events (yay) our birthdays…(yay or nay haha) shingle scare, concussion, and a whole host of other problems that life likes to test tou with sometimes! However topped with the news my sister is having a baby girl…has made it all feel awesome again!

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