Why Glasgow is a Great Place to Study

Why Glasgow is a Great Place to Study

Although Glasgow is not the capital city in Scotland, it is by far the largest.  This city prides itself with fantastic further education options including Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities and many different colleges.

Even just outside the city of Glasgow, you have Paisley University that is very well known for engineering and IT qualifications.

There are many different reasons why students would choose to study in Glasgow and we have pulled a few together.

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Accommodation Options

With Glasgow being a large city then there are many different options for accommodation at different rates.

Depending on the size and area of the property you are looking for will determine the price.  You will find that the West End of Glasgow is a typical student area close to Glasgow University where many student rent flats.

You have the hassle-free option of using a company such as Collegiate where there is specific serviced, Glasgow based student accommodation specifically designed and rented to students only.

These are of high quality and the campus of accommodation is situated in the West End with almost 100 rooms dedicated to it.

You will find that they also have a common room, gym and cinema in order for you to mingle and socialise with your fellow students.

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City Centre Entertainment

There is never a shortage of things to do in Glasgow and in the city there is an overwhelming amount of bars and restaurants to suit all types of people.

There is also a very vibrant LGBT scene in Glasgow with over 20 different LGBT bars.

Some students tend to dabble in gambling if they have the cash and there are 7 different casinos in or around the city centre that offer not only gambling but an overall good entertainment experience.

Visiting George Square is also something that needs to be on the bucket list to do – very beautiful buildings and the centre of the city centre.

The People

The people of Glasgow are very well known to be friendly.

When the city hosted the Commonwealth Games back in 2014 the feedback from the visitors was mainly extremely positive.

If you are not from Scotland then it may take you a little time to get used to some of the Glaswegian accents or words!

Glaswegians are generally also very proud of their city and the country of Scotland.

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Getting around in Glasgow is pretty easy.

They have a pretty large rail network with two major train stations in the city centre.

They also have a subway system that operates around the city.

Buses are very common in the city and they have a pretty large and reliable bus system.

If you prefer to cycle around the city you will find lots of different dedicated cycling lanes to keep you away from danger and to beat the traffic.

They also have a large international airport just outside the city.

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Why Glasgow is a Great Place to Study

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