Win 4 Cinema tickets for Cineworld

Win 4 Cinema tickets for Cineworld

I hope everyone has been enjoying the weather, I have to admit for me it has just been too hot. One of the downsides of Fibromyalgia is my body can no longer regulate its temperature, so when it's hot I overheat and when it is cold I am very cold. Of course, in winter it is easy to put on another layer, grab a hot water bottle or as a last resort turn the heating up, in the summer it isn't so easy, so I spend a lot of the time feeling very dizzy and sick.

Anyway enough on my weather (non) resilience, it is Wednesday and that means it is competition day! Woohoo! With the summer holidays close on our tail and the need to have some “you time” from time to time, I have the amazing chance to win 4 cinema tickets for Cineworld (2D screenings only).

Win 4 Cinema tickets for Cineworld (1)

This summer sees a great range of films coming at the cinema, no matter if you are looking to head off on a date, a movie night with friends or with the family there is something for everyone from Baywatch, to Wonder Women and Transformers to Despicable Me 3, your only issue might be picking which one to see first.

So how can you enter to win these 4 tickets? Well all you need to do is let me know in comments:
What is your favourite movie and why?

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  1. Danny Evans

    Star wars, a new hope. Remember watching it over and over as a child and playing with all the toys in the garden with my friends. It was a great time to be a kid

  2. Alica

    I am a HUGE Marvel fan, so do not have just one film that I like! I am a movie nerd 🙂

  3. Ali Duke

    I love super hero movies, but my favourite movie(s) are the Lord of the ring movies. They are amazing.



  5. Mike

    I like Saw movies, so well put together, that Saw doesn’t actually harm anyone

  6. Tee simpson

    I love the movie Sing!? i think it was well made and the songs are catchy

  7. Ailsa

    I love adventure and disaster movies form the 1979s like the Poseidon adventure

  8. cheryl hadfield

    My favourite movie is Harry Potter Movies , adventure and excitement in every film

  9. Iris W

    My favourite is While you were sleeping, I don’t even know why but I have seen it so many times I know most of the words by now. I usually like action and thriller movies

  10. melanie stirling

    Grease because I can sing along and I enjoy looking at John Travolta!

  11. Kim Neville

    Enjoyed Ironman as full of action throughout and perfect for us all to watch as a family

  12. Leza

    Yes please, I would love to see Wonder Woman!!! ?❤️?

  13. Lorraine Kirk

    The Goonies is still my favourite movie because it has great characters and a great story. Who doesn’t dream of finding secret tunnels and treasure?!

  14. Alexandra oliver

    fight club- its a classic!

  15. AK

    pretty woman! I love a good love story!

  16. Brad Start

    The Thomas Crown Affair – The original had a magnificent plot, with beautiful filmed scenes (such as the gliding and/or the chess match) and two the greatest acting talents of all time. What isn’t to still love about it.

  17. joanna butler-savage

    Aliens – its tense, well acted, excellent script, action packed and really groundbreaking.

  18. Michaela Hannah

    I love I am legend – i just think its such an amazing film, brilliantly thought out!

  19. Lewis

    Captain America – The Winter Soldier. An incredible piece of filmmaking ! Draws you in and gets your emotions pumping! So glad the Russo’s are doing Infinity War !

  20. Kate Fox-Pope

    jaws. it’s just the perfectly made film!

  21. Lisa Rowsell

    I Capture the Castle as I’m a huge fan of the book, and it’s one of those rare book to screen adaptations that works so well.

  22. Michelle smith

    Nottinghill it’s a great film with comedy moments as well as romance.

  23. Liam Bishop

    Jurassic Park. Captured my imagination as a kid and always loved it since!

  24. Louise Fairweather

    I like the assasin. Bad girl turned good

  25. Rachel Craig

    Mr Holland’s Opus. Wonderful film, great storyline.

  26. Amanda Steel

    Lost boys, because I can just watch it over and over again

  27. Tiffeny Brown

    My favourite film is Saw because I can watch it over and over again without it ever getting old 🙂 x

  28. janette Arnold

    chocolat a girls best friend left me drooling at the confections

  29. Cathy Campbell

    I love Gru in Despicable Me, he makes my family laugh

  30. KK

    It’s so hard to pick! Probably Se7en.

  31. Margaret gallagher

    Dirty Dancing
    It’s just the music and morals
    It never seems to go out of favour here

  32. Sarah Heath

    Beaches is my favourite, such a classic and I love Bette Midler.

  33. Harrowby Bracken

    My favourite film must be Bridget Jones. I feel there’s a little bit of her in me still!

  34. fiona waterworth

    I love the wizzard of oz, love the songs

  35. Lucinda Fortune

    The Goonies and The Gremlins, I love an 80s film!

  36. Andrea Fletcher

    Lady in the van because Maggie Smith is so funny.

  37. Catherine McAlinden

    Beauty and the Beast, I love the songs!

  38. Amy Bee

    The horse whisperer as it is such a moving story

  39. Jamie Edwards

    My all time favorite is Oliver, I remember my Great Nan showing it to me when I was young and I’ve always loved it!

  40. Laura Todd

    Home Alone will always be my favourite movie!

  41. Rebecca Nisbet

    My all time favourite film is Beetlejuice, i love how random it is, never get bored of watching it.

  42. pete c

    Pulp Fiction as though a bit off-beat, was really enjoyable and each time i watch it now and again I notice things in the film I missed before

  43. Helen Stratton

    My favourite movie is Ruthless People because it just makes me laugh so much.

  44. joanne casey

    Pulp Fiction, such a brilliant film, I’ve watched it so many times and it never gets boring, also love the brilliant soundtrace

  45. joanne casey

    Pulp Fiction, such a brilliant film, I’ve watched it so many times and it never gets boring, also love the brilliant soundtrack

  46. Sheena Batey

    It’s a Wonderful Life superb for any time of year not just Christmas. Lovely message in the story.

  47. Juli Savage

    Die Hard – fast action film with the gorgeous Bruce Willis and Alan Rickman – have watched it many many times

  48. Mindy DeLisi

    My favorite movie is Dumb and Dumber. I just had back surgery and my Aunt gave me that movie. I watched it over and over. It still makes me laugh.

  49. Celso Gomes

    A film by Darren Aronofsky called The Fountain. Open to multiple interpretations with an amazing soundtrack.

  50. Jenny harlow

    Calamity Jane. I have fond childhood memories of always watching it every summer with my grandad when I use to stay with them for a week

  51. Kelly Wells

    Breakfast at Tiffanys – can’t beat the old classics and Audrey Hepburn is so classy, love this film

  52. Lorna Ledger

    The Elephant Man, such a heartfelt film – always makes me cry

  53. ann goody

    Favourite film of all time is Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Directors Cut, but I recently enjoyed Lion, fantastic story

  54. Pamela

    Pretty Woman – a modern day (OK, well Eighties!) fairy tale!

  55. Sinead ORourke

    Bridget Jones’s Diary – I always watch it each christmas and it always makes me happy. Plus her dad in the film lives near me.

  56. Julie Howarth

    My favourite film is Insidious cause I love being frightened lol

  57. valerie

    Apollo 13 – star performances and out-of-this world special effects, a brilliant film portraying an incredible story – and it’s all true!!

  58. Andrea Lloyd

    Minions we just love it

  59. Caz

    Jurassic Park because it was groundbreaking

  60. Kathy Cakebread

    I love the saw movies

  61. Tiff Jordan

    Dumb and Dumber- because it’s just so funny and makes me laugh every time!

  62. Jess Powell (Babi a Fi)

    Grease – it’s such a feel good film, and I love all the costumes!

  63. Ailsa

    I love disaster movies from the 1970s. Poseidon Adventure was a classic

  64. Kathryn Booth

    I don’t think i have one favorite movie, but i think my favorite out of the recent ones i have seen is Star Wars the force awakens. I loved the strong female characters.

  65. ashleigh allan

    Home Alone – it’s so funny and I love it at Christmas!

  66. jane Pritchard

    Blues Brothers – superb music and lots of wild antics.

  67. Jules Eley

    The Goonies, I have been watching it since i was 7 years old, it never gets old and i still laugh 🙂

  68. Rose Stephenson

    Local Hero. Love the music and scenery.

  69. maria blythin

    mine is ghostbusters because it is the first film i ever watched at the cinema x

  70. Rhia Drew

    The Lion King because I love the story and the music 🙂

  71. Natalie Crossan

    Kill Bill – thoughtful exciting funny and action packed xxx

  72. Lee

    It has to be Star Wars, I love the story lines and FX.

  73. Karen hutchinson

    Dirty dancing – never get tired of it and love the music

  74. Sally

    I like Die Hard, love action films.

  75. Gwen

    I love the Harry Potter films,they are such great fun.

  76. Adam

    I like watching all the superhero films, great imagination.

  77. Carl

    Walking Dead. I’m a horror film fan.

  78. Claire W

    It is very hard to choose a overall favourite as i like so many but i think perhaps silence of the lambs as Anthony Hopkins is such an amazing actor!

  79. Angie McDonald

    The Breakfast Club is my favourite film! To me it just cements high school and is heartwarming and always makes me feel good

  80. Louise King

    Sooo hard to choose. The Goonies. Its legendary

  81. Adam Clements

    lord of the rings trilogy because im a huge nerd

  82. Karen Barrett

    The Railway Children , I love the nostalgia of the film

  83. Amy Dickson

    Top Gun is my favourite movie, it’s kinda the movie that brought me and my partner together and the soundtrack is awesome! You can’t beat an 80s love story as well

  84. Lydia A

    American Beauty is my favourite. It just has a bit of everything!

  85. Jordan Jarmain

    My fave movie is mannequin. Pure 80s cheese, amazing soundtrack and kim cattrall looks fantastic xx

  86. aj

    I love family movies such as SING

  87. Sayeed Rahman

    Unforgiven – amongst other themes, redemption and if we do truly change and can we leave the legacy of our past actions behind, revenge and whether it ever make up for what has happened and at what cost to your principles and the life you lead.

    To think it was just an adapted screenplay, yet it has much complexity as any any Shakespearean piece or a modern classic like ‘Death of a Salesman’

  88. Melissa Lee

    I think probably the second Hobbit film. I just the dragon Smaug!

  89. Rebecca English

    This year – Guardians of the Galaxy – it was lots of fun

  90. Connor Hassall

    My favourite movie is The Dark Knight because the movie is perfect. Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker alone makes The Dark Knight a must watch. It is an amazing and original take on Batman by Director Christopher Nolan and my favourite film.

  91. Amanda tanner

    the lost boys because its a classic with great acters

  92. Katie Robertson


  93. Tamsin Dean

    love the new Guardians of the galaxy 2 so funny

  94. karen T

    Dirty Dancing – because I love the music, the dancing, the chemistry between Baby and Johnnie and their love story

  95. Julie Scattergood

    Has to be Grease. I never tire of watching it. It’s great to sing along to and a real feel-good movie.

  96. Sophie Carter

    Marry Poppins or The Wizard of Oz because they take me back to my childhood 🙂

  97. Chris Bull

    You’ve Got Mail because it’s soppy and romantic and not too complicated and I love that’s it very closely imitates the original movie, cry every time I watch it and I watch it often 🙂

  98. Anitag

    I would have to choose the lord of the rings films. It’s such a beautiful film with an amazing fantasy world to get absorbed in.

  99. Charlotte Carter-Dunn

    Shutter Island as 1 – I love a bit of Leo and 2. The plot is insane!

  100. Suzanne Jackson

    Labyrinth – it’s a classic!

  101. katherine s

    Mary Poppins, lovely film, lovely songs, leaves me feeling joyful.

  102. Emma Fearn

    Too Gun – I had just moved to London from Wales and was 18. Lots of firsts. First love and 30 years on I still remember that time?


    Favourite Film has to be Pulp Fiction,

  104. Carol Phile

    Heaven Can Wait because it’s funny and moving and its just everything

  105. Juliesnb

    Plunket and maclane. (Its like Lock Stock but in the time of horse drawn carriages and highwaymen.)

    Because… Liv Tyler in Eighteenth century clothing with her bossums pretty much falling out.
    Sorry, you asked why!!!

  106. lynn neal

    Paddington because I used to love reading his stories as a child and this film reminds me of my favourite character!

  107. Harriet Leonard

    Forrest Gump, purely because Tom Hanks is just amazing.

  108. Lynsey Buchanan

    True Romance I just love the creativity and the movie dialogue

  109. Laura pyper

    White House down with Channing Tatum need I say any more 😉 it’s a fantastic movie 🙂

  110. Susie Wilkinson

    The Hours

  111. Leila Benhamida

    My favourite movie is Angels and Demons. I am a big fan if Tom Hanks and love a good thriller in the Vatican.

  112. Emilie Curry

    There are too many to choose from, I can’t decide!

  113. Shaz

    Harry Potter Series

  114. maria

    grease because of the outfits

  115. Susie B

    The Shawshank Redemption – first time you see it you are blown away by the end, and has some really good acting in it too

  116. Jemma

    Hard to choose just one film but Goonies is one of my all time favourites.
    I love a good 80s film and it really reminds me of my childhood. Happy days ☺

  117. Nadine Collins

    My favourite film has to be Pitch Perfect, it’s just so feel good and bound to get you singing along!

  118. Sheila Reeves

    Rocky Horror Picture Show – just takes me back to being in 6th form and going up to Baker Street with my best friend to see it – so many times!

  119. Jennifer Goldsmith

    This is a really tough question as I have favourite films in all genres…lets go with Chick Flick and my favourite Chick Flick is Pitch Perfect.

  120. Katrina Fox

    My favourite film is ‘How To Steal a Million’ starring Audrey Hepburn. The film has the perfect balance of romance, humour and grace that I associate with the actress.

  121. Nicola McC

    Gladiator because I’m a huge sword and sandals movie fan and also Russell Crowe is my favourite actor.

  122. Sue Bebbington

    My favourite film is Toy Story. It’s such a fun film, I can watch it again and again. Even though my children are all grown, I’m still a kid at heart

  123. Lucy

    I really enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast new film 🙂

  124. Catherine Macnab

    Forest Gump – it has everything. Romance, comedy and parts are really sad and thought provoking. It is a wonderful film, great actors – beautiful locations and well written. It ticks all the boxes for me

  125. Christine Taylor

    The Minions Movies cus they’re great fun and suitable for all the family x

  126. Liz Mitchell

    At the moment it is Baby Driver

  127. Tina Glover

    I love Mary Poppins its such a classic and it doesnt matter how old you are its a film for the whole family! x

  128. natalie smith

    transformers because it was the first film i ever saw in 3d, i was completely blown away by it xx

  129. Jodie A Green

    james and the giant peach
    i lvoed the book as a kid and the film is just so full of magic and a happy ending 🙂

  130. Jacqui Allen

    Pretty woman… it’s like a comfy pair of slippers

  131. Natalie White

    Mean Girls – because it’s so quote-able and it’s hilarious! 🙂

  132. rosie w

    My favorite movie is the new Beauty and the Beast. It is fabulously made with beautiful effects and great acting.

  133. lyn west

    Grease! Classic summer feelgood movie

  134. Helen Legrys

    The Sound of Music. Still. I mean, you can’t really beat it can you. It’s just the perfect film

  135. Natasha Mairs

    My favourite film of all time is The Pursuit of Happyness. just love it so much

  136. sarah clegg

    Harry Potter Movies- so much adventure and twists

  137. Christopher Read

    It’s a Wonderful Life – even though it’s years old, it is a fantastic story

  138. Janet Bennett

    My favourite film Back to the Future, loved all these films – always watch them on TV when they’re shown

  139. Susan Jane Gray

    My favourite film has got to be Mannequin. I saw it years and years ago when I first met my boyfriend Iain. 30 years on I still live this film.

  140. Hayley Pemberton

    charlie and the chocolate factory.
    love the songs and reminds me of childhood

  141. kaye willan

    Grease! It’s my go – to film every time. Reminds me of my teenage years. The music was brilliant too!

  142. Natasha Lynch

    Dirty dancing because it’s a classic film and has such good songs!

  143. Anna Wilds

    Grease, my all time fave film xx

  144. Joanna Kasznicki

    The Goonies!!!! One of the best films ever, I always watched it when I was young, and even now I watch it with my sons

  145. Emma Fox

    I love a film called Dark City as I love Sci-Fi films and this is an underrated modern classic 🙂

  146. Terri Dudey

    I love comedies my all time fav is ‘Just go with it’.

  147. Zoey P

    Live Notebook, such an emotional movie always makes me cry but also Happy at the end.

  148. Elena K

    I love Fast and Furious movies, beautiful cars, great actors, exciting plot!

  149. olivia kirby

    I never have a favourite of all time for everything as I obsess for a while then I’m on to the next thing! Films that I have loved are Moana (gorgeous animation and music), Tangled (SO romantic and lovely music again), Up (heart breaking opening scenes), Overboard, Reservoir Dogs, Natural Born Killers, Rear Window, Silence of the Lambs, Stand By Me, The Shining and Wizard of Oz

  150. Lauren Reed

    I love Dirty Dancing, it has always been my fave (from growing up and sneakily watching it because I thought it was about dancing & dancing only!) I love the music and of course Patrick Swayze 🙂 my feel good go to film xx

  151. felicity williams

    The Mummy with Brendan Fraser – it is funny yet scary 😀

  152. Sarah Hutt

    My favourite movie is the sound of music as I love musicals and especially the doe a deer song ,and I always wanted some clothes made from curtains as a child just like in the film.

  153. Eileen Tingle

    I like the film Moulin Rouge, I’ve got a copy of the original film and the re-make.

  154. Anca

    I can’t say which one is my favourite. I loved Titanic, The theory of Everything, The Imitation Game, can’t pick the one that I like best.

  155. DonnaH

    I love The Usual Suspects – such a clever movie!! When I’m in the mood for something lighter my faves at the mo are the Pitch Perfect films ☺

  156. Solange

    Pulp Fiction. It’s one of Tarantino’s best and has a great soundtrack.

  157. Natalie in Turner

    My fav is Titanic because of the romance

  158. emma white

    Dirty Dancing, such a classic!

  159. Samantha R

    I love silly movies that I can just watch over and over again like the Mr Bean movies or classics like Grease.

  160. Suzie W

    Die Hard, a classic!

  161. Sheri Darby

    I love a film called Diner because it is young and fun & full of great music. But watch out for the popcorn

  162. Maria soad

    My best friends wedding
    Love the songs

  163. Hannah Wright

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It is a classic, I love it!

  164. Tracey Mitchell

    It’s so difficult to choose one film I suppose it will have to be jaws it still makes me jump ?

  165. Tammy Stevenson

    My favourite has to be Mrs Doutfire. It is still hilarious after all these years!

  166. Heather Brannan

    When Harry met Sally because I love how the film spans from the start of their friendship in their 20’s through to their mid-life.

  167. Helen Fowler

    Muriels Wedding is my favourite. Fantastic characters, great music. A real feel good film – I never bore of it !

  168. rebecca h

    Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. absolutely iconic film. amazing action, memorable quotes the best in one of the world’s biggest franchises!

  169. Margaret Weir

    Any of the Harry Potter movies – my kids & I have watched them all multiple times over the years – a great favourite and even more so after visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando in 2014.

  170. Lyndsey Bruce

    The Wizard of Oz because it reminds me of my childhood. I watch it every Christmas without fail 🙂

  171. cassie fraser

    i love lord of the rings, love the action and the fact they are long long films

  172. Allan Fullarton

    Love ‘Stand by me’. Amazing soundtrack and great story.

  173. emma brown

    Pride and Prejudice, I love a classic

  174. Fiona

    The Shawshank Redemption, it’s an all time classic!

  175. Claire Blakeley

    breakfast at tiffany

  176. Maggie Coates

    I like the new Disney films such as Beauty and The Beast. I do hope Disney remake Bambi. Bambi has to be my all time favourite

  177. Michelle

    Coherence. It’s a thriller about parallel universes that came out a few years ago.

  178. barbara daniels

    jaws it was the first film I ever saw at the cinema and it never fails to impress

  179. julie henderson

    annie – as its a happy ending and fab music

  180. Alex Cook

    Apocalpypse Now because it is engrossing and beautiful while displaying the ugliness of war.

  181. Amelia Kennedy

    The Shawshank Redemption is my favourite … a truly inspiring film and wonderfully written and acted.

  182. Lorna Kennedy

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest is my all time fave – have no idea how many times I have seen it – many, many times! The characterization is amazing and you can empathize with all of them. I cry with laughing in parts, and with sadness in others. Best film ever ( yet I hated the book!)

  183. Karen R

    I think it’s The Ipcress File – I watched it with no expectation of what it would be like, and I was completely drawn in to the 1960’s spy world!

  184. Rachael G

    Love Actually – a real festive tradition! I love how the lives of the characters all intermingle.

  185. Jen A

    That’s such an impossible question to answer and definitely varies depending on my mood! ? My favourite recent one is Baby Driver, which is totally different from anything I’ve ever seen. We all loved the Lego Batman Movie though, the boys didn’t stop laughing!

  186. Danielle Spencer

    The Green Mile is an amazing story and film, with so many sad moments yet brilliantly made.

  187. Zoe C

    Up, all the family enjoy it but also the meaning of the film

  188. Kelly Hanson

    Can’t really choose as I love movies. I bought The Lego Batman Movie the other day (saw it in the cinema too) so am loving that at the moment. If you asked me again in a couple of days I’d probably answer differently though. ?

  189. Susan Hoggett

    The Shawshank Redemption – I just can’t stop watching it every time it’s on!

  190. Janie-Fleur Matcham

    I am not very sophisticated when it comes to taste including movies I like light hearted girly things like romantic comedies. My favourite film has to be tangled. Full of fun, great story great graphics and a great romantic comedy and innocent enough to watch with my kids.

  191. Katharine Balyuzi

    Top Gun – because of all the action!

  192. kate hester

    Grease because it funny and has great songs!

  193. Jo Young

    I love UP! because it has a lovely storyline.

  194. Victoria B

    Never Been Kissed – the story reminds me of me in my younger days and it’s a great moral storyline.

  195. Tracey Belcher

    Blues Brothers – never fails to make me laugh

  196. Tammy Tudor

    I love hairspray as i love the messages it portrays and of course the music!

  197. Bryan Murphy

    I love the Harry Potter films – they’re great for all age groups

  198. Joanna Ford

    Horror movies as you never know what will happen next!

  199. Donna Robert

    ET, what’s not to love? Was one of the best films of my childhood and still a classic.Drama,scary bits (for little ones),suspense, tears and laughter all in 1 film!

  200. Michelle Hall

    Hot Fuzz! It’s hilarious and i never get bored of watching it

  201. Lisa Parker

    Pretty Woman as I love seeing a ‘bad’ girl turn good x

  202. Sharon Worsley

    Beaches is a favourite of mine

  203. Kim Lam

    Any of the Star Wars movies. I loved the original three when I saw them years ago and still love them

  204. Emily Turner

    Has to be Ferris Bueller’s Day Off!


    See no evil hear no evil, always brings a smile to my face

  206. Vicki Lumley

    Get him to the Greek 🙂

  207. abigail edkins

    Bridget jones…Its ‘almost’ the story of my life

  208. Helen Tovell

    Inside out as it made my daughter understand her emotions better

  209. Laura Asplin

    My fave film is definitely ‘the sound of music’

  210. thi tran

    50 first dates

  211. MM

    Alien. I love the aesthic, and isolated environment horror/mystery films are always intriguing.

  212. tanya clarke

    Annie and I love both versions,so do my children. never gets old

  213. Gill Mitchell

    I love Mamma Mia, such a great feel good family film, always cheers me up!

  214. Mel Turner

    Titanic I love a good old love story

  215. Emily Clark

    I saw Lion recently and loved it. So emotional!

  216. Emma H

    It depends what mood I’m in. Trolls is great to watch with the kids. I also like the pirates of the Caribbean films.

  217. Lorraine Tinsley

    Green Mile because the story is magical

  218. Daniel

    Cloud Atlas because it has so many stories.

  219. Emily Downes

    Animated has to be Peter pan or inside out! I love them both! They are so well thought, and very magical!

    My other favourite films are Forest Gump and water for elephants!! Momma always used to say, Life was like a box of chocolates! You never know what your gunna get! Bubba gump shrimp is on our list to visit when we go to florida next year!
    i LOVE how Robert Pattinson acts in water for elephants! its a must see!!!

  220. Heather Bowie

    Dirty Dancing because I want to be Baby

  221. Peter Saville

    E.T. Always makes me cry

  222. Phil Darling

    Jaws – it reminds me of my first marriage

  223. Emily Knight

    The Italian Job for me – I love Minis, and Michael Caine is amazing!

  224. Keshia Esgate

    Hook – total way to escape reality, such a funny movie

  225. Hekna

    I love the Harry Potter movies. Always in the mood to watch them and a great bit of escapism.

  226. Hannah Heywood

    Difficult question! Maybe ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ as it encapsulates Tolkien and fantasy wonderfully

  227. Victoria Easton

    Avatar – great graphics and story!

  228. Jo Carroll

    I think I must have been an ex-con in a previous life as my favourite movies are ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘The Green Mile’ and ‘Papillion’…I don’t know what that really says about me? x

  229. JoW

    The Goonies, its such an amazing classic children’s movie

  230. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    The Holiday with Cameron Diaz – it makes me laugh and cry all in one go!


    My favourite movie has to be snow white and the seven dwarfs i’ve seen that film so many times but i still love it.

  232. Katie

    I love Disney films love how magical they are and the great songs

  233. Lori Darling

    My favorite film has been The Jungle book since I first saw it many years ago

  234. Michaela Jennings

    I love pretty woman or tangled with my little girl

  235. p2ffu

    My favourite film is Lion, because I loved the story and also it was shot very well.

  236. Lee Whittaker

    Home Alone as it was the first film I ever saw at a cinema.

  237. laura

    officer and a gentleman

  238. Melanie stanbridge

    Polar Express is my No1 film because I do believe!

  239. nicky pearce

    Home alone because it reminds me of a mini me haha

  240. Eleanor P

    My favourite movie is The Hangover… I just find it always cheers me up!

  241. Fiona Rennie

    I love Grease, I can watch it over and over and not get fed up of it

  242. Hayley Gibson

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. My dad used to sit and watch this with me all the time when I was little. I loved the monkey brains, and all the bugs etc. Perfect for kids, except for the child labour bit…

  243. Joe Socci

    Gladiator – pretty emotional!

  244. Tasha

    Chicken run I can never get board of watching it

  245. Phil Murden

    Favourite is Blade Runner because, well, just look at it!

  246. Kara W

    My fave movie is Dear John. Such a beautiful, romantic film. And Channing Tatum is gorgeous!

  247. Carole E

    Grease – I love that era and the soundtrack is great


    star wars!

  249. jamie Millard

    The Pursuit of Happyness. Great acting from Will Smith – great true story of triumph over adversity .

  250. Melanie Boulby-Allen

    Boss baby it’s just hilarious ?

  251. Caroline Cordery

    I love Les Miserables (2012). The most perfect musical to screen ever.

  252. Chloe Brill

    Titanic very gripping

  253. Julie Wilson

    I love a happy ending so I have a few favourites but Love Actually is my go to film.

  254. Jodie W

    It has to be Bridget Jones Diary for me, i could watch it over and over again and ill never get bored.

  255. Debi Newman

    I love Mama Mia as I love the songs x

  256. Sarah Lewis

    Can’t beat a good Disney film I recently saw Beauty and the Beast and really enjoyed it!

  257. Lani Nash

    I love Shawshank Redemption, it is such a well-made film. And also Beetlejuice because it reminds me of being young!

  258. Erica Price

    Pretty Woman – love all the lines (know them by heart)

  259. Emma Whittaker

    I love Dirty Dancing such a feel good film always cheers me up when feeling down 🙂

  260. elaine stokes

    easy one to answer, The Sound of Music… was my gramps favourite and we watched it together, along with my sister and cousins.. We as a family know every song, every action and our kids now know them to

  261. david crabb

    we love inside out fir the way it deals with growing up. great family film.

  262. Libby Noack

    My favourite film is Legally Blonde – it always cheers me up 🙂

  263. MichelleD

    I’ve always loved Muppet’s Christmas Carol, now my child does, it’s just full of so much joy

  264. charlotte aldridge

    My favourite films are the Twilight series – I was obsessed with the books and the films were great – purely because of Robert Pattinson 🙂

  265. Laura Muir

    I’m a huge war film fan so either Pearl Harbor or Saving Private Ryan!

  266. Katy Malkin

    The Sound of Music as always used to watch it with my mum

  267. bec james

    Alice in wonderland – the original Disney one – its so funny even know it makes me laugh!

  268. Josie Plunkett

    Would love to win tickets to go and see Planet of the Apes!

  269. angela sandhu


  270. donna l jones

    dirty dancing is great

  271. Sarah Parker

    I love Greece! fab film 🙂

  272. greig spencer

    jurassic world as i am mad about dinosaurs! JUST LOVE THEM

  273. katie w

    I love the Minion movie, just cracks me up all the time

  274. Ellie Wood

    High Fidelity, I love the way they talk about music

  275. Laura Pritchard

    Very low-brow but I love Mamma Mia – I could watch it over & over forever!

  276. Lisa Rhodes

    Rocky Horror Picture Show, because its bonkers

  277. Dean Boyle

    The trueman show its 1 of a kind

  278. Chloe Cunningham

    I recently saw Baby Driver.. one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and the soundtrack is amazing!

  279. Jane Middleton

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, so funny and great adventure film for the whole family.

  280. Hayley Colburn

    The Twilight Saga is my fave (if I have to choose from the 5 I’d choose 4) its all about Robert Pattinson for me, wit wooo!!

  281. Rachael Marsden

    Grease as it reminds me of growing up and watching it over and over again

  282. chirag patel

    the original carrie never been so scared in my life !!

  283. steph lovatt

    Bridget Jones’ baby, its so funny

  284. Jo McPherson

    Grease is my favourite film ever, makes me smile every time. We saw the new Wonder Woman recently, that was very good

  285. Cathryn Crawshaw

    Pretty woman for me – total classic

  286. Charlotte A

    My favourite film of all time…hmmm… I think it’s probably What Dreams May Come.

  287. Emma Davison

    A few good men. It has great acting, brilliant actors and some fab lines!

  288. Rebecca Powell

    Pulp Fiction, it’s a classic

  289. Beatrice Benham

    I love thriller and horror movies but am partial to kids and family films as well depending on how I am feeling. Love the Saw films also love Despicable Me films :’)

  290. Caroline Smith

    I have loads of favourites but Hot Fuzz is up there with the best, so funny and even though I’ve seen it a million times, it still makes me laugh!

  291. Kerry Smith

    I am Sam. A great movie Sean Penn is so underrated

  292. katrina walsh

    I love Wrong Turn. Never seen a film that terrified me as much!

  293. sandy

    Lord of the Rings: return of the king. Scenery, battles, heroism… and I must admit also eye candy 😉

  294. Debbie Preston

    I love Shrek because it’s got adult humour as well as great for kids

  295. Emma Rawlinson

    I love Grease as I can sing along to all the songs at home

  296. Monica Gilbert

    The Princess Bride. It’s a perfect mix of so many aspects, and it’s always enjoyable.

  297. Kelly H

    We’d love to see despicable me 3. We love all those movies and the minions! Great family fun!

  298. claire little

    Dirty Dancing, I’ve always loved the music and dancing.

  299. Andrzej Szymanski

    Back To The Future because I love it just as much today as I did when I saw it in the cinema in 1985. It’s an absolute classic!

  300. Danielle Fitzgerald

    My fave film of all time is the never ending story! Reminds me of when I was a kid. We would watch this as a family x

  301. Tracy Clark

    ET because it reminds me of great times

  302. Adrian Bold

    Mine is Die Hard. Just a classic action movie with plenty of fun throughout.

  303. Lynne OConnor

    Pretty Woman. I love the characters, the performances and the music and can watch it over and over

  304. Lucy Robinson

    I love Dream Girls. Fab cast and great songs.

  305. Chris Hobbs

    I adore Up. It reminds me of my nan and granphy and the first time I watched it I sobbed all the way through. Colourful heartwarming and family friendly.

  306. Roxanne

    Amelie – beautiful cinematography, amazing soundtrack. Thoroughly enchanting.

  307. angela edmonds

    I love the classic grease with john travolta and olivia newton john remonds me of my carefree days xx

  308. Christina Palmer

    I love all of the Home Alone films. They have me in stitches every time I watch them

  309. jackie grout

    My Fav Movie is Never ending story. My kids loved it and now my Granddaughters love it too. Its pure magical

  310. Michelle Clare

    Minions as it makes us all laugh

  311. Vicki-Anne Smith

    Jurassic Park – I was obsessed with it as a kid!

  312. Stephanie keill

    I’ve always loved Forest Gump because it leaves me feeling moved and so grateful to have my family and my health.

  313. Robyn Clarke

    I love Notting HIll, easy to watch and feel good.

  314. Sarah Birkett

    This changes all the time but this year it is definitely Hacksaw Ridge. very moving,

  315. Michelle M

    The Lion King because it reminds me of my childhood

  316. Rebecca Barnes

    My favourite film is Wall.E because it is cinematically brilliant! How engaging is the silent part and the love dance 😀 But also because it is a feel-good film that I can always watch.

  317. Meryl Thomas

    Out of Africa – I used to live in Kenya, and it always reminds me of that wonderful time when I was younger. Pure nostalgia for me.

  318. carla carthy

    My favourite film is dirty dancing but i do love watching the harry potters films with my daughters 🙂


    My daughter asked me the very same question this morning!
    My answer is Coyote Ugly or Home Alone (or any Disney films)

  320. Caroline Shepherd

    Singin’ in the Rain – it’s just such a perfect movie for cheering me up!

  321. Dale Dow

    Sleepers, it has you crying, has you laughing, have you feeling that the bad guy finally got it and is an amazing, eye opening story

  322. Jessica Hutton

    Lord of the Ring. I love the story, the characters and the effects. amazing movie xx

  323. Lydia Graham

    At the moment it’s Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them. It’s a favourite as I wasn’t sure they could match up to the Harry Potter films but it was excellent plus we won tickets to see the premiere which made it even better

  324. Sarah Fielding

    My favourite movie is the lego movie, it is just so funny!

  325. Clare Hubbard

    Dirty dancing, never fails to get me up and dancing at the end

  326. Lucy Chester

    The original Star Wars films because as a child I thought they were so exciting and loved the story line

  327. Simone Griffin

    I love The Nightmare Before Christmas and so does my little one – it’s got Halloween and Christmas in it so what’s not to like ???


    City of Angels. Its just such a feel good movie, although the ending is sad.

  329. Miss Tracy Hanson

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show is my favourite. It’s got singing, horror and everything else thrown in for good measure. I guess it’s one of those films you either get or you don’t. I’ve always been a bit “weird” with my taste in stuff and that suits me right down to the ground. Although it has to be the original, can’t do with the new Frank n Furter who can’t walk in high heels which really doesn’t make sense at all.

  330. Joanne smith

    The Lost Boys, classic ?

  331. carrie wilford

    loved watching the Absolutely Fabulous movie has it was really funny

  332. Kelly B

    Ah one of my favourite films has got to be Stand by me!

  333. Alison Clark

    My fave is still Pretty Woman – I don’t know how many times I have watched it possibly 50!

  334. sue mcdermott

    Rainman, it’s got a bit of everything & great actors

  335. Debbie Johnson

    City of Angels..I’d like to think Angels walk amongst us…such a beautiful moving film, makes me cry every time x

  336. Ian Campbell

    Star Wars: A New Hope – an epic film in its own right, the kickstarter of so many memorable & brilliant sci-fi movies to boot 🙂

  337. Trevor Linvell

    The Empire Strikes back! As its the finest film ever made and has action, thrills, wonder, amazing characters, wonder and one of the most surprising shocks in movie history!

  338. Jade Pawley

    Sleeping Beauty is my absolute favourite film, has been since I was a little girl.

  339. Nancy Bradford

    French Kiss with Kevin Cline and Meg Ryan. Love the beautiful scenery, the comedy and the lovely music.

  340. Holly king

    I love twilight because I love Edward lol. I’m a soppy romantic and you have the love story and the action x

  341. Ali Fanstone

    Twilight because I love the battle scene at the end of the ladt film, its so dramatic

  342. Amy Pest

    beauty and the beast its a classic

  343. Leanne Perrett

    wow such a hard question how can you p[ick just one film out of the fast amount available lol if im in the mood for romance then love actually or letters to juliette if i want some action then some of the harry potters

  344. Josh Gough

    The Room, what a film !

  345. jacqui rushton

    I love Die Hard because it is a great action film

  346. Rachael C

    Dirty Dancing! Always!

  347. Up

    Up – the one with the grandpa and little scout. A great family story emcompassing a broad range of emotions.

  348. LoobyLee

    Some like it hot, I just love love love Marilyn Monroe and Jack Lemmon is brilliant

  349. Sarah Robinson

    Cocktail has always been my favourite movie x

  350. Nicki Ramsay

    I love Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Steve Martin and John Candy are brilliant together and no matter how many times I see it, it has me crying with laughter.

  351. Kate Davies

    My favourite all time movie is the blues brothers. It’s funny, a classic and you can’t help but tap your feet to the music.

  352. Amanda Bailey

    Somekind of wonderful – love it when the right girl gets her guy!

  353. Marie Rule

    Forest Gump is my favourite movie as it is such a good story.

  354. Paula T

    I’m a huge Tarantino fan, my favourite being Pulp Fiction. I love how all of his films are intertwined in little way. It’s fascinating x

  355. Gill Colling

    Silent running, a very old Sci-Fi with a poigniant message about how we are destroying the rain forests… bit of an early eco-warrior in space movie!! And a real tear jerker!

  356. Sarah Gray

    Goodfellas – love that film so much!

  357. Rebecca MacBain

    Tomb raider !! Because I love the fact she’s a powerful strong woman and I’m a sucker for anything involving ancient treasure !

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