When Blogging Goes Bad!

So you're thinking about blogging? You think it's all sweetness and light, you get things for FREE and review them and bish bash bosh done? WRONG. Nothing in blogging is free. You know that review I did last week it took me hours to do, from the photography to testing, to writing and editing and as they say; Time is Money.

However, that's not what this post is about. This post is when blogging goes bad. Those times when suddenly you wonder why you ever decided to start putting finger to key and penning your life on the net.

When Blogging Goes Bad.

When Blogging Goes Bad

Competitions Go Bad.

If you're a well-versed blogger your know about ASA and their rules around running competitions. However, one rule you may not know about, is if you are running the competition you are seen as the promoter. Which means if a prize isn't delivered ASA come knocking on your door saying oi cough up. Yes, of course, this has happened to me and not with the cheapest of prizes, in fact, it was Β£150 worth of prizes. Luckily I had an amazing brand come to my rescue, but it is always worth knowing if a prize doesn't turn up and you were running the giveaway, you are responsible for making sure the winner gets the prize, even if was the brand who were dispatching.

Blogging is a Hobby Right?

I'm naive in many ways and so when I first got offered payment for blog work I assumed it was just a hobby and I didn't need to declare that payment. Yes, I hear you all with the BUT SARAH. I know, I know, how silly could I be?! I paid for it with many hours crying and a whole lot of paperwork to do for HMRC. Which is why when anyone mentions starting to make money on their blog I am quick to shout remember to register with HMRC.

Google Penalties are a Myth.

Sorry to tell you all but they definitely aren't. Back when I was a new blogger I got slapped by one and very quickly lost all the collaborations I was in the middle of working on. However, they aren't the end, if you know what you have done wrong, you can change it and submit a request for them to recheck your website and hopefully reinstate you! Just remember those issues in the long run and stick to Googles guidelines IF you value their traffic.

Not Everyone Likes Me / My Content.

It is going to happen, in putting yourself out there you are going to get people who criticise. The best bet is to as much as possible ignore, don't go reading what they are saying. I know it is hard, but sometimes being ignorant is easier than knowing what others think. Get your head down, stick with your friends and keep on blogging because it is what you love doing.

Have you ever had a blogging gone bad moment? What happened?Β 




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When blogging goes bad

This article has 76 comments

  1. bev

    I had no idea there was so much to it! Great read, Sarah!

  2. A S,Edinburgh

    These are the reasons I’m intimated by the idea of doing it! Kudos to everyone who does. I hope it continues to be worthwhile for you.

  3. Mo

    I don’t think I will be ever able to be a blogger since you need to be in the public domain of the internet and I think you are very brave in doing that. But for me, I would be very scared of the negative criticism.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It can be hard, especially when you have health conditions and people can and do use even that against you. I try not to read anything now and just cut myself off from it. If I don’t know about it, I can’t dwell on it.

  4. Veronica Lee

    I had off and on issues with Adsense. And some advertisers are scammers – just when you are about to reach the threshold amount for payment, they say you have violated some rules and they suspend your account. They don’t respond when you ask them to explain when and how you have violated the terms/conditons.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Oh no that’s a nightmare, I’ve had a few companies in my early days where you had to earn X to cash out and just before cashout I was let go. Oh and of course the companies who don’t pay – I’m owed a silly amount in unpaid invoices!

  5. Rich Tyler

    Useful info, who knew!

  6. Joan

    I had one today where I woke all great only for my whole site to have either crushed or just gone wrong I am still fixing it all day after my whole css disappeared from the header theme still don’t know what caused it but really made me think what in the world am I blogging for lol.

  7. Amber

    Oh yes, these are some crazy issues. Some have happened to me. The worst I get are the rude comments. I’m all for different opinions, but some people can get downright mean.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      They really can πŸ™ I always think it’s OK to express a difference in opinion, it’s how you go about it. You don’t have to get nasty.

  8. Rachael

    I’ve never had a giveaway go wrong but they do scare me a little bit. I definitely always include in my T&Cs that the brand is responsible for dispatching but, as you say, ultimately that’s not really the case!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Yeah I still put it in mine, I think I’m going to have to sort another one out soon as well as I’ve not heard back from the company which makes me a little sad πŸ™

  9. Kayleigh Watkins

    I would love to set up a blog but this is the reason I haven’t, I would be clueless with the legal side of it, I have three children and love being a stay at home mum, id love to work from home, I’m not very good at art and crafts so couldn’t make things, my fiance works hard all week and I feel like I should be contributing more than just running our home and raising our children, especially now he has had a heart attack and can’t work for at least 3 months xXx

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      If you ever want to have a chat about it all my inbox is open, honestly I didn’t mean to make it sound scary it was just a bit of fun really to show we all mess up πŸ™‚ and people can always come to me if they find themselves in a similar situation or are worried about it and I’ll do what I can to help πŸ™‚

  10. Rachel Craig

    Good to always consider the Pros and Cons. Thanks for the information.

  11. James

    The government always wants a taste of your earnings. Hobby or not. Hopefully, you didn’t get slapped with fines on top of taxes.
    I almost lost my state resellers license because some form wasn’t filled out properly years ago but they just now noticed.. Had to get the accountant involved.. ugh..
    That should certainly be on every business owners mind, whether a hobby or full time.
    Thanks for the reminders!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      I honestly think it should be something touched on at school in some way as it can be a minefield and of course they like to change the boundaries year by year.

  12. Patricia-Ann Que

    i have actually not experience this, cross fingers! but good know just in anticipation!

  13. Corinne πŸ’ (@WhatCorinneDid)

    We all have our bad blogging moment. I have mine with Instagram quite often. IG is quite discouraging sometimes even when you try to now thing about the numbers

  14. Jessica Taylor

    I’ve only had ONE company fail to ship prizes and it was a hot mess! Took weeks to get straight.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It’s a nightmare isn’t it – I’ve had such trouble with some companies πŸ™ and it’s not fair on the person who won of course either.

  15. Ambar P

    I started blogging because I wanted it to become a hobby and I wanted to write more, express myself to the world. Boy was I naive in thinking that’s all it would be. I’ve spent so much time promoting it, finding new tips, signing up to websites to make new visual content, signing up with way more social media than I ever use in my regular life. It’s A LOT to handle. However, that being said even when it’s super hard I still love it.

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      It really is something that has so much going on behind the scenes which people just don’t realise – it is worth it though I think at the end of the day.

  16. William Gould

    I never realised there were so many “rules and regulations” to follow. The Google thing surprised me the most! It would certainly put me off starting one…

  17. Rhian Westbury

    So far I’ve been lucky and not had anything go majorly wrong but I am just waiting for it to happen as I know it will x

  18. Margaret Gallagher

    Interesting read thanks
    So many pitfalls
    P.s i love your content

  19. Kim

    informative article, thanks for sharing. I never experienced this yet but im sure I will at some point

  20. Yeah Lifestyle

    As I blogger I love reading your post as i have learnt a few things on what to do and what to avoid. Looking into Google guidelines is something i have to take more seriously.

  21. Gingermommy

    This post is very real that is for sure. Google penaltys are certainly not a myth at all and you need to take the proper care not to get yourself in trouble.

  22. Caitlin + Dani

    Thanks for sharing your perspective. If blogging keeps you happy, keep at it! Be true to you. Xx

  23. Dana Brillante-Peller

    Blogging has changed over the years, and there’s a lot more competition. Personally, I’ve always believed that everyone has a unique story to tell and should focus on that.

  24. Jenni

    I had to deal with ASA a couple of weeks ago because the winner said she didn’t know there was a charitable donation for the tickets she won. Thankfully I had put it on the blog post and the gleam t&cs so it got cleared up quickly but wasn’t nice being reported

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Oh gosh that’s such a shame – people just don’t read when they enter competitions at all! It is silly sometimes πŸ™ glad you got it solved ASAP.

  25. Alessandra

    Good to know about the giveaways rules. That’s a nice informative post for people considering starting a a blog.

    Google is a must.

    I’d also not forget to indexing it to Bing and get some extra traffic.

  26. Robert Price

    You do a tremendous job!

  27. lavandamichelle

    Yes, I thought blogging was going to be a breeze! It wast but I still enjoy it just as I did when I first began. Thanks for sharing and making others aware of the complexity of blogging.

  28. Kim

    I just started treating my blog like a business and these are all good reminders. Thank you!

  29. Lisa πŸ₯🐦🐀 (@Lisapatb)

    Hi Sarah-Louise, oh boy I can relate to these. I’ve almost lost my whole blog once from a bad plugin. Now I disable all of them before adding a new one and then reactivate each one by one and test the site out. I’m very careful too on which ones I use.
    I’ve also had a Google penalty, it took me a year to get out from under that one.
    Things happen but you learn from each of the bad experiences and you become much better at this blogging thing because of them!
    Found your from Viral Content Bee πŸ™‚ Have a great day Sarah-Louise!

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      Oh no what a nightmare I’ve not had much trouble from plugins *touchwood* yet but have had people create back doors and cause lots of mischief! Took my blog down for a couple of weeks at one point :(.
      It is so hard when you get one isn’t it, hopefully, it is something I won’t see again!

      Heading over to nose at your website now πŸ˜€

  30. Kim Styles

    wow – it sounds like hard work- I started making a blog and never have finished it. It just sounded like too much hard work and you have just confirmed it .

  31. Jem

    There’s so much to blogging to
    learn. It definitely has its downsides, but I do love it.

  32. Danielle

    Sorry you have had some bad luck as a blogger. But sharing your experiences will help many I am sure.

  33. toastycritic

    Yeah giveaways and other things can create all kinds of fun messes when it comes to blogging. And yes it would suck if a brand you worked with didn’t follow through as they were the one responsible for giving the item to the person. That’s good you got help though.

  34. Jayne T

    Great blog post Sarah, it’s many years now since I used to blog, but I remember how much hard work it can be. Good luck with the future of your blog. x

  35. becci cleary

    I think its fab how you have this blog running – I would love to blog as I think I have lots to say (to myself) but I know I could never share them thoughts :O and I just don’t have the time – well done to you though πŸ™‚

  36. Iris Tilley

    My partner told me to start blogging but I know it’s alot harder then it seems. I’m sticking with reading and interacting with blogs instead

  37. shazabella40

    My partner is always telling me i should start my own blog,i dont think i will be oing any time soon,i had no idea you had to declare it to HMRC wow thats really shocked me,can they tell if you dont?What i mean is,im sure loads of people are self employed but dont declare everything,am i right? or am i being naive?

    • Sarah-Louise Bailey

      They do, do random checks on people so there’s always the thought that they may pop up and check everything, also people like PayPal do send incomings and outgoings to them so if you had a lot going into PayPal and didn’t disclose that much they would probably flag it quite quickly. I know people who have legitimately sold some expensive personal belongings via eBay and had letters from HMRC asking what the money was for.

  38. Cristina Coroiu

    Ouk…I have to look into google penalties now. I don’t really know what they are. You got me some thinking with all you wrote here. It is a hobby for me for the moment, but I would love to turn it into a side business by the end of the year…

  39. Jeanette Leighton

    Haven’t got time to blog or vlog my life’s to hectic as it is 😊

  40. Melani Lukito

    Blogging is hard and time-consuming. But it is my hobby. I enjoy doing it so much. I love the info I get from my research, I love the “put the pictures activity” and I love the interaction with my readers. So ….. keep blogging till we tired, lol.

  41. Ana De Jesus

    When people always go on ‘about how many freebies’ I get I lose it, as I agree with you, even something like going to a restaurant and having a complimentary meal is in exchange for hours of photography, coding, writing, social media promotion and more . I love blogging with all my heart but like you said it can have its cons.

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