Win £25 for Amazon

Win £25 Amazon Voucher Part 2

Last week I posted about my two-part Amazon giveaway with Bex from Futures. Last week we kicked off with part one running via Rafflecopter and this week we start part 2 with Gleam.

The idea is to get a good overview of how you, our readers like to enter competitions and give us some more insight into the workings of Gleam. To see if it is something that we feel in the long term could work for running competitions.

Win a £25 Amazon voucher

If you haven't tried either of the platforms before, why not try the one which is new to you first? You can find my Rafflecopter run giveaway here!) There is a prize for each competition (just so there is no confusion, one winner will be picked on the Rafflecopter application and one on the Gleam application. So if you got really lucky you could win £50.

This week our question to you is hopefully going to let us know a bit more about why you like your favourite competition application, so let us know (after taking the poll).
Why do you like Rafflecopter or Gleam best? 

Win a £25 Amazon Voucher

Good Luck to you all and we are really looking forward to seeing the results of this little experiment!


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This article has 457 comments

  1. Iris Tilley

    I chose Gleam only because rafflecopter messes up sometimes and won’t enter the link you’ve put in Plus the follow blog links don’t always work either.

  2. Abigail Cullen

    I chose Rafflecopter, just because I like the layout more.

  3. Lisa Brown

    I like gleam for the ease of use, it is much quicker to get entries in, and less frustrating. RC is time consuming, so much cutting, pasting, copying, it’s ridiculous, goes down quite often, just a royal pain to use.

  4. Nikki Hayes

    Gleam is so much easier to use – and its quicker to do the daily entries as well. It also shows my total entries to the competitition, whereas Rafflecopter does not show the additional daily entries – I like to see what my odds of winning are. I also find that some bloggers have an issue creating clickable links on Rafflecopter which means endless copy and pasting.

  5. Laura Jeffs

    I prefer Gleam because it’s simpler and quicker

  6. lynn savage

    I like Gleam better because it’s so much quicker to use. Rafflecopter requires too much copy/paste and links are not always working.

  7. Kayleigh Watkins

    Rafflecopter loads quicker but gleam is easier as you don’t have to copy and paste entries in xxx

  8. Nicola Rupawala

    Raffle copter because I prefer the layout

  9. Margaret Gallagher

    Its a much fairer system where a bit of effort is needed
    Gleam seems unfair especially if share – people get friends to enter by completing one task !
    To me thats a CHEAT System

  10. Naomi Blackmore

    I like how Gleam goes to the websites on your behalf rather than you having to go and copy Twitter links etc

  11. debbi ruskin

    I don’t really have a preference

  12. Jennifer

    They both look good – something I’m interested in 🙂

  13. kim neville (@kimneville2)

    I prefer rafflecopter as heard it is safer than gleam picking out people who cheat. Gleam is nice and easy to click

  14. Natalie

    I like gleam because I don’t have to copy and paste tweets or type as much into the form as rafflecopter.

  15. Andrea Upton

    I think gleam is much easier to use

  16. john prendergast

    I like gleam it is much easier to use

  17. melanie stirling

    I prefer Gleam because they are quicker to enter.

  18. Sharon Freemantle

    Gleam because it’s easier to do

  19. Susie Wilkinson

    I prefer Gleam because I think it is much more user friendly, and can be successfully used on a mobile!

  20. Anthony Harrington

    I prefer gleam as it loads quicker and easier to use

  21. Jayne T

    I like entering gleam the best as they are much quicker to enter, and more user friendly.

  22. Susan B

    I like Rafflecopter the best as it is very straightforward to use. However, Gleam is ok and I understand it chooses your winner for you so better for bloggers.

    Honestly, I am just grateful for the opportunity to participate without the use of social media. Thank you or being inclusive.


    prefer layout on rafflecopter

  24. lynn neal

    Gleam seems quicker!

  25. Natalie Crossan

    Gleam is quicker and very straightforward to use 🙂

  26. Emma C

    I like gleam because it’s a bit quicker/easier x

  27. Iain Maciver

    gleam seems easier

  28. KEV C

    I prefer Gleam as its usually one click entry 🙂

  29. Ritchie

    I haven’t got strong opinions either way

  30. andrea tinkler

    I prefer gleam as find it so much easier

  31. aliduke79hotmailcom

    I find Gleam quick and easy

  32. Valerie Seal

    Gleam is faster and requires less effort from me


    I find Gleam to be quicker

  34. Angela Treadway

    i like how easy and simple gleam is! x

  35. Kevin000

    I prefer gleam because it’s clearer, it looks better and tells you how many entries you have in the comp

  36. Lynsey Buchanan

    Gleam is quicker to enter, I do not like the share to gain extra entries as people post these in competition groups gaining an advantage over others.

  37. Graham Ross

    I like Gleam better because it’s so much quicker to use

  38. Julia Nicholls

    Gleam is much clearer thanks

  39. Chrissy Harris

    I like gleam as the format is cleaner looking and it saves my twitter and Facebook details

  40. ValB

    I find Gleam is quicker and easier to use

  41. mcsinton

    Gleam is so much better for competitions!

  42. lokasey

    It’s SO much easier to enter

  43. Sue McCarthy

    Gleam seems to work better than Rafflecopter; I’ve encountered glitches before. As regards the fairness, I’ve no clue which is better.

  44. Sarah (@Segga86)

    Gleam is so easy to enter and I get an email to tell me that Ive entered which then reminds me to enter again 😊


    Gleam is easier to use.

  46. Ellen Sheppard

    Gleam is easier than having to copy and paste a link to your tweet on Rafflecopter

  47. S Edwards

    Rafflecopter loads quicker

  48. vicki dodge

    Gleam is nice and easy I think

  49. Keshia Esgate

    Gleam is far more simple, nice “one click” entries

  50. Amelia Kennedy

    I find gleam easier and quicker to use x

  51. Rob Hutchinson

    I prefer Gleam because it involves less effort.

  52. Steven S

    Gleam is easier for the multiple Twitter entry options I find.

  53. Bev (@bev_metallica)

    Gleam! It’s much quicker.

  54. Lucy

    I don’t mind either really. Gleam is easier and quicker but I have to keep logged in to twitter and sometimes I like to check if I’m following which is easier on Rafflecopter 🙂

  55. Elaine Savage

    I like Gleam because it responds to my voice recognition, whereas rafflecopter does not

  56. Helen B

    With rafflecopter you have to cut and paste tweets, non of that faff with gleam 🙂

  57. Nicola Marshall

    I prefer Gleam, it’s much easier to use.

  58. Jen A

    Gleam is easier and quicker – with rafflecopter it’s a lot of messing around copying links to tweets etc.

  59. funjustjustin

    Gleam is better,.

  60. Mike

    Gleam because of automatic entries for the likes of twitter, very cumbersome with rafflecopter

  61. Jo Carroll

    I like Gleam much more as it’s a lot of more simple and unfussy. x

  62. Rebecca Barnes

    I really prefer Gleam because it’s just neater and prettier to look at!

  63. Katy Malkin

    Gleam as it takes less time to load and remembers some of your details

  64. Simon Hopley

    Gleam Just seems a bit easier

  65. Sarah N

    I suppose I’d have to say Gleam, out of the two options, but personally a simple web form is my preferred way to enter competitions

  66. Fiona K

    Gleam because it is more seamless and quicker

  67. AMANDA W

    gleam is simpler to use and you dont have to flick between screens copying and pasting links to tweets ect.

  68. Lucy B

    Gleam it is much quicker to complete x

  69. Amandeep Sibia

    Gleam looks more modern and professional.

  70. bob clark

    Both pains in the neck – prefer a form

  71. Emma H

    Gleam involves less navigating away from the main page to find URLs and is simpler.

  72. Karen Barrett

    Gleam is quicker plus the blogger can add more options which I don’t mind. Often with raf I find many of the entries are not set up properly eg links to sites and I have usually confirmed I have entered and no way back.

  73. lorraine kirk

    I like Gleam as it’s much easier to use and you don’t have to copy and paste tweets etc

  74. pinklady123

    Gleam as its clearer and easier to use, plus looks more as-ethically pleaseing

  75. Tiffeny Brown

    I like gleam the best because it’s quicker and easier to use 🙂 x

  76. Milly Youngman

    Gleam is quicker to use and more professional looking.

  77. Tess D

    I chose Gleam because it does most of the work for you just by clicking the button so not always having to leave the page and copy and paste x

  78. Yolanda Davis

    I prefer gleam. It’s so much easier and quicker than rafflecopter, and I like the lay-out and how it looks more.

  79. Tanya

    I hope I win!

  80. leigh boyle

    i like gleam quicker and easier to use x

  81. aj

    Gleam is easier to use

  82. R Amison


  83. Paul Chadwick

    Gleam seems a lot smoother not as glitchy as rafflecopter

  84. Char W


  85. Karen R

    I think I like Gleams more – they seem quicker and less manual, and recently rafflecopters haven’t been loading properly for me xx

  86. Danielle Spencer

    Gleams are easier to enter, they do most of it for you. Rafflecopters need more effort and I find more errors with them.

  87. Sarah Mackay

    I prefer Gleams as they are more user friendly and quicker than rafflecopters and I find that rafflecopters can be a bit buggy at times.

  88. C Whitlow

    I prefer Gleam as its easier to work. You have to do lots of copy and pasting on Rafflecopter.

  89. Ann Marie Gould

    I prefer Gleam as much quicker and easier

  90. Jo Young

    I prefer Gleam as it’s much more user friendly.


    I cant honestly notice much of a difference between the two. Very occassionally Raflecopter has a glitch whereas gleam seems more consistant.

  92. glenn hutton

    Glean: Automatically tweets and updates the tweet for you, RC does not do this and takes a lot longer to get the details of that tweet!

  93. MM

    I’m not sure that Rafflecopter records your Daily entries correctly. Which is why i prefer Gleam.

  94. Shaun Heathcote

    rafflecopter doesn’t seem to reset the retweet everyday as if you haven’t done it.

  95. Frank R

    Gleam is just way more convenient as you mostly press a couple of buttons and that’s it.

  96. Katie b

    Gleam, because things tend to go wrong less!

  97. Jayne Danforth

    With gleam you do not have to go back and forth as much copying and pasting links (urls)

  98. Marc H

    I don’t really have a preference, but i feel Rafflecopter daily entries are less likely to result in a shadowban on Twitter.

  99. Sandra Fortune

    I Gleam it’s easier and quicker

  100. Liam Bishop

    I find Gleam easier as you don’t always have to type the entries in and it gives you more options that RC.

  101. Janet Birkin

    I like the layout

  102. Doreen Brady

    Gleam is much quicker for me.

  103. Annabel Greaves

    Gleam is easy to enter

  104. Jennifer Toal

    Gleam it’s quicker

  105. Lisa Parker

    I prefer Gleam as the Twitter retweets are much easier and quicker to do x

  106. Caroline H

    I like Gleam. It just seems simpler and quicker, and much easier to use.

  107. helen tovell

    Gleam as it is so easy

  108. Joanna Orr

    Gleam is quicker to use as all the options work automatically, so unlike rafflecopter, there’s no copying of links/usernames to fiddle around with!

  109. Fay

    This is a tough one. I prefer Gleam because it is so much easier & quicker but I prefer Rafflecopter because they have much less entries. I never win with Gleams but I do win occasionally win with RC

  110. Andrea Fletcher

    I prefer the layout of Rafflecopter.

  111. Laura S

    I prefer Gleam because it is a lot easier to use with Rafflecopter

  112. Mo

    I prefer Gleam over Rafflecopter because Rafflecopter often logs me out. Also Gleam is so much easier to use.

  113. Rich Barker

    Gleam automates tweeting!

  114. Hayley Colburn

    I prefer gleam as its quicker but you do get shadowbanned on twitter as a result which is extremely frustrating

  115. Teresa Lee

    For me Rafflecopter seems to load much quicker than Gleam

  116. Michelle Ferguson

    I prefer Gleam as it keeps track of my total entries

  117. Emma Pascoe

    I prefer Gleam as I use Twitter for a lot of entries and The rafflecopter way of getting the links hardly ever works! 🙂 Its much quicker and easier to enter xx

  118. Jackie Howell

    So much easier to enter especially for twitter entries

  119. Michelle C

    I voted Rafflecopter but only because I was forced to choose an answer. I’m honestly not sure what the difference is between the two.

  120. Charlene Merrall

    I prefer Gleam because its much quicker, BUT gleam doesn’t work on my phone which is a pain!

  121. Simon C

    I like Gleam much better. Their user interface is far slicker than Rafflecopter.
    I’m also still grumpy with Rafflecopter for blocking me on Twitter when I tried to ask them some fairly innocuous questions about their system.

  122. Mark Dean

    I prefer Gleam as it’s quicker and more reliable. Rafflecopter sometimes has problems logging in and accepting/confirming entries.

  123. Ellen Stafford

    I chose gleam because it’s quicker but I personally use Rafflecopter on my blog after hearing reports that people can cheat easier on gleam and you can’t moderate the entries!

  124. Carole E

    I prefer Rafflecopter and I have problems logging on with Gleam

  125. adeinne Tonner

    They both are good but i prefer gleams as i find them quicker to enter and more easier.

  126. William Gould

    I prefer Gleam simply because it’s quicker to enter!

  127. Jo Hutchings

    I prefer Gleam as Rafflecopter is very fiddly and also if you’re entering on it on a daily basis your overall number of entries isn’t accurate.

  128. Stephanie Cheung-Tsang

    I like Gleam because it’s much easier and quicker to use.

  129. Sheena Batey

    Gleam just seems quicker and makes it easier to enter

  130. Jo

    I like Gleam the best because it records my additional entries whereas Rafflecopter doesn’t.

  131. Mrs Sarah Roberts

    l like Gleam as sometimes l don’t understand how extra entries work with rafflecopter 🙂

  132. Amanda Sowden

    I chose rafflecopter as I’m a newbie and haven’t tried gleam!

  133. Emma Gough

    I love Gleam best, simply because it’s super quick – it does have one downside though. if you entered every comp going on gleam via daily entries you risk your twitter account becoming shadow banned. not sure how this could be overcome but I make sure I post regularly rather than just all competition tweets. Good luck to everyone 😀 and thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  134. Dean T

    Prefer gleam it is smoother all round, Rafflecopter too often the links are dead or not explained well

  135. CALVIN

    Gleam is a lot easier for me here.

  136. Lee Henstridge

    Gleam just because I’m happy using it.

  137. Amanda J Tanner

    Gleam as some rafflecopter competitions don’t have a direct link in each way to enter Andy have to copy the link and paste it to get an entry

  138. Georgina Prince was davies

    i prefer gleam because it is far far easier to use x

  139. Laura Finch

    Gleam is a lot faster!

  140. Sarah Mcvicar

    gleam as it’s so much easier to use

  141. Lynda Graham

    Gleam – its uniform , efficient and quicker.

  142. Andrea

    Would be fab to win! RC doesnt seem to work in any of my browsers!

  143. carolyn99 (@candcthai)

    I prefer Gleam as it stays logged it usually, whereas Rafflecopter often is difficult to use (but not this time!)

  144. Lesley Bambridge

    I prefer Gleam because it is less fiddly and you can see with the tick that you have entered correctly. Thank you

  145. Laura (@life_lipstick)

    I prefer Gleam because it’s easier to retweet and follow people. With rafflecopter I find that often when I re-tweet and have to paste in the link, I have to open twitter in another window because the box disappears which is extremely annoying and it puts me off re-tweeting.


    I find Gleam faster and more stable

  147. Lucy Barlow

    Gleam is better by a country mile – faster, easier, more reliable – i also use it for running comps myself and its worth the subscription! – only wish they would build in the blog comment box into the gleam format – so you can comment and continue within the comping box!

  148. Keri Jones

    I prefer to use Gleam to enter competitions. It’s easier as it records the entries for you, like tweeting etc.

  149. Martina Pichova

    I like Gleam – you can enter lots of things in just one click.

  150. Louise A

    I like Gleam because its quick and easier to use e.g. you don’t have to copy your tweet URL it does it for you

  151. Paul Green

    I like gleam for the ease of use, it is much quicker to get entries in

  152. Claire Glace

    I find gleam a little quicker….

  153. John Ettery

    I chose Gleam, as I think Rafflecopter can be complicated and sometimes too long

  154. Jamie Millard

    GLEAM, It’s quicker, all the links just work, all your accounts are linked so you don’t have to type in user names or profiles manually.

  155. Dawn F

    I prefer Gleam because it seems like once I am logged in, I only have to press a few buttons and there is no cutting and pasting of links involved.

  156. Amanda Noble

    I prefer gleam the entries are quicker and easier to complete which saves precious time x

  157. Rich Tyler

    Gleam for sure, its much easier

  158. Sarah Mcknight

    Gleam, it’s much more easier

  159. Natalie Charman

    Gleam is so much easier.

  160. clair downham

    i like gleam best

  161. purabeautyblogger

    Gleam is a lot easier to use and seems to store the information so makes it easier to enter competitions

  162. Ross Hanney

    I prefer Gleam. Most entries seem to be quicker and easier with Gleam, especially Twitter.

  163. Ursula Hunt

    Gleam is easier to use and yo get an email showing your entries

  164. Jade Hewlett

    I prefer Rafflecopter as I don’t think twitter likes too many automated tweets from Gleam and if I try to tweet too soon to the previous day on Gleam it won’t accept it (had this problem this morning and Rafflecopter was fine but not Gleam)

  165. Sharon Hirst

    I refer Gleam it’s quicker to use

  166. Jackie Dawson

    I prefer Gleam as its much easier and faster, and no need to fill things in or copy and paste

  167. David Simpson

    Gleam is easier to use

  168. Julie Howarth

    I prefer Gleam as it’s easier to use and quicker

  169. CHERRY Lloyd

    I chose Rafflecopter because it always works on my ipad whereas Gleam very often does not load up properly or connect to my social media. If Gleam always worked and synched with my ipad updates I would defintely have chosen Gleam because you do not have to keep copy and pasting links

  170. Alana Walker

    I prefer Gleam as it is quicker and easier to use and I can work out what my chances of winning are!

  171. Terri Kelly

    Both are good but gleam is quicker

  172. Danielle Moore

    I choose gleam easier to use

  173. Rachael Gibbons

    I prefer gleam, its easier, raflecopter you end up having to open and close new windows a bunch of times, I just find rafflecopter awkward and clunky

  174. Jane Brown

    I prefer Gleam, as it does so much of the connecting and pasting for you, which I prefer as I am not confident and worry that if I do it myself I will do the wrong thing

  175. Lauren Boyle


  176. Sarah Addey

    Prefer gleam as it’s quicker

  177. Emma Walton

    I find Gleam to be a lot more efficient and less time consuming than Rafflecopter. I never have any problems with Gleam, whereas, I often find that Rafflecopter can miss off parts of links making it more difficult to enter some parts of the competition requirements.

  178. Beverley Cousins

    Gleams are easier and quicker

  179. Carol

    Gleam as its just gleaming with prizes

  180. Christine Lockley

    I prefer Gleam as it’s easy and straightforward to use, rafflecopter often has issues with links etc and rafflecopter takes a lot more effort with copying and posting links

  181. Ed B

    Gleam does it all much quicker with less effort

  182. kathcake2017

    gleam as it’s quick and easy to use

  183. Gillian McClelland

    I prefer gleam as it is easier and quicker to enter and rafflecopter quite often has issues

  184. isis1981uk

    It’s more automated & less work, much quicker.

  185. cheryl hadfield

    I prefer rafflecopter as i seem to have more luck

  186. Pam Gregory

    Easier to click through on Rafflecopter

  187. claire woods

    I prefer Gleam as it’s easy and straightforward to use

  188. Jodie

    I prefer rafflecopter, because sometimes gleam won’t let me log in properly.

  189. Rebecca Sutton

    I prefer Gleam as it all seems a bit more automatic than rafflecopter. Its alot easier.

  190. Janice Dunn

    I dont mind either to be honest

  191. Victoria Thurgood

    I don’t like having to copy and paste the tweets on rafflecopter

  192. Sarah Austin

    I prefer gleam as it is easier to action the competition entries

  193. mandydoherty65

    I prefer Gleam as I find it quicker

  194. Ani

    I prefer Rafflecopter, you don’t have to link your accounts to it.

  195. Chanette Kennedy

    I find Gleam easier because all your accounts are linked so there’s no need to type in your Twitter name or copy tweet links etc

  196. Stevie Fairbairn

    I prefer Gleam as it’s easy to navigate.

  197. Jessica Powell

    I prefer Gleam – it’s more automated so quicker.

  198. lesley renshaw

    I prefer the rafflecopter. I prefer that it’s more interactive and not just a click of a button. I also prefer the layout

  199. lozzle77

    gleam as its just a click of a button

  200. Jane

    Gleam because I can just click a button rather than retyping everything. The links are so much easier

  201. Emma h

    I prefer gleam as it’s so much easied and less time consuming

  202. Daniel Austin

    Gleam is simpler, quicker and easier to use – no re-typing my details each time.

  203. Sheila Reeves

    I don’t have a huge preference for either, Gleam can be easier to use and shows a current total of your entries so think that has the edge

  204. purpleshoes

    I prefer Gleam as it is much easier to use

  205. Mary H

    I much prefer Gleam as it’s quicker and easier.

  206. Victoria Morris

    Gleam is easier and quicker than Rafflecopter

  207. Margaret Clarkson

    I prefer Gleam as it is simpler and quicker to use

  208. Sarah Hughes

    I like gleam as you don’t have to copy links etc from twitter

  209. Sophie Roberts

    I prefer Gleam because it’s so much quicker and easier to gain entries!

  210. Mary Davis

    I’m honestly torn. Gleam is much faster and easier to enter, and I like how it records my overall entries, but somehow feels more “clinical” to me – more robotic. Rafflecopter takes more effort yet feels more interactive, almost more “community,” and the biggest bonus is that I win far, far more there.

  211. Lorna Ledger

    Gleam, it’s seemless and encourages people to interact and engage

  212. karen T

    Gleam is quicker and easier. Also it is brighter and more visually pleasing. I also find Rafflecopter freezes up at times

  213. Iris

    I chose gleam because it’s quicker but don’t mind rafflecopter either

  214. Helen Stratton

    I prefer Gleam as it is faster and easier for the Twitter entries.

  215. Emma Gibson

    Gleam as its so much faster and easier.

  216. Laura Scott (@LauraS27818)

    I like gleam best. Easy to use.

  217. Kirsteen Mackay

    Gleam is simple and much quicker to use than Rafflecopter.

  218. Robyn S

    Gleam is so much better, it remembers your usernames and is much quicker

  219. Dave C

    I prefer gleam as it tends to run smoother on my device.

  220. Candyfloss

    I prefer Gleam because I’m lazy! There’s no need to copy and paste URLs like there is in Rafflecopter. At the end of the day though, I’m just grateful for your competitions. (Angela Kelly)

  221. Charlotte

    i dont really mind either but gleam seems to be more seamless

  222. Stephanie Coals

    Gleam because it’s so much more user friendly, it’s quicker and you don’t have to worry about copying and pasting tweets

  223. Gary Topley

    I like Gleam the best as it seems better laid out, thankyou for the competition x

  224. Joy Winn

    Rafflecopter-I like the layout🙂

  225. Solange

    I prefer Gleam because it’s simpler and quicker.

  226. Richard Rowley

    I prefer gleam as rafflecopter is too fiddly with copying and pasting tweets which is so long winded

  227. Natalie Gillham

    Gleam is easier and faster

  228. sarahjane24carter

    I like gleam as it is easier to use x

  229. Craig Havery

    gleam does some things automatically to save time

  230. Joanne Benham

    Rafflecopter is better for me as Gleam bugs out with linking with pinterest and sometimes the links on Gleam don’t work either.

  231. fionajk42

    I find posting tweets from Rafflecopter is a real nuisance as the tweet window seems to close as soon as I’ve tweeted, then I have to go to Twitter, find my tweet, copy the url, then go back to Rafflecopter and paste it. I usually only bother if tweeting is necessary in order to access other entries in the Rafflecopter.

  232. Heather Haigh (@haighh18)

    I prefer rafflecopter because if you uses gleam to retweet anything Twitter treats it like spam.

  233. Emily K (@EmilyK1983)

    I love Gleam, as it’s much easier and quicker!

  234. Sophie (@sophiefx_)

    Gleam! So much easier. <3

  235. Rebecca mercer

    Gleam it’s much easier

  236. Rebecca Beesley (The Beesley Buzz)

    i prefer rafflecopter. gleam is easier to do the ‘follow on twitter’ option but for everything else i prefer rafflecopter

  237. Hayley Atkins

    Gleam is quicker,Rafflecopter is more time consuming but the odds of winning are increased as more effort is required.If a competition is easy to enter then it is harder to win!

  238. Jade weeden

    Gleam as it is more user friendly!

  239. Kelly Hirst

    I prefer rafflecopter as gleam tends to be more glitchy logging me out a lot!

  240. emilyfowlerwrites

    Gleam is much quicker and easier!

  241. Robert Price

    Gleam is easier to do

  242. Carole Nott

    I prefer Gleam – seems much clearer

  243. katherine s

    I like using Gleam, it’s quicker and easier than rafflecopter.

  244. Kim Carberry

    I really like Gleam. It is so easy and quick to use.

  245. Lynda Jones

    Glean is so easy to use

  246. Mel Turner

    I prefer one Gleam is easier

  247. HAzel Rea

    Although Gleam is quicker I prefer Rafflecopter as it doesn’t need permission to do any of the tasks. Having read the comments about cheating on Gleam I now prefer Rafflecopter even more.

  248. Samantha (@Sammywammywoo)

    Gleam is better & quicker. Does it all for you

    Rafflecopte is a pain as especially when doing a tweets: yes it posts it but immediately shuts the page, so you need to visit Twitter to get the url to copy & paste. Right pain.

  249. Mirjana

    I love Glem because they are quick and easy to enter. There is no copy/paste 🙂

  250. Alice Gilkes

    Whilst I like them both equally for different reasons, I have decided to go with Rafflecopter because I like the layout. But it was a hard choice.

  251. Jane Davies

    Gleam is faster and so much easier to use compared to rafflecopter 🙂

  252. Judith Allen

    Gleam is easier and quicker to use, and keeps count of my entries.

  253. Ruth Harwood

    I’ve said I prefer rafflecopter as I can input my own info, gleam tends to just do it for me and I’m not sure it’s been done!!

  254. Frances H

    Either option is pretty easy. Much cheaper than a postcard these days.

  255. Tabs (@LTabstar)

    I don’t mind either option but Gleam seems to be faster, especially for daily options like tweeting. Rafflecopter closes the tweet box before you can copy the URL, so you have to locate it manually, which isn’t the end of the world, but more time consuming.

  256. Jessica Nightingale

    Gleam seems to run just that bit more efficiently, less manual effort.

  257. Alison Johnson

    I enter both but at the moment Raflecopter lets you enter daily tweets.

  258. MP

    Good luck everyone!

  259. Sandra Bald

    I prefer Gleam as I find it much easier to use.



  261. Karen Usher

    Gleam, its 100% easier to use! Sometimes its just a click of a button, rather than copy and paste links to open a new browser etc

  262. adventuringwithabi

    I prefer gleam as it is so quick and easy to enter, instead of spending ages typing usernames on rafflecopter.

  263. PhilA

    LIFEINABREAKDOWN Blog…just easier to use

  264. A.E. ADKINS

    Gleam is easier & doesn’t seem to rely on tracked social media therefore better for those affected by safeguarding

  265. Laura Bryant

    Gleam easier

  266. Natasha Mairs

    I prefer gleam. I find it a lot quicker to do and enter info in.

  267. Rhoda (@rhodak09)

    I don’t really have a preference. Gleam is a bit sleeker though.

  268. Alex Telford

    I prefer gleam. Less Copy and paste

  269. chris bull

    Gleam is so much quicker especially if you have a slow laptop

  270. Hilda Wright

    The gleam tweets are easier, no copy and paste to do!

  271. Susan Hoggett

    I really like Gleam, it’s so much easier, quicker and the links always work properly

  272. Robert Powell

    I chose Gleam because it is easier to use

  273. Caroline Hunter

    I feel that rafflecopter is a fair and random way to choose a winner.

  274. aaron broad

    I chose Gleam as I find it easier to navigate and use

  275. Sarah Dunne

    Usually use Rafflecopter!

  276. romi

    Gleam is so easy to use!

  277. Kelly Hemmings

    Although both very similar I prefer gleam only due to the fact it can be quicker to fill in if there are a few actions you need to complete

  278. Christopher Read

    Gleam – it’s quicker particularly with regard to Twitter entries.

  279. Celso Gomes

    Either one is fine for me although Gleam can be quicker. Although Gleam can be a pain if you are entering competitions on different devices as you often need to log again. It would be interesting to know whether both systems choose winners randomly.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Yes, they both choose winners using a random system though with Gleam you do get the option to make someone a winner, whereas on Rafflecopter you can only draw by random selection.

  280. Kim Styles

    Gleam is quicker and does most things for you

  281. debbie davies

    I prefer Gleam as its easier to use. To be honest though i am never sure if i do any of them right as even though i enter loads of competitions i never win 🙁

  282. kimberley ryan

    I find Gleam much easier but I don’t mind really

  283. Rachel Craig

    Gleam :- Bright and colourful.

  284. Clare Hubbard

    I like gleam as it is quicker and easier to use

  285. Christine Reid

    Gleam is so much quicker and automates the tweets, some raff don`t even bother putting a direct link in. This means you have to copy and paste, no thank you!

  286. Alice Gilkes

    I find Gleam to be more user friendly and quicker to use. For example, when retweeting something it does it automatically without me having to do it myself.


    Rafflecopter best



  289. Davyd Bagby

    Gleam is better for me because then I don’t have to copy and paste twitter links

  290. zoe brown


  291. James Travis

    Like the rafflecopter layout more

  292. mrsquinny

    I prefer gleam as it is much quicker and less hassle!

  293. Ann Skamarauskas

    I find Gleam is much quicker and more straightforward

  294. Kelly White

    I prefer Gleam because more of it is automated so less typing!

  295. Victoria Easton

    I prefer Gleam – easier and quicker

  296. Susan Smith

    Gleam, can do them alot quicker

  297. Alison Burns

    Rafflecopter always seems more straightforward.

  298. Helen Rosbotham

    Gleam is soooo much quicker it does it all for you!

  299. Dan B

    I prefer Rafflecopter – not sure why!

  300. Barbara Jane Shaw

    Gleam, it does everything automatically and no copy and pasting tweets like Rafflecopter

  301. Benjamin Jones

    Awesome giveaway! 🙂

  302. Jules Eley

    I like Rafflecopter just because I can check to see If I follow already

  303. Tamsin Dean

    Gleam is easier and so much less messing about

  304. Elisabeth Ries

    Some of the Gleam twitter options don’t link for me, and the visit this page to enter options never work. Never had any issues with Rafflecopter.


    Chose Gleam because Rafflecopter has messed up a few times, but I’m really not that fussed, not much to choose between them

  306. Christine Caple

    I prefer Gleam, it’s quicker and easier

  307. Joanna Kasznicki

    Rafflecopter is easier as you just press a link and it takes you there instead of copy and pasting

  308. Mary Baldwin

    I prefer Gleam as it’s more straightforward, however on balance my favourite is a simple form as it doesn’t discriminate those who don’t use all the social media platforms.

  309. Samantha R

    With Gleam you don’t need to manually copy the Twitter link – that’s the main selling point for me really.

  310. greig spencer

    gleam as its easier

  311. foreverastri

    i think gleam as it s easier and quicker

  312. laura jayne bates

    i prefer rafflecopter as its what am used to

  313. Alison Clark

    I prefer the gleam layout and also sometimes with rafflecopter there are far too many things to do while gleam seems to give better options – like this one.

  314. Amanda Gregory

    Gleam does things like tweeting automatically for us so it is much easier. I don’t have to open another window, go to Twitter, copy the tweet and paste it back in. Often with Rafflecopters the links are too long to work as well so then it is a case of having to find the pages that have been asked to follow etc. That can often be quite difficult.

  315. Hannah Smith

    I like gleam because it seems to integrate better with twitter and other social sites

  316. Alix Smith

    Gleam is much easier & quicker – Rafflecopter is a bit more clunky and often involves far more copying and pasting of URL’s etc.

  317. Jayne Kelsall

    I choose Gleam, as I find them quicker and easier to choose, no copy and paste for twitter and Pintrest urls .x

  318. jo liddement

    I prefer Gleam because you don’t have to keep copying and pasting.

  319. Sheri Darby

    Gleam is much easier to use

  320. Judith Mitchell

    Rafflecopter wins hands down for me just because, for some reason, I always seem to have a problem with Gleam. No idea why but it just doesn’t let me fill in certain parts….

  321. CLARA

    I find gleam so much more user friendly

  322. Victoria Prince

    I prefer Gleam because it sorts out so much more for me without me having to copy and paste usernames…I especially love it when there is a YouTube route because I’m never quite sure what my username actually is when Rafflecopter ask for it and I worry about DQing myself!

  323. Kerry Webber

    I prefer Gleam. More options, easier to use, don’t need to type in user names every time.

  324. Dawn Hull

    I do like both but I prefer Gleam as it seems to work quicker / more smoothly.

  325. Lynne OConnor

    Gleam – quicker, easier and no copying and pasting

  326. Angela L Paull

    I like Gleam for it’s simplicity but unfortunately it never seems to work on my iPad so Rafflecopter gets my vote for more reliability

  327. Sarah Ballantyne

    I prefer Gleam because it is quicker and easier.

  328. Lynsey Harvey

    gleam. much easier to use

  329. paul jackson

    I prefer gleam as it is much quicker and easier

  330. Rajdeep Mander

    Gleam it seems more easier to use and easier to connect to my other social media accounts.

  331. Kevin Johnson

    I prefer Gleam as the tasks are a lot more automated (tweeting on my behalf etc.) where Rafflecopter requires more work to copy/paste links etc.

  332. Zoey P

    Gleam is much easier and quicker to enter

  333. tina Glover

    I prefer gleam as its more user friendly. It takes you to the websites whereas with rafflecopter you have to cut and paste links which can be messy.

  334. Susan Carruthers

    Gleam is much easier to use and respects twitter and fb’s API rules

  335. Geoff Hibbert

    I prefer Gleam simply because it has a tweet button so you don’t have to c&p the url

  336. Sarah F

    Gleam is much easier & quicker – everything is automated and simple.

  337. Michael Clarke

    I like the one clickness of Gleam comps over Rafflecopers.

  338. janine atkin

    gleam is quicker and easier to use

  339. Patricia Avery

    I enter far more Gleam comps than Rafflecopter but I think I have won more on the latter. Perhaps because they take longer to do there are often less entries.

  340. Catherine Macnab

    Neither Gleam or Rafflecopter – I haven’t won anything on either of them – the simple entry forms are the best

  341. Samantha Atherton

    I like gleam as it’s a lot quicker to use.

  342. Dawn Underwood

    Gleam – less faffing about

  343. Dawn Samples

    I prefer Gleam because it’s quicker and I dont have to go on twitter to copy and paste urls x

  344. gaynor Vincent

    Gleam seems shorter – some comps can have 30things to click and life is soooo busy with 4 boys!

  345. Faye Reed

    Gleam as it’s easier to use.

  346. Mary N

    I prefer gleam as it is easier.

  347. Sarah Appleyard

    Gleam is so much easier to use!

  348. Rennene Hartland

    I like gleam it’s so much easier.

  349. Karen S

    Would have to say Gleam for ease

  350. Pauline Dring

    I prefer gleam because it is much quicker and seems to be more reliable


    I prefer Gleam much easier, I don’t use Rafflecopter and very rarely use them

  352. Ian Campbell

    It’s pretty effortless – a couple of clicks and the giveaway is entered! 🙂

  353. Ian Campbell

    Gleam, for my reasons above 🙂

  354. Rai

    Gleam – it’s just easier and a lot less clunky than rafflecopter.

  355. Marrian

    I like Gleam as it’s easier to use.

  356. Vicky Allum

    I prefer Gleam because it is quicker and easier to use. It retweets for you rather having to copy and paste the url.

  357. Naomi Williams

    I prefer Gleam as its easier than rafflecopter

  358. Asiya

    Gleam — quick, simple, gets the job done

  359. Charlotte Wilde

    sometimes gleam won’t let me login

  360. Rebecca roberts

    I like green best because it seems Easter some how and doesn’t mess up as much


    I prefer Gleam because it’s quicker and easier to enter

  362. Iona Cornish

    I like Gleam because I find it easier to use and it loads quicker

  363. Linda Ford

    Gleam is quicker, I like that I don’t have to copy and paste. I also like that it tells me how many entries I have made

  364. Hannah Scudder

    Rafflecopter-really easy to use

  365. Laura Cooper

    I prefer gleam as it makes things like tweeting quicker.

  366. sophie williams

    Gleam is quicker and easier I think x

  367. Jessica Hutton

    Gleam because it’s faster and easier xx

  368. sarah parker

    I prefer gleam 🙂

  369. Diana Webb

    I like Gleam better. It just seems quicker to enter.

  370. hannahlig

    I like gleam because its less typing and feels easier and less frustrating to use.

  371. Jay MacInnes

    Gleam seems to link to my social media accounts better than rafflecopter

  372. Maddy

    Gleam is much quicker than rafflecopter

  373. Adrian Bold

    Gleam is easier, but I get constant time outs. I have to reload several times usually before I see the form. For that reason I currently prefer Raffle.

  374. Diana

    Gleam is easier

  375. Hannah Smalley

    I prefer Gleam- smoother and simpler to use

  376. Jayne Sullivan

    Gleam, so much simpler to use especially on a tablet or mobile phone.

  377. Christian

    Rafflecopter is clearer.

  378. Caroline okeeffe

    I chose Gleam, it’s easier to use with one click entries

  379. Danielle Graves

    I like that there is less copy and paste element on Gleam compared to rafflecopter, it just seems to be a bit more user friendly for the comper

  380. Carol Cliffe

    Gleam is much easier and quicker, and doesn’t jump around pages (eg to like someone on Twitter) which is better on your phone especially

  381. Wendy Tolhurst

    I prefer Gleam as I’m disabled and it is easier not to have to copy and paste all the time and it’s more simple to use gleam

  382. lukewarm6

    Gleam is a bit quicker when jumping through all the hoops

  383. ian murray

    definitely Gleam. Much quicker to enter competitions with, and looks nicer, and more professional.

  384. Selina

    I prefer Gleam.

    Much quicker for entry, more variety of ways to enter.

  385. Kim Lam

    I chose Glean because it is easier and quicker than Rafflecopter

  386. Gemma Massey

    I prefer gleam because it’s more clean, precise and quicker, also rafflecopters can be unreliable and links broken

  387. Katrina Adams

    I like gleam because it saves my details and is so easy to use.

  388. Amanda J Davis

    I like gleam because it is easier and quicker to use

  389. China Roberts

    Gleam is so much simpler and easier to use

  390. Sarah Wilson

    Gleam is more simple to use.

  391. shazabella40

    i prefer gleam as its easier to use than rafflecopter

  392. Rachel Bonness

    G L E A M

    It’s so much easier!

  393. Laura Avery

    Gleam for me works much faster for me!

  394. Ana Nunes

    I think gleam is faster

  395. Angela Kate Webster | Cosmic Kick

    I prefer Gleam as a comper, but Rafflecopter as a blogger. (Unless something has changed) It’s the easiest way to choose a fair winner 🙂

  396. spuddy11

    gleam is faster and easier

  397. Yvonne Armitage

    Gleam is a lot easier for me

  398. sean lambourne

    I prefer gleam as it works well and I like the twitter link

  399. tina edwards

    I chose Rafflecopter because gleam doesn’t always work for me

  400. Emma Fox

    I like Gleam as it includes links to other social media follows and does not seem to glitch as often.

  401. jessica cook

    i like gleam best, seems more of a simpler way to enter comps xxx

  402. Chantal

    I like Gleam as you don’t have to faff about with adding your tweet – it’s automatic

  403. zoe dennett

    I prefer gleam its easier

  404. Tricia cowell

    I prefer Gleam as its simpler and quicker

  405. Joseph Ashton

    Gleam is more User friendly

  406. Michaela B

    gleam is a lot quicker to enter with

  407. Oli Marshall

    In all honesty, I don’t mind either rafflecopter or gleam competitions but I do find the rafflecopter ones a tad quicker to enter.

  408. jacqui rushton

    I prefer rafflecopter because I find it quicker to use!

  409. Ali Fanstone

    I picked Gleam its easy to enter and more reliable than RC

  410. Sharon Lou

    gleam is simple and easy x

  411. angie pickering

    Gleam is quicker and you don’t have to do daily entries

  412. Wendy Malone

    Gleam for me

  413. lAUREN Jeffs

    I do quite like both but perhaps gleam is a little better

  414. Gina M

    I like them both, maybe prefer Rafflecopter because I’m more used to it.

  415. Hayley Elvin

    I prefer Gleam because it is easier, there are links to click and you don’t have to copy and paste everything

  416. Laura Pyper

    gleam its faster and easier to use

  417. paula cheadle

    I choose gleam because, it shows up better for daily enters

  418. Pauline black

    I chose gleam. I prefer the layout and it so much quicker to use.

  419. Anni Ezmerelda

    I prefer Gleam because it’s a lot easier to enter and doesn’t mess up as much as Rafflecopter does (at least for me anyway.)

  420. Laura Walker

    I prefer Gleam for its ease of use. Often links don’t work on rafflecopter

  421. Jane Gorton

    I chose Rafflecopter as I like the layout. Fantastic prize, thank you x

  422. michelle United Kingdom pierce

    i find gleam easier and quicker to use

  423. Sarah Maher

    Gleam is great for entering comps but I avoid using it on safari as it locks me out!

  424. Lauren Stebbings

    I usually prefer Gleam because it keeps me on the competition page and doesn’t open a pop up. However, I’ve just run into my first problem with gleam because despite staying on the Instagram pages for a long time it keeps telling me to stay another 5 seconds 🙁 I’ll try again as it worked for the other ‘visit page’ ones. Fingers crossed!

  425. Janine H

    I really am not fussed, they both let me enter great competitions, even though I haven’t won anything through them as yet

  426. Sarah Moran

    Gleam makes it much easier and quicker to get your entries in

  427. Allan M

    To be honest, I think Gleam is better across the board. For starters, it is much more efficient at verifying all different kinds of entries, and much better at managing daily entry tasks.

  428. joy buckenham

    Gleam is easer to enter so like it best

  429. Jessica Barber

    Gleam! It’s much easier and better linked with Twitter

  430. sharon martin

    gleam is easier and quicker

  431. Jeanette Leighton

    Gleam is a lot easier and simpler than rafflecopter

  432. lucy beckett

    Rafflecopter are so slooow and clunky. I ignore them

  433. laura stewart

    fingers crossed x

  434. Fran Egleton

    I prefer Gleam as it is easier

  435. Sarah Heath

    I find gleam much better, it can be difficult to enter some competitions when you use a tablet on Rafflecopter.

  436. Colin Gault


  437. Miss Tracy Hanson

    I must admit I do prefer GLEAM. It’s a lot easier than having to go to Twitter and then copying and pasting the link (although not an issue). You can just click the Twitter box and it takes you to Twitter, so you can say “you’ve retweeted”.

  438. Kate Davies

    I prefer rafflecopter as gleam wont work on my phone meaning I can enter those unless im home by my laptop. I also know that it is pretty much impossible to check if entries have been completed via gleam so easy for cheaters to win.

  439. Claire W

    I chose gleam because I find it easier and quicker to use and I like the way it looks.

  440. gemma raines

    I choose gleam as I find it a bit more friendly to use

  441. iain

    gleam as it seems smoother

  442. Laura Findlay

    Gleam it’s so much easier x

  443. Andrea Lloyd

    Rafflecopter I like best

  444. Sarah Morris

    Gleam is easier to use

  445. Karla Gold

    rafflecopter i like the layout

  446. Louise Clarke

    I prefer Gleam as the links seem to work better. Rafflecopter sometimes sends you to sites unknown, or you have to Google to find the blogs, Twitter, Instagram etc

  447. Enrique Herrera

    I prefer glam because it remembers who you are in the future, and never messes up your details. And can detect cheaters.

  448. joanne cox

    I think Gleam is easier and quicker.

  449. Gemma Holland

    I find Gleam competitions much more straightforward

  450. Leanne perrett

    i fond gleam is a lot easier and quicker to use plus funkier colors

  451. Karen hutchinson

    Seems quicker and you don’t have to cut and paste links

  452. Scott Fallon

    I prefer gleam. It’s much quicker and you can enter with one click.

  453. irene gilmour

    i think gleam as it is easier to use

  454. Jennifer Baker

    Definitely prefer gleam x

  455. Andi Gurney


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