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The Wimbledon Style Guide

Wimbledon is fast approaching. Unlike most of us who will be watching the action unfold at home, some of us are lucky enough to have bagged tickets to the world’s oldest and arguably best tennis tournament.

The action begins on 3rd July 2017 and runs until 16th July 2017—giving you just a few months to sort your outfit. Obviously, with the eyes of the world watching, you’ll want to look your best in case you make any unexpected TV appearances.

In the past, Wimbledon’s dress code was well-known for being strict. It has relaxed in more recent times—yet we still have the dilemma of what to wear. To help, retailer of Melissa shoes, Daniel Footwear, has created this guide to dressing for Wimbledon.

The Wimbledon Style Guide


Smart casual is a must for Wimbledon, so leave your trainers and ripped jeans behind. A perfect outfit option would be trousers and a tailored jacket, worn with a flowy blouse, if the weather is overcast.

Of course, if it’s sunny — like it often is for the tournament — sundresses, tailored shorts and lightweight tops will be the order of the day. Don’t forget a cover-up for when the day starts to cool!


With most of the day spent courtside, it’s great news for your feet! Whether you fancy heels or flats, anything goes, as you’ll do minimal walking. Sandals — whether heeled or flat — will be perfect, as they’re in-keeping with the event’s smart-casual vibe.


Sitting in the sun all day, you’ll likely assume that you’ll need a sunhat—think again! The large, floppy hats may be on-trend, but at Wimbledon, they’re a big no-no. After all, how would you like it if you missed Andy Murray’s victory because of someone’s oversized accessory?

Instead, keep it simple and chic with a pair of sunglasses. They’ll stop you squinting and will help keep your attention on the on-court action.

*This is a collaborative post.
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  1. Laura Corrall

    Some great tips. I would hate to be behind someone in a big floppy hat! Hope you have a great time.

  2. Alli Smith

    I’ve always watched Wimbledon on the TV. If I ever get a chance to go in person, it’s good to know what to wear and what not to wear. Love this guide!

  3. robin rue

    I love the minimal walking, so I could wear shoes that I normally wouldn’t if I were to go there to watch the match!

  4. Ali Rost

    I really like to watch Wimbledon on t.v .. but have never been in person. Everybody in the stands seem to be all decked out in clean crisp colors that feel like spring!

  5. Jess

    Imagine rocking up to Wimbledon in a flipping sun hat haha! I can’t say I’m too interested in Wimbledon, but I do like having a nosey at who attended and what they wore.

  6. Jenn @ EngineerMommy

    I miss playing tennis. My husband and I used to play often, but we haven’t had much time recently. I will definitely be watching it on TV.

  7. Carly Markham

    I am likely to be the idiot who wears the floppy hat and forgets about everyone else lol so glad I read this!

  8. Stephanie Merry

    I’ve been to Wimbledon a few times and your tips are fab – sunnies are definitely needed! x

  9. Franc Ramon

    It’s really important to wear comfortable and casual outfit. This would make sure that you remain comfortable and relaxed the rest of the day.

  10. Jaime Nicole

    A hat and sunscreen is definitely key! I can’t imagine sitting in the sun so long without it with my fair skin!

  11. Lisa prince

    i used to watch this all the time as well as play it myself in school not so great to goto wembley like lol x

  12. Keely's Nails

    I would need lots and lots of sun cream! Being pale I would fry in the crowd at Wimbledon ???

  13. Pam

    It’s important to be comfy when you are going to an outdoor event like this. But you need to look good, too!

  14. Lottie

    I’ve never really been into Wimbledon but I bet it is an incredible experience!

  15. Katie Kinsley

    The event is actually pretty far away in terms of shopping (for me, anyways). I would have plenty enough time to get an entire outfit within one weekend!

  16. Emily

    What an amazing experience going to watch Wimbledon would be! I think for something like this keeping comfort in mind is key, even though you are sitting down it is outside and typically the seats are not too comfy. I want to enjoy the experience and not worry about my outfit.

  17. Ana De- Jesus

    I watched the Wimbledon and it was so much fun! I agree that a chic pair of sunglasses is much better than a floppy hat to shield your eyes from the sun x

  18. Betty

    I love going to tennis matches and have been to the US Open. These are great tips to be comfortable while watching a whole day of great tennis!

  19. hannah

    Some good tips here. I’ve never been to Wimbledon, seen it on the tv though

  20. Leah Lander-Shafik

    I am not in to tennis at all but my good friend goes to wimbledon every year so I reckon this would be a good guide for her (if she hasn’t already thought of them!) x

  21. A S,Edinburgh

    Great tips for any similar event, thank you!

  22. Maurene Cab

    I’m not really into Wimbledon but I sure appreciate your fashion tips here. I will share this with my sister.

  23. Toni Patton

    I would love to go and watch The Wimbledon one day. Great tips for if that ever happens for me!

  24. Anosa

    I guess having the right shoes and the outfit. Love this post, thanks for the guide! Hopefully I can watch this as well in person.

  25. Annemarie LeBlanc

    Thanks for these tips. Although I may not watch a tennis match at Wimbleton anytime soon, this is good information to know.

  26. danik

    I been to Wimbledon (way back in 2000) but never dressed up for it. It always rains! 😀

  27. Rhian Westbury

    I’d love to go to Wimbledon one day just to say I’ve done it. I always love seeing what people wear, it’s like ascot x

  28. My Teen Guide

    That’s something new I learned today. I did not know about the dress code. Avoiding sun-hats are understandable. I will remember these style guides if and when I get the chance to watch a tennis open at Wimbeldon.

  29. Dannii

    Is it really nearly that time of year again? It’s all about the accessories, they can really transform an outfit.


    I didn’t realise there was a dress code for Wimbledon other than the compulsory rain mac thanks to the weather. I know a few people that can’t wait for this to start!

  31. Kerry Kilmister

    I love watching Wimbledon, not only for the tennis but I love to see what everyone wears.

  32. Gary Wild

    I hate it. Last time I watched it Nastase was playing.

  33. Melanie

    A great overall guide with some very sensible and useful advice 🙂 x

  34. Lorna Ledger

    Love the fresh whites, looks nice with a tan…one thing I have always wanted is a cricket type jumper, but I have never been able to find a plus sized version 🙁 x

  35. joanna

    I do not follow sports but the only sports that I actually enjoy watching is tennis. And I would love to be lucky enough to go to Wimbledon, watch the biggest tennis players do their best while eating strawberries. Your guide style is very useful as not many people know how to dress for such an event.

  36. Jemma

    I look forward to Wimbledon every summer, great essential style tips 🙂

  37. angela milnes

    I haven’t been in Wimbledon but I love all you tips and I will keep this on my mind,

  38. Margaret gallagher

    Love my big floppy hats!!!!!
    Never thought about the problem it WOULD cause at wimbeldon

  39. Hayley Todd

    I love watching Wimbledon, but unfortunately the last couple of years I have always had to listen to it on the radio instead, due to being in work!

  40. Wendy Jones

    My two younger sisters go most years. They really enjoy it.

  41. Whatlauraloves

    I’d never have thought about heels for Wimbledon as I assumed there’d be walking. Great that I could wear flats! xxx

  42. Tee simpson

    Fab tips if I ever get to go.

  43. valmg @ Mom Knows It All

    I used to know someone that loved tennis and Wimbledon was one of her favorite matches to watch when it was televised. Sunglasses are a must everywhere!

  44. Roch

    A trendy piece nowadays is culottes pants for a universally flattering fit. A hat and a pair of sunglasses would be nice, too.

  45. rika

    Wimbledon is always fun! I always love their outfits, so trendy!

  46. Bohemian Babushka

    Don’t think Babushka could ever be quiet enough to attend Wimbledon, but gracias for the dress code suggestion. BB2U

  47. Rachel Craig

    For me, I think Cool Cotton would be a must. Enjoy!

  48. Rachael O'Brien

    Always more interested in watching the crowd , who is there and what they are wearing .. then the tennis haha!

  49. fashionmommy

    I often go to the Aegon Classic and enjoy the tennis, it can be casual unless it is ladies day, then the style is ramped up.

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