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What is it really like to learn how to drive as an adult


The experience of learning how to drive a car is different for each person. Some people get excited about the idea of driving, while others get nervous and don’t take to it naturally. Some also learn faster than other people. If you are an adult and you are just learning how to drive, you don’t have to worry. It is never to late to learn the skill of driving.

Why it’s better to learn to drive as an adult

Some teens prefer to learn how to drive, as soon as they are permitted. However, there are others who don’t feel the need to learn how to drive until the skill is needed. Learning how to drive as an adult may be an advantage, as officials see that you are more responsible and have a better understanding of road rules and safety precautions. You may well have more life experience and confidence – something that is important as you become a motorist.

Some disadvantages

People who learn how to drive at an old age may not have the confidence they once had during their youth and may worry that they have ‘missed the boat’. This may be detrimental, especially when nervousness kicks in. Some older people may also experience aches and pains on their joints, and may not have the perfect vision and reflexes that younger people have.

How to learn how to drive

If you are an adult who is just learning how to drive, don’t worry. There are some driving schools that offer lessons catered specifically to adult drivers. It would be helpful to enroll in these lessons instead of standard driving lessons, as instructors will tailor the lessons to your needs. They might even be quite glad of someone of their own age to talk to as they teach you. Don’t be daunted by the prospect of having to learn the theory. It may seem like going ‘back to school’ but it’s not. There’s plenty of help at hand for you to pick all this up quickly, with free resources that you can access online.

Practice makes perfect

As an adult, you might feel overwhelmed by the idea of driving, especially if you have spent most of your life commuting to your destination. However, just like any other skill, all it takes is a lot of practice for you to be good at driving. If you study road safety, rules and regulations, and practice regularly, you will find that life will be easier if you have this skill. Book in as many lessons as you can to learn and master the skills you need. You may well be benefitting from going through this process at a time when you can afford the lessons and tests you’ll need to sit.

Remember, there is no perfect age for learning how to drive. If you have the discipline and the eagerness to learn the skill, even if you are older, you will be able to have a lifelong skill that will make things easier and more convenient for you.

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  1. Stephanie

    I was like 22 before I learned how to drive. I was too scared to do it before. I think I had more patience learning when I was a little older. It wasn’t so much for freedom as necessity.

  2. Rebecca

    This is something I am still debating. On the one hand, I would love the independence and it means I can do more with Jack but on the other hand.. I’m not sure.

  3. lynn savage

    I learned to drive when I was 43. Many reasons meant I didn’t learn when I was younger but anyway when I did start lessons I found an older instructor (not a specialist in teaching older learners) because I felt more comfortable with an older person. It took a lot of lessons, much more than a youngster would probably have needed, but i got there in the end. But when I passed my test circumstances meant that I didn’t have the money to buy a car and so never drove. But 7 years later I was given an old, but good, car and my brother-in-law offered to pay for insurance, so I had no excuses. Even though I was legally able to take that car out on the road and drive I just couldn’t do it. So I had a few lessons and when the instructor said I was able to go out by myself, that’s what I did. That was last November and now I can drive my little car around. I don’t drive much as i walk to work and the shops are nearby. But it is handy to go visit my parents/sister/friends or take my daughter to work etc. I’m glad I did it, but wished I had done it when I was younger and had more confidence and less nerves.

  4. Vicki Stapley

    I’m so glad I learnt as a teenager as it took me 3 attempts back then & it’s much harder these days lol

  5. Mo

    Learning to drive can seem scary but it also can be enjoyable experience too. It’s never too late to learn how to drive a car.

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