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What Sally does for Treats!

I don't think it's much of a secret that when it comes to Sally I just love showing her off, so when money supermarket got in touch about a blogging competition they are holding to win lots of treats for your pet, I of course shouted ‘YES' I would love to take part.
Sally doesn't do anything ‘funky' or ‘funny' when it comes to wanting treats but she has definitely found a way all of her own to tell us when she thinks she deserves one. 
Meet the ‘Please‘ Mat.

To the untrained eye this looks like a normal mat that just happens to live in my parents kitchen.. 
But to those in the know this is Sally's please mat.
If she's done a pee in the garden she heads to the please mat..
Barked at the Postman, off to the please mat..
Eaten her dinner, off to the please mat..
Just for the heck of it, off to the please mat..

Sally Dog German Shepard Cross Collie Cute

Yeah my Instagram has lots of Sally on it who would have thought it! But doesn't she just look so cute – 
and look in the background it's the please mat! 
So what happens once we notice her sitting looking oh so cute – well then the fun begins:

Sally Dog German Shepard Cross Collie Cute tricks

Paw up..
In comes the treats..
And NOM!
(Just don't tell her, her treats are just her normal food in a different tub – that's a secret.)
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*If you want to know more about the Pets win Prizes competition including how to enter yourself visit the website here.

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