What Wildlife Do You Get In Your Garden?

Have a look out the window; can you see any animals out in your garden? Back in the old flat we were often visited by pigeons, while the new bungalow seems to attract a lot of starlings and it is quite funny seeing them all fighting over the coconuts and other items of bird food we have placed on the bird feeder right outside the front window.

Starlings in Garden

Ash has taken to counting the Starlings when they come down as there often seems so many and at the moment the record seems to be almost 30 in one go! Which I personally think it pretty impressive to get to watch from your living room window.

Of course getting to see the great British wildlife from the comfort of your own home is a wonderful thing all by itself, but what if I told you it could also win you a gorgeous rattan dining set, which is going to allow you to dine out in your own garden whenever you feel like it in style.

Rio (Armed) 4 Chairs And Open Leg Square Table Set in Black

The beautiful Rio dinning set comes from Rattan Direct and has an RRP of £858 and you could be in with a chance of winning it by just showing Rattan Direct what wildlife comes into your garden. However, never fear if you are yet to grab a photo, as you have until the 30th of October to submit your entry. After which Rattan Direct will pick their favourite submission which will then be put forward to a final vote to help pick the winning entry.

So what are you waiting for, get snapping your garden wildlife and then head over to the Rattan Direct competition page to submit your entry and of course to all of you entering I wish you the best of luck.

What wildlife do you spot in your garden?

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  1. Alli Smith

    Hummingbirds and butterflies are my favorite when it comes to watching wildlife in my garden. Occasionally, I get to see a deer in the woods behind my backyard.

  2. Jacqui - @TradesofJacqui

    I’m in an apartment now, but, I used to have squirrels and birds that would visit my garden when I lived in a house. I’m hoping when I move again into a camper, I’ll have quite a selection when I choose where I’m going to park my camper 🙂

  3. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle

    We get lots of butterflies and ground squirrels. It’s so much fun to watch them, I don’t even care that they eat up all my gardening.

  4. Jeanette

    I have a backyard but it’s in the middle of the city, so really the only animals we get our bugs LOL. I would love to live where there are woods in my backyard. I love watching nature.

  5. Joseph

    I’m just new to gardening but have taken to growing fruit and vegetables so wildlife is not really welcome in my garden although with the winter coming up I can’t help but feel for the birds. My quandary really is this, I want to feed the birds but will they come back in the summer because they’re used to it?

  6. Jenn

    I don’t have a garden, but I know a lot of people that do. Our neighbors have issues with rabbits.

  7. James

    We get lots of butterflies and even some bees. And of course there are always birds. That is also a good looking patio set. Perfect to sit at and observe the wildlife.

  8. lisa

    We have a lot of dogs in our house, so we don’t get much wildlife in our yard. But there are always bees and birds!

  9. tara pittman

    I have lizards in my yard. I also have humming birds.

  10. Vera Sweeney

    I really wish we were able to get more wild life up in our yard! I know my son loves when he is able to see animals out the window!

  11. Melanie Smith

    I have a lot of lizards and birds in my garden. But I love them hahaa.

  12. Dee

    At my old apartment complex I use to be able see a family of Deer that would come in and out of the woods close by. I hope to put up a bird feeder in my new places and maybe see some humming birds.

  13. Liz Mays

    Every once in a while a large number of starlings will stop in our yard. Right now we just have cardinals at our feeders though. Rabbits come out during the evening too.

  14. Pam Wattenbarger

    We get a lot of rabbits in our garden! Once we even spotted a skunk running through our backyard.

  15. Ileana

    Love this!!! I get pretty much everything… from snapping turtles to racoons! 😀 Not a big fan of the turtles though!

  16. jennifer

    we have lizards, raccoons, a nice cat, all kinds of birds (although i feed the birds and cat so that’s why they keep coming back!)

  17. Natalie

    We moved from 2 acres in the country where we had everything from deer to snakes in our garden. Now we live in a small town with lots of cardinals, finch, robins, hummingbirds, and butterflies frequenting the garden.

  18. Amy Jones

    Mostly just bird and tiny bugs. I love hearing the birds sing in the morning!

  19. Elizabeth O.

    I think that bird house is a delight to have in the garden. And well, who wouldn’t want to win a rattan set like that! It’s awesome!

  20. ana

    A rattan set that beautiful will get snapped up super quick. I don’t have my own garden sadly but in my foster mums one there was always birds and butterflies.

  21. natalie moore

    we get quite a few birds and hedgehogs, we have bird feeders and a little hide out for hedgehogs in our front garden

  22. Jeanine

    Sadly I don’t have a garden. However we have a huge tree in our backyard that a Raccoon loves to lay on the branches of. It’s really annoying, and causes a lot of issues for our dogs (can’t go out when its out there) but its super cute. lots of squirrels love the tree too!

  23. ricci

    I don’t have a garden so I don’t get wildlife but my grandmother used to get deer and rabbits in her garden all the time! Nothing scared them off!

  24. Christine Tatum

    We have such a great wooded nature area behind our house. So many squirrels, raccoons, cardinals, owls and woodpeckers. So beautiful to sit in the yard and see all of the activity!

  25. Nicole Escat

    Oh, we have some rats in our garden! So we get a cat, problem solved!

  26. Kendall Rayburn

    That’s a really beautiful set! We have squirrels and chipmunks in our garden. In fact, there is a squirrel family LIVING in our heat vents right now…. We are working on getting them out!

  27. Caroline Barnes

    We live in the middle of the forest so you can only imagine all the wildlife we see on a regular basis. Birds, wild turkeys, deer, moose, coyote, fox. I haven’t seen any bears yet, but I know they’re out there.

  28. Mimi Green

    My backyard backs up to the woods so we get all kinds of wildlife. We’ve got the normal birds, deer, groundhogs, snakes, geckos and turtles.


    I love attracting wildlife into my garden. Had Roe deer come right up to my window : )

  30. Rosey

    I do love that dining set. We have nothing to sit on in our yard.

  31. Chrishelle Ebner

    We live in the country so we have deer, turkey, and lots of squirrels that frequent our garden. This time of year we also have a ton of dove.

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