When flying on your next holiday – did you know about the types of Ground Support Equipment used?
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When flying on your next holiday – did you know about the types of Ground Support Equipment used?

Within the next few weeks, many families across the country will be heading off on their next summer holiday. This means waving goodbye to work and school for a period of fun and relaxation in a sunny and exotic corner of the world.

The importance of a successful family holiday was described in this article by the Telegraph. It explains how they are the source of happy memories that can be cherished for many years to come.

Before you make a splash in the hotel pool or stroll across the sandy beaches, you will have to go through the gruelling process of checking in, waiting and then flying to your chosen destination.

The entire period spent at the airport is largely forgettable, which means many people aren’t able to appreciate the scale and complexity of the entire operation.

There is a tendency to be drawn to the mechanical prowess of aeroplanes being used, but without the necessary ground support equipment, you would never be able to head off on your holidays.

Our friends at GSE Solutions have compiled a short guide about the most important pieces of ground support equipment used at any commercial airline. This knowledge will certainly impress your friends and family as you’re waiting to board your flight this summer.

What is Ground Support Equipment?

Ground support equipment plays an integral role in manoeuvring equipment found within the servicing area of airports. They are the tools needed for trailers to be towed, luggage to be transported and planes to be re-fuelled. If interested about ground support equipment, check out the GSE Solutions website – www.gsesolutions.eu

Here are the most common pieces of Ground Support Equipment

Tow Tractors

Any domestic airline setting across the world will have tow tractors present. They offer a strong a reliable method of manoeuvring specialised equipment into the necessary areas for their operation.

They come as either large-scale or low profile designs, depending on the size and weight of the equipment they are moving.

The most common model seen at airports is the Bob Tail Tow Tractor. This design features an ergonomic Ford Super Duty F-350 chassis and operates on a Ford V-8 engine to ensure equipment as heavy as 95,000 lbs can be towed.

Ground Power Units

These models are needed to power and sometimes start up aircraft from static positions. They are mostly referred to as GPU’s and run on either electric power, battery power or a combination of both.

There are certain designs that can produce up to 5200 amps, using a voltage of 30.3V DC. That means this small device has the capability of powering up aircraft as large as the Boeing 737.

Family going on a trip traveling by airplane

Family going on a trip traveling by airplane

Passenger Access

You would not be able to board aeroplanes without this piece of equipment. Having this in place, means people can enter and exit aircraft in a safe and methodical fashion.

Some of the more prominent designs have the ability to reach heights of up to 161” and use standing platforms with a weight capacity of around 1,000 lbs.

Walking up the passenger access is certainly one of the more pleasurable experiences during the year, since you are making the final steps before you head off into the sun.

Heathrow claim that 78 million people used their airport in 2017, which means this particular piece of equipment has been made with optimum durability and strength needed to withstand it’s constant use.

Baggage & Cargo Carts

This ensures your luggage can be transported around airports methodically and in a safe manner. The most recognisable design seen in commercial airlines are closed baggage carts.

The modern day family will be relieved to hear that certain models can carry up to 8000 lbs of luggage. This means you’re set to take as many books, toys and pieces of clothing you will need for the ultimate holiday abroad.

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When flying on your next holiday – did you know about the types of Ground Support Equipment used?

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