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Now not quite sure what this may involve into… in fact I'm not quite sure if I'm more scared the no one will every read this or perhaps someone will. But somewhere in between playing with the new HTC phone that arrived today, wrapping presents and dealing with 2 mad men running riot around the flat today I decided that blogging would be a good idea.

So on the good side the HTC turned up! Bad side me and OH have yet to decide who gains control of it. Technically he should probably get it as he is still using my old phone while I have a newer one, but I am loving the difference of this phone to any I have used before. I love the touch screen full qwerty keypad, makes it so easy to write. On the downside as I have a limited amount of ‘online' minutes in my contract I had to make sure I went through and switched off all the auto update features so they only worked with Wi-Fi. Can just imagine not realising that and suddenly having a huge bill arrive in my lap as that is just so me! Also for me I think it could be a bit of a gimmick I get board with, after all with a Laptop, Netbook, Ipod and my Sony Erricson Satio, I think I have most bases covered when it comes to using the net on the go and being able to connect up to anything  I want.

Has anyone used the HTC Mozart 7? What do you think? Should I be mean and keep it all to myself, or be nice in the season of giving and let the OH have this one?

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  1. Laura Carroll

    Aww, no comments on first ever blog entry! *rectifies* 🙂

  2. Lorraine

    HTC Mozart, wow has it really been that long since that phone was released?! What did you think of it?

  3. Ana De- Jesus

    I have a HTC myself but I need a new phone so I am not sure what to get next. What phone do you have now? x

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I have an iPhone 6s Plus, so does Ash – all I would say if you do go for one get a good storage, mines full and I don’t have a huge amount on it just the normal apps, I’ve upgraded my cloud storage but only a certain amount of things can be stored on it 🙁

  4. Patrick

    I don’t use a cell phone myself but I came here to see what your first entry looked like. As expected,it was very charming…..

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